Ajooni 13th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Ajooni Written Episode

Written Episode of Star Bharat Serial Ajooni 13th October 2022 Update on tellyepisode.com

Ajooni Written Update

In response to Ajooni’s challenge, Rajveer declares, “I believe in my love, and I would do everything for you.” Once I’ve won your heart, I’ll take you back because I would do everything for you. After asking her to make breakfast, he departs.

You must take the kalash there by 12AM tonight, per the servant’s request for Aman to proceed to the mandir. I can accompany them, Harman offers, but Bebe stops her.

Together with his family, Rajveer is preparing the home for Meher. When Ajooni attempts to attach the balloons, Rajveer grabs it and says, “I’ll do it,” instead. Ajooni steps back and says, “I’ll do it,” as their hands come into contact. Beeji predicts a fantastic celebration. Don’t worry, Rajveer replies; I’m right here. Rajveer pulls Ajooni just in time as she is ready to collapse when she is standing on the stool. They are locked in an eyelock. What a catch, Meher exclaims. After setting Ajooni down, Rajveer grinned at her. From there, Ajooni departs. Rajveer grinning.

The family and Ravindra visit the mandir. He requests of Harvinder to feed the hungry. Aman does pooja. Shikha shows up there looking elderly. She smiles at Harvinder as they cross paths. Aman arrives and assists her, mistaking her for an elderly person. She promises to feed you. Harvinder chuckles.

Scene 2

Rajveer prepares meals for the family and claims that this was my first time cooking. Meher lauds its deliciousness. Ajooni observes. As a result, according to Beeji, he made an honest effort.

You’ve lost your mind, Bebe tells Dolly. She goes. Dolly is told by Harman, “This oldie is insane, and I’m weary of her.” When Bebe returns, she hears it.

If Rajveer needs more food, Ajooni asks. He nods and asks for more again. Rice is always being placed on Ajooni’s plate. The family chuckles as they both continue to look at one other. Beeji suggests that we produce more rice. When Rajveer sees how full his plate is, he exclaims, “I can’t eat this much.” Meher argues that in order to demonstrate your love for Ajooni, you must consume it. Rajveer claims I’ll eat in her place.

We should have controlled this oldie, Harman says Dolly. Bebe hits her and promises to make things right when Ravindra returns. Thereafter, she departs. Dolly makes fun of Harman. Don’t laugh, advises Harman; go exploring.

For Ajooni, Rajveer begins to consume the whole dish of rice. She can see him suffering, yet he continues to eat. After completing it, he tells Meher, “See how much I love your sister.” He draws Ajooni in and adds, “I’ll say anything for you.” After blushing upon hearing it, Ajooni walks away. Ajooni beams.

The priest begins the pooja. Why are you doing this puja, he queries Ravindra? For my successor and to win the elections, he claims.

Meher’s birthday is observed by Rajveer and the family. Everyone receives cake from Meher. After giving her the cake, Rajveer makes an offer to Ajooni. She observes.

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