Ajooni 14th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Ajooni Written Episode

Written Episode of Star Bharat Serial Ajooni 14th October 2022 Update on tellyepisode.com

Ajooni Written Update

Ajooni is made to eat the cake by Rajveer. She disregards him. She is forced to eat the cake by Meher and Rajveer.
Starting at Ravinder’s home, the pooja begins. As an elderly lady, Shikha enters the room. Meher is given a present by Rajveer. He claims that if I knew it was your birthday, I would give you something special. Happy birthday, he says. Meher expresses gratitude. She asks for your blessings in unison. Her hugger is Ajooni. Let’s play cards, Meher says. No cards, says Rajveer. Ajooni claims he can only engage in gaming. Meher promises to educate you, and we’ll work as a team. Ajooni and I will work together, according to Biji. The cards are dealt out.

Aman leaves. She is asked by Shikha whether she can give her water. Let me deliver this water to the temple, Amana says, and I’ll bring you water later. She heads in that direction. Meher says we fell short. Rajveer claims I might lose her at any time. He displays Ajooni’s ace of queens. Water is brought by Aman. Ravinder is instructed by Pandit Ji to bring the water inside and distribute it. Aman is pushed by Shikha. Both of them fall. Shikha hears Harvinder mention this. Why did you choose to use her name, asks Ravinder? Maa Ji, are you alright, asks Aman? She raises her. Rainvder queries where you went. According to her, an elderly lady was going to collapse. Asking his soldiers to check on her is Ravinder. The lady flees. Is she OK, asks Harvinder. Why do you care so much, asks Ravinder? He tells Ajooni that by rescuing a lady on puja day, she done nice deed.

Scene 2

Rajveer returns house. Ravinder claims that you returned. I assumed you would remain at your wife’s home permanently. Calls Ravinder from Sethi. We will win, he claims, and this is such excellent news. We received our ticket, claims Ravinder. I want to dance. Rabinder dances. He tells Rajveer that he has succeeded since all he thinks about is his wife.

Ajooni feels anxious. Biji inquires as to what transpired. Attending Rajveer? No, says Ajooni. I have no reason to wait for him. Because he’s your spouse, Biji adds. When Rajveer gets home, he offers her candy. Ajooni beams. Take it, he commands. Did you strike the individual before delivering it, she asks? By inflicting harm on others, you cannot smile.

Episode is over.

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