Anandiba Aur Emily 14th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Anandiba Aur Emily Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Written Episode of Anandiba Aur Emily 14th October 2022 Update on

Anandiba Aur Emily Written Update

Anandi advises a mother who is unhappy when her kid loses his grin to eat at the beginning of the episode. Pinky is asked by Gunjan to just act like an Indian bahu, lower her head and eyes, and submit to authority figures. Pinky claims that I have a Sanskari bahu appearance. Gunjan invites you to come. Pinky suffers harm. Gunjan warns her to use caution. They get the meal. Pinky causing Aarav to look away. Anandi beams. According to Gunjan, the bahu should be Indian both on the outside and within. Aarav receives the meal from Pinky. What are you doing, he queries. Gunjan advises against lowering your eyes too much since food is scattered all around. Don’t bother me, says Aarav, I have a headache and don’t feel like eating right now. He leaves. Anandi advises you to use common sense. Pinkie sobs. As per Gunjan, she is young. Pinky is invited to go by her.

You and Aarav will be content together, according to Jaman. Emily queries what I should do. Meet Aarav once, he claims. Aunty, she claims, doesn’t want me to speak with him. He claims that Mridula is preventing you and Anandi is blocking Aarav, so meet him and speak to him. I can’t meet him, she says. He requests that you meet with him and speak with him one final time if you can. If not, he says to return. She concurs. He beams. Aarav didn’t eat anything, according to Gunjan, and has a headache. You know what to do. Yes, Pinky replies, I am aware of what to do. Gunjan calls the lady a stupid. She adds, “Baa, Pinky is less sensible, but she didn’t eat anything,” and asks whether she may give Pinky this if you advise that she should offer breakfast to Aarav. Anandi sobs and replies, “Yes, go give it to him. He hasn’t eaten since last night. I’m delighted to know Pinky is concerned about Aarav.”

According to Gunjan, whether a female is intelligent or not shouldn’t matter if she is kind. She requests that Pinky take care of Aarav and feed him. Pinky leaves. Anandi beams. I’ll go, Aarav replies, and tell Emily I’ll meet her at the market. Pinky yells at him. Pinky is at the door, Aarav says; I’ll go. He pushes open the door and leaves. She hunts him down. Aarav isn’t here, she claims. Arriving to the market is Aarav. He inscribes Jaman. Acting, Jaman directs Aarav to the shop. He writes to Aarav. Gunjan reads Jaman’s message on Aarav’s phone. She claims that Aarav has already gone to see Emily, so we will follow him. Emily and Jaman search for Aarav. Mridula starts to talk on the phone. Aarav removes Emily. A girl is asked by Jaman to hold Mridula’s hand. Mridula enquires about Emily. Jaman moves.

Mridula yells Emily’s name. Aarav requests Emily’s attention. To Mridula goes Emily. Jaman smoulders a few crackers. To travel from the opposite side, he invites Mridula to join him. He carries Mridula along. Pinky and Gunjan also visit there. Emily is drawn by Aarav. Their eyes are locked. Kesariya…plays… Aarav implores you to pardon him and pleads, “I can’t live without you. Mridula approaches and ogles him. According to Aarav, I adore Emily and couldn’t survive without her. You can’t meet her, Mridula continues, since you have no shame. Aarav claims that Emily is everything to me and that I will soon bring her home instead of travelling to America. This cannot occur right now, she asserts. Pinky and Gunjan are watching. Letter is thrown by Mridula. Gunjan chooses it. Emily travels with Mridula. Aarav observes.

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