40 People Who Redid Their Bathroom And Went Too Far

Going to the bathroom and doing your business needs to be a peaceful experience, right? Whether you do it in a public washroom or in your home, you want to do it in peace and without any distractions. But then there are people who designed bathrooms and toilets in hopes of not giving that peace to others. Buckle up as we are going to take you on a ride that is going to make you laugh and a little uneasy as well.

1. The Creepiest Bathroom Ever

So, the person who took this creepy photo had a translucent bathroom door in his Airbnb. And they were used to their impatient toddler who stalked them everytime they were doing business.

The Creepiest Bathroom Ever


This photo is enough to change anyone’s mind who want to get a translucent bathroom door.

2. The Most Judgmental Bathroom Ever

No one can understand the logic of placing a toilet in front of seats or seats in front of a toilet.

The Most Judgmental Bathroom Ever


One thing we know for sure is that this bathroom needs those cards with numbers on them that Olympic judges hold up to score an athlete.

3. Anxiety Trigging Toilet

If public toilets already give you anxiety, don’t ever make the mistake of entering this bathroom, like ever!

Anxiety Trigging Toilet


If we look at the positive side, they could’ve made it worse. It could be yellow or red.

4. The Game of Toilet Throne

First of all, why build this extravagant toilet and then use the most boring toilet seat cover in the world?

The Game of Toilet Throne


And why this lavish toilet has no tissue paper near it. Maybe if you have this kind of toilet then there are servants standing around by holding tissue paper in their hands.

5. Not The Right Decoration for Disabled Toilet

When they gave someone the job of decorating the toilet for the disabled, that person simply said: “Say no more.”

Not The Right Decoration for Disabled Toilet


This is just cruel and beyond bad taste. It is like telling them, “Look, you can’t do this.” Not funny at all!

6. The Meeting Room Toilet

We showed you the most judgmental bathroom, but it seems like this one wins the title.

The Meeting Room Toilet


Just imagine doing your business here. It would be super embarrassing. And Imagine a person sitting on the toilet saying to everyone, “You’re probably all wondering why I called you here…”

7. The Toilet Slide

Why would anyone attach a sink to the toilet? Maybe that person is a big fan of slides, who knows.

The Toilet Slide


Looking at this photo also gives a message to everyone that they should always put the lid down. And we have no doubt in saying that this toilet would tempt kids to pee on the side just for fun.

8. A Dream-Come-True Guitar Urinal

So, this bathroom has a guitar urinal that actually replays tunes you play for everyone in the restroom.

A Dream-Come-True Guitar Urinal


We can imagine that most guys would wait to go pee in that urinal. Still, it is a pretty stupid idea.

9. Don’t Look for Reasoning Behind It

There must be some rule that if someone designs a bathroom, they must be the first one to use it. Only then they’ll know what crap they designed and created.

Don't Look for Reasoning Behind It


One thing is certain that the person who designed this is a big fan of the Sims.

10. Unrealistic Challenges

Wait what? Do they want people to target peeing practice while pooping? It just looks so unrealistic.

Unrealistic Challenges


But we are sure that someone might’ve tried to do it and created a big mess in that bathroom.

11. Guide 101: How To Design A Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom

First of all, this is certainly not how you design a bathroom for handicapped people and secondly, a lot of people can fall by miss stepping.

Guide 101: How To Design A Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom


That person had one job and they know how to mess it up. We’re surprised why anyone didn’t notice it and fixed the issue.

12. Making Sure You Don’t Get Lonely

This bathroom stall A.D.C. is utterly strange and makes one wonder why anyone would want to use it.

Making Sure You Don't Get Lonely


By the way, a floor like this can easily invite some creep to slide in there unnoticed.

13. That’s Why Commas Are Vital

This notice starts with “Attention” and takes a silly turn. Ladies and gentlemen, if you ever thought commas are not important, take a second look at this one.

That's Why Commas Are Vital


Someone out there must be like, “okay so I am disabled and an elderly pregnant woman, but am I a child? Crap, I can’t use this bathroom.”

14. Were People Out of Paper?

The paint in this public bathroom doesn’t look nice at all. It gives you a gross feeling.

Were People Out of Paper?


What if whoever comes out of this bathroom is told that no actual paint was used in it. We are convinced now that it’s not painting.

15. Awkward Semi-Transparent Bathroom Stall Doors

There is a theory that many toilets are built like this so that they can discourage people from using public toilets.

Awkward Semi-Transparent Bathroom Stall Doors


Discouraging people can help with reduced maintenance costs. And we have started to believe the theory after looking at this one.

16. Designed For People With Small Hands?

This sink is really small and the person who uploaded this photo is wondering if it is for ants.

Designed For People With Small Hands?


Or maybe this sink is there so that all employees can wash their “fingers” before returning to work.

17. Judgmental Hawkeye

All male fans of Avengers would be so excited to see Hawkeye looking and judging them.

Judgmental Hawkeye


It can be said that this is a real man’s toilet as well. Most men won’t mind it as Hawkeye is awesome.

18. Too Many Taps, Only One Works

This bathroom sink in a hotel is clearly designed in such a way that the guests can spend a lot of time in the bathroom so that they’d have to pay for staying an extra day in the hotel.

Too Many Taps, Only One Works


After all, it would take ages just to find which one of the taps actually works.

19. Not The Right Color Pattern

This is just not the color parent anyone wants to see in a bathroom. It looks like someone crushed cockroaches on the bathroom sink.

Not The Right Color Pattern


Or maybe it explains why we can’t see any paper towel dispenser. Just don’t get this one even if you get it for free

20. Only For People With 7 Feet Long Arms

One message you can take from this photo is: always get the toilet paper first.

Only For People With 7 Feet Long Arms


After all, some genius might make sure the toilet paper remains unreachable while sitting on the toilet.

21. No Freaking Way Man

So the guy who took this photo walked in the bathroom with another guy at the same time. After looking at these little twins, the other guy said “this isn’t going to happen” and walked out.

No Freaking Way Man


They could’ve taken turns but it seems like that other guy was okay not responding to the call of nature.

22. No More Toilet Paper Shortage

We saw how people stocked up toilet paper during this coronavirus pandemic and this photo explains where people have been using all the stocked toilet paper.

No More Toilet Paper Shortage


We have a question: What happens if they use all the toilet paper and the only one left is on the ceiling?

23. That’s Some Wise Ad Placement

The ads on the walls of urinals are not what men want to see and that’s not the right place for them either.

That's Some Wise Ad Placement


How many guys went in there and thought of becoming mums. Zero!

24. HIV: Hotel Henri HIV

This is Mosaic art in the bathroom, but why does it feel like we have read/heard this word before.

HIV: Hotel Henri HIV


This was indeed made before these three letters gave a quite different meaning, although in French it is the other way around.

25. Is It Even Legal?

We cannot even think why on earth someone would place toilets in the middle of the classroom. How did the parents approve it?

Is It Even Legal?


We can find some humor in the idea that “hey let’s put toilets in the middle of the classroom so that kids can see their classmates defecating while eating.”

26. Are You In Mood of Eating Ice Cream?

We have so many questions after seething this crazy ad placement. This is not what you want to see in the bathroom.

Are You In Mood of Eating Ice Cream?


And why did it have to be only chocolate? Why the hell not strawberry? Answer, please answer.

27. A Toilet Not For Even Super Skinny People

This person found that their apartment’s toilet is so narrow that it is not suitable even for the skinniest person on earth.

A Toilet Not For Even Super Skinny People


The only simple way to use it is to sit sideways, right? We don’t even want to imagine someone using it.

28. This Makes No Sense At All

This person took a photo of a local cinema bathroom and we’re curious why it is still there and no one complained about it.

This Makes No Sense At All


As we mentioned a theory earlier, we seriously start to believe that it is true.

29. One Classic Bathroom

We have no idea why someone would dress their bathroom up in such a fancy way. In fact, scientists are researching finding the reason behind it.

One Classic Bathroom


We just think that the toilet skirt normally gets really filthy and do they wash it every day.

30. Doing Business and Fishing At The Same Time

Once you are in the bathroom relieving yourself without a phone in your hand, you need something to entertain yourself, like this fish + toilet tank.

Doing Business and Fishing At The Same Time


And if that really is a water tank and toilet tank, do the fish go waterless for a moment whenever someone flushes it?

31. Full Transparency

Okay, so bathroom is probably the only place where everyone needs less transparency.

Full Transparency


However, it seems like whoever installed this toilet in their bathroom never wanted full disclosure and didn’t want to leave anything to the imagination.

32. View Matters A Lot

It seems like the people who placed an extra bathroom there don’t like looking at a blank wall while doing their business.

View Matters A Lot


We can’t find the purpose of curtains as they can’t really see what’s going on outside. But, the people outside can see what’s happening inside.

33. The Waiting Lounge in The Bathroom

If guests come to your home and they want to use the bathroom, don’t ask them to wait. Put them all in the bathroom so that one person uses the toilet and others wait.

The Waiting Lounge in The Bathroom


This is so hilarious and makes no sense at all. What we like is how they used a candle to bring the bathroom together.

34. Bathroom From The 80s

One thing we know for sure that whoever designed this bathroom is a big fan of the 80s and early 90s. This bathroom would only make Zack Morris proud.

Bathroom From The 80s


If they ever sell their house, we can’t imagine who they would explain all this. It is going to be fun to explain.

35. That’s How You Invest Money In Your Bathroom Renovations

We feel sorry for people who spend a lot of money renovating their bathrooms. If you need to follow a legend, simply do what these people did with their bathroom renovations.

That's How You Invest Money In Your Bathroom Renovations


This is no ridiculousness as it is a great idea to get money fast in a time of emergency.

36. That’s One Way To Live Life

It seems clear by now that these people are not big fans of Live, Laugh, and Love. After all, they don’t want to do these things in the bathroom.

That's One Way To Live Life


How many of you feel that the painting is killing the perfect environment?

37. A Bizarre and Somewhat Cute Bathroom Window

This is the type of window you get when you like a “little” air in the room. This is the ventilation you all need in your homes.

A Bizarre and Somewhat Cute Bathroom Window


By the way, there is no escape chance from this bathroom if you ever get yourself in a tricky situation.

38. Bathroom Mirror That Makes You Think You’re Drunk

This bathroom mirror at a bar in Italy has an opposite purpose. It makes people think they are drunk and so they leave the bar without drinking too much.

Bathroom Mirror That Makes You Think You're Drunk


It is said that the bar later closed after one month because a lot of people used to come in and leave without drinking much at all.

39. Tulip Lover’s Bathroom

We want to know if someone knows how to manufacture tubs like these.

Tulip Lover's Bathroom


It’s not that we love them, we are asking for someone who is into collecting creepy stuff.

40. A Little Climbing Exercise Every Day

We have a lot of questions to ask here, but we just feel that only one would suffice.

A Little Climbing Exercise Every Day


How many men fell backward because they were trying to pee? It is just a simple question and we hope to get an answer anytime now.

40+ Hilariously Accurate Illustrations Any Parent Will Relate To

Brenda Miller

This article was originally published on 24/7Mirror

When you think about being a parent what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it those adorable moments, the first words, or even the long sleepless and crying nights? For artist Yehuda Devir it was all of the above, and his illustrations depicting his and his wife’s reality of parenthood on social media has since become world-famous for their honesty and their humor. See which of his photos you relate to the most, while also keeping an eye out for a few of the “real” photos we’ve sprinkled along the way. Don’t forget to stick around for the end for a special surprise that the couple has!

1. You Can Stare At Your Baby For Hours

There is nothing more magical than welcoming a child after months of anticipation. When they arrive, any parent will agree that their innocence and cuteness is perfection itself, which makes it basically impossible to not stare at them for hours.

You Can Stare At Your Baby For Hours

Yehuda & Maya Devir

No matter how much of an adjustment it may be to bring a baby home, those peaceful moments remind us that it’s all worth it.

2. Changing A Diaper Is Not For The Faint-Hearted

Many parents will agree that changing a diaper takes some skill. The experience can be incredibly messy and overwhelming at first, but nothing like some practice runs to learn it to perfection.

Changing A Diaper Is Not For The Faint-Hearted

Yehuda & Maya Devir

In this illustration though, the artist depicts how the situation is sometimes so messy down there that it requires taking cover. For the parent who is not on duty though, it can be extremely entertaining.

3. The First Time The Baby Latches

The first time the baby latches can be a magical and highly awaited moment for new mothers. But it is important to emphasize that breastfeeding can be a hard and often tumultuous journey, that its’ not always easy for everyone.

The First Time The Baby Latches

Yehuda & Maya Devir

Yet, it can certainly serve as an incomparable bonding experience for the mother and the child, which makes that first moment one of the most special milestones of having a child.

4. When The Baby Refuses To Fall Asleep

Sleep deprivation is a huge thing once you have a baby. No matter how many times other parents tell you that sleep will never be the same, one only understands what that really means once the baby is there.

When The Baby Refuses To Fall Asleep

Yehuda & Maya Devir

Here, the illustrator realistically shows just how exhausting some nights may be, especially when the baby simply refuses to fall asleep.

5. Their First Bath Doesn’t Always Go As Planned

Since almost everything about having a small baby is an adventure, bath time is certainly not an exception. Most especially though, the first baths can definitely require two people managing the entire situation.

Their First Bath Doesn't Always Go As Planned

Yehuda & Maya Devir

There are so many steps that go into bathing a baby: getting the right water temperature, choosing the perfect bathtub, but most of all, keeping the baby safe and happy during the entire process.

6. Those First Shots Are Also A Shot To The Heart

Getting vaccinated in general is already a tough experience, but watching your newborn go through their first few shots is incredibly painful.

Those First Shots Are Also A Shot To The Heart

Yehuda & Maya Devir

Though the pain is not inflicted directly on the parent, most parents can testify to the fact that they do “feel” the pain, mainly in their hearts. As both parents show here, the pain is shared.

7. It May Take Some Time Until You Sleep Again

When you have a baby, suddenly falling asleep absolutely everywhere and at any time may become a recurring situation. But there is nothing more rewarding than doing so together, since each parent will be exhausted.

It May Take Some Time Until You Sleep Again

Yehuda & Maya Devir

In this picture, the young couple depicts the beauty of going through something so hard together. As the real-life portrait of the family shared here, they have clearly survived and thrived despite those sleepless nights. 

8. You Have To Be Prepared At All Times

Just like any adult can have acid reflux, babies have what’s known as infant reflux. This means that most, if not all babies, do vomit from time to time, especially in the first weeks and months of their lives.

You Have To Be Prepared At All Times

Yehuda & Maya Devir

Anything from prolonged crying or regular indigestion may result in it. So brace yourselves new parents because the vomiting is about to begin.

9. Parenting Can Be Really Tough Sometimes

Times can get really tough when you’re a first-time parent. Though the happy moments certainly make up for the hard times, anyone is susceptible to feeling like they’re not doing a good job at being a dad or a mom.

Parenting Can Be Really Tough Sometimes

Yehuda & Maya Devir

This illustration painfully shows that sometimes all we need is to cry in our partner’s arms and to be reminded that we are worth it, and despite the difficulties, we are wonderful parents.

10. Going Anywhere Becomes The Ultimate Mission

When you have a baby going anywhere, even to a short walk to the park, becomes the ultimate mission. You always want to be as prepared as possible, meaning that you may need tons of things to keep your baby clean, fed, and happy.

Going Anywhere Becomes The Ultimate Mission

Yehuda & Maya Devir

And of course, if the outing involves two people, there is always that one person that carries the entire thing.

11. Getting The Baby Dressed Is A Job For Two

Even though a baby is a tiny little thing in comparison to an adult, when they arrive, they rule the house. And sometimes simple jobs such as getting them dressed while they’rere constantly moving or throwing a tantrum can easily be a job for two.

Getting The Baby Dressed Is A Job For Two

Yehuda & Maya Devir

Here, the illustrator shows the struggle that he and his wife sometimes go through to get the baby dressed.

12. The First Time You Leave The Baby Overnight

There are a number of milestones parents go through as the baby grows up that can feel like the end of the world. Parents are still people after all, and they need some time for themselves every once in a while.

The First Time You Leave The Baby Overnight

Yehuda & Maya Devir

In this image, the parents have just left their baby with the grandmother overnight for the first time, and the mother is not taking it so easily.

13. Couples Who Get Chubby Together, Stay Together

Many of us have seen the hashtag #couplegoals going around, showcasing “perfect” couples with the most ripped bodies we can imagine. Well, this illustrator decided to keep things real.

Couples Who Get Chubby Together, Stay Together

Yehuda & Maya Devir

He shows that things do change over time, and our clothes may never look or fit the same. Yet, there is nothing more beautiful to go through this journey together, acknowledging that health and love are all that matters.

14. Those Aggressive Love Scratches

Babies have interesting ways of showing their love and affection. Just like grown-ups, some babies are very “independent”. Other babies do certainly love to cuddle, and since they are babies, those hugs and kisses may come accompanied with some scratches and a lot of drool.

Those Aggressive Love Scratches

Yehuda & Maya Devir

For parents though, those moments are cherished with so much love that the extra stuff doesn’t matter.

15. The Baby Rules The Bed

Parents from all walks of life approach sleep training differently. While some try and have their babies sleep in their crib from the very beginnings, other parents are more flexible with sleeping with the baby on the bed with them.

The Baby Rules The Bed

Yehuda & Maya Devir

But those who do will most certainly identify with this hilarious image. The couple clearly shows just how the child completely takes over the bed at night.

16. Everything Shuts Down When You’re Putting The Baby To Sleep

Putting the baby to sleep is another arduous ritual that most parents will relate to. When they finally figure out what helps their baby fall asleep they do everything in their power to keep the moment as uninterrupted as possible.

Everything Shuts Down When You're Putting The Baby To Sleep

Yehuda & Maya Devir

Absolutely anything can disrupt the moment, so when the baby finally falls asleep, everyone is determined to make it last.

17. The First Time They Go To Daycare Is Just Painful

Now here’s another milestone that breaks many parents. It takes a lot of strength and determination to keep ourselves together the first day we leave our children at daycare.

The First Time They Go To Daycare Is Just Painful

Yehuda & Maya Devir

The baby cries, the parents cry, other kids start crying, and the entire experience is just chaotic and heartbreaking. Yet, like many other things that are hard in parenthood, it gets better.

18. It’s A Food Fight Every Day

In many ways, raising a baby means experiencing simple things for the first time through the eyes of a tiny human being. One of these things includes introducing solid food and different flavors that the baby may or may not like.

It's A Food Fight Every Day

Yehuda & Maya Devir

Here, the parents not only show the daily reality of feeding a baby (which means food all over the place), but also the struggle that it can be sometimes.

19. Showing Affection Becomes A Little Bit Different

It’s undeniable that things change in a relationship once a baby joins the family. Life does become about the well-being of that child, and parents often put their relationship second.

Showing Affection Becomes A Little Bit Different

Yehuda & Maya Devir

Simple moments like giving a small kiss, lying down on the couch or in bed watching a movie, or going for a romantic picnic, are altered a little bit to accommodate the cute and tiny human being.

20. You Get To Create Masterpieces With Your Baby’s Hair

Doing a child’s hair is yet again another mission that may or may not take much longer than anyone would ever expect. To this father’s satisfaction though, he seems to have just triumphed in making a cute hairstyle for his toddler.

You Get To Create Masterpieces With Your Baby's Hair

Yehuda & Maya Devir

As the real-life photo coming up shows, creating different hairstyles is one of the father-daughter duo’s favorite ways to bond.

21. This Is What Father And Daughter Get Up To In Real Life

As Kobe Bryant reminded the world, being a “girl dad” comes with some awesome perks. Here, we finally get to see the dad and the baby girl that has inspired some of the most relatable illustrations any parent will ever see.

This Is What Father And Daughter Get Up To In Real Life

Yehuda & Maya Devir

In this cute selfie, he shows just how much fun it is to do her hair while hilariously matching it with his. But if you think they look alike in this photo, wait until you see the entire family’s real-life photo.

22. Nursing A Teething Baby

Not many things can describe the pain of breastfeeding a teething baby. While breastfeeding itself is already no easy task, when those little teeth start coming up the pain is inexpressible.

Nursing A Teething Baby

Yehuda & Maya Devir

Needless to say that it’s the kind of pain that one never gets used to, so it takes some teamwork to get through it. One thing that could help, as illustrated above, is squeezing your partner.

23. Your Life Become All About The Baby

It may take a while to grasp the full chaotic situation in this picture, so take your time. Perhaps there is no better illustration to show just how much goes on when raising a child.

Your Life Become All About The Baby

Yehuda & Maya Devir

The exhaustion is constant, toys can be found everywhere, and a nap may happen at any time, or depending on the baby’s schedule. Here, the parents are all wrapped up in each other taking a much-needed snooze.

24. Documenting Every Milestone

Documenting every step and every moment of a child’s development is crucial for any parent. With phones being an integral part of our lives these days, we get to capture and sometimes even over-capture every important moment in a child’s life.

Documenting Every Milestone

Yehuda & Maya Devir

Here, the couple is witnessing the first time their baby starts crawling. Quickly, they grabbed their phone and snapped every part of it.

25. Mama For Everyone

This might be one of the most hilarious and relatable pictures of the series. As we said, when a child is born, the dynamics of a couple’s relationship may change a little.

Mama For Everyone

Yehuda & Maya Devir

In this drawing though, the illustrator decided to make one thing very clear. He was as excited to see his wife undress for her much-deserved shower as their child was.

26. You May Never Get To Do Anything Alone Again

Parents-to-be may not know this, but once there is a child in the home, almost nothing can ever be done alone again.

You May Never Get To Do Anything Alone Again

Yehuda & Maya Devir

That includes sleeping alone, walking around the house alone, and even the most private moment like using the toilet alone. Children require attention and if that means following a parent absolutely everywhere, they are ready to do it.

27. Intimate Time Also Looks A Bit Different

Continuing the argument that nothing will ever be the same again, here’s another perfect example of it.

Intimate Time Also Looks A Bit Different

Yehuda & Maya Devir

Yes, even the most intimate and necessary moments in a couple’s life become completely different when there is a baby in the picture. In this case, the new parents were in a “bonding moment” when their kid started crying – who can’t relate?

28. When You Find Out You Have Less Hair

Many of us unfortunately experience hair loss as we get older, especially if we live stressful lives. Now, having a baby can be stressful, though our bodies react differently.

When You Find Out You Have Less Hair

Yehuda & Maya Devir

In this illustration, the artist shares his desperation when he realizes he’s losing tons of hair, while his wife’s “Rapunzel” hair becomes stronger by the minute.

29. The First Time Your Baby Says “Mama”

Any parent cherishes the anticipation of hearing their child calling them “mama” or “papa” for the first time. In this hilarious drawing, the artist illustrated his wife’s reaction to their daughter saying “mama” for the first time.

The First Time Your Baby Says "Mama"

Yehuda & Maya Devir

He humorously suggests that her happy tears were so many that he barely managed to walk without getting completely wet. What can you do, that’s what a mother’s love looks like!

30. You Realize That Baby Poop Is Lethal

One thing’s for sure, no matter how cute and adorable a baby may be, when it comes to farting and pooping there is nothing cute about it. Those very natural occurrences can have the most lethal smell one can imagine.

You Realize That Baby Poop Is Lethal

Yehuda & Maya Devir

In this illustration, the guy alludes to the many times our partners walk up with the baby just after they pooped, not taking into consideration the fact that we may be in the middle of a meal.

31. Going To The Beach Looks Different

“Bouncing back” after having a child is hard, and unfortunately not enough people talk about this. Women all over the world struggle to come to terms with the fact that bodies change after literally growing, carrying, and birthing a child.

Going To The Beach Looks Different

Yehuda & Maya Devir

Here, the artist decided to pinpoint that it may take some time for the mother to feel comfortable again to show off that beach body again.

32. Mission Accomplished

There is something so powerful about seeing our partners grow into wonderful mothers and fathers. How many parents have had that appreciation and admiration moment for the exhausted yet incredible partners they chose to raise a child with?

Mission Accomplished

Yehuda & Maya Devir

In this powerful documentation of their daily lives, the artist shares the moment his wife fell asleep putting their baby to bed while the baby instinctively clings to her mom’s arms.

33. What Putting The Baby To Sleep In Real Life Looks Like

Now here’s another incredibly cute picture that the illustrator himself graced his social media followers with – him as he holds his daughter. While the sacred moment of putting a baby to bed in the evening can come with its challenges, there are days where all the baby wants is a cuddle.

What Putting The Baby To Sleep In Real Life Looks Like

Yehuda & Maya Devir

This picture is a clear example of one of those days, where holding that baby is a reminder that the challenges and the hard times mean little when we get to have our baby in our arms.

34. Desperately Baby Proofing The House

While each milestone may signify something enormous, there is something powerfully chaotic that happens once a child starts walking.

Desperately Baby Proofing The House

Yehuda & Maya Devir

Not many parents realize how this completely changes things since the child can now reach and bump into places that she has never reached before. Here, both parents are quickly baby proofing the house as quickly as possible before the child destroys everything.

35. When You Swim As A Family

Needless to say that there is always that one person who loves peeing in the pool. But when you have a kid, you can basically blame all of these little things on the baby, especially when they can’t talk yet.

When You Swim As A Family

Yehuda & Maya Devir

Unfortunately for the dad though, he didn’t realize that in some pools there is a little product that calls you out as soon as you pee underwater.

36. The Difference A Screen Makes

Introducing screens to small babies is one of the most debatable subjects in the parenting community everywhere in the world.

The Difference A Screen Makes

Yehuda & Maya Devir

But for parents who do decide to introduce their kids to some screen time, the feeling of realizing that something can in fact keep them hypnotized for more than five minutes is humongous. In this picture, the artist shows just how fascinating that realization can be for parents.

37. Sometimes All You Need Is A Break

Another very relatable moment for a parent is that one (or two, or three) time that you simply can no longer deal with a crying baby.

Sometimes All You Need Is A Break

Yehuda & Maya Devir

Tantrums happen, and when they do, it can be extremely overwhelming. So if hiding in the closet or in a dark room for a bit while our partner deals with the situation are what is going to keep you going, then you do you!

38. It Takes A Team To Complete All Baby Tasks

It takes time to master the art of attending to all of our baby’s needs. Parents worldwide will agree that in order to get things done, a support system is crucial.

It Takes A Team To Complete All Baby Tasks

Yehuda & Maya Devir

Some jobs just need two pairs of hands to be done and this drawing emphasizes why. Both parents seem to be extremely concentrated as they do their best to follow through with a thousand baby tasks.

39. When You Just Need To Grow Up

Growing up has its perks, but it also comes with a bunch of responsibilities. Though the illustrator shared this one as a joke, it’s a good wake-up call for those very supportive partners out there to step up in their home duties.

When You Just Need To Grow Up

Yehuda & Maya Devir

He jokingly shows the moment he was put on grocery shopping duty but had absolutely no idea what pasta to buy. Thankfully, his wife believes in him.

40. You Always Think You Know What’s Best For The Baby

Now here’s another one that really takes things home for any parent. Every single parent out there believes that they know exactly what is best for their child. An in some cases parents don’t always agree, so the recurrent argument of “I know what’s best for her” comes through every once in a while.

You Always Think You Know What's Best For The Baby

Yehuda & Maya Devir

Yet, it’s an important reminder that though it’s tough, it all comes from love and wanting the wellbeing of their child.

41. When You Pass On To Another Stage

This illustration signifies so much for any parent. It highlights the different stages that every parent experiences with their children, be it the first time they walk, their first word, the first day of daycare, the first day of primary school, and the list goes on.

When You Pass On To Another Stage

Yehuda & Maya Devir

For the artist himself, he chose to share the day he and his wife had been parents for a year and a half, and despite the hardships, had been successfully raising a beautiful girl together.

42. When You Surrender To Tiredness Together

Having discipline is good and necessary, but seriously, which parents out there can’t say that they haven’t given in to the exhaustion every once in a while.

When You Surrender To Tiredness Together

Yehuda & Maya Devir

As much as it’s important to keep eating healthy and exercising even when our routines completely change with a baby, we all need a break. So parents (and non-parents) will easily relate to choosing to eat snacks and lay on the couch instead of doing everything else.

43. “You Are Gonna Be A Big Sister”

Bringing a sibling to the world is a chapter that many parents dream of. Growing a family is a big thing, and one of the most magical and scariest moments for any parent.

"You Are Gonna Be A Big Sister"

Yehuda & Maya Devir

This drawing, however, shares the joy and the hope that comes from the first ultrasound of a second baby in the family. It also shares the moment they get to tell their baby girl that she is about to become a big sister.

44. Here’s The Actual Family!

In this family portrait, we finally get to see the entire family behind the incredible illustrations in this article. The pair began dating as students in college and since then, they have earned an avid following from all over the world, after going viral in 2017.

Here's The Actual Family!

Yehuda & Maya Devir

Since then, they have won several awards for their talented depiction of real-life scenarios, and perhaps, the next illustration couldn’t be more accurate to real life.

45. Easing your Baby’s Pain

And lastly, there is no better way to conclude this series of illustrations with one of the most relatable of all, doing everything in our power to ease our baby’s pain.

Easing your Baby's Pain

Yehuda & Maya Devir

Our hearts hurt when our babies hurt themselves, so although the tactics are different, any parent will relate to making a drawing on a bandage, “hitting” the object that hurt the child, or giving a kiss on the wound so that it eases the baby’s pain.

Relatable Illustrations About The Struggles Of Raising A Baby

Ashley Lez

This article was originally published on ParentMood

There’s nothing like starting a family and welcoming your firstborn. That’s why Maya and Yehuda Devir have been documenting their life together through marriage, pregnancy, and the challenges of raising their little girl with relatable hand-drawn photos. Whether it’s poopy diapers, sleepless nights, or milestones like their baby’s first word, these two aren’t afraid to share it in a way we all can relate to. Don’t forget to stick around til the end for a special photo of the couple with their beautiful baby girl in real life!

“We’re Pregnant!”

For so many couples, it is a dream to get pregnant and start a family. After trying for a while, Yehuda and Maya finally got a positive result and couldn’t have been happier. It is a celebratory moment because they are so excited to begin this new chapter of life. 

"We're Pregnant!"

Yehuda Devir

They have talked about starting a family for so long, and their plans are finally coming to life. This is one of the most amazing moments in their relationship, and it is something a couple will never forget. 

It’s Go Time

It’s finally time to go to the hospital, but you might want to only bring the essentials instead of everything in the house. Instead of bringing everything you own, it is best to prepare a bag for the hospital, so you aren’t running around when its go time. 

It's Go Time

Yehuda Devir

After the long nine months, it is finally time to meet their baby. Although they look panicked, they are just over the moon about bringing home their new baby. This is a milestone moment in many people’s lives, and it is a joyous and scary time. 

Welcoming The Sweetest Angel

When you can’t get enough of your newborn baby, and you want to stare at her all day long. Everything she does is adorable, even her drool and dirty diapers. They can’t believe that they created such an adorable baby girl. Most people would enjoy her sleeping moments while they last. 

Welcoming The Sweetest Angel

Yehuda Devir

There are so many exciting moments when you bring your baby home, and everything they do is something to document. Even though she might have a smelly diaper, they can’t get over how sweet she looks. They might not think the baby is so cute when they go to change that diaper. 

Exhaustion Is An Understatement

“She never stops crying!!!” Once the baby is up, it is hard to put her back to sleep. It seems like she never stops crying. ​There are many exciting moments, but the sleepless nights are not something that you can prepare for. It might be time to get some caffeine and prepare for another long sleepless night. 

Exhaustion Is An Understatement

Yehuda Devir

Some people who are not parents might ask you why you are exhausted all the time because babies are supposed to sleep a lot, but they don’t understand. 

“It’s About To Blow!”

When it comes to changing dirty diapers, some people are more dramatic than others. He decided to take one for the team to clean up this mess. How can such a tiny person make such a giant mess, it is mind-boggling. Even baby hulk is afraid. 

"It's About To Blow!"

Yehuda Devir

At first, changing diapers is like going to battle, but once you get the hang of it, it is a piece of cake. At first, those diapers can burn the inside of your nose, but eventually, you get used to the smell or figure out that vapor rub blocks your nose from bad odors. 

If One Person Feels Pain, We Are All In Pain

New baby teeth are like razors. When they are starting to get teeth and still breastfeeding, things can get painful very quickly. Good thing she has her husband’s hair to grab onto to share the pain with him. If she has to feel pain, so does he because they are a team and in this journey together. 

If One Person Feels Pain, We Are All In Pain

Yehuda Devir

It is always when you least expect it that your child starts using their teeth to chomp down on one of your most sensitive parts. Obviously, they don’t know any better, but that doesn’t mean it hurts any less. 

Caught Up In Feelings Of Doubt

Nobody comes totally prepared with how to raise a child, it’s something you learn as you go along and, just like with everything else, you’re bound to make mistakes. It’s those moments, laying in bed with your partner when your mind starts to race and that self-doubt starts creeping in.

Caught Up In Feelings Of Doubt

We can all totally relate to this photo even if we don’t have children. We’re all worried about something and every now and then we all start to get filled with doubts at our ability to perform a certain task. It’s moments like these that we need our loved ones the most, to give us the support needed to succeed.

New Baby, New Bodies

After having children and changing lifestyles, you should embrace the changes that your bodies go through. ​You love your partner no matter what changes their body goes through because change can be good.

New Baby, New Bodies

Yehuda Devir

Although it can be hard to accept that your body looks different, you have to remember that you brought a beautiful child into the world. It’s ok to gain weight, and it is ok to lose weight. You are not alive just to pay bills and lose weight; You are beautiful no matter what.

Bath Time Is A Family Affair

Giving a bath to a baby is a whole different and wet war. It seems like eventually, both parents get their shower as well. She has a lot more power and strength than people would think. When she doesn’t want a bath, she will make it impossible to give her one.

Bath Time Is A Family Affair

Yehuda Devir

Some parents might say they don’t have time to shower because they are always watching the baby. However, it seems like whenever she has bath time, everyone who is involved gets just as soapy as she does. Might as well kill two birds with one stone. 

Nap Time For Everyone

After many sleepless nights, the baby finally calms down and takes a nap. This is the perfect time for you and your partner to get some rest as well. Who knows when you will be able to sleep for more than an hour again? You might as well enjoy it while it lasts. 

Nap Time For Everyone

Yehuda Devir

The baby took a much-needed break from crying to have a meal, and while she drifted into a milk induced sleep, her parents drifted off as well. Even though it is not the most comfortable position to sleep in, you must be too tired to care. 

Tiny Yet Mighty

Sometimes babies show their affection through drooling and scratching, and it might be painful, but she loves you. Maya looks like a lion has attacked her, but it is just a powerful baby. Yehuda is so proud of his little girl. 

Tiny Yet Mighty

Yehuda Devir

Babies have the sharpest little fingernails, and their scratches feel like the claws of a bear. Who knew such a small human could pack such a powerful punch. Besides their sharp nails and flailing limbs, babies also enjoy teething on your face and pulling hair. 

One Shot And Many Tears Shed

It is hard to see your child get a shot for the first time, but they only cry more because they see their parents crying. We aren’t quite sure who cried more in this situation. The nurse said it would be a small pinch, but they didn’t hear her mention a broken hand.

One Shot And Many Tears Shed

Yehuda Dvir

There is something about seeing your child get their first shot, which makes you extra emotional. While you know from experience that she will never remember this, and it is only just a small pinch, you still can’t bear to watch. 

The First Time Away

Leaving the baby with relatives for the first time can be very difficult. It is the first time you are going to be separated from your child since they were born, and it is emotional.  ​Nothing will happen to the baby, they will be just fine, but there is still a feeling of longing to be with them and protect them.

The First Time Away

Yehuda Devir

Although you might be headed for a sweet getaway, you still want to see your baby every day and make sure they are ok. What if they forgot about you after a day? What if your baby misses you? These are all questions that might run through your mind, but remember your baby is doing just fine. 

Picture Perfect Timing

Everyone loves how cute babies are until they spit-up all over you. Luckily, Maya was there to capture this perfect moment. We just hope he had his mouth closed. Even though she spit-up on him, it is hard to be mad at that adorable face. 

Picture Perfect Timing

Yehuda Devir

Unfortunately, it is not always rainbows and unicorns when you have a baby, so there are going to be days filled with spit-up and dirty diapers. You are lucky if you make it through a day without a stained article of clothing. Luckily, you have no time to do all the laundry that is piling up. 

Sit And Stay!

When you have a small child that you need to watch, but you also have to go to the bathroom desperately. There is only one thing to do in this situation, and that is to treat your baby like a dog by telling her to stay. 

Sit And Stay!

Yehuda Devir

You might think they are sitting right outside the door, but they are actually breaking havoc on your home. You might have only been in the bathroom for a minute, but they managed to grab the finger paint and turn the walls into their personal art studio. 

All Hands On Deck

Babies are all kinds of squirmy when you have to put clothes on them. They might be tiny humans, but their bodies possess an explosive power that you wouldn’t believe existed. You never know what will happen when you have to dress your baby. 

All Hands On Deck

Yehuda Devir

Who knew how much power those tiny feet had. They needed two sets of hands to get her squirmy little feet in the socks. Babies love to flail around when you are trying to get them ready for the day, as if they know you are in a hurry. 

“We Didn’t Forget Anything At Home, Right?”

Parenthood is such a beautiful blessing. It’s even better when you have to leave the house with a million things “just in case”, and end up not using any of it. Although, when you pack light, you end up needing something that you thought was non-essential. 

"We Didn't Forget Anything At Home, Right?"

Yehuda Devir

After a while, you realize what you need and don’t need, but the first outing is always the scariest. Will the baby suddenly need a winter coat in the middle of summer? You don’t know, but you probably packed on just in case an ice storm blows through. 

Paparazzi Parents

Did you get that on video? Did you see the 400 pictures I took of the baby sleeping earlier? When you have a child, you want to capture all of their milestone moments, which means you always have to have a camera ready. These memories will be ones you will look back on throughout their life.

Paparazzi Parents

Yehuda Devir

While your child might start to think that a smartphone is part of your body, you don’t want to miss anything special. You can capture their first laugh, first steps, and their first words to remember forever. When they grow up, you can show them how silly they were as a child.

Everyone Always Needs Something

After a long day of chasing the baby around the apartment, changing diapers, and getting food thrown at you, it is time for a shower and some relaxation. Just when you are winding down for the day, it seems like everyone wants a piece of you. 

Everyone Always Needs Something

Yehuda Devir

All-day, you have been dreaming about the relaxing hot shower you were going to take, and then your husband gives you his “sexy look.” You don’t feel cute, but it is endearing that after a long day, he finds you the most attractive. 

Who Knew Hands Could Be So Entertaining

Shadow puppets can be fun for the whole family if you really work with your imagination. All you need is a flashlight, a dark room, and your hands to created magical fun while your child is young enough to be impressed. This dazzling show will entertain them for a few minutes, at least. 

Who Knew Hands Could Be So Entertaining

Yehuda Devir

Not only is this a creative way to entertain your toddler, but it is another way to bond with your family. Try looking up different ways to contort your hands, just make sure not to get a cramp. Look, even baby hulk and her unicorn friend are impressed. 

“Does She Smell?”

When you are trying to eat your lunch, and your wife decides it is the perfect time for you to smell if the baby has a dirty diaper. Not only does the smell make your nostrils burn, but you can also never eat spaghetti again. 

"Does She Smell?"

Yehuda Devir

Although you two have become extremely comfortable with each other throughout your relationship, this crosses the line. Who would want to smell a dirty diaper while they are in the middle of eating? That will make anyone sick to their stomach. 

“She Said Mama!”

“OH. MY. G-D, Did you hear her say, Mama?! This is the best day of my life. She knows my name.” When your child finally says “mama,” it is the greatest feeling in the world. Grab the tissues to soak up all those happy tears because you won’t be able to get over this feeling of pure joy. 

"She Said Mama!"

Yehuda Devir

It is even more heartwarming when your child says mama before dada. It is like winning a silent competition between you and your partner. Your toddler might not understand why you are so happy, but it will only encourage them to say mama more often. 

When All The Housework Is Finally Finished

When you finally put the baby to sleep and get some time to relax, just the two of you; it can quickly turn into your own time to sleep. ​You don’t care where you fall asleep because it is the first time you get to go to sleep at a reasonable hour.

When All The Housework Is Finally Finished

Yehuda Devir

Although there is so much tidying left to do, you don’t care because the house will just get messy again tomorrow. All you can really think about is your bed and pillow until your child decides to wake you up in the middle of the night.

“Oh Hair No!!”

Just as your wife is walking around shedding hair like it is no problem, you are discovering a bald patch. It is like sirens are going off in your head that you are getting older, and questions are racing around your mind. How long do you have before it gets bigger? Do you need hair plugs?

"Oh Hair No!!"

Yehuda Devir

Not to worry, just brush your hair in a different way to hide the patch. You can even use all the hair your wife sheds to create a mini toupee to cover up the spot. While it might seem like your world is crumbling around you, it is just one of the small problems that comes with age. 

EveryBody Is Beautiful

After having a baby, our bodies go through changes. Many people feel insecure about their post-baby bodies, but they forget that they just created human life. Your body was capable of creating another human, so why should women feel ashamed of the changes that happen during pregnancy?

EveryBody Is Beautiful

Yehuda Devir

Although some people might feel insecure, it is crucial to remember that no matter what, your husband thinks you are perfect, and your child would not be here without the help of your powerful body. 

Everyone’s Getting Comfortable

Sleeping with a baby in bed is like sleeping with a drunken octopus. Their legs and arms are flying all over the place, and you might just get kicked in the face. ​It is a fun way to be woken up. That little body can take up so much space, and you lose your spot on the bed.

Everyone's Getting Comfortable

Yehuda Devir

Although you are being kicked out of bed by a 35-pound human, you can’t help but give up and sleep on the couch, so you don’t disturb them. Sometimes moving is worth letting them get a few extra hours of sleep rather than waking the baby up to put her back in the crib.

Stuck Inside

Just when they were getting in the hang of parenting, a global pandemic strikes, and they got locked in their apartment for two months. How do you keep your toddler active and get housework done without leaving the confines of your apartment?

Stuck Inside

Yehuda Devir

No matter how much you may love your child, you can always use a break from them each day. When you are stuck inside, you have to think of exciting things to keep them active.

Sweet Dreams

After a long day of taking care of your toddler, most people are daydreaming about their beds. Sometimes, you are so exhausted that you don’t even make it to the bed before you fall asleep. At some point, the exhaustion becomes too much, and you start sleeping while standing up. 

Sweet Dreams

Yehuda Devir

Her husband is waiting for the perfect moment to scoop his wife up and carry her to bed because she deserves a good night’s sleep. The big question is how he can get the baby off of his wife, so he doesn’t wake her up too. 

Protect The Baby At All Costs!

All for one and one for all! Protect the baby from the bugs at all costs because bugs are scary and gross. ​Her parents are warriors who fight bugs off while making sure the baby is still asleep. Those are the real heroes of society. 

Protect The Baby At All Costs!

Yehuda Devir

No one ever wants their baby to have bug bites or be uncomfortable, so you protect them however possible. Mosquitos are the number one enemy, even for adults, and they must be destroyed. 

Family Cuddles

Family cuddle time is the best time when everyone is comfortable. No one is getting kicked in the head, and no one is being pushed off the bed; everyone is peaceful. Even the stuff animals are getting some shut-eye with the family. 

Family Cuddles

Yehuda Devir

These are the moments people pinch themselves because life seems so perfect. You can forget about everything else around you and focus on how comfortable and snuggly you feel. 

Summertime Fun

When you finally get to go on your first vacation as a family, and soon realize your child enjoys peeing in the pool more than any other place. At first, you blame it on one of the other swimmers or your partner, but the real culprit is the one who is not potty trained. 

Summertime Fun

Yehuda Devir

At least you have someone to blame from now on, and you can stop worrying about the embarrassment of peeing in the pool. As long as it is chlorinated, who cares? Just don’t try to blame it on your wife. 

“What Is This Type Of Magic?”

As soon as your child discovers their love for television, it is like they are mesmerized. They could be entertained for hours, but that is not exactly healthy for a developing brain. It is a good distraction for a few times a day, but don’t let them get addicted. 

"What Is This Type Of Magic?"

Yehuda Devir

Toddlers can sit in front of the TV for days without knowing what is happening around them because it is like a magical machine. It is moving colors, lights, and talking animals. Who wouldn’t be hypnotized by all those things? 

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