50 Silly Cats Who Got Themselves Into Some Interesting Situations

Some people say that one-day, cats will take over the world because they are so smart. The cats on our list prove that theory to be wrong. These cats have found themselves in some unusual situations, and they are sure to make you laugh.

1. He Got Himself Into A Cat-astrophe.

When you leave your pants on the ground and have a cat, expect to find them hiding inside after a few minutes. 

He Got Himself Into A Cat-astrophe.


The pant leg must have looked like a good place to play. 

2. Someone Help Me

When you are so hungry so you take a giant bite of food and regret it instantly. 

Someone Help Me


“Help, I can’t breathe!!!” Hopefully, this cat learned his lesson. 

3. Get Meow-t Of Here

The dog is sitting there wondering why his humans got a cat, it is so dumb. 

Get Meow-t Of Here


Another scenario is that the dog helped the cat get stuck and is trying to play it off as if he had nothing to do with it. 

Keep Watching


4. I’m Offering You This Gift I found In The Garbage

Many cats are known for bringing their owners mice or birds, but this cat likes to get teabags from the trash and present that to his owner. 

I'm Offering You This Gift I found In The Garbage


Maybe he is trying to hint at them to start composting for a greener household. 

5. I Saw This Workout On Instagram

This cat was in the middle of trying a new workout or parkour and got himself stuck in a tree. 

I Saw This Workout On Instagram


This poor fat cat was just trying to get his summer body ready. 

6. How To Dry Your Cat

You walk into the bathroom and your cat looks at you like, “you must be wondering how I got in this situation.” 

How To Dry Your Cat


Either he was hanging out to dry or auditioning for “Cat du Soleil,” and then things took a turn for the worst, and he got stuck.  

7. OctoCat

For some reason, this cat finds that this is the best way to eat his food. 



Maybe the floor is slippery so this is the only comfortable way to eat. 

8. Please Let Me In

This cat is too dumb to realize the door is open. 

Please Let Me In


They can’t all be the sharpest tools in the shed. 

9. Trying to Connect With His Egyptian Roots

This cat got his head stuck in a vase and broke it, resulting in this lovely necklace. 

Trying to Connect With His Egyptian Roots


Petco should come out with a cat collar line inspired by Egypt because this looks great. 

10. Just Hanging Out

His mom is looking on disappointedly thinking, “I can’t leave you alone for even a minute.”  

Just Hanging Out


“Help mom, the couch is eating me!” Will he be able to get out of this situation on his own? 

11. “Does This Fit Through Here?”

When you try to steal something and you are stopped by the mean cat door. 

"Does This Fit Through Here?"


Another cat burglar apprehended by the cat door. That’s ten points for the door and zero points for the cat. 

12. A New Way Of Eating

This cat still hasn’t figured out how to eat from this unique bowl. 

A New Way Of Eating


What one person thinks is the wrong way, a cat thinks it is right. 

13. When You Buy Your Cat Nice Things

Never buy your cat anything to sit or sleep in, they will end up sitting next to or under it. 

When You Buy Your Cat Nice Things


He doesn’t understand that it is meant for sitting on and not under. You will see how other cats treat their expensive beds as you continue reading. 

14. How Do I Drink From This Contraption

Instead of being able to drink from the faucet he is getting a little shower. 

How Do I Drink From This Contraption


Sometimes figuring out how to drink can be very difficult. 

15. “Why Did You Move The Door?”

This is one of the dumber cats. He really doesn’t understand where the door is anymore. 

"Why Did You Move The Door?"


His owner has trapped him in jail, and he is waiting for his release date. 

16. Flipping Into The Weekend Like…

This cat is flipping excited that it is almost the weekend. 

Flipping Into The Weekend Like...


This acro-cat should win a medal at the Olympics for his pur-fect backflips. 

17. Who Turned The Lights Out?

Curiosity can get you into trouble sometimes. This cat knows he messed. 

Who Turned The Lights Out?


Instead of the cone of shame, it is now the tissue box of shame. 

18. Nothing To See Here

“What? I was just looking for something to wear tonight.” 

Nothing To See Here

“Do these hangers make me look fat? If I try them n in black it will be more slimming.” 

19. Why Buy A Water Bowl When There Is A Perfectly Good Facuet

Here, we have another cat who has figured out how to drink from the faucet, but won’t drink out of their water bowl. 

Why Buy A Water Bowl When There Is A Perfectly Good Facuet

He can’t drink like a normal cat because his head is screwed on the wrong way. 

20. Curiosity Got the Best Of Her

She wanted to know what her human was doing and got stuck in a sticky situation. 

Curiosity Got the Best Of Her


The next thing she knew she was in the bath with her owner, and she was not happy about it. 

21. How Did This Ham Get Here

This picture raises many questions. First, how did the cat get in here in the first place? 

How Did This Ham Get Here


Second, how did the ham get on top of him? Where did the ham even come from? 

22. What Is This Giant Alien

This is the first time this cat has seen a watermelon, and he is not sure what to make of it. 

What Is This Giant Alien


The cat has been playing fruit ninja for months to practice for this moment. 

23. “If I Could Just Reach My Water Bowl…”

Being normal does not exist when it comes to cats. Instead of drinking out of the bowl he dips his paw in the water and licks his paw. 

"If I Could Just Reach My Water Bowl..."


Why he is hiding under the cabinet is still a mystery. 

24. He Doesn’t Understand The Concept Of A Bed

He was having a hard time deciding so he sat in the middle. 

He Doesn't Understand The Concept Of A Bed


Two perfectly nice and expensive beds, but he sits in the middle instead. 

25. May Or May Not Be Stuck

This cat is questioning every life decision he has ever made that lead to this. 

May Or May Not Be Stuck


Someone get this cat unstuck for the hundredth time. 

26. When Did CVS Start Selling Cats?

CVS decided to dive into the animal market, apparently, and start selling cats. 

When Did CVS Start Selling Cats?


When you go to the store for milk and come back with a pet. 

27. Making Life More Difficult

You have to wonder what makes people think cats are smart animals when you see things like this. 

Making Life More Difficult

Why walk through the door that’s wide open when you could get stuck in the cat door. 

28. This Cat Has Peter Pan Syndrome

For some odd reason, this cat thinks he is still a kitten and decided to nurse with the other kittens. 

This Cat Has Peter Pan Syndrome


If he plays it cool, she will never notice a difference. 

29. “Hey, You!”

This cat thinks his door is just a window, so he likes to stare at his owners through it till they let him in. 

"Hey, You!"

He won’t even walk through it to get the food that is sitting on the floor. 

30. Why Is It So Cold Out Here?

This cat made a mistake by following his owner outside in the freezing cold. 

Why Is It So Cold Out Here?


You can tell by his face that he knows he made a mistake. 

31. He Thinks It’s A Real Fish

This cat is not very bright. He sat there staring at the fish thinking it was real. 

He Thinks It's A Real Fish


You would think he would lose interest after a while because the fish isn’t moving.

32. Mission Im-paws-ibble

While filling in as a stunt double for Tom Cruise on Mission Im-paws-ibble this cat got himself stuck. 

Mission Im-paws-ibble


So this might just be the pully for the window shades, but it does look like he is performing a stunt. 

33. Professor McGonagall After A Night Of Partying

All the people that change into animals went on a bar crawl and Professor McGonagall couldn’t hold her liquor. 

Professor McGonagall After A Night Of Partying


The next morning she was found stuck in a fence still drunk from the night before. 

34. She Wanted A New Hat

She was trying on the roll of tape to see if it would make a cute hat, one thing led to another, and it was stuck. 

She Wanted A New Hat


This cat is in a literal sticky situation. Someone help it. 

35. How Is This Comfortable?

This kitten looks like it is about to fall off the couch, and that can’t be comfortable. 

How Is This Comfortable?


Somehow, she is peacefully sleeping in this strange position. 

36. “Tastes Like Bird.”

This is another cat who refuses to drink out of his water bowl. 

"Tastes Like Bird."


The water in the birdbath has a much richer flavor than the regular water. 

37. Just Stopping For A Rest

This cat likes to climb this ladder every night, and then cries when he gets stuck. 

Just Stopping For A Rest


You would think he would learn that he is going to get stuck every time, but he doesn’t. 

38. If I Fits, I Sits

This idiot cat is taking the “if I fits, I sits,” challenge to the extreme. 

If I Fits, I Sits


It is probably going to need some help getting out of this situation. 

39. How Did You Get Up There?

This cat made the ultimate escape and got stuck outside a second-story window. 

How Did You Get Up There?


Imagine waking up and seeing your cat like this. That would give anyone nightmares for days. 

40. Trying To Get The Last Bit Of Food

When you are trying to stick to your diet but you are hungry, so you lick to bowl clean. 

Trying To Get The Last Bit Of Food


This cat was doing that and managed to get his face stuck in the bowl. 

41. Jug-Head

In the middle of the night, this cat’s owner woke up to the dog barking in the kitchen only to find this. 



Cats are notorious for getting their heads stuck in jar-like objects. 

42. When You Meant To Catch A Possum, But Caught A Cat Instead

The cat was excited to find some food, and suddenly he was trapped in a cage. 

When You Meant To Catch A Possum, But Caught A Cat Instead


It must have been a surprise to its owner to find their cat instead of a possum. 

43. Cat Door

These cats were in the mood to remodel the doors, but they were trying to keep it a secret from their humans. 

Cat Door


They love the outcome of their project, but their humans weren’t as satisfied. 

44. When You Hear Crying From The Bathroom and Walk In To Find This

It is unclear how this cat managed to get himself stuck up there, but it needs help getting down. 

When You Hear Crying From The Bathroom and Walk In To Find This


After managing to get up there, he realized it was much higher than his initial measurements. 

45. The Cat Is Broken

This cat is either really bored or waiting for its prey to walk by the curtains so it can attack. 

The Cat Is Broken


Someone figured out what is wrong with this cat, so we know he isn’t broken. 

46. Trying To Get The Crumbs At The Bottom Of The Bag

Sometimes you just want to get every last crumb from the snack bag, and this cat learned his lesson the hard way. 

Trying To Get The Crumbs At The Bottom Of The Bag


He seems like he was really scared that his head would be stuck like this forever. 

47. Rainbow Cat

The slinky is a wonderous object to cats until they get themselves stuck inside. 

Rainbow Cat


She was trying to figure out how it was able to go up and down the stair and if someone was controlling it from the inside. 

48. “AHH, Get It Off”

“Help, help this thing is attacking me! What is it?” 

"AHH, Get It Off"


Someone tell this cat that it is just a leaf and nothing to be afraid of. 

49. The One Cat That Likes Water

Usually, cats do not like water, but this one doesn’t see to have a problem with it. 

The One Cat That Likes Water


Is he trying to take a bath or get a drink? 

50. Cats In Space

This cat was practicing to take a trip to space. 

Cats In Space


She realized being a cat-stronaunt was not mean for her because she can’t handle the helmet. 

Photos Hilariously Edited By A Graphic Design Troll Who Takes Everything Very Literally

John Travis

This article was originally published on Kueez

People always want to improve their pictures, but not everyone knows how to use editing tools. That’s where James Fridman comes in because he is a photoshop wizard who never disappoints. People send him their pictures with specific editing requests, and Fridman always delivers exactly what people ask for. He is a savage that will take people’s instructions very literally, and it makes people think, “I should be more careful when asking James Fridman to photoshop my picture.” Once you see these hilarious edits, it will remind you to be careful what you wish for. Continue scrolling to see how these people’s pictures were hilariously improved with exactly what they asked for. 

When Your Friend Is The Rock

Now, this lady can say that her friend is the Rock, and she can reply, “The Rock? You mean Dwayne Johnson, right?”

When Your Friend Is The Rock


Fridman did an excellent job because it takes a second to notice that the rock in the background is her friend.

Be Careful What You Wish For

The witty artist did exactly as asked, and no one is complaining. This woman wanted the pole in front of her to be removed, and we see no problem with it. After all, she got what she wanted.

Be Careful What You Wish For


We cannot stop laughing at his dad joke-like interpretation of the request. One can hope the wedding did not come crashing down like in the photoshopped image.

When You Want To Keep Things Conservative For Your Mom

This guy wanted James to make the photo modest for his mom, and we cannot stop laughing at what he created. Who knows, maybe the mom saw the picture and had a problem with her son wearing his underwear outside.

When You Want To Keep Things Conservative For Your Mom


How on earth did James even photoshop it because the arm on the left is attached to the stone? This guy keeps impressing us with his wizardry.

That Was The Last Time He Wore White Pants

When she asked James to make her boyfriend as tall as her, we’re pretty sure she didn’t expect such a hilarious response. This creative work is not only very hilarious but also shows the artist’s incredible photo editing skills.

That Was The Last Time He Wore White Pants


Instead of making her as tall as her boyfriend, he decided to bring the guy down to her level in the most creative way. 

Is This Zoomed In Enough?

This is so hilarious as he did fix it in a way that the close-up photo of Diane could be used as a jump scare in horror movies.

Is This Zoomed In Enough?


She did not say she wanted the background to be included. We have a feeling that it could become the next viral meme.

He Went From Matthew Child To Matthew Daddy Real Quick

James nailed not only the photoshop request but also the dad joke. It’s funny, but what was he expecting when he asked to look more “daddy?”

He Went From Matthew Child To Matthew Daddy Real Quick


You can’t see it visually, but you can almost hear him screaming about the electric bill if you look at the improved picture long enough. 

That’s A No-Brainer

We know by now that requests for James must be particular, or else he will create a literal version of what you ask for like this.

That's A No-Brainer


Instead, she should have written, “Can you remove the boy that is standing in the background?” He would have made something funny either way, but it would have been better than removing her head. 

“I Could Have Done That Myself”

This man thought he would get a new photo with a full head of hair, but that’s not how James rolls. He wants people to love themselves, so he just cropped the picture. The guy probably thought, “I could have done that myself.” 

"I Could Have Done That Myself"


Hair alone doesn’t make anyone handsome. It must’ve been hard to go bald so early in life, but he should embrace what he has. 

James Is Not A Butcher, Lady!

This lady straight up asked James to make her boyfriend’s feet short. Well, he did what he does best.

James Is Not A Butcher, Lady!


That was a weird request. However, this is the first time we have heard a woman complain that her boyfriend’s feet were too big. 

It’s Like Where’s Waldo

This guy didn’t get any solo shots, and he thought he looked handsome, so he wanted to remove the other people from the picture. Unfortunately, he now looks like a loner in the background. 

It's Like Where’s Waldo


James probably thought it was hilarious that he asked to “disappear” the people. You can never be too careful when asking him to fix a picture. 

May The Force Be With You

This looks adorable, and we hope the couple is still together after this hilarious photoshop. However, we want to ask one important question: Did she tell him, “I am your girlfriend” instead of “I am your father?”

May The Force Be With You


All this photo needs is baby Yoda. We don’t see anything wrong with the original.

That Got Dark Quickly

Well, that’s one sure way to bring the cow closer or make them run away. We are pretty sure the cow on the left is thought, “I wonder where Rachel went.”

That Got Dark Quickly


When Hannah requested that James make the cows look like they are a little closer, she wasn’t expecting it to take a dark turn so quickly. 

You Ask And You Shall Receive

We admire the twisted mind of James because who would not want everyone to see their chandelier in the family Christmas photo.

You Ask And You Shall Receive


We think this photoshopped image is spot on. After all, it serves the dual purpose of showing what matters the most: a lovely chandelier.

He Is Definitely Dropping Something

Jim Morrison recorded “LA Woman” inside his bathroom, so who knows, this guy might have a big hit on his hands because he did the same thing. 

He Is Definitely Dropping Something


We have a feeling that his single will sell millions of copies. Is it just us, or does something smell a little off about this kid?

An Environmentally Responsible Tourist

This woman went to Greece and wanted her photo to look more classy. Well, she didn’t say what kind of bag she wanted. James is creating awareness about littering, and we have more respect for him.

An Environmentally Responsible Tourist


In a way, it looks like she’s part of the beach cleanup— what a cute environmentalist.

Garden Of Love

James is a photoshop king for a reason. He is like that friend you ask to take your photo, but takes selfies instead of taking your picture. 

Garden Of Love


Don’t be dismayed, Cora. We can still see your foot, and most importantly, now you have more privacy.

It Could’ve Been A Lot Worse

All we have to say to James is that he did an excellent job with the hand placement. We really needed some humor during these testing times, and James offered a helping hand.

It Could've Been A Lot Worse


James could have gone with other options as well. For example, he could have put a lightsaber in her hand, an umbrella, or even a Samurai sword.

We’re Not Crying, You’re Crying

This is so lovely, and we are glad he told her that. Sadly, she thinks she has to look ‘normal’ while she is already beautiful. 

We're Not Crying, You're Crying


Seriously, this is such a lovely response from James. To take someone’s insecurities and flip it to make it into a body-positive way of thinking is such a precious thing to do.

When Being A Bad Boy Makes You Happy

First of all, is that a unicorn tattoo? He is definitely not going to win the bad boy contest with a unicorn tattoo. 

When Being A Bad Boy Makes You Happy


To become a bad boy, he has to do much more than not follow the rules. We wonder what his original vision was before James edited the picture. 

No Water, No Plants

James proves to us that his sense of humor and talent is truly out of this world with each photo editing project. Respect for the gardener and James for his witty response.

No Water, No Plants


She asked for the gardener to be removed, and without him, the luscious plants wouldn’t be thriving. 

Masks That Are Worth Wearing

Face masks should be made like this in the first place. We think all masks should have silly faces like these – it would make a rather challenging situation, at least a bit more light-hearted.

Masks That Are Worth Wearing


A little humor goes a long way, but it seems like he missed the halos and angel wings. 

Float Like A Butterfly, Bark Like A Boxer

This caring girlfriend got what she wanted, and we are so happy for her. However, this goes on to prove that you need to be very specific with James. Otherwise, he’ll find a loophole in your request.

Float Like A Butterfly, Bark Like A Boxer


We are no match for James, but he could have also considered boxer shorts too. This is the best kind of boxer, in our opinion. 

Love The Skin You’re In

The photoshop wizard keeps on winning our hearts. Although it is more of a hobby for him, he uses it to spread laughter and positivity. He is always trying to make people feel confident in their skin.

Love The Skin You're In


James is very sensitive to people who are ashamed of the way they look. We applaud him for giving them advice instead of changing their features. His edits are absolutely hysterical, and at the same time, he shows a depth of compassion that is very rare these days!

Wear Some Boots!

This is one of those “When you see it” pictures. For once, we thought, “Wow, James actually created something as asked,” and then we saw it.

Wear Some Boots!


Seriously, we were disappointed at first, and then we took a second look at her foot. Now we are happy and can sleep in peace. Cheers!

Lights Out

This might be our all-time favorite! So simple and yet so right. After all, this is what happens when you take the light out of the room.

Lights Out


We can say that James is illuminating with his impressive work (you see what we did here). But why did she ask for it? She could have asked him to remove the phone as it is covering half of her face.

Shots Fired!

After seeing how he is holding the gun (totally improper), a real estate agent job is the best he can hope for.

Shots Fired!


Hey kid, if you are playing with guns, then at least learn how to hold them. Any agent would know not to hold the gun sideways. He is lucky he didn’t shoot his foot.

Who’s The Dummy Now?

It seems like we will have to dig deep into the dictionary to come up with some new adjectives to praise this man’s extraordinary creativity. This is brilliance at its peak!!

Who's The Dummy Now?


Laugh all you want at this strange request, but he delivered what was asked. After all, a good laugh is still the best boost for our immune system.

Be Specific, Very Specific

It appears to be a typical date picture that soon turned into a photo with a ghost that would most likely be featured in a horror movie. 

Be Specific, Very Specific


James left the boyfriend’s arms in the photo with bones sticking out. It is brilliant to leave the arms and hands! 

Now She’s Not In The Background

Juan never told James where he’d rather have her. Did he send another request like, “Hey James, could you remove us from the background?” If yes, then the cycle may never end. 

Now She's Not In The Background


In these times, we need people like James around to lighten our hearts. Thanks for being awesome!

Context People, Context!

James gave this woman a better reason for being there. But, again, it’s all about context. She wanted the picture to look a bit more classy. But what is more refined than pizza?

Context People, Context!


Maybe she shouldn’t have stood there in the first place if she didn’t want the pizza in the background. 

Respect For The King

Have you watched the series, Tiger King? The woman in the photoshopped image is Carole Baskin, an American big-cat rights activist and the CEO of Big Cat Rescue, a non-profit animal sanctuary near Tampa, Florida. We won’t go into too many details, so there won’t be any spoilers. 

Respect For The King


We will never understand why people pay to get pictures with drugged animals, but his edit makes perfect sense. 

Spot The Difference

James has done such an amazing job that it is nearly impossible to spot the difference. The two photos are the same. We don’t know why he wrote “Fixed it” when there was nothing to fix in the first place.

Spot The Difference


Any sock manufacturer out there should produce toe socks that look just like this. Girls like her might buy them.

Oh Deer

Another deer? Forget the sheep; we are looking for the first deer! Where is the first deer in this photo?

Oh Deer


It is a strange request because there is nothing wrong with the sheep. We think the sheep is cute.

Be Proud Of What You Were Born With

There is a proper time and place for humor, and James knows when it is time to inspire rather than use his editing jokes. Instead of covering up the birthmark or making his face one color, James told Cesar to embrace the skin he was born with. 

Be Proud Of What You Were Born With


If you ask us, we think Cesar looks like Zuko from the live-action Avatar. In Avatar, the burn mark made Zuko look prominent and unique! Appreciate what you have because it makes you unique. 

Wish Granted

She must not have known that objects become distorted behind bubbles, or she wouldn’t have written this request to James. 

Wish Granted


Her face is already glowing, and she doesn’t need a glowing orb. We sometimes have to wonder what on earth these people expect when they make such requests.

Let’s Put A Smile On That Face

Just like James’ work puts a smile on our faces, he also knows how to make a dog smile, and it is adorable.

Let's Put A Smile On That Face


He made the dog a happy little furball without a hipster daddy that cuddles him to death. It looks much better without that guy in the back. We know for sure that the dog is completely satisfied that he got the spotlight.

The Best Shot Ever

James is a genius. The golf guy must be like, “Here lies my mate, all cold and dead. He was killed by a golf club straight to the head.”

The Best Shot Ever


This is a much more realistic outcome of what could’ve happened after the original picture was taken because this is a horrible idea. 

Is It The Fountain of Youth?

Every time we think James can’t top himself, he creates another masterpiece. Maybe Jonas deserved it. After all, that is what you get for calling it a “foto.”

Is It The Fountain of Youth?


Lucky for him, James did not use a peeing dog. By the way, you can find the boy fountain in Belgium.

That Explains The Sunburn

This is photo editing at its finest. Once again, James nailed it, and we cannot stop laughing. We love how James says “sure” with a straight face and comes up with something so hilarious.

That Explains The Sunburn


Jacob must have asked, “how do we know we are outside?”To which James replies, “because you’re not inside.”

Someone Call Bear Grylls

This amazing photoshop job reminds us of a hilarious photo in which a deer says to the bear, “I’ll fight you with my bear hands,” and the bear responds, “Oh Deer!”

Someone Call Bear Grylls


We love the attention to detail and the bear breaking the bench. You can say that the bear ate the girl, and the bench couldn’t bear the bear’s weight.

Super Woman

What we find funniest about this is that it actually DOES make her hands look much more natural! Now she looks like someone you shouldn’t mess with. 

Super Woman


We have to admit that the sarcasm level of James is way higher than his photoshop game. He’s a true legend! 

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Ask To Fix It

He would have given the husband a striped shirt with a message like, “Sorry you felt so left out…Now you can be part of the team too!”

If It Ain't Broke, Don't Ask To Fix It


Maybe after that, his wife will send a message to James, “Hi James, we love your work. I was hoping you could fix this picture because my husband is dressed just like the gondolier.”

Cool… Ice Cold

What was wrong with the lake? Since when is a lake an uncool place to be? It seems like she took the Ice-Bucket challenge to a level of no return.

Cool... Ice Cold


She said, “Hey James. I want to be somewhere that’s really cool.” “Sure thing,” he said and waved his wand to give her an icebox instead of a pool.

Safety First

We didn’t think it looked like she was standing in a hole in the floor until she said something about it, and now we can’t unsee it. 

Safety First


James really fixed it this time. Seeing the first photo reminds us of a scene in the 1995 movie Jumanji.

Groot’s New Girlfriend

There is no challenge too big, no challenge too small for James. Just let him know, and he can do it all. Take an example of how he turned this woman into a female version of Groot from Guardians of Galaxy.

Groot's New Girlfriend


One wonders how she reacted after seeing the second photo. This is the first time James actually did what was asked for.

Perfection Is Boring

How many of you think that the crooked bow tie looks adorable? After all, perfection is overrated and boring.

Perfection Is Boring


Maybe Kim has OCD, and seeing the crooked bow tie was killing her inside. On the other hand, you have to admit that James has a remarkable eye for detail, like reconstructing the father’s right arm. It’s all in the details.

Pecking Ducks

If we had to work on this photo, we might have gone with rubber ducks in the background. James could have gone with Daffy and Donald arguing in the background too.

Pecking Ducks


It’s good she didn’t ask for dogs or cats. We absolutely LOVE how he executed altering the lighting in this composite! The decision to change all the highlights (especially in their hair) and mid-tones was handled creatively.

From A Drunken Boy To A Hero

We have a winner. We repeat! We have a winner. This is one of the best photo editing works of all time. The guy in the middle looks like a drunk who is trying to look cool, and that is why we really want to see his drunk face.

From A Drunken Boy To A Hero


We hope these boys responded to James’ work by saying, “Thank You For Your Service.”

Make Her Smarter As Well

At first glance, we thought it was a blobfish. So she wanted her face reflected off of the bean, but she’s not facing the bean?

Make Her Smarter As Well


We didn’t understand what she was asking for, but we think James pretty much nailed it. And we love how disappointed she looks in the second one.

Love Is In The Air?

He asked, “Can you make more romantic for this photo” and we are wondering, make what more romantic? Why does it look like the girl is not into him? Maybe we’re wrong, but it does look like she is trying her best to lean away from him. But, again, we might be wrong.

Love Is In The Air?


One thing we know for sure is that James is one hell of a romantic guy. Moreover, he knows how to make something romantic

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