40+ Things You Won’t Believe People Saw At Costco

Costco is a strange yet fantastic place where social norms and rules don’t apply. The wholesale warehouse is a membership-only store, and you wouldn’t believe the amount of stuff you can buy in one shop. As such, you tend to see some interesting things and people at Costco, and people captured these peculiar sightings on camera. Continue reading to see some hilarious stuff you would only see at Costco. 

1. A Natural Innovator

This child may be young, but he has already mastered the art of laziness. He told his parents to come get him when they were done shopping so he could relax in the comfy chair and enjoy his soda. 

A Natural Innovator

He found the best recliner in the store, and he even has his video games, what more could a child shopping with their parents need. 

2. Just In Case, There Is A Warning

Costco seems like a place that people would go to when preparing for the apocalypse. They know their target audience, so they had to put up these warning signs in case the 100-year storm happened, and people were in their store getting supplies. 

Just In Case, There Is A Warning

Reddit / Cruzazulfan007

Does Costco know something we don’t? Are they trying to tell us that the 100-year storm is coming? 

3. Giddy Up

Costco doesn’t seem to have restrictions on the type of pets you can bring into their stores. If you can bring a dog in, then it is perfectly fine to bring in a pony. 

Giddy Up

The pony came to pick out its favorite carrots and apples. The pony is likely better behaved than some children, so it should be fine. 

4. Deal Of A Lifetime

Something must be wrong with this mini helicopter for it to be that inexpensive. It’s like they are giving it away for free. There must be some fine print that says, “Ten easy payments of $69.99.” 

Deal Of A Lifetime

Twitter / Brennan Smith

Also, who would trust a helicopter from Costco? Helicopters are already dangerous when they are expensive, so think about how safe a cheap one is. 

5. A Bar Above The Rest

Have you ever had the desire to buy a chocolate bar that was the size of your body? Maybe you have, but was it necessary? Probably not, but Costco sells it in case you want it. 

A Bar Above The Rest

No one needs this much chocolate, but it would be a fun challenge to try to finish. Maybe people who buy this are throwing chocolate parties. 

6. Oscar Worthy

There are so many places to shop these days, and Costco has to find ways to stay a step ahead of their competition. 

Oscar Worthy

They found a unique way to advertise their fresh bread, and they made people laugh at the same time. That is a successful marketing campaign. 

7. Wholesale Batman

When Costco has big sales or new samples, things can get crazy, so someone needs to patrol the store and keep things calm. That is where batman comes in; he is there to keep everyone safe. 

Wholesale Batman

Not only does he keep everything calm when the store gets crowded, but he also stops in to buy a 64-pack of shark repellent to replenish his weapon belt. 

8. Pigeon On The Run

Costco stores are large, and they have very high ceilings, so it is no surprise that a pigeon found its way inside. There is not much employees can do to stopping them from coming inside. 

Pigeon On The Run

Reddit / Defactosithlord

The employees can only try to get them out of the store by setting up make-shift traps to capture and set them free. 

9. “That Will Teach Them Not To Park Here”

You can tell this employee is frustrated with the person who parked in the shopping cart spot. He took the effort to block the car in, and we don’t blame him. 

"That Will Teach Them Not To Park Here"

The person who parked there was too impatient to wait for a spot or park farther away, so he inconvenienced the employees. Serves that person right for parking in a place you aren’t supposed to. 

10. Reheat The Chicken

Costco is known for its rotisserie chicken. They are the number one rotisserie chicken seller in the entire world, which is something to be proud of.

Reheat The Chicken

Reddit / Jarzbent

These people didn’t want their chicken to get cold, so they left it on the dashboard in the sun. They killed two birds with one stone because they kept their chicken warm and got a new car freshener at the same time. 

11. “Ma’am Please Take Your Child Out Of The Freezer”

As a child, there is a strong possibility that you wondered what it would be like to get inside those freezers at the grocery store. This boy let his curiosity take over when he decided to climb into the freezer. 

"Ma'am Please Take Your Child Out Of The Freezer"

Reddit / Bigfudge01

The employees are starting to come over, and he does not care. He probably wanted to see if there was anything behind the frozen food like a portal to another dimension. 

12. Decisions Were Made

There are moments in life when we have to make difficult decisions. Sometimes that means deciding whether to eat your pizza first before going to the bathroom, or bringing your pizza into the bathroom with you. 

Decisions Were Made

This person could not wait till after they went to the bathroom to enjoy the pizza, so they took it with them into the stall. It is not the most sanitary option, but we aren’t here to judge.

13. Some Light Reading While Shopping

There is nothing better to distract your children while you shop than some light reading. This parent had their child reading The Art of War while he did his shopping. 

Some Light Reading While Shopping

Reddit / Mat_the_Duck_Lord

While you might not expect to find classic novels at Costco, you would be surprised. This store never fails to amaze people. 

14. Signature Costco Styles

Wedding dresses can cost thousands of dollars, and it can be difficult for some brides to afford one that they really like. Luckily, you can buy a wedding dress at Costco. 

Signature Costco Styles

They make it so convenient. You can get your weekly shopping done and buy your wedding dress all in one store. 

15. A Costco Wedding

After you pick out your wedding dress, you can throw it on and get married while you are there. People can have their weddings wherever they like, but Costco seems like a strange wedding venue. 

A Costco Wedding

At least these two can say they got married at the rotisserie chicken capital of the world. 

16. “I’ll Be Quick, You Can Wait In The Car”

When your mom says she is running into the store for one thing, so you wait in the car. After what feels like three years, she finally comes back with a cartload of things. 

"I'll Be Quick, You Can Wait In The Car"

You don’t know what made her shop for so long when she knew you were in the car, but you are glad she finally came back for you. 

17. “Would You Like A Free Sample?”

The free samples at Costco sell themselves, and they probably don’t need people handing them out. 

"Would You Like A Free Sample?"

The person handing out samples needed a bathroom break, so they left this skeleton in their place while they were gone. People said she wasn’t easy to talk to, and she was cold. 

18. Try Before You Buy

There is nothing people enjoy more than the free samples at Costco. From cheese to mini hotdogs, there is a sample to satisfy all your cravings. Sometimes there are samples you didn’t know you needed. 

Try Before You Buy

Do they give you the whole roll of toilet paper, or are they set up outside the bathroom so you can grab a few squares before you go in? 

19. Massage Oil For Days

If you have ever tried to buy massage oil, you might know that it can be pretty expensive. Well, we have solved your troubles because Costco sells massage oil by the gallon for a discounted price. 

Massage Oil For Days

This must be where spas buy their massage oil to save money. Just be careful not to spill because you will have a slippery mess. 

20. Everyone Loves Costco Peanut Butter

People love Costco products so much, but nothing sells a product more than this picture. This squirrel has fit his body inside the peanut butter jar, which is what most people dream of doing.  

Everyone Loves Costco Peanut Butter

Twitter / Brian Wiley

If you ever want to convince us that there is something superior to peanut butter, please find a squirrel that will stick its head in a jar of almond butter as proof. 

21. Giant Science Fair Volcano In The Making

In middle school, the most straightforward science fair project was to make a volcano and use baking soda and vinegar to create an explosion.

Giant Science Fair Volcano In The Making

Having these two products next to each other is like a disaster waiting to happen. There is enough product there to make a large explosion. 

22. Bored Out Of Their Minds

As a young kid, going grocery shopping with your parents was not exciting. You had to walk around the store with them, and it got boring very quickly. 

Bored Out Of Their Minds

These girls were not impressed with the deals at Costco and made their mom push them around so they could play on their phones. 

23. No Returns Or Exchanges

This woman is bold. She dared to try and return a Christmas tree, which has to be the wildest return attempt in the history of Costco. 

No Returns Or Exchanges

This photo was taken in January, after Christmas, and she thought it was possible to bring it back to the store. Sorry, Janet, that is not how Christmas trees work; you buy it, you keep it. 

24. Talkative Lunch Date

When your friends say they are too busy to meet you for lunch, so you have to improvise. Instead of eating lunch alone, why not bring a Pikachu stuffed animal. 

Talkative Lunch Date

She seems pretty satisfied with her lunch date. She can have her pizza and eat Pikachu’s slice too. That’s a win-win in our book. 

25. Who Will Get Hurt Today?

These quotation marks make it seem like this is a sarcastic sign because so many people have gotten injured on the job. Have there only been two days since the last accident? 

Who Will Get Hurt Today?

It is slightly concerning that they have only gone two days without someone getting hurt. What are the employees doing that causes them to get injured in Costco? 

26. He Must Be Throwing A Party

This is the perfect example of how many things you can buy at Costco in one shop. This man must be throwing a large party based on the number of items he is purchasing. 

He Must Be Throwing A Party

If he is not throwing a party, he must work for a party planning company, or he is preparing for the end of the world. 

27. Itsy Bitsy Spider Grew Up

The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout, down came the rain and washed the spider out. Out came the sun and dried up all the rain, now the itsy bitsy spider grew 50 sizes and terrorized Costco. 

Itsy Bitsy Spider Grew Up

People are going to be in Costco around Halloween, minding their own business, and run into this giant spider and have a heart attack. Not cool, Costco, not cool. 

28. Waldo Has Been Hiding In Costco This Whole Time

Who would have thought that Waldo was hiding in Costco the entire time? People have been looking for him for decades, and this person coincidentally spotted him when they were shopping. 

Waldo Has Been Hiding In Costco This Whole Time

Has he been hiding in plain sight all these years? Should we pretend like we never saw him so the game can continue? 

29. Just A Motion Sensor

People have become increasingly cautious over the years about hidden cameras inside changing rooms and toilets. On automatic toilets there is a motion sensor which looks like a red light that comes from a camera. 

Just A Motion Sensor

Costco must have gotten so many complaints and questions about it that they had to make these labels so people would be sure that they weren’t filmed while going to the bathroom. 

30. Paying For Compliments

Sometimes the grocery store can be a stressful place, especially after a long day at work. It is nice to go to the checkout counter and meet a friendly cashier that can put a smile on your face.

Paying For Compliments

Although, it seems that you might want to hold back on the conversation because they could charge you for those compliments that are being handed out. 

31. When You Are Too Lazy To Walk

Costco stores are massive, and when you have a lot of things to get, walking around the store can be tiring. This man thought ahead and brought his hoverboard to roll around the store with ease. 

When You Are Too Lazy To Walk

While these may not be the easiest things to use, this man seems to be having an easy time navigating the store. 

32. “I’m Only Having One Glass Of Wine Tonight”

This glass is for those nights after a stressful day when you claim you only want one drink, but you secretly mean the whole bottle. 

"I'm Only Having One Glass Of Wine Tonight"

Having a four-foot-tall wine glass will surely make that easier because you can fit more than one bottle of wine in this. 

33. When You Eat Too Many Free Samples

Everything at Costco comes in large packs and quantities, so it is no surprise that they have supersized teddy bears. 

When You Eat Too Many Free Samples

We don’t know who needs this giant teddy bear, but we wouldn’t complain if someone got us one. 

34. “Job #1: Avenging My Father”

Costco must want their employees to enjoy working, so they let them choose what goes on their nametags. This employee decided to choose the character from The Princess Bride

"Job #1: Avenging My Father"

We wonder if he was able to complete his mission after working for the store for over three decades. 

35. “We Fell In Love In The Meat Aisle”

Listen, everyone loves Costco to some degree, but not as much as these people. They took their engagement photos in the meat aisle, so there has to be some connection. 

"We Fell In Love In The Meat Aisle"

There are so many things in Costco to take pictures with like those giant teddy bears. Even that is more romantic than a bulk pack of baby back ribs. 

36. Running In To Get Some Milk

When you send your husband to the store to buy some milk and he comes back with a new television. There are few places where you can buy both at once, but that’s the magic of Costco. 

Running In To Get Some Milk

You might not need six gallons of milk at once, but people buy it because of the amazing deals. Hopefully, you have room in your car for your spontaneous purchases. 

37. Cheese Please!

Cheese is addicting. It has been scientifically proven that cheese has addictive qualities, and people will do anything for a good slice of cheese that is free. Costco put out a cheese wheel and let people scrape off as much as they wanted. 

Cheese Please!

It is hard to imagine someone buying a wheel of cheese, but it is easy to imagine people coming back for second or third free samples. 

38. Retired Freddy Kruger

Have you ever gone to the store and secretly wished you would see one of your favorite celebrities? It is unlikely to happen, but you never know who you might see at Costco. 

Retired Freddy Kruger

This person pulled into the parking lot and saw someone who eerily resembled Freddy Kruger from the horror movie Nightmare on Elm Street. This is not exactly who you would want to see when you go grocery shopping. 

39. Strange Combinations

When you walk down the cleaning aisle of the grocery store, it would be logical to find cleaning appliances such as vacuums or floor steamers, but not a grill. 

Strange Combinations

We have never associated laundry and grilling, but a deal is a deal. Costco finds odd ways to get you to buy things you do not need. 

40. “Preheat the Oven To 3,500 Degrees”

Costco secretly has some amazing food. Besides their amazing deals on appliances and large packs of household products, there are some food items that people go to this store specifically for. 

"Preheat the Oven To 3,500 Degrees"

Sadly, we don’t think Gordon Ramsay would be able to save this one. If you do follow these instructions, have the fire department on standby. 

41. Testing Out The Product

When you go shopping in these large wholesale stores, it can be very tiring. After all, ten minutes in Costco can turn into three hours. 

Testing Out The Product

Luckily, Costco also sells mattresses so you can wander over to that section and take a nap when you get tired of shopping. 

42. Someone Didn’t Think This Through

If there is a leak and you want to put a bucket under it, it would be smart to pick a bucket that doesn’t have a bunch of holes in it. 

Someone Didn't Think This Through

This mesh-like trash can might not have been the best idea since the water will go right through it. 

43. Spice Up Your Life

While Costco might not be the fanciest place to stop for lunch, they do have some great lunch deals. You can get a hotdog and soda for just $1.50. 

Spice Up Your Life

In Mexico, they like to spice things up by adding a lot of jalapeno pepper to the hotdog. You might want to order more than one drink when eating this. 

44. “Buy Me Or I Will Curse You”

Is there anything Costco doesn’t sell. From mattresses to food to framing, they have everything you could possibly need. 

"Buy Me Or I Will Curse You"

We have a feeling people are being forced to frame their pictures here in fear of this dog. That is a face you don’t want to mess with. 

45. Limited To 10 Per Membership

When the holiday season rolls around, everyone is looking for turkeys. When a store says limited quantity you would think that they would only allow one per family. 

Limited To 10 Per Membership

Costco is known for its bulk deals, and limiting ten per shopper is their version of limiting how many people buy. Who needs ten turkeys? 

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