50 Times Parents Won The Internet With Their Hilarious Sense of Humor

There is absolutely no denying that parenting can be really tough and it is one of the toughest jobs of all time. That’s why there are some parents out there who are managing all of the stress and workload with a good sense of humor. This is a collection of hilarious photos of parents using their sense of humor to troll their children big time. Trust us, you will love it. If you are a parent, you will love it. If you are not a parent, you will feel sorry for these kids. So, without further ado, grab your popcorns and let’s start this joy ride.

1. The Love for Googly Eyes

This dad is the ultimate fan of googly eyes and he has proved it in the most awesome way out there. He has put googly eyes on everything in the refrigerator.

The Love for Googly Eyes


Try it at your home as well. This reminds us of how someone perfectly placed googly eyes over their cat’s tail and it looked like an elephant. You can watch that video on the internet.

2. Coolest Parents of All Time

These parents deserve the award of “Most Coolest Parents In The World,” what do you think about it?

Coolest Parents of All Time


After all, they have been married for over 41 years and they still know how exactly they can embarrass their kids in front of everyone.

3. There’s Fungus Among Us

Your kid doesn’t like to take a bath? Well, here is something that can certainly help you.

There's Fungus Among Us


These parents told their sons that they had another brother, but he turned into a mushroom because he didn’t like taking a bath. They even added his photo to their family albums. This is gold!

4. Finally, The Perfect Beach Photo

This is a photo worth framing. We are tired of looking at the photos of people enjoying beach time.

Finally, The Perfect Beach Photo


The parents sent their vacation photo to their kids and it is so heart-warming. The doggo is having the time of his life.

5. That’s Pawsome!!

When dad told his son that their dog took over his room, he didn’t believe it. But then the dad sent him this awesome photo.

That's Pawsome!!


It seems like the dog is really enjoying the room and has even started his business in which he and other doggos bark at random people for a few treats. Their stocks have also increased in just a couple of months.

6. Proud Daddy

Aww, this is so cute. The daddy was looking at his son for like five minutes until he looked down his plate and found this.

Proud Daddy


This is work of art and he deserves an award for this masterpiece. What do you think about it?

7. They Nailed It

This young couple went to Disney World and took a photo in a “not so unique” pose and posted it on social media.

They Nailed It


So, the parents of the young man responded in the coolest way possible. Yes, they knew how to hit high notes of elegance with their picture and they nailed it. Bravo!

8. Paw Patrol On The Roll

When the person who uploaded this photo complained to his dad that his apartment lost power for two days, his dad sent this photo with a text: “they’re on the case.”

Paw Patrol On The Roll


The swag level of these doggos is super sweet and funny. The dad certainly has a great sense of humor.

9. Over Protective Father

Before we say how caring and overprotective this father is, we have to point out the carelessness of the person who took this photo while driving.

Over Protective Father


And hey we noticed that it seems like the dad is okay with 140 MPH. We have no idea why he is okay with it.

10. Is That Batman’s Penguin?

Well, this is Marilyn Manson’s dad surprising him at his photo shoot with Terry Richardson.

Is That Batman's Penguin?


This is proof that only fathers know how to embarrass their children in the world and they are pretty good at it.

11. Coolest Gynecologist?

This dad is a gynecologist and when he was on-call for Christmas, this is how he went to round on patients that morning.

Coolest Gynecologist?


It is so hilarious. He is so cool that other dads look lesser cool in front of him.

12. Don’t Underestimate The Dads

These young ladies challenged their dads to take a photo in this difficult pose and they accepted it.

Don't Underestimate The Dads

We have to say that the results are thousands of times better than what anyone expected. There is one dad missing because he is taking the photo.

13. Did It Work?

Believe it or not, this cool dad on the blanket calls it is the Virginity Protection Blanket (in short, V.P.B).

Did It Work?


So, we are so eager to ask that did it work. Nevertheless, it is so funny.

14. Old School Parents

In a world of technology when you can use so many apps and social media platforms to send messages and pictures to anyone, these parents decided to go old school.

Old School Parents


They sent their son a selfie in the mail and that too the Polaroid one. Amazing stuff!

15. The Best Birthday Card Ever

Okay, so you will get this line “that’s what she said” if you are a fan of America TV series The Office. Trust us every one, you should watch it.

The Best Birthday Card Ever


And hats off to these parents for using such a hilarious line, this can be applied by other parents as well.

16. Lessons Were Learned That Day

When Ryan asked his dad to bring some stuff at his school, he didn’t know what evil plan was brewing in his dad’s mind.

Lessons Were Learned That Day


All parents seeing it must be saying, “I would definitely do something like this,” and we are 100% with them on this one. Go for it, parents!

17. Bazinga Prank

These parents thought that this would be a fun Christmas present. Although the kid isn’t amused, we loved it.

Bazinga Prank


These mean parents have given a new idea to all parents out there on how to deal with the never-ending demands of their children.

18. The Coffee With A Rich Taste

Whenever this lady’s dad visits her, he hides a $20 bill before leaving. But this spot was by far the best.

The Coffee With A Rich Taste


She had been making coffee for about a week when she finally noticed it.

19. That’s A Burn

When the parents found out that their son’s girlfriend likes puzzles, they wanted to be funny and started to think of ways they could accomplish it.

That's A Burn


They thought they were being funny and this is the result of 48 hours later.

20. Accurate Predictions

These parents got their son a cake for his 21st birthday and it is so accurate and hilarious at the same time.

Accurate Predictions


The parents know way more than their child because they have been through all of it when they were younger.

21. A Pawfect Replacement

When the boyfriend of this girl moved out of his parents’ house, they knew how to replace their son.

A Pawfect Replacement


So, they did what they were planning on doing for years and we have become big fans of them. Parents, you should give it a try as well – trust us, it’ll be worth it.

22. Clever Dad

This person found out how cleverly her dad sent her money and we find it so cute.

Clever Dad


The dad sent $100 but in an ingenious way and you got to give credit where credit is due.

23. That’s One Mean Dad

So, when this dad found out that his daughter had a nightmare about him getting sucked into the computer, he knew what needed to be done.

That's One Mean Dad


He spent hours working late on this just so that his daughter watches it when she wakes up the next morning.

24. H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S

This is one of the best ones we have for you. The reaction of these parents is so genuine.



So, when this person texted her parents to see if they are okay as there was an escaped murdered near where they live, they sent her this selfie.

25. “That’s What You Wanted, Son. Right?”

These parents knew what they had to do when their son said he needed, “cold hard cash” for his birthday.

"That's What You Wanted, Son. Right?"


The kid isn’t looking so amused and it is certainly a win for the parents. We don’t know why we are so happy looking at his face.

26. “You Deserve It, Karen”

When the dad finally found out about the tattoo on her daughter’s arm, he wasn’t going to let that one go easily.

"You Deserve It, Karen"


So, he did what every reasonable parent does. He made fun of her in the most hilarious manner. Hey, who knows she’s an aspiring chef.

27. That’s Savage

When the daughter told her dad that she has a new boyfriend, the dad wasn’t so amused.

That's Savage


He just wanted to make sure his daughter’s boyfriend is competent and this is how he did it.

28. “Be More Specific Next Time”

First of all, her eyes are stunning and then there is the look of feeling betrayed as well.

"Be More Specific Next Time"


She desperately wanted an iPad, but we can’t blame her dad for giving her the “Eye Pad.”

29. Hell Yeah!!!

This dad thought that he was home alone, but he was wrong. He does look a bit embarrassed though.

Hell Yeah!!!


He’ll be like, “no son, it’s not like what you think. Let me explain.”

30. In Case You Can’t Read Fast Enough

When the dad of this person sent this picture, he thought he was being funny.

In Case You Can't Read Fast Enough


Is it okay to laugh at it? We don’t know why we found it funny. Too much time on the internet is messing us up.

31. Mr. Hankey, Is That Really You?

The mother had to wrap all the presents of her children and she did a good job, right?

Mr. Hankey, Is That Really You?


Well, she did wrap her daughter’s rug like this and we find it hilarious.

32. (Sm)art Dad

This dad trolls his daughter to the next level by recreating her selfies.

(Sm)art Dad

Chris Martin

He even went so far as to match the empty roll on the counter! Can we please hang out with this dad?

33. He Had Been Planning It For Years

This amazing dad did this with his newborn and he finally got what he had been planning for years.

He Had Been Planning It For Years


It is the circle of life and we find it so beautiful. Doesn’t it bring back so many old memories?

34. Don’t Ever Leave Him Alone

This dad likes to get up to hijinks whenever he is left alone in the car by his daughter.

Don't Ever Leave Him Alone


He’s so good at it and who knows someone actually breaks the car window to get him out of the car. Just look at his innocent face, aww.

35. Welcome To The Adult’s World

This person found out that his 1st birthday cassette now belongs to Ghost Busters II. As Ghost Busters fans, we’re okay with it.

Welcome To The Adult's World


We believe that he just came home and found it somewhere on the table. It hurts a little bit but it is how it goes.

36. Best Dad Ever

So, this is how this dad greeted her daughter at the airport and we absolutely love him. He deserves a big hug and kisses on each cheek.

Best Dad Ever


By the way, can he pick any of us at the airport some other time?

37. Blink 3 Times Got Us Laughing

When the dad was assigned parental homework, he wasn’t so happy about it.

Blink 3 Times Got Us Laughing


So, he gave honest answers and they turned out to be super hilarious. Check out the last answer and it’ll clear everything.

38. Not Even A Single Sad Soul

When there was a family reunion, the dad and his morbid sense of humor made everyone laugh.

Not Even A Single Sad Soul


Although what is written is true, we love how all the family members are happy as they understand that everyone has to go at some point.

39. Mom Doesn’t Give A Sh*t

These brothers wanted to prank their mom and expected her to go crazy and call for her.

Mom Doesn't Give A Sh*t


She just took a photo and calmly went inside. That’s a savage mom there.

40. This is Priceless

We showed you above a photo of a mom wrapping a gift for her daughter that looks like Mr. Hankey. At least she did a good wrapping job.

This is Priceless


This is the work of a dad who hates wrapping presents. This one has us laughing out loud.

41. Savage Parent Rocks

This parent is like, “don’t say you want a Lego tournament if you can’t handle losing.”

Savage Parent Rocks


Bless her little heart, but we don’t know why we can’t stop laughing. We are so heartless people.

42. It’s A Mutual Feeling

We have to say that almost every parent feels this way. Most of us have been there and we can feel the pain of this parent.

It's A Mutual Feeling


All we can say is that “hang in there, you’re doing a great job!”

43. “Mom!!!! I Am Not 5 Anymore”

This guy stayed at his parents’ place for the night. He just needed a good, warm bed and nothing else.

"Mom!!!! I Am Not 5 Anymore"


But his parents still think of him as a kid and prepared the couch for him. He’s about 30 years old.

44. The Cutest Threat

This possessive dad didn’t want anyone to hurt his princess. So, when his daughter’s boyfriend uploaded the photo shoot, the dad wanted to give a clear message to him.

The Cutest Threat

Sharee Schock

We find it so hilarious that he didn’t just stop at writing “whatever you do to my daughter, I will do to you.” Instead, he took it to the next level with a photoshopped image.

45. “Oh Hello There”

When the parents of this person sent her this photo, she immediately knew it was the work of her dad.

"Oh Hello There"


The doggo is like, “why the hell I got into this crazy family.” Please get me out of here.

46. The Best Use of Hair Extensions

When the dad found out his daughter’s hair extensions, he knew exactly how to use it.

The Best Use of Hair Extensions


Although he is bald and he could use it on his head, he had some other place in his mind. This is pure gold and that’s why we love the internet.

47. “I Don’t Trust You Anymore”

The face this little angel made shows us all that never ever break the trust of your children.

"I Don't Trust You Anymore"


It seems like she will never ever trust her mother and we can understand why.

48. “And What Was You Thinking?”

When the dad asked his daughter if she wanted to see a picture of his pride and joy, she thought he would show her the picture of her childhood or teenage years.

"And What Was You Thinking?"


But the dad is super cool and he outplayed his daughter in the best way. By the way, he looks a lot like Walter White.

49. “Wearing Like A Pro”

This dad found his daughter’s earrings and wore them like a pro. This is so hilarious.

"Wearing Like A Pro"


Are those pierced or clamp earrings? Actually, we are not sure we really want to know now. And it seems like those earrings are OFFICIALLY his now.

50. Everyone Jumped In

This younger brother got a new phone and took a ‘harmless’ selfie with it. He had no idea what his brothers and father were planning on doing.

Everyone Jumped In


His two brothers and father joined forces to create this masterpiece and we are in love with their sense of humor.

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