Anandiba Aur Emily 13th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Anandiba Aur Emily Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Written Episode of Anandiba Aur Emily 13th October 2022 Update on

Anandiba Aur Emily Written Update

Aarav begins the episode by remembering everything and sobbing. I loathe America now, he yells. He laments and burns his American hopes. Pinky queries Gunjan, “Are you getting married again? Why are you viewing lehenga pictures?” Gunjan claims that I am considering a lehenga for marriage. You can’t do this with Aaghya, Pinky says, and I’ll tell everyone. Gunjan replies, “No, I won’t be married again.” She exclaims in a furious manner, “I’m talking about Aarav and your marriage.” She offers advice and advises Aarav to see Emily in you. Pinky tells you to leave everything to me because I understand. They beam. Gulab notices Aarav sobbing. He is startled when he sees the flames. He commands Aarav to back off. He extinguishes the flames. He embraces Aarav. Gunjan claims that I will be happy if Emily travels. She approaches Emily and apologises before asking for forgiveness. Pinky grins as she turns. Gunjan refers to Pinky.

Pinky claims that she sounds and looks like Emily. You cannot mimic Gunjan, according to her. As per Pinky, Aarav would recognise Emily in me. Gunjan responds, “No, you look finest as Pinky; change.” Pinky sincerely requests. Yes, Gunjan answers. Aarav is told to relax by Gulab since he has spoken to Jaman. Jaman arrives. Gulab gives no name to the man. Jaman adds, “Why did you call me here? Mridula and Emily are at my house, and I’m performing the servant’s chores.” You are aware of the situation, Mridula misled Emily about me, and I must find a means to see her, according to Aarav. When Mridula arrives, how will you greet her, Jaman inquires.

You acquire a balloon of regret, says Aarav, and I’ll go there. Jaman rejects. I have a solid idea, don’t worry, says Aarav. Jaman advises you to assign Gulab this task. You don’t know how to spell sorry, according to Aarav. Jaman claims, “I am aware of it.” He is prompted to speak. He apologises. Soory, chuckles Gulab. Aarav gives them a startled expression. He apologises. Gulab claims that we stated the same thing. Jaman affirms. Yes, my fault, go fetch the balloon and get a love balloon, replies Aarav. Laughs, Jaman. Aarav considers Emily. Emily reflects on him. Kesariya…plays… She notices the dejected balloons. Let’s meet Aarav once, she says. Mridula halts her and exits to investigate. Where are you, Aarav? she inquires. As soon as he enters the space, Aarav closes the door. He runs into Emily.

They embrace. She receives his apology. He claims that my boyhood desire was to visit America, and I wish to affirm that. The door is rapped by Mridula. Aarav runs away. Opening the door, Emily tells Mridula a fib. Mridula inquires whether anybody has arrived. No, says Emily. Mridula scans the area. She says, “I believe Aarav came to apologise. You are like my daughter; I won’t forgive him if he does wrong. He wouldn’t have done this. Don’t have a false hope. I decided that we will go to the agent tomorrow and purchase a ticket for America. We will return in a few days, and then we won’t return again.” Aarav and Emily are in disbelief.

I can’t live without Emily, Aarav tells Jaman as Mridula returns to America with Emily. Jaman claims that because you have a visa, you may also travel there. I simply want Emily, nothing else, Aarav adds, so make me speak to her. I’ll take them to Bharat, Jaman adds, and you should go with us. Aarav says it’s difficult since my mother watches me. Jaman advises not to worry; I will manage Mridula and make you speak with Emily.

A mother is unhappy when her kid loses his grin, and Anandi asks Aarav at home, “What did you do to yourself?” Have some meal; I cooked your favourite cuisine today.

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