A Safe Found In An Old Storage Wars Unit Leads Host Dan Dotson On A Real Life Treasure Hunt

Ever wondered why people love bidding on storage units? In the past, they have been found to contain many valuable items such as Disney scripts, unique cars, ultra-rare comics, and lots of money. No wonder why the self-storage industry is worth billions in the US alone. This is the world that Dan Dotson lives in. As a storage unit auctioneer and host of the popular show, Storage Wars, Dan has come across some truly remarkable items in his past. But recently, Dan made a discovery that even 50 years of selling storage units couldn’t prepare him for.

1. A Living Legend of Storage

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Dan Dotson has been something of a living legend in the world of auctioneering over the last few decades, but his reputation reached new heights with Storage Wars.

A Living Legend of Storage

He has been part of the popular series from day one and there is no denying that he has seen a lot over the last decade. But his most recent development was the most exciting one.

2. It All Began With a Charity Event

The story of how Dan Dotson became who he is today is really quite remarkable. He was at the Cars, Stars, and Rock N’ Roll charity event in Indio, California, where he couldn’t help but notice that there was a lovely woman who was watching him.

It All Began With a Charity Event

After she saw that he had noticed her to she came over to Dan to tell him something. But what she told the Storage Wars host next completely shocked him.

3. Sharing The Story On Twitter

Dan Dotson posted a video on Twitter in which he paraphrased the remarkable story that the woman had told him at the charity event. “An older Asian woman at the table next to me kept looking at me like she wanted to tell me something, “he said.

Sharing The Story On Twitter

“[She said that] ‘My husband works for a guy and he bought a unit from you for $500 and it had a safe in it.’”. But that is just the start of an incredible story that will shock you.

4. Creating an Auctioneering Empire

Dan Dotson developed a passion for auctioneering in the 70s. By the 80s, he had already mastered the art of it. He knew that he had to follow his passion. So, he started his own auctioneering company called American Auctioneers in 1983.

Creating an Auctioneering Empire

But it wasn’t quite easy for Dotson to enter the industry as he did a lot of things in the coming years that range from running auction houses to selling porcelain dolls.

5. A Beloved Company

Although Dan Dotson’s company evolved over the years, it still stayed true to his vision. Nowadays, the company focuses most on estates, storage units, equipment, and business inventories.

A Beloved Company

It also helps organize appraisals and fundraisers. But Dotson knows that none of it would have been possible without someone really close to his heart.

6. Runs in The Family

It seems like auctioneering runs through Dan Dotson’s veins. Back in the day, his grandfather had worked as a farm auctioneer which is how young Dotson developed his passion for it at such an early age.

Runs in The Family

In fact, he was only 11 years old when his granddad taught him the art of auctioneering. Dotson was so intrigued by it that he would compromise his education for it.

7. Laura’s Love for Bringing People Together

Although it seems like Dan and Laura have been together for like ever, there was a time when both of them doing their own thing. Before Laura met Dan, she was already running restaurants.

Laura's Love for Bringing People Together

She loved bringing people together so much that she was even thinking about opening a restaurant that made the best pizza in town. In 1993, she needed pizza-making equipment for her new restaurant.

8. When Magic Happened

Just when Laura wanted pizza-making equipment, she met Dan. He was selling a restaurant and its contents. It seems like they were destined to meet and become inseparable.

When Magic Happened

Although Laura believes that he was trying to get her attention so he could sell things to her, Dan always says that he was trying to flirt with her. Whatever the reason was, it worked out for them, and the rest is history.

9. Laura’s Keen Eye

Many casual fans of Dan Dotson don’t know that he wasn’t really that famous up until a decade ago. People in the business knew who he was, but the general public didn’t know a lot about him. In fact, it was Laura who noticed her husband as a charismatic auctioneer and advised him to record himself on the job.

Laura's Keen Eye

Dan acted upon the advice and created a YouTube channel. He kept on posting videos of himself doing what he knows best. Out of the blue TV producer, Thom Beers, approached Dan at one of his auctions with an idea. He wanted to make a reality show about auctions starring Dan Dotson.

10. A Big Health Scare

Dan and Laura Dotson’s careers only got better over time, but there were some truly scary moments as well. Back in 2014. in the early hours of a summer morning, Dan started asking “weird questions” while asleep. Once he woke up, he got out of bed… and immediately fell hard.

A Big Health Scare

He was rushed to the hospital where it was discovered that he had suffered a double aneurysm. The doctors later said that had Laura not been performing CPR on him until the paramedics arrived it was unlikely he would’ve survived. He underwent surgery and his wife was right beside him throughout the recovery period.

11. Not The Same Without Dan Dotson

Over the next decade, Storage Wars became one of the most popular reality shows. Millions of viewers tuned in to watch Dan and Laura Dotson at work.

Not The Same Without Dan Dotson

Although the show has made a name for itself as being extremely divisive, almost everyone agrees that the show wouldn’t be the same without Dan and Laura Dotson. Examiner.com wrote in 2015 that, “Thom Beers came up with the idea for Storage Wars, but said that Dan and Laura Dotson inspired it.”

12. The Craziest Discovery

The woman who approached Dan Dotson told him something that shook him to his core. She told him that a friend of hers had bought a storage unit from him for just $500.

The Craziest Discovery

But what he found inside the unit was something truly remarkable…something beyond Dotson’s wildest dreams.

13. Not Your Average Guy

Dan Dotson had been a successful auctioneer for over five decades. He’d seen a lot of things both during and before his time as the host of Storage Wars.

Not Your Average Guy

Dan might say that there’s not a lot that someone could find in a storage unit that would surprise him anymore. But even after all this time, he’s still on the hunt for an even bigger treasure. Now it seemed that he may have finally found it.

14. Biggest Return on a $500 Purchase

Now let’s get back to the encounter of Dan Dotson with the woman. Previously, Storage Wars had auctioned off a storage unit for just $500 and someone bought it without any sort of hope of making millions out of it.

Biggest Return on a $500 Purchase

Who knew at that time that the sale of a $500 storage unit would come back to haunt the auctioneer? Dotson soon realized that he had indeed missed something incredibly valuable inside the storage unit.

15. A Safe In The Storage Unit

Dan Dotson further revealed in the storage video that the woman told him about the mysterious contents of the storage unit. According to the woman, a friend of her husband purchased the unit and was looking through its contents when he found a mysterious safe.

A Safe In The Storage Unit

He wanted to find out what was inside of it. After many failed attempts to open the safe themselves, they contacted a professional to help them.

16. Even The Pro Couldn’t Do It

The woman told him that her husband’s friend tried opening the safe and when they couldn’t do it then they contacted a professional. However, the professional who came to open the storage unit spent a good amount of time working on the safe but to no avail.

Even The Pro Couldn't Do It

Curiosity started to increase. “The first person they called to open the safe, I guess, couldn’t, or didn’t,” Dotson said. But Dotson wasn’t about to give up so easily, he knew exactly who to call…

17. They Finally Opened It

Dan Dotson knew that he needed to find the right person who knew a lot about safes and could open it without damaging the inside content. So, he contacted another professional. Even though Dan knew that this guy was a true professional, it still took him several hours to get that safe opened.

They Finally Opened It

“They called a second person and when that person opened it up,” he said. But what was inside the safe? “Inside the safe, they’re normally empty, but this time it wasn’t empty…”

18. A Real Treasure Hunt

When the woman revealed the contents of the safe, Dan Dotson felt like his life flashed before his eyes. She said the words “$7.5 million,” and Dotson asked the woman to repeat herself because he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

A Real Treasure Hunt

Believe it or not, that man bought a storage unit for just $500 and the return on investment was $7.5 million. As unbelievable as this sounds it is 100% true.

19. Lost for Words

As expected, Dotson was so overwhelmed by the information that he had no words. He has been in the business for over five decades and never had he ever come across a storage unit that contained so much money.

Lost for Words

Dan even started to doubt himself a little. Was he beginning to lose his touch? When he finally had the chance to make millions out of a storage box, he completely overlooked it. He was distraught by the news. Dotson posted photos of many stacks of cash and it looked like something straight out of a gangster movie. But the money was real.

20. Huge Stacks of Money

Fans of the show Breaking Bad or movie characters like Don Corleone and Tony Montana would have been proud of the photos which Dotson shared on his FB account. Dotson contacted the anonymous buyer and revealed to the public how the person unearthed stacks of cash.

Huge Stacks of Money

The person displayed the cash in wrapping paper for the world to see. But the main question is how on earth $7.5 million ended up in a storage unit worth only $500?

21. How The Money Got There?

In the video, Dan Dotson and his wife tried finding an answer to the seven million-dollar question of how the money ended up there. “I don’t think you would forget that you have $7.5 million inside a unit,” he said.

How The Money Got There?

Even Laura had a few theories on how the money got there. “Credit card went bad, it was finished, they moved away, perhaps the person went to jail. Who knows what it was it?” she said. All the signs started to point to one thing.

22. Might Be Illegal Money

Dan and Lauran weren’t the only ones who had interesting thoughts on how exactly the money got there. Take an example of Rene Nezhoda, a thrift store owner who has also worked on Storage Wars. He is fully convinced the money is a result of some illicit activity. “If you find money like that, there’s probably a reason it isn’t in the bank,” he said.

Might Be Illegal Money

But all anyone could do was to make theories and work with the information they had. No one knew anything for sure.

23. Trying To Get The Money Back

When the news broke out about a person finding $7.5 million inside a storage unit, the previous owner got in touch with that lucky person.

Trying To Get The Money Back

It seemed they decided to contact him intending to get their money back or possibly to negotiate with them some sort of deal. But what were they offering?

24. An Offer You Can Refuse

When the party with their attorney came forward and offered money to the guy who found $7.5 million, it seemed strange seeing that they were offering money in return for another sum of money. The original owner of the money offered $600,000 in exchange.

An Offer You Can Refuse

But the current owner wasn’t really thrilled by the offer because hey, he already had $7.5 million. But still, the question remained: would the owner accept the offer? Or what would happen if he doesn’t accept the offer of $600,000?

25. Offer Declined

As expected, the new owner declined the offer. But was the current owner doing the right thing? One speaker on a podcast, Second Shot, commented in favor of the current owner. He believed that the current owner was well within his rights to decline the offer. It also seems like fair game because they have $7.5 million.

Offer Declined

According to the speaker, you find someone’s lost wallet then you have to return it. But this was entirely different. The previous owner simply failed to pay the rent of the storage unit and lost the money.

26. Doubled Offer

The previous owner discussed with their attorney and returned with a second offer. This time, they were willing to double the offer. They were ready to offer $1.2 million to the current owner.

Doubled Offer

But it meant that the current owner had to give back $6.3 million. While both parties sat down and discussed the matter, Dan Dotson and his wife also shared their input on what they would do in that situation.

27. Dan and Laura’s Opinion

Dan and Laura tried to put themselves in the current owner’s shoes and started to consider what they would do if they were in this situation. When someone asked if he would take the $1.2 million deal, he said that he would take the deal.

Dan and Laura’s Opinion

It is because Dan wouldn’t want to go through all the trouble of further negotiations and we think that his point is valid. “I wouldn’t ask a damn thing,” he said. “$7.5 million is a lot of money…but that’s a lot of running, too.”

28. What The Public Thought

Given that there was a large sum of money, it automatically attracted a lot of people. Just like Dan and Laura, people also shared their opinion on the matter. One user commented, “I’d keep it! Why the hell didn’t they claim it, why the hell would they let it sit until someone bought the locker?”

What The Public Thought

Another person commented, “If they had that much money, why didn’t they pay for the storage unit? Why would you put money in there anyway?”

29. Two Parties, One Winner

There are two sides to every story. Although the money discovered by the current owner could change their life, we also have to think about the other person who lost their money.

Two Parties, One Winner

Dotson soon discovered that there was one crucial chapter of the entire story that wasn’t disclosed yet.

30. He Accepted The Deal

When everyone had their say in the matter, the current owner made the decision to accept the offer of $1.5 million. It was like a reward to them for holding onto the money.

He Accepted The Deal

Although some people thought that the current owner was making a mistake by accepting the deal, the fact of the matter is that $1.5 million is still a big amount. But it doesn’t end here because there is an important detail of the story you didn’t know.

31. Dan is Fine With It

Although some may think that Dan should feel sorry because he missed a golden opportunity to make a lot of money, it is not the case. Dan already has a $4.5 million net worth which means that we won’t be seeing him having too many financial issues soon.

Dan is Fine With It

Another reason why Dan Dotson is going to be fine with it is that he earns more than an average auctioneer. Most auctioneers make about $46,000 per year. Given that Dotson is different and has become TV’s most famous auctioneer, he earns close to $300,000 per year. 

32. The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

Dan and Laura’s son, Garrett Dotson, also seems to be following in the footsteps of his parents. In 2008, Garrett was only 10 years old when did some auctioneering of his own by putting up his dirt bike on auction.

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree

Although his parents never put any pressure on him to join the family business, one can feel that he is going to become a part of their business in the future. For now, he is passionate about car-related things and works for Stance Show Off.

33. All’s Well That Ends Well

So, in the end, everyone in this fascinating story got something for themselves. The current owner became a rich man, and the previous owner got their money back (most of it).

All's Well That Ends Well

Dan Dotson ended up with a really interesting story that eventually went viral. Even though Dan has been auctioning for years, he knows he’ll be talking about this for the rest of his life.

Funny Online Shopping Misfortunes That People Had To Share

Ashley Lez

This article was originally published on Kueez

For some of us, online shopping has completely replaced the need to step out of our homes and into the mall. But buying on the internet is always a risk because some products look too good to be true for the listed price. These people ordered items online, and what they got was so awful they had to post it. Continue reading to see and consider yourself warned.

Instead Of Wrapping Paper, She Received A Poster With Her Face

This girl ordered wrapping paper with her face on it as a joke, and instead, she received a massive poster with four pictures of her face. Sometimes you get exactly what you want when you least expect it. 

Instead Of Wrapping Paper, She Received A Poster With Her Face


She doesn’t seem too upset about receiving the wrong product. The employees at the printing company probably got a good laugh about this order. 

A Museum Is Missing One Of Their Dinosaur Bones

When you are ordering treats online, always check the size, or else you teacup-sized dog will end up with a bone from a dinosaur. The dog probably still enjoyed it, but they had to stay in that one spot to chew on it. 

A Museum Is Missing One Of Their Dinosaur Bones


This bone looks like it could have been a prop from The Flinstones. What size dog was this made for? We can imagine that only Clifford would be able to carry this.

When Will People Learn Not To Order “Designer” Dresses From China

After seeing so many women post pictures of their dress fails from sketchy online sights, you would think people would be more cautious. This woman’s dress looks nothing like the one that was pictured. 

When Will People Learn Not To Order "Designer" Dresses From China


The product photo was most likely from the designer’s website, and the knockoff brand found it on Pinterest to use for their own website. 

She Ordered a Cupcake Ring, But Got A Silver Toilet Seat Instead

This woman wanted to order cupcakes for her sister’s engagement party, so she brought the left photo to the bakery at Walmart. They obviously did not understand what she wanted because they gave her something that looked nothing like the photo. 

She Ordered a Cupcake Ring, But Got A Silver Toilet Seat Instead


This looks more like she found the inspiration on Pinterest and attempted to make it herself, not as if she went to an actual bakery. Instead of beautiful rose cupcakes, her sister gets something between a tire and a toilet seat. 

That Is Not Family Friendly

They must have added another book to the classic children’s series, “Frog and Toad.” Instead of the classics like “Frog and Toad Are Friends,” or “Frog and Toad Together,” they changed the title to “Frog and Toad F*ck the Police.” 

That Is Not Family Friendly


That is highly inappropriate for children, and the seller probably thought it was funny, but parents won’t. We don’t know why the frogs hate the police so much, but they don’t have to advertise it. 

When Your Cat Is Too Fat For The Large Sized Bed

Although this cat knew he would not fit inside the Christmas tree bed, he gave it his best effort because there was an opening, and he had to explore. Now they can say their cat is stuck in a tree.  

When Your Cat Is Too Fat For The Large Sized Bed


This cat’s self-confidence is going to take a major hit because of the missized bed, and even though it is counterproductive, he will find solace in his food. He tried his best, but only his head made it inside. 

Whatever You Do, Don’t Order The $20 Prom Dress

Each year prom season rolls around, and there is always that one person who orders their dress from a sketchy website only to receive something like this. No matter how many times people post their dress fails, people still have hope that their dress will look like the picture they saw online. 

Whatever You Do, Don't Order The $20 Prom Dress


What is with companies adding weird white cups under mesh tops? Did the manufacturer think that it would look beautiful or expensive? These cheap dresses are mind-boggling. 

Super Discreet

When you think you are being sneaky about buying toys online, think again. This package was marked in large letters so everyone would see what was inside the package. 

Super Discreet


It almost seems like the company did that on purpose just to embarrass the person who ordered it. Those sales should remain private because that is an intimate thing to order. 

Even The Dog Is Unimpressed With The Dress

According to this website, an extra-large is the same size that a french bulldog would wear. Maybe they swapped it with an infant XL because there isn’t an adult that would fit into this dress. 

Even The Dog Is Unimpressed With The Dress


Apparently, you have to order about six sizes up for it to be relatively close to your size. It is one thing for the dress to fit, but not look like the photo, but it is unacceptable for something to be horribly missized. 

After 10 Years, The Package Arrived

This person ordered a 2009 cookbook on November 4, 2009. It then took ten years to arrive with USPS. Why would a cookbook take ten years to ship? We are just as shocked as her that she even got it after all those years!

After 10 Years, The Package Arrived


Does this person even want the cookbook after a decade of waiting for it? The recipes must be slightly outdated, but it is also cool to see if the cooking has changed over ten years. 

Not Even Close

This is not even close to looking similar to the photo. Where are the jewels, and why is it a completely different color from the one that is advertised? Unless you are ordering from a department store or a reputable brand, you can expect to receive something like this. 

Not Even Close


Seriously, if you learn anything from this, it should be that you should never order from a shady website that offers designer-like dresses for dirt cheap prices. Well-made gowns aren’t going to cost $20. 

Looks More Like A DIY Fail

After waiting six months for back order, this person finally got their package from West Elm, and it looked nothing like the product photo. What they received looks more like someone had been watching some wood and epoxy videos and attempted to make something for the first time. 

Looks More Like A DIY Fail


If we received this in the mail after waiting for that long, we would be very upset as well. Come on, West Elm, you can do so much better than that. 

A Pennywise Costume That Will Scare You More Than The Movie

If you thought Pennywise was frightening, then check out this creepy morph suit that was bought online. Even Pennywise himself would be frightened by this costume. 

A Pennywise Costume That Will Scare You More Than The Movie


Hopefully, they didn’t let their child wear this out of the house because he would scare all the children and adults for miles around. It’s almost as if Marilyn Manson and Bozo the Clown had a love child. 

Somewhere In The World A Horse Is Missing His Teeth

There are many reasons you should never buy veneers online, and this is a perfect example of what you will most likely get in the mail. The biggest problem with ordering online is that not every mouth is the same size, and they have to be fitted to your teeth. 

Somewhere In The World A Horse Is Missing His Teeth


To be totally fair, they are exactly like the teeth in the picture, but they don’t fit his mouth, which is why it looks so weird. If you order teeth online, you can’t have high expectations that they will look good. 

Either He Has A Big Head Or That Is A Small Wall And Bed

His friend bought him the tapestry pictured on the left, and it must have been made for a dollhouse bedroom because it was only big enough to fit his head like a bandana. 

Either He Has A Big Head Or That Is A Small Wall And Bed


Let’s all hope his friend didn’t pay the price of a tapestry only to get a bandana that should cost a quarter of the price. This would be a perfect gift for Captain Jack Sparrow. 

Muscle Dresses Are The Latest Fashion Trend

This guy has been putting the work at the gym, so why not show that off with a muscle tank. When his tank top came in the mail, he couldn’t wait to try it on, but something was clearly off about it. 

Muscle Dresses Are The Latest Fashion Trend

When he tried it on, he realized it was more of a bodycon dress rather than a muscle tank top. Maybe he has a girlfriend who would want this, so it doesn’t go to waste. It does flatter his body, however. 

Wet Wipes For A Mouse

That must be a sick joke because who would make a packet of wipes that small? Who are these made for? The only possible explanation for these is if they were made as a gag gift or a prop.  

Wet Wipes For A Mouse


Logically, the person should have double-checked the dimensions, but like any normal human, she assumed Wet Wipes only came in one size. 

One Sock Is Her Boyfriend’s Face, The Other Is Some Random Man They Don’t Know

When you get a custom order from a company, your biggest hope is that it comes out exactly like your vision. This person though the custom socks they ordered would look like the ones on the website, but they did not get what they ordered. 

One Sock Is Her Boyfriend's Face, The Other Is Some Random Man They Don't Know


While one sock looks like what they had initially ordered, the other sock is some random man they have never met before. Somewhere there is a person who has the matching sock. 

Normal Bulbasaur Vs Bulbasaur On Acid

This man was so excited to surprise his wife with a cute figure for the fall time plants, so he ordered this Bulbasaur plant holder. He waited 20 days for it to arrive, and he could not believe what he was sent. 

Normal Bulbasaur Vs Bulbasaur On Acid


The figure he ordered looks like Bulbasaur took some drugs. This man is definitely being trolled by the company he ordered from. Why else would someone try to pass that off as the product that is pictured? 

Sometimes It’s Not The Products Fault

First of all, who would order these in the first place? The only person who would want these is someone who named their own private parts, “the Wolf.” These briefs are a disgrace to wolves everywhere. 

Sometimes It's Not The Products Fault


However, in this situation, it is not the fault of the sender because it really depends on what is inside. Now everyone is as well endowed as the product model, and that’s why people should avoid these. 

Just Slightly Distorted

When you buy cheap mirrors online, you can’t really expect much from them. This guy got the most distorted mirrors we have ever seen, and they turned him into the sloth from Ice Age​. 

Just Slightly Distorted


Instead of having an accurate way to look at himself, he has a carnival fun mirror to laugh at each time he walks past; great idea, but failed execution. 

What She Got Is Low Key Not That Bad

In our honest opinion, the shirt she received is so much better than the one she ordered beside the spelling mistake. The cherubs with machine guns are edgier than the basic one she wanted. 

What She Got Is Low Key Not That Bad


While the idea of the left shirt is cute, she should be glad she got an upgrade. The spelling mistake is also easily fixable with a steamer and some matching iron-on letters. 

Probably Should Have Read The Dimensions

Can you imagine thinking you are receiving a wooden bench in the mail only have this dollhouse chair delivered to your door? To be fair, she should have read the dimensions because the picture looks small as well.  

Probably Should Have Read The Dimensions


She got an A for effort when she tried to sit on it. She might as well put in maximum effort to make it work. Although we doubt she is going to keep this except to tell a funny story. 

What Could Go Wrong When You Order A Silicone Mask Online?

We aren’t exactly sure what possessed this person to purchase this mask in the first place, considering how scary looking the original is, but they did not receive what they ordered. 

What Could Go Wrong When You Order A Silicone Mask Online?


The mask on the left is reminiscent of Mrs.Doubtfire dropping her mask out the window, and it gets run over by a truck. Either way, it is pretty scary, and if you want something that is high quality, you have to do the research. 

They Must Have Forgotten To Say It Was DIY

Here is a pro tip for online shopping: don’t get wine drunk and buy a cactus cat scratcher from an Instagram ad. This woman learned her lesson when two bags of rope showed up at her house two months after she drunkenly ordered this product. 

They Must Have Forgotten To Say It Was DIY


The package didn’t even include instructions, a base, or a packing slip. She must have been too far gone to realize the ad said that it was a DIY project, and not everything was included. 

Never Believe Product Photos

PSA: Lukalula Maternity is an online scam, and they stole the left photo from someone’s maternity shoot off of Facebook. The woman who received the bad dress posted this on Facebook, and the person in the product photo replied that the company stole her photo. 

Never Believe Product Photos


The woman who ordered the dress felt horrible because she was 26 weeks pregnant, and the dress made her feel like a whale. Hopefully, she found something else to wear for her maternity shoot. 

How Do You Mess Up Assembling Headphones?

Online shopping always amazes us. In what world is this acceptable, and who was the person to manufacture headphones like this. Who would think that the jack should be next to one of the earbuds? 

How Do You Mess Up Assembling Headphones?


Although these are probably still functional, it would still be irritating to have to hold your phone so close to your head. It’s not like most phones have a headphone jack these days, so it doesn’t matter. 

For A Giant’s Ears

Word to the wise, never buy anything from Wish.com unless there are plenty of photo reviews, and the product is Wish approved. This person thought they could buy real discounted Airpods on Wish, and they were shocked when their package arrived. 

For A Giant's Ears


Instead of anything resembling a pair of wireless headphones, the person got two white showerheads. How do sellers get away with sending something that is not even relatively close to the product photo? 

When You Get A Piece Of Mesh With The Pattern Printed Instead Of What Was Pictured

When this person saw the knitted sweater online, she had to order it because it looked so pretty. Unfortunately, she was disappointed when it arrived because it was not even close to the picture. 

When You Get A Piece Of Mesh With The Pattern Printed Instead Of What Was Pictured


The “sweater” she received in the mail was a mesh fabric with the pattern printed on it. Our skin is getting itchy just from looking at the jacket she got in the mail. 

Not Exactly Sure How This Is Purifying Air

This person purchased an “air purifier,” but when they looked inside, they realized it had no actual purpose besides a blinking red and green light. Maybe it has a placebo effect because of the lights. 

Not Exactly Sure How This Is Purifying Air


We wonder how long it took this person to realize their air purifier was fake and served no actual purpose. The only use for this is to hide stuff inside so robbers won’t take your valuables. 

$150 For A Rug Made For A Dog

A group of friends pitched in to buy a friend this $150 rug for her birthday, and they could not believe they paid so much for a carpet that was meant for a dog. 

$150 For A Rug Made For A Dog


It is always important to check the listed dimensions, but when you are paying $150, you almost assume it is going to be bigger than this tiny thing. 

More Like A Bank Robbing Tool

When you think you are ordering a cute winter hat that will keep your head warm, but it turns out that Wish wants you to rob banks. All they have to do is cut eye and mouth holes, and it could be a ski mask or something for Halloween. 

More Like A Bank Robbing Tool


Someone literally pulled the wool over their head, and they got scammed. We aren’t sure what Wish.com’s return policy is, but we doubt that it is easy to return their horrible products. 

When The Listed Price is $2.50, You Should Know It Is Not Legit

This person was so excited when they found a When Harry Met Sally record for $2.50 on eBay, but they were confused when a small package arrived. After opening it, they realized why the album was so inexpensive. 

When The Listed Price is $2.50, You Should Know It Is Not Legit


This would go nicely in the dollhouse with the miniature bench and Wet Wipes. Is there a mini record player that is supposed to come with it because that would be more fun. 

Might As Well Sleep In The Forest

This person ordered a bed frame online, and the thing forgot to include a disclaimer saying, “some assembly required.” They have to stain it and set up the canopy for it to look like the one online. We hope they didn’t pay a ridiculous price for a board with sticks attached to it. 

Might As Well Sleep In The Forest


This looks more like a death trap than somewhere to sleep. Also, it’s funny that they added extra sticks instead of finding four thick branches like the product photo. 

Would You Rather Receive Your $850 Laptop Or 3 Jugs Of Juice

Grab your tissues because this is a sad story. This person saved for months to purchase a new laptop, and when they received their order, it turned out to be Walmart’s brand juice instead of their $850 laptop. One of the bottles is even dented, the computer would for sure have been broken by the time it arrived. 

Would You Rather Receive Your $850 Laptop Or 3 Jugs Of Juice


Hopefully, they were able to take this to Walmart and get their money back or the original laptop they ordered. We would be so angry if this showed up instead of what we purchased. It seems you can’t even trust big brand names. 

Looks More Like Groot After A Heavy Drinking Session

As someone who is a massive Game of Thrones fan, this person was excited to receive their Night King mask from eBay. Unfortunately, they received this distorted version that looks nothing like the photo or the character. 

Looks More Like Groot After A Heavy Drinking Session


They could put a blue plastic bag with eye holes over their head, and it would look ten times better than this latex mess. Never trust random people online to sell you exactly what they are advertising. 

Time To Start Your Cover Band

To anyone who is a Black Sabbath fan, this hat is a disgrace because it now says, “Black Sabbitch.” That is a disgrace to the band, but it wasn’t a great hat to begin with, so they could wear it ironically. 

Time To Start Your Cover Band


When you try to purchase a cheap-looking hat from Amazon, you can’t have high expectations that it will look nice when it arrives in the mail. If you start with low standards, you have lower chances of being disappointed. 

Amazon Is Scamming People With These Tiny Toilet Paper Rolls

When everyone started panic buying toilet paper, some people turned to the internet to purchase it because stores were sold out. This woman paid twice as much, and it took two months to arrive. These rolls are a quarter of the size of a regular roll. 

Amazon Is Scamming People With These Tiny Toilet Paper Rolls


Maybe they can combine two of the rolls to make one normal-sized roll. The cardboard holder takes up more space than there is toilet paper. 

Looks Like Hades From Hercules

Targeted Facebook ads will get you to purchase things you never knew you needed, like this amethyst skull ring. You didn’t know you wanted it, but Facebook convinced you that you should order it, but the person received something different. 

Looks Like Hades From Hercules


While the pictured ring looks more like a marble or stone-like ring with crystals on top, the ring that arrived is something that you could get for a quarter at the grocery store vending machines. 

Someone Got Hungry Before They Shipped

As these nuts were being packed up, someone in the distribution center was hungry for a snack and thought no one would notice. When they say, “product may settle during transit,” we didn’t know they meant “settle in someone’s belly.”

Someone Got Hungry Before They Shipped


To be fair, the person should have checked out the reviews because this product only has 2.5 stars when the suggested product has almost five stars. You should always read reviews on Amazon before purchasing. 

Basically Just A Piece Of Fabric

As the great Derek Barry once said, “there’s a seam here and a seam here.” Apparently, having seams on a piece of mesh makes it qualify as a well-constructed garment in some people’s minds. The person thought they were getting a great deal on this gorgeous dress and ended up with something much different. 

Basically Just A Piece Of Fabric


The photo on the left is actually a very expensive and popular bridal gown. Unfortunately, if you want a quality garment that was made with integrity, you have to pay a high price for the designer’s time and effort. 

Doll-Sized Face Mask

If cats or chihuahuas used sheet masks, this would be the perfect size for them. You can see the disappointment on her face, but at least that small patch of skin will be clear and glowing. 

Doll-Sized Face Mask

We can’t imagine what purpose a little face mask serves and why someone would sell it. Do they expect you to stretch it out? We are just as puzzled as you.


The description on Amazon forgot to mention that the child is included with the order. Why would anyone want a cute dinosaur pillow when they could get a pillowcase with a photo of a child sleeping on the pillow they wanted? 


Amazon could claim that it is exactly what they advertised, but who would want to sleep on a photo of a child sleeping? That is just too bizarre for words. 

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