50 Pets Showing Their Jealousy Very Openly

Pets have been known to be affectionate and loyal companions, but they can also show a funny and sometimes unexpected side to their personalities. One of the most common traits pets display is jealousy. Whether it’s a new pet or a new human friend, jealousy can manifest in various hilarious ways. From giving the cold shoulder to throwing tantrums, pets can be quite possessive.

One of the funniest ways pets show their jealousy is by giving their owners silent treatment. They will ignore their owner’s attempts to get their attention and sometimes even avoid being in the same room as them. This behavior can be particularly amusing when the owner brings a new pet home. The first pet may act sulky and ignore its owner for days or even weeks, as if to say, “I don’t need you anymore.” Another way pets show jealousy is by trying to push their way into the middle of any interaction between their owner and another pet or person. They may demand attention by sitting on their owner’s lap, nudging their hand, or blocking their view, making it clear that they won’t be sharing their owner’s affection. Some pets go as far as acting out, such as stealing or hiding the other pet’s toys or treats. They may even urinate on their owner’s belongings as a way of marking their territory.

Today, we are going to honor this factor of jealousy in pets by looking at some pictures of them being openly jealous and not caring one bit about what others would think. These images are extremely hilarious and you will absolutely enjoy them.

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1. He gets jealous every time the owners try to play with his little bestie.

Via parentsti

2. Seeing his owner cuddle the cat, the dog came closer, nudged the cat so it dropped down, and then sat on top of it…all because it was jealous.


Via rachar2187

3. Look at those eyes craving the kisses.


Via xSpiderBabyx

4. This is Nico. He got jealous of Joni cuddling mommy so he decided to ruin their moment by sitting on her.


Via spome2

5. No holding hands when I am around.


Via chasinafterhappiness

6. The dog is definitely jealous of the baby…you don’t even have to think twice about this one.


Via Huckleberry_Rogers

7. Cruz is jealous of Kiwi because she gets to chill in the pocket and gets carried around the house…He, unfortunately, cannot be carried like this because of an obvious size constraint.


Via buhfuhkin

8. 2 out of three living beings in this image are enjoying the moment…the third…not so much.


Via wantganja420

9. This photographer’s pup openly shows his jealousy every time he photographs other people.


Via BeerBellies

10. They wanted to check if the cat gets jealous…the experiment was successful.


Via estacaoteimosa878

11. Roger after getting jealous of his baby brother steals his pacifier and acts like him to get attention.

Via dog_rates

12. Absolutely disgusted by the couple making love in the background.


Via nanatalada

13. He looks so jealous of the hamster.

Via CharlesDrake

14. He just realized all the love is about to get divided.


Via fatihcik

15. I don’t approve of this but because you are not breaking it, I would like to be a part of it.

Via abilledeaux

16. The four-step jealousy process.


Via Rawtashk

17. Athena is a chonk and gets jealous of her smaller siblings when they sit on the owners’ laps.

Via Martinstanley12

18. This guy’s dog got so jealous of his in-laws’ dog because it posed with his wife.


Via Mapes

19. Guess who is feeling jealous in his picture!

Via catlover3434

20. Sammy got extremely jealous and photobombed the photoshoot of his 5-month-old baby.


Via canuchangeusernames

21. The cat got jealous because the orchid was being given attention.


22. Has probably plotted a full-fledged murder.


Via Missmayo

23. This person found a bird and his cat couldn’t believe he was giving attention to another living creature but him.

Via reddit.com

24. Can you believe this Husky feels jealous of the toy Husky…


Via skycolylyly

25. Wimpy and Buddy were fighting for the best spot on the bed. Only one could’ve won…you can guess who it was.

Via christypawpersians

Pets can be incredibly entertaining when they display their jealous behavior, they can make their owners laugh with their possessive antics. It’s important to remember that jealousy in pets can sometimes be a sign of anxiety or insecurity, so it’s essential to provide them with love and attention to ensure they feel secure and happy. In the end, pets bring joy and laughter into our lives, and their jealous behavior only adds to their charm and humor.

Let’s enjoy some more images of these cuties being their jealous selves. Scroll down to continue!

26. The old kitty is jealous of the new kitty.


Via amojuris

27. What is with all these old cats getting jealous of the new ones?


Via sdillon1015

28. He went outside with the dog and the cats did not like it.

Via reddit.com

29. Ferdina’s dad made her feel proud after her first-ever online post got 115,000 likes and the dog’s heart couldn’t take it.


Via tiffanymcclure

30. The white one does not like that at all. Because the black one knows this, he doesn’t stop doing it.

Via namanama101

31. You never feed me milk like this.

Via defenseman13

32. She didn’t get pets and started protesting.


Via WhenWhereWho

33. He would get jealous every time parents would take their baby’s monthly photos. So this is the solution they came up with.

Via TearsOfARapper84

34. He has his own bed but he is always jealous of his little brother’s bed.

Via Aprilismissing

35. “Update on my parents’ cat that was jealous of the grandbaby’s birthday present. He now has his own $30 children’s chair, just to settle things.”


Via hangry_lady

36. The cat was getting belly rubs. The dog got jealous. Now both are getting belly rubs.

Via veschwab

37. Can’t even hold his own wife’s hand without getting the cat jealous.

Via mrfu709

38. Sophie is jealous of her mother holding his new sister Coco.


Via Hutle

39. “Quick Sticks feeling very zen in her special whippet coat. Please ignore the jealous death stares of the sausage in the background.”

Via Patchspot

40. The calf looks so jealous of the boy playing with the rabbit.

Via ctfarmstead

41. He is jealous he didn’t get invited to the selfie.


Via brennan.schulze,BrennanSchulz

42. The dog doesn’t like when another animal becomes the star of the picture.

Via gkriche

43. Koda is guarding mommy and is jealous that she is sleeping and he can’t.

Via Badbomber360

44. “The dog was jealous of the baby, so…”


Via jpkitchener

45. Meet Shiba. Every morning he would sit on his owner’s lap and would read the newspaper with him. Now he has a granddaughter and the spot has now been taken.

Via leeannivey

46. Poor guy’s jealousy can be felt through the screen.

Via fiddle_sticks_

47. The cat is showing the world how unjust their behavior is with her.


Via nazigrammar4

48. Jealous that his sibling was getting all the pets and he wasn’t getting any.

Via reddit.com

49. He spends all the time in the world with his dad but when his brother spends it, he gets jealous.

Via andthepetshaveit

50. Both get jealous when attention is given to the other one.

Via KaySheedy

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below. Have you ever witnessed your pet showcasing signs of jealousy? We would love to read about that experience.

Stay tuned for more goodness!

Via reddit.com

Dog tax.

“Finn’s loving life after being adopted yesterday! Took this photo before the drive home.”

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