50 Kids Who Found Out Their Parents Were Cooler Than They’ll Ever Be

Parents were not always parents. They once had a childhood and a life full of adventurous memories. They were young, wild and daring. But many kids find it hard to believe that their parents had a life before them, or in some cases, a life which was cooler and wilder than theirs. Scroll down to take a walk back in time, and discover some of the coolest parents out there.

1. Pilot Mother

This mom flew helicopters for the army in the 1980s.

Just wonder what the kid will do when he grows up.

2. Handstand On A Skateboard

How cool can a person be?

Handstand On A Skateboard


This woman did a handstand and that too on a skateboard when people alone can’t do a handstand. Very cool.

3. Chuck Norris Being Defeated?

How cool is it when your dad not only takes up a challenge but also beats up Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris Being Defeated?


Very cool indeed.

4. First Day At Nasa

This dad in the 80s had his first day on his job at NASA.

First Day At Nasa


The pose is pretty cool.

5. A Badass Woman

Everyone loves the idea of being badass. But can everyone be one? No.

A Badass Woman


This picture was taken in 1984 at Shreveport, Louisiana. It shows someone’s mom standing among a group of guys. She happened to be the only girl in her welding class.

6. Motorcycle Trip

This picture is of a dad in the 1980s. Even though his clothes are dirty, the million-dollar smile is still there.

Motorcycle Trip


For he was motorcycling his way to Africa and was halfway there.

7. Surprise Surprise

A kid randomly found this photo on the internet.

Surprise Surprise


It shows his dad who served in the Vietnamese war in 1971.

8. Pet Lion

A kid discovered this picture of his dad with his vet mom.

Pet Lion


The year was 1959. They had this lion for 2 years.

9. Funny Humor

Now this is a family with a sense of humor. This kid discovered this old photo taken in 1972, during a Bar Mitzva.

Funny Humor


The dad is holding the Playboy magazine, the uncle is making shocking eyes while standing with both grandma and grandpa.

10. Member Of Air Force

This mom is one tough gal. She was a member of the US Air Force in 1975.

Member Of Air Force


And had even flown the Siagon in 1975.

11. Diving From Submarines

This picture was taken on the Pacific Ocean, in 1983.

Diving From Submarines


It shows some guys diving from a submarine. Diving from the starboard fin definitely makes them cooler.

12. Ghettoblaster

This dad looks extremely cool posing with this ghettoblaster at the age of 22. It was taken in Texas in 1987.



‘Ghettoblaster’ is also known as a boom box for all those who are confused while reading this.

13. For The Love Of Fishing

This dad prefers to fish on a war submarine in 1966.

For The Love Of Fishing


Oh and don’t forget the dress shoes. Very important.

14. Motherhood Is Hard

Working while being a mom is definitely tough. This mother holds her kid while working.

Motherhood Is Hard


She’s working on her master thesis in 1991.

15. Bike Love

This dad loved his bike so much that he decided to take it on a road trip all over Europe.

Bike Love


This is him on tour in 1973.

16. 80s Hairstyle

Bobs, hairspray and overly backcombed hair?

80s Hairstyle


This picture of a mom definitely depicts one of the cool hairstyles from the 80s.

17. Homicide Detective

This mother investigated murders in the 80s.

Homicide Detective


What a badass woman.

18. A DJ In The 70s

This mother was a DJ in the year 1977. She was also exceedingly beautiful.

A DJ In The 70s


This is a picture of her spinning records at KWKH, a station in Shreveport, LA.

19. Before Selfies

This is how you took selfies before selfies were a thing.

Before Selfies


This dad is flying in Vietnam in the year 1969.

20. Graduating Dad

This dad wears a lavish suit while pulling off the look of a P.I.M.P.

Graduating Dad


Don’t worry, he’s not one. It’s just his graduation day.

21. Red Cross Volunteer

This woman volunteered at Red Cross in WWII.

Red Cross Volunteer


She hosted her radio show in the Pacific Theatre in 1944.

22. Living In 2000s

A lot of thought definitely went into this picture from the 70s.

Living In 2000s


The kid definitely has some artsy parents who always had a trick up their sleeves.

23. Hippy Parents

How adorable are these kids’ parents?

Hippy Parents


Especially with those hippy boots in the 70s. Gives a vibe!

24. Special Talent

This dad is special. He was a zookeeper and knew all the names of the rhinos.

Special Talent


They would come running to him for extra love.

25. Lit Car

Cars that are vintage now, must look so cooler back than!

Lit Car


Just look at how fly this grandpa looks, chilling on the hood of his car in the 60s.

26. Canadian Hippy

This dad is in the Middle East but is Canadian.

Canadian Hippy


He traveled the world in the 70s.

27. Meeting Bob Ross

This picture shows a mother meeting a famous painter known as Bob Ross.

Meeting Bob Ross


The smiling faces give a great vibe.

28. Subway Of 80s In New York City

How cool is this picture of a dad traveling in the NYC Subway in the 80s?

Subway Of 80s In New York City


The system was really bad and now you know how cool this dad must be.

29. In Iran

This is a mom in Iran before the Islamic Revolution in 1975.

In Iran


Time passes, and people have more freedom, right? Wrong, in the case of Iran.

30. Love In 90s

This picture displays two parents who are in love in the 90s.

Love In 90s


What a feeling it is. They look beautiful though.

31. Coors Family

Took a picture with a Coors? Now you’re a Coors family.

Coors Family


Very cool indeed.

32. The Hipster

This dad was a hipster in the 80s before hipsters even existed.

The Hipster


This fact just made him an original hipster. Super cool.

33. Lets Fly Together

This mom was getting her private plane’s license in the 70s.

Lets Fly Together


This kids’ mom was more fly than other moms.

34. Heroic Dad

Cool dad requires having cool qualities.

Heroic Dad


This dad saved a kid from a burning building. Do you think your dad can compete with this hero level coolness?

35. Patriotism At Its Peak

This mom is very happy to be an American citizen.

Patriotism At Its Peak


So much that she dressed up her child in an American flag for Halloween.

36. Florida State Championship

This mom won the Florida State Championship in the 70s.

Florida State Championship


She celebrates with a cold beer.

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