50 Awkward Conversations Parents Had With Their Kids That Are Too Hilarious

Children have a rather easy lifestyle. They are curious human beings and don’t fail to do or say something that puts a smile on their parents. They are naive, mischievous, playful, curious and so much more, these qualities make up the unique personality that allows them the process of growth, and eventually, they become “Mr. Know It All”.

However, before that becomes the case, children are experiencing many things around them for the first time, due to that, their curious persona gets them asking questions and giving comments on what’s in front of them. It is cute to see how kids can be so thoughtful yet hilarious all at the same time. Parents always make sure to try to answer their questions in one way or the other. Whether they have to make up fake stories to convince that Santa is real to them being honest about how dragons don’t exist anymore. This builds up the trust and love between both parent and child which in the long run is a more healthy relationship.

Scroll down to check out what goes on between children and their parents!

1. It is never too late to learn about the night.

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2. Virtual reality can still be realistic for the kid.

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3. It is also important, to be honest about what you think and feel

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4. That is an innocent mistake, let us rather just be silent.

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5. Cousin marriages can have negative effects on genetics.

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6. The intentions are what matters the most Sir.

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7. He grew up pretty quick, gotta keep an eye out for him.

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8. 2 words with various meanings, gullible kids.

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9. The kid has been eavesdropping on some wrong conversations going on.

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10. That is exactly what we learn in college!!

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11. I like the “ol hog” reference! Dads can be a bit intimidating.

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12. That’s so cute. You are not alone in this!

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13. Such a creativity-filled superhero name, Kids never fail to amuse you.

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14. School is a No, No!! But breaking the law and being in jail is okay.

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15. He knows the concept of inheriting features.

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16. They are good at hiding things that sometimes just do not exist.

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17. The shirt is the best place to hide without risking getting caught.

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18. Coffee can also lead to Caffine addiction! Adulting is tough.

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19. Then I hope he also knows that Santa is also, not real.

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20. The difference between a virgin and a vegetarian.

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These posts are just a little too cute to read! It is overwhelming how kids are always learning new things and this time period allows them to explore things around them. While some of them might be very educational, it takes the time and effort to eventually get a hang of the things and learn the correct vocabulary. Keep scrolling! There are a lot more to go through!

21. Just to get done with the game already.

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22. Now you know well!

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23. She would not be able to hide from the sun. Where will she go?

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24. Snacks are always more festive than dinner!

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25. The child safety lock knows exactly who the child is with tiny hands.

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26. This dad is giving some tea on kids, making a fool out of them while you can, and then it is karma.

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27. That is some next-level unnecessary math right there.

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28. He must have been saving it to impress a crowd than just one person.

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29. And that just breaks you down laughing, so no more arguing.

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30. The shock the dad must have gotten seems hilarious.

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31. The six-year-old seems to know a lot of mechanics going on inside the drain.

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32. We all need souvenirs of where and whom we have come across.

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33. That is news even for me, surprised how many do not believe in Mice.

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34. Stress eating is actually a thing.

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35. Knowledge about ducks is crucial before bedtime so he keeps weapons next to him while he sleeps.

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36. Well now you know, adding salt to cereal is not always the best option.

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37. Hmm, the conversation took a quick turn and settled down or things could have escalated quickly.

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38. The conversations with “If’s” and “But’s” are always way too distressing for kids.

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39. Always remember to leave your identity behind after coloring on the table.

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40. He gets paid in trucks filled with celery!

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41. Kids just try to form meaningful connections by being honest.

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