Ajooni 20th October 2022 Written Update

Ajooni Written Episode

Star Bharat Serial Ajooni 20th October 2022 Written Update on tellyepisode.com

Ajooni 20 October 2022

They both gaze at each other through the blackened mesh that Rajveer removes from Ajooni and places it in the centre of her dupatta. She rubs Rajveer’s feet after he breaks her fast, but he stops her and declares, “I don’t believe in these ceremonies.” Bebe advises her to take such action. Rajveer claims that I am aware that she observed a fast for me and that I even brought food for her, but that she turned it down, proving her undying love for me. Ajooni beams.

Aman and Harman are blessed by Ravindra. She is not permitted to touch Harvinder’s feet. Bebe claims to be your spouse. Harvinder claims that I would choose Shikha as my wife if I were to reject her as his wife. What are you going to do, asks Ravindra? You’re losing your mind. Aman is wonderful, according to Ravindra, so what’s your issue? Although she knew she couldn’t produce an offspring for us, she nevertheless let you get remarried. If she is so intelligent, Harvinder claims, simply ask her to get rid of me. We’re all in shock.

According to Ravindra, Aman will remain in this home; there won’t be a divorce. If you bring up divorce once again, I’ll break your legs. When he inquires about Guruji, Bebe advises leaving him alone. Ravindra promises to be here tomorrow. Bebe requests that Rajveer get his blessings and that Ajooni receive some brains from him. Ajooni nods before departing. Rajveer says I should go take a nap. Ravindra chuckles and motions for him to go.

In their conversation, Ajooni assured Aman that Ravindra was on their side. Aman sobs, “Harvinder doesn’t love me,” when he says this. When Rajveer arrives, he informs the crowd that while Harvinder is losing his mind for Shikha, he would soon regain it. Rajveer, in Aman’s opinion, made the correct decision today by siding with Ajooni. Rajveer wouldn’t even eat when you left the home, she says to Ajooni. Ajooni nods as she is asked to swear she won’t ever leave Rajveer again. I wish I had a nice spouse like you, Aman says. Rajveer departs after saying, “I’ll go speak to Harvinder.”

Harvinder phones Shikha and informs her that I have informed them about the divorce. Rajveer arrives and asks, “Why are you doing this with Aman?” as he terminates the conversation. She is a lovely lady. You shouldn’t meddle with my extramarital affairs, according to Harvinder. After receiving an election ticket, you are in great spirits. Rajveer claims that I am acting in your best interests. You don’t have to tell me anything, according to Harvinder. If you attempt to harm Aman again, Rajveer warns, I won’t spare you.

When Harman arrives in Ajooni, he telephones Dolly. She requests that she rub Ajooni’s feet. Dolly declines. Just go ahead, advises Harman. It’s not necessary, claims Ajooni. Dolly is forced to rub Harman’s feet. Ajooni is informed by Harman that he was mistaken about her and that she now wants to win their hearts. I believe you should go out with Rajveer at some point since there were a lot of arguments within the home. She gives her a gold necklace and tells her to save it for later.

As the minister approaches Ravindra, he summons everyone present. He requests that Ajooni phone Rajveer.

Harvinder is informed by Rajveer that he can no longer do as he pleases. What are you going to do, asks Harvinder? Get lost, I’m not an idiot like you. He holds a pistol at Rajveer and threatens to shoot him if he tries to meddle with his personal affairs. When Ajooni arrives, she is surprised.

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