40 Times Cats Proved They Are More Than Just Pets By Taking The Role Of A Babysitter

Who needs a babysitter when they have a cat at home?

Cats are often considered as pets that prefer to keep to themselves and do their own thing, but did you know that they can also make excellent babysitters? While it may sound surprising to some, many cat owners have reported instances where their feline friends have stepped up to the plate and taken on the role of a caregiver for their children. From watching over infants as they sleep to comforting young children during scary moments, cats have proven themselves to be surprisingly adept at caring for their human siblings.

Cats are capable of much more than just being pets. Thousands of people are sharing their own stories of cats watching over their babies. Many of these stories involved cats snuggling up with babies, keeping watch while the parents were sleeping or even alerting the parents when the baby was in distress. Today, we will explore the unique bond that cats can form with children and the ways in which they can serve as loving babysitters. Scroll down.

1. “My son has loved my cat since the day he was born. She tolerates that love in a way I never thought possible.”

Via: Queen_trash_mouth

2. “My 1.5yr old son and 14yr old cat had a moment this morning.”


Via: mgrave22

3. “One thing is for sure: he’s going to be one of us”


Via: compootering

4. “They Found Her”


Via: reddit.com

5. “My twin cats meeting their new baby brother!”


Via: Grodeur

6. “Our cat had kittens two days after we had our baby girl. The kitten pictures climbs into her lounger with her whenever he has the chance. I think these two were destined to be best buds.”


Via: Hoot2687

7. “My baby is my cats most favourite human”


Via: Suspicious_Peach_528

8. “My wife just sent me this picture of our daughter and cat. I’m crying at work!”


Via: Suspicious_Peach_528

9. “My wife is 30 weeks pregnant, and this is how her cat cuddles with her.”


Via: Peter_Puppy

10. Best friends:


Via: aleagueofmyown

11. “My son has learned a lot from our SIC.”

Via: CatVideoFest

12. “We forgot to tell our cat that we had a baby”


Via: manychairs

Cat: You guys cheated on me and brought a baby. He is going to take my place.

13. “Been keeping the cat away from the baby so far but decided to let him get close and see what he would do..”

Via: DunningKrooger

He just wanted to comfort the baby.

14. Best friends watching cartoons together:


Via: babybluebubu

15. “My wife is three weeks away from her due date and our cats love snuggling her belly.”

Via: PlaymakerJavi

She is already giving hugs to the baby.

16. Watching the squirrels together:


Via: bucky716

17. “My sister recently had her first baby. I took this picture when she introduced him to her cat. “

Via: RyanH129

18. “I think they’re gonna be friends”


Via: ClydeSmithy

Look at the cat’s cutest smile that she is giving to the baby girl.

19. “PsBattle: This cat riding a baby”

Via: nitrosexty9

20. Sleeping with best buddy:


Via: singhaandpaws

Have you ever thought why are cats suddenly so interested in babysitting? Some experts believe that cats are naturally drawn to babies because they resemble kittens and cats have a strong maternal instinct when it comes to caring for their young. This instinct may also extend to other young creatures, including human babies.

But it’s not just about the instinct. Cats are also incredibly perceptive animals and they can pick up on subtle cues from their human family members. For example, if a cat senses that its owners are worried or stressed about their new baby, it may take it upon itself to watch over the baby and provide a calming presence. Well, whatever the reason, it is clear that cats are proving themselves to be excellent babysitters. They are attentive, protective and nurturing creatures and they seem to have a special connection with babies and young children.

21. “B**** cat who hates and attacks/runs from everybody but owner now madly in love with two week old sister. Keeps a watchful eye out when anybody outside immediate family holds the baby. Comes running every time she cries with a head bump to console her.”

Via: TheMajesticJewnicorn

22. “Just a little throw back to 7 years ago. I will always treasure this memory and picture. Zane is now 12 and Lola is no longer with us. She was the sweetest kitty and Zane was ALWAYS her boy! I miss her every day.”


Via: catskillmountainsclowder

23. The cutest babysitter keeping the baby warm:

24. Rin-Chan has been watching the baby since he was born:


Via: mikeneko.rinchan

25. “Cat and baby”

Via: Lux_503

26. “5 year old boy, 16 year old bro”


Via: BigLosDaBoss

27. “Why does my cat, whom I’ve had for 10 years, lick my baby? He doesn’t lick my older 2 kids (4 & 6yo), but I can’t get him to stop licking my baby.”


Via: Comfortable_Dream464

28. “Keeping tabs on the little one.”

Via: barncatbloopy

29. They wanted to make sure the baby is safe:


Via: lepote_dana

30. Let’s watch out of the windows together:

Via: hailey.meow

31. “Daisy is the best big sister. Daisy purrs on her head until she falls asleep.”

Via: ktnriquez

32. “Our cat is so fascinated with her new baby sister”


Via: BruceInc

33. Every day before going to school:

Via: yujin__j

34. “I rescued Nuka and she’s helped nanny my babies for 9 years!”

Via: TheTiniestGhoul

35. First friend:

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