Ajooni 18th October 2022 Written Update

Ajooni Written Episode

Star Bharat Serial Ajooni 18th October 2022 Written Update on tellyepisode.com

Ajooni Written Update

Do not attempt to injure Ajooni any longer, Harman tells Dolly. Dolly queries whether she has lost her mind. Simply treat Ajooni well, advises Harman. She requests that she press tomorrow’s Karwachauth attire for Ajooni. Despite being furious, Dolly has an idea.

Rajveer brought a dress for Ajooni, which she is wearing. Rajveer is enthralled by her. He grabs her hand and draws her in while remarking on how lovely she is. The door knocks as he is ready to kiss her. When Santo arrives, he informs Ajooni that Bebe has phoned. Really, says Rajveer? After grinning at him, Ajooni departs.

Ravindra is speaking to Rajveer, but he is fixated on Ajooni the whole time. You’re a Romeo, says Ravindra in jest. He is asked to go do the task. All laugh at Rajveer as he seems to be ready to fall. Rajveer adjourns. Ajooni is informed by Harman that you are looking well. Harman, according to Ravindra, is acting well. I’ll make Sargi, Aman says. You don’t have to maintain a fast, Bebe tells her as she stops her. Aman claims that Harvinder will soon remarry, so he begs me to perform this ceremony one final time. Let her go ahead and do it, replies Ravindra. Bebe responds, “Okay,” and tells Aman to get dressed.

The Karwachauth ceremonies are initiated by Harman and Bebe. To perform sargi, Harman commands them. Rajveer also visits there. Dolly runs into Ajooni, causing her sargi to tumble. This is a terrible sign, Bebe claims. Sargi is in good hands, Rajveer says to Ajooni. I shall make another sargi, as instructed by Harman. You can’t do it again, Bebe says. Ajooni is unable to eat since Rajveer’s life is at stake. She hasn’t eaten since last night, according to Rajveer. Bebe asserts that she must now fast without Sargi.

Scene 2
Rajveer enters the room by leaping out of the window in the morning. Ajooni queries what you’re up to. Rajveer says she can eat the meal he brought for her. I can’t eat that right now, Ajooni says. You’re free to consume it, adds Rajveer. I’ve kept this quick for you, says Ajooni, so I want to do it completely. Rajveer shakes her hand while grinning. Rajveer sighs when Harman yells her name. Ajooni chuckles before departing.

Everyone is getting ready for the karwachauth ceremonies in the evening. Let’s get ready for the puja, Bebe suggests. Ajooni’s mesh is secretly changed by Dolly. The whole family turns to face the moon. Invoking their husbands’ aarti, the ladies begin. Rajveer gives Ajooni a grin. From her mesh, Ajooni stares at the moon and is startled to realise that it is completely dark. She becomes anxious. Bebe notices it and inquires, “What is this?” Ajooni replies, “I don’t know; I couldn’t see Rajveer and the moon.” This is a terrible sign, Bebe claims. You are not useful. She may not have wanted to fast, according to a visitor. Upon hearing it, Ajooni sobs.

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