Anandiba Aur Emily 12th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Anandiba Aur Emily Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Written Episode of Anandiba Aur Emily 12th October 2022 Update on

Anandiba Aur Emily Written Update

Aarav begins the episode by declaring, “We’re going home.” According to Emily, Jaman assured me that you would resolve the situation and persuade Anandi. He requests that she get ready. I’ll grab the bags, according to Jaman. Anandi is aware of time. Gunjan claims that Aarav did not arrive. I believe him, he will arrive, and he is in his room, according to Anandi. Pinky leaves to find Aarav. She witnesses Gulab’s anxiety. Gulab takes part in aarti. Aarti is started by Anandi. I’ll let Baa know that Pinky claims Aarav isn’t in his room. No need, adds Gunjan; Anandi will get enraged and forbid Emily from entering. Aarav invites Emily to visit. Are you telling the truth that Anandi concurred? Mridula queries. Aarav is asked to go by Emily. He replies, “No, I can’t live without you; my mother asked me to choose one of you two; I can’t lose you two; come with me.” She replies, “No, you lied to me.” He says I’m unable to choose just one of you. Choose Anandi, she advises. He queries why. She implores you to go because if you chose me, you would hold me responsible for rift between you and Anandi. He departs. You mentioned Aarav loves you, according to Mridula. Emily claims that if he really loves me, he would persuade Anandi. Jaman claims that you sent him go when he arrived just now. Anandi has vertigo. Coming over, Aarav cradles her. She beams. Aarti is concluded by them. She adds I am proud of you and that I had trust in my principles, love, and upbringing.

Anandi receives a reprimand from Mridula. Both of them disagree on Emily. Aarav can’t do this, according to Anandi; we will ask him. She requests that Aarav inform Mridula that he is unrelated to Emily. He confirms that I am no longer related to Emily. Mridula is asked to leave by Anandi. She calls Mridula names.

Mridula storms out in rage. Aarav halts her and expresses regret. According to him, I had no choice but to stay with my mother since Emily had requested me not to. She chastises him. She advises you to leave Emily alone for the time being and, if you’re able to, go tell Anandi that Emily is your wife and that you want to offer her a place in your home.

When Mridula sees Emily, she tells her that she will remove Aarav’s mother’s number from her phone. Emily claims that he made no mistakes since I asked him to choose his mother. Stop that, Mridula commands; if you don’t listen to me right now, you won’t speak to Aarav. Let me speak to him once, Emily says. Aarav calls, and she answers. It is responded to. According to Mridula, he cheated you, didn’t even try, and loves America more than you do. It is heard by Aarav. He asks Emily to pay attention. He claims that his love for Emily and not for America will be resolved with time. Emily sobs. Make me speak to Emily once, he commands. He can hear her sobs. She is comforted by Mridula. He frets.

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