45 Parents Share The Most Hilarious Things Their Kids Have Done

Kids are great because they say and do hilarious things without knowing how funny they are, and it is hard to scold them without cracking up. These parents shared the best things their children have done, and they are sure to make you laugh out loud.

1. She Drew A Pillow So She Could Take A Nap

Her imagination is off the charts. When you really need to nap, you will do whatever to find a place to lie down. 

She Drew A Pillow So She Could Take  A Nap


If you could draw whatever you wanted in life and have it be real, what would you draw? 

2. When Your Child Gets Their Hands On A Long Wig

This child looks like Samara, the creepy little girl from The Ring or cousin It. They gave their dad quite the scare when they walked into the kitchen that morning. 

When Your Child Gets Their Hands On A Long Wig


The lesson learned here is to keep your wigs up high, so your children don’t give your spouses mini heart attacks. 

3. When Your Child Hears Elvis Instead Of Elf

For the holiday concert, the students were asked to dress up as elves, but one student thought he heard Elvis. He definitely stood out from the rest of the children. 

When Your Child Hears Elvis Instead Of Elf


As the king of rock, he probably was the best singer in the show and made everyone laugh a little. 

4. Her Principal Must Look Unhappy All The Time

Well, now we know what impression the principal gives off to the students. Sometimes kids are more intuitive than you think. 

Her Principal Must Look Unhappy All The Time


At a young age, children are brutally honest because they don’t know how to lie, so you get to know what they really think. 

5. When You Ask Your Son To Watch Your Daughter While You Make Dinner

This is adorable and we can tell he will continue to be a protective older brother as they grow up. 

When You Ask Your Son To Watch Your Daughter While You Make Dinner

Janile Gross

With great power comes great responsibility, so he must watch over her as Spidernanny. 

6. “This Is Not Like My Baby Dolls”

When you hold your baby brother for the first time and he is a lot heavier than the baby dolls you are used to holding. 

"This Is Not Like My Baby Dolls"


Both of them look shocked and scared. She is also probably confused as to why its eyes stay open, unlike her baby dolls when you hold them. 

7. She Understands The Struggles Of Motherhood

At a young age, she has mastered feeding the baby and watching cartoons at the same time. She also looks like a mom who regrets all her life decisions. 

She Understands The Struggles Of Motherhood


“Life hasn’t been the same since I asked for a baby brother. He’s adorable, but at what cost?” They grow up so fast, a little too fast it looks like. 

8. At Least She Didn’t Write The Actual F Word

When you are practicing words of the week, and your child remembers one of your favorite words that ends with “uck.” She must mean firetruck, obviously. 

At Least She Didn't Write The Actual F Word

The teacher kind of set themselves up for this one when they asked for “uck” words. Luckily, she didn’t write the full word. 

9. Child Saftey Caps Are A Mystery To Children

As a child, the world is full of mysteries, including child safety caps. There are probably children that have figured out how to use child safety locks, but it must be a confusing concept. 

Child Saftey Caps Are A Mystery To Children


Kids will say the darndest things when you least expect it. They are so funny without trying. 

10. She Thought The Picture Was Her

The picture that came in the frame looked like her so she assumed it was a picture of herself and wanted to buy it. Seems logical. 

She Thought The Picture Was Her


Check out her brother in the back, demonstrating some self-love. When you see your reflection, sometimes you can’t resist giving it a smooch. 

11. She Clearly Enjoys The Mud

Have a baby, they said. It will be clean, they said. This little girl looks like she spent her day at the park rolling around in the mud. 

She Clearly Enjoys The Mud


It is going to be fun when it is time to clean her up before putting her in the car. She likes to get her hands (and entire body) dirty when it comes to playtime. 

12. And Here Is A Drawing To Prove It

Either they have a really fat dog, or he doesn’t know what shape it is. He was creative enough to think the word circle was an option for how to describe your dog. 

And Here Is A Drawing To Prove It


Aren’t you wondering what his dog looks like now? Maybe it is just fluffy and not fat. 

13. His Phone Is Ringing Off The Hook

When you realize you passed down your social anxiety to your children. To be fair, it must be hard to keep up with 100 friends. 

His Phone Is Ringing Off The Hook


Can you imagine being in a group chat with 100 people? Your phone would shut down because of all the notifications. 

14. Butterfly Warrior Princess

Her personality is perfectly described by her choice of costume. 

Butterfly Warrior Princess


She is perfect parts girly and perfect parts, battle warrior. That’s what we call girl power. 

15. She Wanted To Be A Puppy Instead Of A Princess

This little girl got invited to a princess dress-up party and decided to dress as a puppy instead. Kudos to her for being her own person. 

She Wanted To Be A Puppy Instead Of A Princess


Everyone loves puppies, and their cute little faces and puppies are always sweeter than princesses. 

16. Getty Images Was The First US President

When you leave the picture credits on the worksheets you printed out. One student is bound to make this mistake. 

Getty Images Was The First US President


At least you know the kid is observant, that will come in handy in the future. 

17. A Unique Costume For Pre-School

We hope that this child went all out and held a red balloon in the corner of the playground during recess to really scare his classmates. 

A Unique Costume For Pre-School


We hope he hasn’t seen the actual movie because It is way too scary for a preschooler to be watching. 

18. Butt-erflies

For Christmas, this person asked for art for their new apartment. This is what they received: a butt cheek painting from her nieces. 



This is adorable and creative and deserves to be hung up where everyone can see it. 

19. Honesty Is The Best Policy

Homework is never fun no matter what age you are. It can be a serious drag, and this kid was completely honest with how he feels about finding homework in his backpack. 

Honesty Is The Best Policy


At least he can say he did his homework despite how angry it made him feel, some students wouldn’t even bother to do their homework. 

20. Morning Mood

When you wake up on Monday morning and realize you have to go to work again. The peaceful weekend is over and it is back to the daily grind. 

Morning Mood


Maybe he drank too much milk the night before and had a dairy hangover. 

21. Don’t Worry They Are Just Snorkeling

We are sure when the teacher saw this drawing she was very concerned and disturbed. It is the kind of art that needs an explanation. 

Don't Worry They Are Just Snorkeling

Beth Fanstone

So she may not be an artist in the future, but at least we all know she is not disturbed mentally. 

22. Sally, Bob, And Olivia Triangles

Sally the obtuse triangle, Bob the acute triangle, and Olivia the right triangle. She is being like bob, so acute. 

Sally, Bob, And Olivia Triangles


If she is anything like Olivia, she is always right. To be fair, the directions said to name the angle, and she took that literally. 

23. Best Hide-And-Seek Spot

“What are these two feet doing in my armchair? Better not tickle them.” 

Best Hide-And-Seek Spot


One hundred for the amount of effort that was put it, and 99 for the execution; he was so close to being completely hidden. 

24. He Was Just Following The Directions

This is one of “those” kids that takes everything literally like the girl who wrote the angles. He must be smart to be able to think of this. 

He Was Just Following The Directions


He sees things that other kids probably wouldn’t. This child is going to do big things, we can tell. 

25. Nostalgia

Oooh, burn! She just called her dad old! It’s always fun when you teach your children something, and they use it to make fun of you. 



You can’t even be mad at her because it is too funny. 

26. Someone Was Confused

This student must be confused. How is ten smaller than three, unless you separate the one and zero. 

Someone Was Confused


Also, she found that answer by thinking of rainbows? Drawing rainbows? Or looking at rainbows? 

27. She Drew Herself Yelling At The Sun

She was told to draw something she hates, and she hates the sun, so she drew herself yelling at the sun. 

She Drew Herself Yelling At The Sun


This little girl is really good at expressing herself, but why does she hate the sun? 

28. The Dog Peed On The Couch And Her Daughter Drew What Happened

This child is a movie director in the making! She drew what she saw and the reaction her mom had. She was able to capture the full story. 

The Dog Peed On The Couch And Her Daughter Drew What Happened


If becoming a movie director doesn’t work out she could be one of those courtroom artists. 

29. The Baby Learned To Escape Through The Cat Door

Everybody wants to be a cat, including the children. Maybe the baby thought it was a portal to Narnia? Who knows. 

The Baby Learned To Escape Through The Cat Door


It’s funny that instead of helping the baby out or bringing her back in, they decided to take a picture. 

30. Pixelated Toddler

Forget the 8-bit cat; the newest internet sensation is the 8-bit child. She could also be mistaken for a Minecraft character. 

Pixelated Toddler


The eyes are hilarious behind the glass on this door. It looks like they are looking into two magnifying glasses. 

31. This Is The Outfit Her Nephew Wore To Meet Her New Boyfriend

“You better not break my aunt’s heart or you will have to deal with my wrath.” He is asserting his dominance. 

This Is The Outfit Her Nephew Wore To Meet Her New Boyfriend


This boy is about to set some ground rules for this guy, and we wish we could be there to see that interaction. 

32. Being Extra Prepared For A Jujitsu Class

Can you guess which little boy thought the Jujitsu class was code for learning superhero moves? Out of all the kids, he is the most prepared, they need to get on his level. 

Being Extra Prepared For A Jujitsu Class


He is committed to learning how to be just like spiderman. Like they say, dress for the job you want. 

33. Chicken Makes Everyone Feel Better

During a grief and loss class, the students were asked to write or draw what helps them during sad times, and this child wrote chicken. 

Chicken Makes Everyone Feel Better


Depending on how it is made, chicken can make you happy when you are sad. 

34. He Dressed Up As A Fart For Halloween

Out of all the costumes he could have chosen for Halloween, he chose to dress up as a fart with the noise machine included. 

He Dressed Up As A Fart For Halloween


That is one creative child. When he goes trick-or-treating and people ask what he is dressed as they are in for a real surprise. 

35. He Genuinely Thinks He Is A Ninja

This little boy thinks he is completely invisible in front of the black appliances. His parents took before and after pictures to prove he disappears. 

He Genuinely Thinks He Is A Ninja


If the souls of his shoes weren’t white, he wouldn’t be so obvious. That is the only thing giving him away. 

36. He Figured It Out By Thinking…Seems Logical

How do you figure out any answer to any question, you think. He wasn’t wrong when he wrote that he thought to get the answer. 

He Figured It Out By Thinking...Seems Logical


He is probably thinking, “teacher, I do not have time to explain my answer, it is simple math, and I used my brain.” 

37. She Is Trying To Be Different

When your parents force you to wear the same outfit as your sister, so you try to make yours look different. 

She Is Trying To Be Different


She just wants to be an individual, don’t ramp her style (as long as she doesn’t walk into anything). 

38. His Son Is Being Recruted For The Dark Side

He got to meet Darth Vader. The dark lord of the Sith asked the little boy if he would like to join him and complete his training for the dark side. 

His Son Is Being Recruted For The Dark Side


Naturally, the child did not hesitate and his father should be very worried that his child has gone to the dark side. 

39. When You Slam The Door So Hard It Gets Stuck And You Have To Figure Out How To Escape

Here we have the wild teenager in their natural habitat. They get angry, slam doors, and get stuck in their rooms. 

When You Slam The Door So Hard It Gets Stuck And You Have To Figure Out How To Escape


She is trying to escape her room, and the dog is watching with concern. This is why teens should never be told to dress more appropriately. They should only have appropriate clothes, to begin with. 

40. Uh Oh, He Got Caught

“Excuse me, Taylor and Jessica, he gave me a rose first.” “Listen, ladies, don’t fight, there is plenty of me to go around.” 

Uh Oh, He Got Caught


This little guy is becoming a player early on, someone stop him! 

41. “I Like To Blow Up Things”

This parent must be proud of their little scientist, or slightly concerned. 

"I Like To Blow Up Things"


That smirk is an indicator that someone should keep an eye on this one. 

42. Nothing To See Here

This parent caught their daughter hiding when she was supposed to be asleep in bed. Little does she know she is going to wish she could be in bed that early when she gets older. 

Nothing To See Here


That hiding place is an interesting choice. She must not know that her feet and head are a dead giveaway. 

43. When You Take A Teen To An Art Exhibit

Today, no matter where you take your teens, they will use social media instead of focusing on what is in front of them. 

When You Take A Teen To An Art Exhibit


Instead of appreciating the beautiful works by Van Gogh, she decided to add a puppy filter to his face to share with her friends. 

44. An Accidental Murder

You can’t blame a kid for wanting to cuddle with his pet. He didn’t know that when you take it out of the tank it won’t survive. 

An Accidental Murder


He just wanted to pet his fish and now he is upset that it died. If that doesn’t bring tears to your eyes, we don’t know what will. 

The Most Epic And Hilarious Sports Bloopers Of All Time

John Travis

This article was originally published on WackoJaco

We love sports because it helps us get an escape from the world around us and look at something that provides a sense of belonging and a connection to a wider world. Most sports can be super intense, as athletes give it their all to be the best of the best. Even though these men and women might seem like titans among us, they’re only human, and they make mistakes. Hilarious mistakes. In fact, for us, these mistakes in sports are often the best part of the game – and after some digging, we found the most hysterically funny sports bloopers in all of sports history. You don’t want to miss this!

Is This A New Bird Species?

A team of over a hundred experts sat down to determine whether this woman is a fancy-looking professional bowler or a gymnast. You can give your opinion on this one, but we doubt that it will settle the debate.

Is This A New Bird Species?


We don’t have to put too much pressure on ourselves for this, so let’s agree on one thing: that this picture is quite painful to look at. We should only acknowledge that the woman did nail a perfect landing with a ball on her face.

Keep Raising Me Up

If you don’t know what is happening here, then let us clear things out for you. This is synchronized swimming and it is truly an art form. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that these ladies just swim around in a pool. They do gymnastics and elaborate dances in water under intense pressure.

Keep Raising Me Up


And yes, it is quite hard to do. They do look like cute mermaids, but aren’t always as graceful. But we don’t really mind it because they are strong women.

That’s A Slam – Oh Wait Wrong Sport

First of all, this is not some sort of wrestling form. This is professional ice skating, which is a lot different than what we do when we go ice skating. After all, we do less skating and more of making weird faces as we try to balance ourselves to avoid an inevitable fall.

That's A Slam - Oh Wait Wrong Sport


These professional skaters know how to twist and turn effortlessly in front of a large audience and judges. But sometimes they can make mistakes as well. We can hope that it was just a minor injury.

Up In The Air… And Then Down

This is one of those moments when you regret your decision to make a wrong move while diving.

Up In The Air... And Then Down


This guy’s face looks like he has jumped from a plane without a parachute. We don’t know if he was able to dive correctly or not.

Sucking In All The Air

Legend has it that people found it difficult to breathe in the stadium in which this sprinter was running because he had sucked in most of the air.

Sucking In All The Air


Jokes apart, track runners don’t look like humans. It is because they have strong lungs and the capacity to run long distances. It reminds us of Usain Bolt and how effortlessly he used to beat his competitors.

Getting Closer Than Everyone Expected

We have to admit that figure skaters are so graceful and beautiful that they can easily leave viewers speechless with their athleticism.

Getting Closer Than Everyone Expected


But a time comes when they fail to perform well. It can be really cringe-worthy moment to see one of the pros of the game fall or trip. Here we are looking at a photo where these two skating partners are getting a bit too close.

A Professional Table Tennis Player or A T-Rex?

You can make fun of the facial expressions of professional table tennis players, but one thing you need to keep in mind is that they are extremely competitive.

A Professional Table Tennis Player or A T-Rex?


So, they usually make some weird faces – but that should never make anyone judge their capability to play the sport. And just so you know, the sport is called ping pong by recreational players and table tennis by professional players.

Almost Stuck The Landing

This impressive woman is a former Russian pole-vaulter, Yelena Isinbayeva, who also happens to be a three-time World Champion, two-time Olympic gold medalist, and also the current world record holder in the event.

Almost Stuck The Landing


World Athletics (formerly known as International Amateur Athletic Federation and International Association of Athletics Federations) named her Female Athlete of the Year in 2004, 2005, 2008. She is, without any doubt, considered one of the greatest female pole-vaulters of all time. We really love this shot because it perfectly shows that even the greats and mighty fall sometimes.

Taking A Closer Look

There’s no denying that wresting is one of those sports in which you really have to get up close to your competitors to take them down. In this picture, the wrestlers are trying their best to win the game, but the referee has something really important to check.

Taking A Closer Look


So, it seems, like the referee got super close to the players – maybe a bit too close. Perhaps he wanted to tell them something or who knows, maybe he’s checking if the player is still breathing.

Beautiful Fabio

This is not a movie scene. We repeat that this is not a movie scene. After all, you see a scene like this in movies, but normally there is a gorgeous woman doing it. However, this hockey player won the internet with his impromptu hair modeling moment that will surely go down as one of the greatest moments in the history of this sport.

Beautiful Fabio


The way he is heating up the ice rink, we are sure that a few people had to take their shirts off because it got too hot in there.

She’s Probably Still Trying To Find The Photographer That Took This One

Given that there are a lot of things happening in this photo, it is best that we break it down for you. One person’s leg is acting as a chair for this highly professional synchronized swimmer, while the ladies are holding her feet down with smiles on their faces.

She's Probably Still Trying To Find The Photographer That Took This One


But the best thing in this photo is none other than the woman’s face – that is just priceless. We are surprised that the face didn’t become a famous meme.

This Is Not Wrestling

We see in WWE how wrestlers make this move to defeat their opponents, but this is not wrestling at all.

This Is Not Wrestling


These professional ice skaters often make the sport look easy, but then there are times when one wrong move can cause an injury. After all, no matter how much you practice, there’s always a chance for a slip-up.

Playing Volleyball With Legs

This game is Sepak Takraw (Kick Volleyball), a sport native to Southeast Asia. For the game, you have to defy gravity – and that’s what makes the sport so interesting. The professional athletes who play this game know very well that strengthening the muscles is important, but so is stretching them.

Playing Volleyball With Legs


In this photo, we can see the benefits of all that stretching, which has contorted these two men into quite a strange position. Looking at them reminds us of an octopus’ tentacles and how freely they’re able to move their legs around.

You’re Supposed To Swing At It!

This batter is trying his best to avoid hit by pitch (HBP), which happens when a ball thrown from the pitcher hits a batter, his clothing, or equipment (basically anything other than his bat).

You're Supposed To Swing At It!


One thing we all know is that baseball is a fun and crazy sport. After all, hitting a ball thrown at you at high speed from a pitcher with a narrow bat is not an easy feat. And there is always a possibility that the ball won’t go where the pitcher aimed…just like in this case.

Focus…Focus…Got It!

This is the face you make when you want to eat something so bad and you can’t resist the temptation. This guy is a table tennis player who is focusing all his energies on hitting a tiny ball. If you have watched this game, you’ll know how players make weird faces and even make loud noises before serving.

Focus...Focus...Got It!


By the way, the game requires a lot of focus, but these professional players are hitting the ball again and again like it’s a piece of cake.

“I’m Gonna Eat You”

We got to admit that at first we thought this person was trying to let one rip without a single worry of anyone noticing it, but it seems quite clear that he’s a professional powerlifter.

"I'm Gonna Eat You"


He looks more focused than that one friend who is trying to devour pizza so that they could have the last piece. We can come up with all sorts of explanations as to why he made this face.

“Hey Judge, Can You Do This?”

When it comes to synchronized swimming, athletes have to be super flexible and strong all over.

"Hey Judge, Can You Do This?"


In duet or team competition, the swimmers have to make sure everything is perfect because one wrong move can ruin their practice and their months of hard work. Moreover, they get judged on everything from their smile to their routine.

A Pose You Won’t Forget

The athletes in synchronized swimming are quite similar to gymnasts because they also need to keep a smile on their faces at all times. And there is a lot of importance to the pose. That’s why they train for months to perfect their routine and everything else.

A Pose You Won't Forget


We are not taking away this swimmer’s hard work and effort, but it just seems like she was at the depths of the ocean and she crawled her way out of it. It goes without saying that this image can terrorize some people.

A Bad Decision

We are pretty sure that this high diver didn’t intend to make this face. It is because no one can intentionally make such a face that doesn’t look human at all. Maybe he’s regretting his decision or trying his best not to do anything that may embarrass himself in front of so many people.

A Bad Decision


This is certainly a crazy sport because these guys throw themselves off such high places and then walk out of the water with a smile on their faces.

A Throw In Slow Motion

Do you love slo-mo videos? If haven’t seen them, then just go to YouTube and watch them. Trust us on this one, you will absolutely fall in love with them.

A Throw In Slow Motion


This guy may look a little different while throwing the ball, but slow-motion showed how he is looking not so pretty. Slow-motion can make everything look awesome, but it doesn’t guarantee that everything will look pretty.

Just Look At The Weight

As compared to other sports, powerlifting is all about strength and technique. But mostly, it is just power. That’s why you see such bulky people lifting heavy weights.

Just Look At The Weight


Although people who are not fans of powerlifting laugh at the strange facial expressions of powerlifters, it is best to look at the weight they’re lifting rather than their faces. After all, you might find it difficult to lift 100’s of pounds of weight without injuring yourself.

Cringe-Worthy Face

We feel that this lady is super beautiful and she’s just doesn’t know that her face looks so cringy. Before laughing at the face she made, try making a video of your face when sneezing.

Cringe-Worthy Face


By the way, she’s a top athlete who knows how to display her immense talent on the ice.

Hold Up! Don’t Move A Muscle

Hey, it looks like we can hear the screams of this high diver from the look on his face. Maybe he’s showing you what to do when the police catch you robbing a donut shop.

Hold Up! Don't Move A Muscle


From his face, it looks like he has decided not to high dive again. We are pretty sure that the photographer must be jumping with excitement because they got lucky with this one.

What Do You See Karen?

When it comes to Figure Skating, it takes a lot of practice and a lot of falls to be good at it. Another thing to notice is that figure skating partners have to be close because they have to tangle and get close to each other during practice and performances. But why do we feel that this is a new level of closeness?

What Do You See Karen?


Given how the lady is in such a compromising situation, one wonders she must know her figure skating partner quite well.

Must Be A Winning Shot

People who follow tennis can go as far as calling it the best sport in the world, even better than soccer or cricket (it has over 2.5 billion fans). Those who don’t know much about the sport can only see the ball going from one side to the other and hear a lot of grunts made by the players.

Must Be A Winning Shot


Here, it seems like this player is on the verge of winning the match. From the looks of it, we’re sure it must be her power shot.

A Bubbly Swimmer

We don’t want to look rude here but it seems like this professional swimmer’s real name is not Diana. We have a strong feeling that her spirit animal is the Loch Ness Monster and that’s why her real name is Nessie.

A Bubbly Swimmer


Instead of judging us, be honest and answer: did you think the same? Given how she made such a funny face and the photo seems perfect in every way, we feel that she really deserves a medal. Amazing shot!

Female Crabs?

An athletic event can become memorable due to the high energy in it and that is exactly what happened here. This effort from the team made people stand on their feet and applaud such a remarkable performance.

Female Crabs?


However, we do feel that they look like some crabs trying to defend their home against an enemy.

Oh My God!

Have you ever tried holding your breath underwater? Most people can’t hold their breath underwater for more than a minute and it is totally understandable. This is the face you make when you’ve been underwater for some time because your lungs start to beg for air and you have to burst out of the water.

Oh My God!


Did you know that German freediver Tom Sietas holds the record for holding his breath underwater for 22 minutes and 22 seconds?

Use Your Head Lady

For an athlete to succeed, it is imperative that they work hard and be totally focused. That’s why you can see so many successful athletes always telling others to remain dedicated and stay focused no matter what happens.

Use Your Head Lady


But athletes are human and they can make mistakes as well. This volleyball player got distracted during the game and that single lapse in concentration caused her to fall. Looks like she took the expression “get your head in the game” to the next level.

The Perfect Soccer Face

We saw how professionals made faces during lifting heaving weights and jumping into the water, but we have to admit that this one tops them all for now. Soccer is an intense sport, and it also happens to be the most popular sport in the world as well.

The Perfect Soccer Face


Fans can get super emotional for the soccer team they support and you can imagine how the fans of Manchester United felt when their favorite player got sucker-punched in the face with a football. But it must have been funny for the other team!

Now That’s A Grab

This is the face you make when you grab the ball from your brother but your mom quickly steps in by shouting from the sidelines, “Boys, play fair!”

Now That's A Grab


Although this doesn’t happen during professional basketball matches, we’re quite sure that these players are looking at the referee for validation.

Not A Traditional Dance

At first, we thought it might be some traditional dance or something, but that is not the case. Whatever these beautiful ladies are doing, we absolutely love it.

Not A Traditional Dance


One of the coolest things about professional synchronized swimming is that every teammate must be aware of their moves and their team’s moves all while being flawless in executing anything.

“I’m A Butterfly”

One thing that all professional players need to know is that everything they do on the field is being recorded and also shown live on TV.

"I'm A Butterfly"


Take a look at this soccer player who is so much into the game that he doesn’t even know he’s unintentionally showing a somewhat hidden glimpse of his – you know what – to so many people. We’re quite sure that this must be super uncomfortable for everyone.

Not A Slam Dunk

If someone tells you that you can’t feel pain through images, show them this picture. It is because people who play and watch basketball know well how much it hurts to have a basketball slammed on your face.

Not A Slam Dunk


If you think there is any other dangerous sport in the world, show it to us. Till then we will keep on believing that basketball is the world’s most dangerous game ever.

Chaos Among Cheerleaders

We all have to acknowledge the fact that cheerleaders play an important role in keeping the energy levels up. They make the crowd cheer which helps teams perform better. But sometimes, cheerleaders need some cheering and support because they can make mistakes as well…they are not robots after all!

Chaos Among Cheerleaders


These young ladies were all set to energize the crowd, but one mistake led to this chaos. We are sure they stood up, organized themselves, and learned from their mistake.

Double Tap

Soccer players know very well the danger of their sport. You can find a lot of videos and photos of players getting hit in sensitive areas. Just like it is the case in most of these on-field accidents, one player was looking at the big ball while the other player was looking at something else (you know what we mean).

Double Tap


No matter how many expensive coaches you get for a team, they can never teach players the defensive tactic against such an attack. If a player gets a blow on their leg or arm, it can be treated at the spot with sprays and medicine, but what about the sensitive part? It is a cruel game.

What Kind of Dance Is This?

We have seen so far how athletes found themselves in some pretty compromising positions and this one is no different.

What Kind of Dance Is This?


At first glance, it may seem like they are in some sort of ritual, but that is not the case. These two players are trying to get hold of one thing.

That’s One Big Jump

Just when you thought you had seen everything crazy happening in the world of sports, this track and field jumper was like “hold my beer.”

That's One Big Jump


It is truly spectacular how a thin guy like him managed to squeeze his body into something like a pancake and take a flight. This is seriously mind-blowing. Highly impressive!

This Game Sucks

You have already seen that wrestling is impossible without players getting close to each other. So, when wrestlers do try to defeat their opponent, they have to do everything necessary.

This Game Sucks


There are some moves that can take a wrestler’s mouth pretty close to the opponent’s armpit. In this case, the wrestler’s face is under something else. One can expect that he must be thinking, “This game sucks.”

Not My Face…Not My Face…Ahhh

The game of cricket is followed by billions of people and it is a really interesting sport. It is similar to baseball. It can also get a bit physical as seen by this photo here.

Not My Face...Not My Face...Ahhh


The batsman was trying to take a run when he fell and his face was at a place where it shouldn’t be. We believe that it was the defining moment of the match.

Hey, What is Happening Here?

This is what photography can bring to you. How often you get to see this happening on a soccer field, right?

Hey, What is Happening Here?


We feel a little bad for the photographer because that person went to the field thinking they would take good photos of the game, but they had to take photos of another ongoing game. What more can we say about it?

A Kiss On The Eye

In some sports in which players can get close to opponent players, things like these tend to happen and there’s nothing new in it. When it comes to sports like soccer, ice skating, or basketball, winning depends a lot on teamwork.

A Kiss On The Eye


So, we don’t feel bad for the guy with a ball because we feel that he took one for the team. Above all, it wasn’t a kiss of death so there’s nothing to worry about.

A True Champ

If you have ever turned on the TV and watched pole vaulting, then you must know that this sport is super crazy. If you don’t know about it then let us help you. So the idea behind the sport is to get your body over the bar. Your body can’t touch the bar while you jump over it. Seems easy right?

A True Champ


Well, the player holds a giant stick and runs down a track at a top speed only to launch them 20 feet in the air with the help of the stick. It may sound crazy, but the sport is pretty fun to watch.

Right Before Submission

Any UFC fans here? Well, The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is American mixed martial arts. It is quite popular all over the world. It is a super crazy sport in which you get to see some of the best fighters compete with each other.

Right Before Submission


Like wrestling, one player is trying to defeat the other player. In this photo, the player knows that he’s about to lose the game. Although he’s looking right into the camera, a submission is pretty much on the way. If you watch UFC, who do you support?

Watch Me Dance

It seems like this player recently took ballet classes and now wants to show his talent to the world. Maybe he recently discovered his passion and is trying to let the world know that basketball is no longer the sport he wants to play.

Watch Me Dance


We do feel that he can be a good ballet dancer. What do you think about it? By the way, ballet reminds us of 2010 Natalie Portman’s movie Black Swan. We highly recommend you watch it.

Must Be A Scathing Skater

This image is just gold and we don’t have many words to describe it. Most people may think it looks like this person just saw his girlfriend kissing someone else, or there is a possibility that he just doesn’t like people at all.

Must Be A Scathing Skater


Regardless of the reason, we just hope the photographer who took this picture gets a pay raise because it’s a pretty good shot as it has everything from high energy, the drama, and brilliant facial expression. What more do you want from a photo?

Double Punch

Every face in this photo tells a different story and that’s what we love so much about this photo. The goalkeeper has his eyes closed and though he is trying to push the soccer ball away from the opponent player, and in doing so he has accidentally punched him.

Double Punch


The goalkeeper’s teammate is not looking at what’s happening, but he seems super excited about it. The referee in the back is looking at the entire accident with a look shock. No wonder why this game is so popular.

Taking One For The Team

This photo is super hilarious on so many levels. You know it is gold because of the reaction of two players in it. Although both players are from the same team, it seems like one had to make his face work as a launching pad for his teammate.

Taking One For The Team


We are certain that this is not what the player underneath thought. At the extreme left of the photo, you can find the referee looking at it with absolutely no emotions on his face.

Don’t You Dare Look At Me

We feel that it would have been more convenient if this guy was standing like this in front of another human and not a helpless animal.

Don't You Dare Look At Me


It seems like standing in front of an angry bull and making a weird face is not a wise decision, but they are experts at doing it. What do you think happened next? Did the bull play with this guy like a dog plays a balloon?

A Helping Hand

Although most of you thought of something else, we like to look at the other side of the picture. All we’re looking at is a man helping another man, what’s wrong with it? This guy was brought up in a way that he is always trying to help others in need, and we find it inspirational.

A Helping Hand


If you think something else is going on here, you need to get yourself checked. You all need to learn from us. Okay, we can’t do this anymore. This photo is hilarious and we all know why.

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