Ajooni 12th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Ajooni Written Episode

Written Episode of Star Bharat Serial Ajooni 12th October 2022 Update on tellyepisode.com

Ajooni Written Update

While Meher is holding Ajooni’s hand, Rajveer enters the room. She screams when she awakens. Rajveer is concealed behind the drapes. Neeru inquires when Beeji and Ajooni arrive: “What happened?” Meher claims, “I believe someone has entered my room.” When Ajooni notices a person lurking behind a curtain, she grabs a bat and strikes the man. Rajveer emerges and passes out. Everyone is stunned to see him. Meher claims I was unaware it was Rajveer. After awakening, Rajveer gives Beeji a wink. He pretends to be asleep as she grins. You struck your spouse, Beeji says to Ajooni, so put him on the bed.

Harvinder tells Shikha over the phone that he was unable to get Aman to sign the divorce papers. Bebe assigned her a puja task. Shikha has an idea and shares the strategy with him.

On the bed, Rajveer is resting down. As he departs, Beeji requests Ajooni to take care of him. Ajooni looks concerned as she grips Rajveer’s hand. She says I won’t be able to live if anything happened to him and prays for him. When Rajveer heard it, he grinned. Ajooni snoozes while sitting on the bed. Rajveer grins at her after waking up. He is still fixated on her. Plays: Kinna sona.

Meher brews tea in the morning and tells me to carry it to Ajooni’s room. Let them be, Beeji advises; they need some alone time. Meher promises me a present on my birthday from Rajveer. When Rajveer arrives there, I will set up a party for you. I’ll prepare meals as well. Meher enthusiastically follows him.

Meher and Rajveer enter the kitchen. I shall cook today, he adds. Rajveer claims that while my wife is angry with me, I would make her a special meal. Meher claims she can assist you. No, Rajveer replies, “I’ll cook today.”

Harman prepares tea for Ravindra and inquires, “Who set you free?” The servant answers the phone and replies, “Bebe requested me to set her free.” I took no action. She is punished by Ravindra. He takes the tea and flings it on the ground before asking Harman to mop it up. He continues to pour tea on the ground as she does. Harman sobs.

Making food, Rajveer prepares halwa and platters it. He adds, “I’ll take it to Ajooni,” and takes the juice. Meher wishes him good luck.

When Rajveer enters Ajooni’s room, he finds her dozing off. He gives her a grin. Ajooni awakens and gets up as he strokes her face. Why did you come last night, she asks? I’m not accompanying you. How will you proceed? Will you use a pistol to frighten me? People kept making fun of Rajveer, saying, “I’m blinded by your love, yet I miss you. Please come with me.” I won’t visit the residence, according to Ajooni. You have never loved me; love is acquired by love, not via intimidation. Are you able to do that? I accept your challenge, Rajveer declares.

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