Ajooni 17th October 2022 Written Update

Ajooni Written Episode

Star Bharat Serial Ajooni 17th October 2022 Written Update on tellyepisode.com

Ajooni Written Update

Ajooni is brought back home by Rajveer. You are now really our daughter-in-law, Harman declares after performing her aarti. Ajooni is ready to kick the kalash when Bebe stops her and warns that if she does, it would be the last time. We are bringing you back because of Rajveer. Ajooni strikes the kalash and walks inside. Dolly receives a call from Ravindra asking to do Ajooni’s aarti. She does it despite her anger. You have done a lot of things against her, says Ravindra, so touch her feet and say you’re sorry. Dolly is in awe. Just go ahead, advises Harman. Ajooni stops Dolly as she attempts to touch her feet. Ravindra instructs Dolly to take care of Ajooni going forward and to follow her instructions.

Shikha is informed by Harvinder that he cannot request the ticket in this manner from his father. Shikha claims that because you are Rajveer’s brother, you should inform him of your entitlement. Shikha requests that he inform them that he already has a ticket from a different event, forcing them to issue one to him. Good, says Shikha. Harvinder embraces the woman.

The whole family is seated together. Rajveer is asked to share food by Harman. Ravindra begs Ajooni to do it since she is blushing. Ajooni declares, “I am Rajveer’s and will always be,” as she turns to face Rajveer. He is forced to eat with her hands. Rajveer gives her a grin. Although some people are against them, according to Ravindra, they are a lovely pair. Every day, Dolly has to produce juice for Ajooni, he instructs. He requests that Dolly fan Ajooni and that Mangi provide water for Ajooni. Ajooni is ready to get food from Rajveer when Harman tells him not to be timid and to ask her name first. When Rajveer turns to face Ajooni, he remarks, “You have made my life so simple for you Ajooni.” He fed her as she grinned at him. It is blessed by Harman. Now let’s eat, says Ravindra. Each everyone eats in unison. Ajooni is fed by Rajveer.

Rajveer and Ajooni visit them in their chamber at night. Surprised, they discover it covered in rose petals. What is said by Ajooni? Mummy must have done this, according to Rajveer. He has a present for her. She accepts it and smiles. Rajveer requests that she open. She opens it and pulls out a few clothes. Rajveer claims that I purchased it from the store where I first saw you. Ajooni queries what transpired. Rajveer requests that you put the item on. Ajooni says at this moment? Say please for me, Rajveer. Ajooni grinned and went to get dressed.

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