40+ Entitled Jerks Who Got Put In Their Place

There are too many toxic people in this world who think that they can own every single thing that they touch or see (sorry but this ain’t the Lion King) and sometimes you just want to put them in their place. Even though we might wish it, sometimes it’s not worth the effort so we just grind our teeth and let them continue with their horrible ways. Luckily, there are people in this world who are not afraid to call out such self-entitled jerks and teach them that their terrible actions have even worse consequences.

1. How Did They Get Their License?

Don’t you just come across a driver and end up asking yourself how they got their license? Because if you got your driver’s license in an honest and noble way, you would know simple traffic and parking rules, right? 

How Did They Get Their License?

So how did this driver just end up parking on a painted lane despite knowing that they shouldn’t? Or he could just be that entitled. We are hoping they got reported and got a ticket.

2. We Just Want Our Space

For some people, the concept of “personal space” is such a difficult thing to wrap their heads around even when you have told them and warned them about their acts of invading your space. Especially in public spaces, it’s pretty hard to tell when or when someone is invading your space.

We Just Want Our Space

However, that’s what some tiny borders are for – just like seats on an airplane. Some men just really don’t know how to behave but luckily this woman was able to put him in place somehow.

3. That’s Not How It Works

Let us tell you something, Karen. When someone cannot drive you somewhere, that means that they can’t drive you to where you want to go. It doesn’t mean that they should send you money instead to make up for it.

That’s Not How It Works

And just because you think they can afford it, doesn’t mean that you can just demand it from them. That’s just not how it works.

4. Can’t You See The Lines?

We don’t know what’s wrong with these people who seem to not know how to park or maybe they really think that they just own the entire space. Maybe we could forgive a little mistake on parking but this really is just too much.

Can’t You See The Lines?

Just because the parking lot looked empty, it does not mean they could show such disrespect to other cars that may arrive. But then again, maybe this driver was too drunk to care.

5. Ungrateful Child

To this child’s mom who bought them AirPods, we are very sorry that you ended up having such an ungrateful child. We know it must have been a struggle for you to figure out what your child would have wanted but instead you got a message of hate from your child who wanted AirPods Pro instead of the AirPodsyou gave them.

Ungrateful Child

We would gladly accept your gift if your child doesn’t want them.

6. No Birthdays For Her

We are not sure who she is but it looks like she’s supposed to be someone who’s got tons of followers on Instagram. And just when she thought that she got a good following count, she’d get gifts – in cash or in kind – for her birthday.

No Birthdays For Her

But we hope this girl learned after this that she’s not exactly entitled to receive anything from anyone.

7. Sue Uni For Giving Me Bad Grades

To most people, grades are everything – simply because there can be grade requirements when applying for higher studies or to get a great impression in job interviews.

Sue Uni For Giving Me Bad Grades

That’s why when Umer Riaz got a grade he was not satisfied with after failing his freshman year and deferring some modules during his sophomore year, he decided to sue his university.

8. You Can’t Just Ask For Something This Expensive From A Stranger

A lot of people result in online selling to get by in their daily lives – such as selling phones online. However, when it’s time to upgrade your phone, you also want to sell your old one instead to lessen the money you actually have to save up by working to buy the new one.

You Can’t Just Ask For Something This Expensive From A Stranger

But someone turns to asking strangers for phones just because they broke theirs and couldn’t afford a new one.

9. From Not Enough To Nothing

Holidays are the best time to have a good time. But there are times where we need to act on our best behavior and be civilized – flying is one of these times. It is hard enough to be crammed in a small place with hundreds of other people who just want peaceful and quiet flight. A couple was kicked off a plane for causing a scene, when other passengers started complaining about the couple smelling like alcohol and disturbing everyone surrounding them.

From Not Enough To Nothing

This couple was given £300 as compensation, but for some reason they felt entitled to get more. However, when they complained, the airline took the £300 away — and they ended up with nothing.

10. Nasty Lady

Getting your order wrong is one of the frustrating experiences – you asked for a seafood meal but got a steak, you wanted a Pizza but got a salad instead. Mistakes happen and some people understand that. Incidents like these can get fixed, so it’s not worth making a scene for it. Unless you are a nasty lady, who feels entitled to perfection, like this lady in this cafe who was caught on her entitlement.

Nasty Lady

The Chef made a simple mistake – eggs over easy, instead of over hard – but the lady felt more entitled to throw her coffee at the grill chef’s face.

11. ‘H’ for Helicopter or park Here

To find a parking space in a street that is packed and a full parking lot can be a headache and a struggle, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to block another one’s parking space –  a disabled parking space,  or worse, a helicopter landing pad.

‘H’ for Helicopter or park Here

No one is entitled to that, right? Wrong! This driver made it clear that they felt entitled to park right on a helicopter pad. If the car doesn’t survive the landing, they can only blame themselves.

12. Only Take What You Can Eat

Sometimes customers get bad servers, and other times it’s the servers that get bad customers. These servers were doing their job, bringing the people their food, putting up with rude comments, clean up and end of the day. Sure, there are times that you get crappy servers but you don’t need to be a crappy customer, like these customers here. Three guests filled up their plates at the buffet, but hardly ate any of it then left in a hurry soon after.

Only Take What You Can Eat

Look at those wasted food that could have been eaten by someone else and leave more work for the servers. Worst of all is that after leaving a mess they didn’t even leave a tip!

13. Should have saved during those 4 years

The best part of anyone’s birthday is getting the love, attention, greetings and a gift or two that you don’t usually get everyday –  a day that you can claim for yourself. For whatever reason, this girl asked for donations so she can do anything she wants on her birthday.

Should have saved during those 4 years

Naturally, there is nothing wrong in having fun on your birthday – but to ask people to fund it, should be a little discreet.

14. I’ll Buy, But You Pay For My Gas

One way to make some cash is to sell things online. Sometimes you get stuff sold and earn some profit, the other times you sell the stuff cheaper than the amount you bought it for. Occasionally, people will give away things for free, it’s heartwarming to see someone else put to use some stuff other people no longer need.

I’ll Buy, But You Pay For My Gas

But who would expect a customer asking gas money from the seller to get the product. This is what this customer tried to do, what can you say to that?

15. Bring Your Own Box

The anticipation to a delicious treat is one different kind of pleasure and is almost heaven once you take your first bite – but all that anticipation can turn to smoke and disappointment when you realize your treat has been taken by someone else. In offices around the globe, there are people who feel entitled to another person’s food, but it’s never ok to take someone else’s lunch, food, things etc without permission.

Bring Your Own Box

It’s never ok to take something that is not yours, especially if they were really excited to eat it, like this picture.

16. The 3 P’s Of Parking: Please Park Properly

It is very frustrating having to park and see that the other car is so close to you that you couldn’t get out of your car. However, in this case, we hope that the person who tweeted this got shamed in the replies for “thinking” that he was the one who parked properly when he was the one who clearly didn’t.

The 3 P's Of Parking: Please Park Properly

The lady who owned the car on the left was parked within the box, while he crossed the parking space line. It’s just wrong.

17. She Didn’t Ask – She Demanded

When traveling on long flights, you would want to get as comfortable as much as you can – sometimes, you would be willing to pay a little more for a seat by the window. The view from above can give off a different experience when flying. However, not everyone can be lucky enough to have the window seat, but apparently this doesn’t stop some people from feeling entitled to one.

She Didn’t Ask - She Demanded

Like this mother who demanded that her child sit in the window seat. This can be a lesson for those self entitled people, if you go demand your entitlement you may never get anywhere, but if you use a different approach, you may get a different and better result.

18. Mind Where You Park

When you’re in a hurry, it’s understandable that you want to get to your destination as fast as possible and reach your destination. But this reason is never an excuse to be rude and take up the space someone else would need – like the space of a disabled parking lot. This driver felt entitled to this parking space and some space of the disabled parking who needs it the most. 

Mind Where You Park

It’s not even funny that the driver went a little over the line. Even if the driver was in a rush, they should have been careful in their parking, if that car gets a scratch or something, they only have themselves to blame.

19. No More Reward For Him

When a pet goes missing, posting signs or online can be a great help and adding a reward is a great way to motivate people to join you in your search. Naturally, those who actually helped and found the missing item, pet or person are entitled to the rewards.

No More Reward For Him

But this guy felt a little more entitled to the reward for just seeing a similar but random cat underneath a car.. this doesn’t count. But thanks for participating. Better luck next time!

20. We’d Rather Take The Money

The only people I can think who would be interested in this offer are those who like to take selfies of themselves none-stop and post them online.

We’d Rather Take The Money

So.. you have the option of finding a photographer and pay them accordingly or be prepared for pictures of your events as a background for selfies of your photographer.

21. Did They Even Pay For Both Seats?

Yes, we understand that everyone deserves to nod off especially when they had a rough night before, and taking a nap in public is certainly acceptable. What’s unacceptable though is taking up someone else’s paid seat and dozing off to the world of dreams without even caring for the person who paid for the plane seat – just like this girl right here. 

Did They Even Pay For Both Seats?

We hope she was asked to pay for the extra seat she took and that the person whose seat she took was bumped up to first class to compensate for her behavior.

22. She Didn’t See The Sign

Signs in natural settings were put up to serve as a reminder to citizens or tourists that they have to protect natural creations.

She Didn’t See The Sign

However, there really are just people who think that they are entitled and can get away with breaking the rules just to get their Instagram worthy picture with no care whatsoever if they were standing on prohibited grounds – or dunes for this matter. What a Karen.

23. They Should’ve Saved Up For Their Honeymoon

Weddings are never cheap, especially if you want a grand wedding – more so for the honeymoon. And reaching the amount needed to finance your dream honeymoon can make the event special – to receive contributions from friends and families even more special. But such dreams always start with your own pocket. 

They Should’ve Saved Up For Their Honeymoon

Saving for the wedding and honeymoon is a challenge; it’s hard work but worth it.

24. Getting It Backwards

When you’re being recommended for work, and the work requires you to work for them, pay them and allow you to use your photos for your publicity. 

Getting It Backwards

Are we clear? Yes, it’s clear that whoever wrote this must be both high and drunk.

25. When Your Feet Has A Bum

It’s understandable that you want to get as comfortable as you can. But there is a time and a place for everything, and the subway is not the place to get overly comfortable. Most parts of your body have a designated place in a public transport; your hand to the rails, your feet on the floor and your ass on the seat. 

When Your Feet Has A Bum

Or you can mix it up, like putting your feet on the seat, since it has a bum.

26. Someone’s Car Is Gonna Get Towed

It’s understandable to be ignorant to our surroundings whenever we are in a rush. However, we should always be aware where we park our cars.

Someone’s Car Is Gonna Get Towed

To follow instruction must have been a challenge for this driver, who probably felt entitled to park in a space that clearly says “No Parking”. The driver won’t be laughing when the tow truck arrives.

27. Wake Me Up At The Last Station

In this picture we see a man, a bag and his bike, all of which took too much space inside the subway. Even if he had a tough day, it is not an excuse to feel entitled to take up the whole bench to yourself.

Wake Me Up At The Last Station

Unless you paid for the whole bench for yourself.

28. The Mat Should Say “Go Away”

Each household has their own rules to follow and this household is clear that they don’t want the outside dirt to enter their home. But there is always this one guest, who feels entitled to be exempted to the rule. 

The Mat Should Say “Go Away”

For this guest, the main reason why the boots must stay on is because it should match the outfit or the guest must have onions for feet – I would keep my shoes on too.

29. This Woman Should Study Math

We all have a sweet tooth that craves for anything sweet. While most of us are willing to buy the sweets that we prefer, this woman takes it on a whole new level.

This Woman Should Study Math

This Lady must have been craving for a cake and started eating it in the store, there is nothing wrong with that but the story doesn’t end there. 

30. Parking Gone Wrong

Parking is one of the problems for car owners, especially if there are some who don’t know how to park properly. One look at this picture and we can already see that this driver adds to the problem of the lack of parking space.

Parking Gone Wrong

We see the driver feeling entitled to park in the middle of parking lines taking up 4 parking spaces. I kinda feel bad for the car, because chances would be it would drive away filled with scratches or with paint. Or towed away.

31. Karma Hit Him Good

Running a business is fine and totally acceptable especially if what you’re doing has no bad intentions behind it. However, this man thought of stocking up necessary supplies that families would usually need at home from a place out of town to sell them for a much higher and unworthy price!

Karma Hit Him Good

 What he didn’t know was that while he was out and gone to hoard, families in their neighborhood already bought locally without having to pay for unbelievable prices! We guess Karma did its job on him.

32. We Hope He Didn’t Fart

The freezers in the poultry section of grocery stores were made to keep raw goods fresh and still good to buy. But it looks like this man here thought they were made for something else  – something for him to sit on.

We Hope He Didn’t Fart

And we know how the butt area of our clothes is one of the most dirty parts of our body due to sitting anywhere we like. So would you still want to buy chicken from this freezer? We are just hoping that he didn’t fart too.

33. Shouldn’t They Know How To Shop For Vegetables By Now?

They say that wisdom comes with age. But apparently, that’s not the case in this photo. An elderly couple would go around ripping off bad lettuce leaves until they found the right one and putting back the others that they did not like.

Shouldn’t They Know How To Shop For Vegetables By Now?

 And we know how more of you (who are younger than these two) can tell that they probably do not know how to shop despite their age.

34. Too Small To Take Up More Space

Some drivers really think that just because they own a bigger vehicle they’re entitled to take up all the parking space that they want. They’re making the people who made those lines seem useless in telling people how to park in that certain parking lot.

Too Small To Take Up More Space

 Their entitled self probably wished they were bigger to have taken up more space.

35. We Need A Refund

We love organic fruits because they are healthy and good for our body since they carry nutrients to our body. Farmers use pesticides to ensure that pests don’t manifest in their crops – but then again, not everything is perfect and some pests are immune to such. 

We Need A Refund

It would be okay to just reuse infested crops as fertilizers perhaps? But some companies are just so greedy that they still sell infested crops and just cover them up with stickers! How unhealthy and we demand a refund!

36. She’s Probably Part Squirrel

When squirrels eat their nuts, we would totally understand if they made a mess because they were not trained to know nut-eating etiquette in public spaces – unlike this girl. Unless she’s actually a squirrel trapped inside a human’s body.

She’s Probably Part Squirrel

We are deeply sorry for the flight attendants who didn’t have a choice but to clean those up.

37. Judy Is Probably Karen’s Friend

One look at this picture and we are sure you can see what’s wrong with it. If not, then you have to practice on how to “throw your trash IN the trash can” just like Judy here. We really never encountered a saying that tells you to throw your trash ON them. 

Judy Is Probably Karen’s Friend

Unless Judy doesn’t know the difference between “in” and “on” – you know, basic English grammar. Too entitled perhaps?

38. Not How Bike Racks Work

Cycling is such a fun and healthy way to go around town or just to get to places you have to be. However, there are times that it would be too difficult and unsafe to leave your bike in fear of someone taking it especially when there is no bike rack available. Lucky for people in this building, it provided a bike rack for its cyclists.

Not How Bike Racks Work

Unlucky for people in this building, they have with them someone who is too entitled and likes to take up all the space leaving others with no choice on how to park their bikes.

39. Another Driver Who Probably Faked Their License

We know how difficult it is to find a parking space in some areas. And this driver here is probably one of the reasons why parking is so difficult to find these days.

Another Driver Who Probably Faked Their License

Clearly those painted lines were meant to signal a driver how to park and only those who can’t really drive will know that that is not how you park your car.

40. Is She Blind?

We would understand visually disabled people if they were the ones sitting on the fragile plantings despite the presence of the sign just beside them because they just can’t see. And we probably could give this girl a free pass if she were blind.

Is She Blind?

But from the looks of it, since she’s holding a phone and tapping away, we don’t think that’s the case. She’s probably just too entitled.

41. Her Feet, Her Seat

There really are some people who just don’t get the concept of “public spaces” being for “public use”. Well normally, there wouldn’t be something wrong if she put her feet up on a chair as a footrest if only she did this at their home. 

Her Feet, Her Seat

Doing such at a public space, such as a train, then that’s just feeling too entitled. Unless she paid for that seat. But we doubt it.

42. Don’t Block The Driveway!

Unless you want your car to actually be hit by other cars, then don’t block the driveway! Don’t be like this driver who just thought they owned the road and decided to park right there and then and block the road to refuse everyone else some access.

Don’t Block The Driveway!

Well, if their car did get hit after this shot was taken, they only have themselves to blame.

43. Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me

While looking at this picture, Mike Wazowski’s voice started playing in our heads because it is true – whoever put that thing there should put it back where they got it. 

Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me

It’s not easy to work in a grocery store and fix all those messed up aisles thanks to TONS of entitled customers. And plus, that’s meat that needs to be refrigerated or else it will go bad!

44. They Got No Sympathy

We know that waiters in restaurants are tasked to take and serve your order – no harm in that because that’s how it works. But when someone gets a heart attack in the restaurant there’s no one to do first aid, normally people who care for other people would drop everything and help the patient in need. 

They Got No Sympathy

However, this couple got mad at a waiter who didn’t serve their food on time just because he went to help a patient experiencing a heart attack! Faith in humanity semi-restored!

Questionable Designs That Are Sure To Make Anyone Laugh

John Travis

This article was originally published on WackoJaco

We can admit it, there are plenty of things that look ugly but they work just fine, so we don’t really care. But there are also a lot of things that are just flat out terrible looking to the point where function no longer matters. Your eyes are so caught on how horribly designed the item is that you can’t even begin to ask yourself if it works or not. Out of all the terribly ugly items in the world, these are the top 50 worst ones. After seeing how many people have them in their houses, you’re going to feel like you have the asthetic eye of a fashion mogul.

Just A Centaur Having A Beer

Here’s a classic bar joke: a centaur walks into a bar, the bartender says, “Hey, how’s the throat?” The centaur replies, “My throat isn’t horse but my legs are.”

Just A Centaur Having A Beer


We can suppose that this design is supposed to be funny. Imagine you waiting to meet the girl of your dreams and she enters the bar and sees you sitting on it though.

Even He Knows The Design Looks Ugly

There are times when we try so hard to hide our emotions, but we fail to do it. This person is pretty aware of how ridiculous the entire design is and his face says it all.

Even He Knows The Design Looks Ugly


Some may say this is a cool theme for a restaurant, but most would probably disagree with that. By the way, the soup doesn’t look very appetizing, and we can’t control the urge not to say that this guy is the “Soup-ervisor.”

10 Points For Slytherin!

Harry Potter fans will get our little nerdy title of 10 points for Slytherin. Some may say that it is scary, but we have a feeling that some people will think that it is cute.

10 Points For Slytherin!


We feel that it would be super cool for Halloween with the right costume. Would you go with this one?

Looks Comfortable

Just give a call to any person who you don’t generally like and invite them for dinner. When they come, make them sit on this comfy “thing.”

Looks Comfortable


We do feel that this is perfect for your upstairs neighbors who might try to drag their indoor furniture and make noises all the time.

Where’s The Giant Bird?

This is weird and somewhat cute. By the way, this is “le nid” (meaning “the bird’s nest”) in Nantes, France.

Where's The Giant Bird?


We do think that this is an “Eggcellent” idea that is quite unique. One wonders there is any point in this place if you can’t get an omelette there.

50% Off Pants

Do you think you are confident enough to wear anything without worrying about what others would think? Well, imagine having this much confidence.

50% Off Pants


We are not here to judge anyone, but we do feel that this would be super uncomfortable.

Not The Most Appealing Egg Separator

This egg separator looks super disgusting. Moreover, it is a massive pain to clean it as well. You can imagine mold and/or yeast could easily start to grow in the nostrils.

Not The Most Appealing Egg Separator


You can send it as a Christmas gift to someone you hate who also gets flu easily. By the way, it is supposed to be funny.

“Mommy, There’s A Giant Under My Bed!”

Having this kind of bed in the room gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, “foot of the bed,” right?

"Mommy, There's A Giant Under My Bed!"


We do feel that this is Quentin Tarantino’s bedroom because of his foot fetish (if you don’t agree with us then just watch his movies). We are 100% confident that some kid will eventually paint the toenails.

The Worst Online Shopping Fail

His face shows disappointment and we are left wondering here what didn’t meet his expectations. Maybe he knows that he is going to be popular.

The Worst Online Shopping Fail


So, should we address the elephant in the room or there is no need for it? Well, it seems like there is no need. We all got it.

Why? We Just Want To Know Whyyy???

How creative is this, right? We don’t know what made the designer think it was a good idea to have little lumps in the armpits in a color that looks like ancient sweat stains. What was the designer snorting when the idea came to them?

Why? We Just Want To Know Whyyy???


To be honest, it looks like the person is always sweating so much that insects have even laid eggs that are about to be hatched.

The Designer Is A Fan of SpongeBob SquarePants

Some people may think that this is obviously a church down in Bikini Bottom, an underwater city in the SpongeBob SquarePants series.

The Designer Is A Fan of SpongeBob SquarePants


We are certain that whoever came up with this design is going to “sHELL” (we know you’re impressed by what we did here). And hey, we have a question; can the priest hear themselves and others over the sounds of the beach?

That’s How You Blend Into Your Environment

We’re a bit confused now because it is hard to imagine how one goes about getting a shirt in the exact same print as the upholstery?

That's How You Blend Into Your Environment


This must be a custom order. Someone pointed out that a transport company sells them as a joke. Well, that’s one way to prank the passengers.

A Die-Hard Fan Of Tango

This lady made the mask during COVID-19 most probably because she’s not a fan of regular masks as they are quite boring looking.

A Die-Hard Fan Of Tango


Despite the fact that it doesn’t look effective at all, we have to give her an A for effort because we can bet a lot of time went into knitting it. If she wears a better mask underneath it, then it’s still functional and might just brighten someone’s day

Secret Agent Grandpa

This is what happens when your lovely and innocent-looking grandpa is a secret agent hiding highly valuable information.

Secret Agent Grandpa


Or it can be just some guy hiding some of his personal collection from his wife…who knows!

When The Beach Is To “Die” For

There are some beaches on earth that make people want to stay there forever. Some of these are the breathtakingly beautiful beaches like Whitehaven Beach (Australia), Bai Sao (Vietnam), and Pensacola Beach (Florida).

When The Beach Is To "Die" For


By the way, this has given a new meaning to RIP meaning Relax In Peace. And just so you may know, the sales of this new floaty skyrocketed because of vampires.

Who Thought Of This Design?

Hey look, don’t judge us for what we are going to tell you. Is it wrong that it reminds us of the rhino scene from Ace Ventura?

Who Thought Of This Design?


Although kids won’t notice this, we are sure that adults can easily find issues with it.

The Eye Of Sauron

There are casual fans of The Lord of the Rings series and Harry Potter series, but then comes the die-hard fans of these series. The person who designed this one is a big fan of the Great Eye.

The Eye Of Sauron


We find it scary because of Sauron’s quasi-omnipotence and also its terrible gaze. Would he be okay with us wearing it?


Seriously, anyone who buys these baby-faced candles cute needs to have themselves checked because we are sure that there can be no way any of us is going to have them in the house.



These are the candles that you find in horror movies like The Conjuring, If you still find them cute, imagine them in red color.

Absolutely Shocking

Got it, thanks! Well, we got to say that this is the sneakiest murder for hire ad we have ever seen.

Absolutely Shocking


They should come up with another ad like, “Get your household electric chair today. It comes with an adjustable voltage!”

Throw Away This Handbag

It seems like the designer of this handbag thought that a personal silica bag helps keep you fresh all day.

Throw Away This Handbag


And we have a plot twist for you: Inside this handbag, you will find tiny leather handbags. If you don’t get this it’s because you don’t understand the fancy world of fashion… but then again neither do we.

Yeah, It’s A Swimsuit

This is a swimsuit by Black Milk Clothing Company that enables you to take a look at the human body in a different way. You can see the heart, lungs, and intestines.

Yeah, It's A Swimsuit


We really can’t find the motive behind such a swimsuit and if we are honest here, we don’t want to know. This person, for some reason, bought this swimsuit online and we can only imagine what it was like when they wore it to the beach.

A Mouse And A Flying Carpet

We actually loved this one. Although that’s not the right place to use a carpet, we really like the idea behind it. We think it is could be a bigger movie than Aladdin.

A Mouse And A Flying Carpet


But how will the person use the mouse when the carpet starts flying around the house?

Guide 101: How To Make Ripped Jeans Look Cool

Why do we feel that these jeans belong to Lady Gaga? Imagine the headlines: Lady Gaga Meets The Gap. But let’s be honest here. This jeans design is horrible.

Guide 101: How To Make Ripped Jeans Look Cool


It looks like this woman had a severe accident where her skin was horribly burned off! You can only wear it on Halloween one time only if you burn these horrible jeans afterwards.

Definitely A Tech Person’s Home

Although we don’t consider ourselves tech nerds, we do feel that this is pretty cool.

Definitely A Tech Person's Home


Still, people who are into aesthetics and classy looks will find it really uncomfortable. Let us know if you want it in your home or not.

Ugly Breakfast

One wonders what the pitch of this concept was. Like, why eat with a fork and knife when you can…when you can put little forks and knives on your fingers?

Ugly Breakfast


We feel that they’d keep falling off, so if you’re eating hot food prepare to get burnt.

Is That A Fungus Infection?

Oh boy, are these supposed to be oyster fingernails? They don’t look good at all, but then again, some people may like it.

Is That A Fungus Infection?


We can only recommend it to you if you are getting married to an expert in oyster aquaculture.

The Scariest Light Switch In The Kids’ Room

Believe it or not, this is a light switch in the kids’ room, and boy it is scary. The poor kids are going to suffer from a lack of sleep for the rest of their lives.

The Scariest Light Switch In The Kids' Room


After seeing this every night just before they fall asleep these poor kids will need therapy for the rest of their lives… or maybe even an exorcism!

Must Be A Dentist’s Office

Well, we are certain that it is a dentist’s office. But the scariest part of this picture is all the clashing colors and misguided pattern combinations.

Must Be A Dentist's Office


On second thought, it seems like a bathroom of a serial killer. Going into such a creepy bathroom should always be avoided.

A Giant’s Shoe

We have an idea for this young man, as a hilarious prank you could lie face down and pretend a giant had mugged you.

A Giant's Shoe


We’re wondering if Nike thought this one up. We really wish that we could go to the designer of this bag and tell them “Just Don’t Do It.”

This Is Why You Gotta Know Your Audience

When someone was given the job to decorate the toilet for disabled people, all they said is “say no more, we got it.”

This Is Why You Gotta Know Your Audience


Incidentally, these are the sports likely to get you disabled. So whoever made this should really be a bit more considerate to the people who are going to be using this bathroom.

A Must Have Socks For Quarantine

Hey everyone. Here is our new collection. Check out the latest thing from the How To Embarrass Your Kids line! Although we found it funny and a bit lame, you’re welcome to love it as much as you can.

A Must Have Socks For Quarantine


However, we have a feeling that this might trigger those who never understood this whole “no socks in the sandals” thing.

A Die-Hard Fan Of Bernie Sanders

We can’t really figure out what’s the reason behind this insane outfit. Is he a big fan of Bernie Sanders? Or did he lose a bet and is forced to walk around in this?

A Die-Hard Fan Of Bernie Sanders


Who knows, maybe he’s a fan of Donald Trump and he lost a bet. Whatever the reason is, we know one thing for sure that Mr. Sanders looks happy.

So Much For A Nice Childhood Memory

Kids love to play with toys and teddy bears. So, one parent decided to buy one toy online for their kid as well. This is how the bear came to their house.

So Much For A Nice Childhood Memory


We’re pretty sure that it is enough to give nightmares to that unfortunate kid.

Are These Buildings Kissing Each Other?

In these COVID-19 times, one of the most important things to follow is social distancing. While everyone is trying their best to keep at least a six feet distance from others, it seems like these two buildings are madly in love with each other.

Are These Buildings Kissing Each Other?


By the way, these buildings get fined every day for not following social distancing rules.

And There Goes The Eyes

Do you hate someone so much that you don’t want them to interfere in your life? Here ya go, we are recommending that you serve them coffee or tea in this cup.

And There Goes The Eyes


We’re joking. We won’t recommend this cup to even someone who has been the absolute worst to you. Someone needs to buy all these mugs and then break them.

That’s One Way To Lose Weight

If you are finding it difficult to lose weight, consider this idea that will surely help you lose both weight and probably some blood as well.

That's One Way To Lose Weight


Or you can buy it and serve food to your mother-in-law the next time she comes to your home. You can thank us later

No More Back Pain

We can understand that COVID-19 has forced most people to work from home, but it doesn’t mean that they should use awkward chairs for sitting while working. It looks super uncomfortable.

No More Back Pain


It just feels weird looking at her sitting at the very edge instead of just pulling the chair forward and sitting comfortably.

When You Love Meat Too Much

We have something awesome to tell you, so be ready. This is a “MEATing” place and we love it. Please say that our pun is fun just so that we don’t make it more awkward.

When You Love Meat Too Much


By the way, this is natural quartz and it looks super cool. What do you think about it? Yay or Nay?

Why? Please Tell Us Why?

We all know what was going through the designer’s mind when they came up with this one. So, do we really need to say more about it?

Why? Please Tell Us Why?


We don’t know who will buy it but we have to admit that it can grab anyone’s attention that enters the store.

This Is A Toe-Tally Cool Design

We don’t know what will come next after this design. And please don’t be Toe Toothpaste in Fungus flavor. Eww.

This Is A Toe-Tally Cool Design


After seeing it, we highly doubt that you’ll want this in your home. It is a big nope from us.

This Woman Is “Smoking Hot”

Any smoker out there can tell you that it is super difficult to quit smoking. Although you can quit smoking, you need to have the self-control to be able to do it.

This Woman Is "Smoking Hot"


But that self-control remains no more when you haven’t smoked for a couple of days and you see a lady with some sort of a hat that has cigarettes on it. You can say goodbye to the idea of quitting after that.

Wow, That Serves The Purpose

A touch-less automatic faucet is an excellent addition to any bathroom, but only when it is working, right? Well, not in this case.

Wow, That Serves The Purpose

Here, the automatic faucet is working to some extent, but the problem is that it doesn’t work when someone places their hand under it.

Another Cigarette Lover?

We don’t think that the person who designed these curtains intended them to look like big cigarettes. We just feel that it’s an innocent color combo that causes our minds to make associations where there are none intended.

Another Cigarette Lover?


Even if the intention was to make us think of cigarettes, we feel that the curtains don’t really light up the place.

When You Miss Your Friends

One of the ways COVID-19 has affected us is that we can no longer hang out with our buddies. Although you can play online games with them, it is not as fun as going to a bar or restaurant and having a great time hanging out.

When You Miss Your Friends


This person seems to miss their friend and, for now at least, they have no other option than this one. No matter how much they try to make it look cute, deep down we know that it is creepy.

Thanos Is That You?

It seems like Thanos snapped so hard that three of his fingers broke and fell off.

Thanos Is That You?


We can’t say that we hate it because this is clearly a homemade project and honestly, they did a pretty good job. What do you think about it?

How To Get Killed By Police 101

No matter what you feel about police, there’s no doubt that cops are going to get nervous when they see someone walking around with what looks like a pistol in their pocket.

How To Get Killed By Police 101


We just hope that he used that awful phone case one time and then tossed it before something horrible happens.

The Collector

We don’t know what to say about this. At first, we thought she’s the wife of the Green Lantern (yeah that Ryan Reynolds’ film that failed miserably at the box office).

The Collector


One wonders how many times she has to open the box which is carrying her handbag. There’s no doubt that it’s frustrating for everyone when they’re waiting behind her in line and she opens the box to take money out of her bag.

That’s A Big Nope

How can someone come up with such a scary shoe design and then wear it for others to see? It seems like this person is a big fan of a domestic dog breed the Rottweiler.

That's A Big Nope


Moreover, the shoes look uncomfortable as well. We can only hope that this person’s decision to wear these shoes doesn’t come back to bite them in the….you know what we mean.

When You Can’t Go To A Barber

Due to COVID-19, most of us are stuck at home, and even going to a barber seems risky. So, people are having haircuts and beard trimmings at home.

When You Can't Go To A Barber


This person wanted to come up with a new style and we have to admit that he achieved it. We won’t say anything mean but you are more than welcome to say anything that comes to your mind.

A Little Too Red?

Would you want this in your home? We can only imagine that someone wanted it specifically for Halloween or something.

A Little Too Red?


Given that it reminds us of horror movies, we would never want it in our homes no matter what.

People Who Proved That Posing With Sculptures Is Not Boring At All

John Travis

This article was originally published on 24/7Mirror

Like most of us, you probably have some poses that you repeat quite often when taking a picture next to a sculpture. So, if you want to get some inspiration and stand out in a crowd of photos, we urge you to have a look at these super cool photos of people who did not go with conventional poses and took posing with sculptures to another level.

1. His Facial Expression is Pure Gold

“I’ll punch you if you don’t give me back my bow and arrow.” You don’t want to mess with the Cupid, trust us!

His Facial Expression is Pure Gold

This is an adorable picture not only because of baby cupid, but this man’s facial expression is perfect for this situation.

2. Empathy Level: 1000

“Here, I’ll help you.” This cute picture reminds us of the importance of small deeds. 

Empathy Level: 1000

The heart of this child is filled with kindness and care.

3. Nobody is Watching

“You can count on me, but make sure you don’t blow my cover,” the statue had some concerns.

Nobody is Watching


Nobody saw it, except for the photographer. Oh, and the guy in the back.

4. Joining Others

“Hey! Let go of him!” Hopefully, they are holding on very tight. 

Joining Others


Also, if enough people are doing this, we hope this statue doesn’t break. 

5. Hygiene is Important

Hygiene is one of the main things that can either turn on or turn off a woman. This is what this statue thought, as well. Maybe it was going on a date, who knows.

Hygiene is Important


Although the original razor was lost through the tides of time, someone was kind enough to lend him a new one. 

6. All The Single Ladies

“If you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it.” 

All The Single Ladies


This must be where Beyonce got the idea for her “Single Ladies” dance. 

7. Another Reason to Fear Clowns?

Why so many people are afraid of clowns? Oh, that’s why! The fact that this clown just backslapped Superman, we know a big fight is going to break out real soon.

Another Reason to Fear Clowns?

Who knows, maybe this clown is Pennywise the Dancing Clown. 

8. “Let’s Dance”

The kid behind this cute little girl said, “Hey, stop dancing and fall in line.”

"Let's Dance"


But kids do whatever they want, and it looks like she is having a great time there.

9. “You Shall Not Pass”

We know it would’ve been much better if Sir Ian McKellen said, “you shall not pass”, but this little snowman is doing a pretty good job as well.

"You Shall Not Pass"


We appreciate the creativity of the person who came up with this idea. Respect earned.

10. “Seriously, Dude!”

“What is this wizardry?”  Ben Franklin is seriously confused by this space-age technology. 

"Seriously, Dude!”

He is about to take an amazing selfie, once he figures out how to use this strange contraption. 

11. Run Like Hell

Why do you have to take advantage of a man who is distracted by his lady? 

Run Like Hell

The bag looks a little too heavy to carry, so he won’t be getting anywhere fast. 

12. Powerful Mommy

Statue tug-o-war, who will win this match? Our money is on the statue. 

Powerful Mommy


This strong mom isn’t letting go of her child anytime soon. 

13. Aww…Can Someone Pass the Tissues, Please?

Pictures like these are the reason we love the internet. As you can find both good and bad stuff on the internet, you just need to know where to look.

Aww…Can Someone Pass the Tissues, Please?

It is an adorable picture that shows a hopeless romantic in the making.

14. “Back Off, He’s Mine!”

We will give full marks to her for turning a powerful-looking image into something entirely different.

"Back Off, He’s Mine!”


Certainly, she isn’t shy to take what belongs to her, even if she has to do it forcefully.

15. “Ahh, What Have I Done!”

If you encounter a bear in the wild, we hope you don’t end up like this, even though it is fake. 

"Ahh, What Have I Done!”


Or maybe, the bear is helping this person back on their bike. You be the judge. 

16. Timing is Everything

We hope that it didn’t take too many shots to get this super fun photo. The timing of this photo shows their commitment level.

Timing is Everything


This statue is in Niigata City, Japan, and it celebrates the character, Taro Yamada, from popular manga comic “Dokaben.”

17. Keep on Trying

“Honey, I said I am sorry. The traffic was terrible. I’m sorry I was so late getting here.”

Keep on Trying

This guy should keep on trying, even though she has a heart of “stone.”

18. It is Scary!

Okay, let’s be honest here. This is not funny and it actually freaked us out.

It is Scary!


This must be the eggheads getting revenge on humans for having arms, legs, and bodies to walk around with. 

19. Spidey in Big Trouble

Introducing a new villain to the Marvel Universe, Gold Face. 

Spidey in Big Trouble


He is big. He is Bad. He is here to beat Spiderman, but spidey won’t let that happen on his watch. 

20. “Lady, I Have No Idea Where The Bathrooms Are”

“Do I look like a directory?” This woman asked the wrong statue for directions. 

"Lady, I Have No Idea Where The Bathrooms Are”

He is not in the mood to be answering everyone’s pointless questions. 

21. Dragging Done Right

“You are going home, putting on a suit and going to that interview. We are not going to have any more discussion on it.”

Dragging Done Right


When your parents “subtly” tell you they want you to get a job and move out. 

22. Pigeon From Another World

At first, this looked like a photo taken from the set of an upcoming movie, “Attack of the Pigeons.”

Pigeon From Another World

Why is this human being attacked? Because he was complaining about pigeons always pooping on cars and statues. We guess this guy won’t be complaining anymore.

23. Showing Cat Pictures

These two seem to be hitting it off. We see a beautiful friendship in their future. 

Showing Cat Pictures

Rold RamCab

We can say without a doubt that the master is impressed by his student.

24. Kung Fu Fan

The fact that statues look like they did not expect this to happen makes this picture even more impressive. 

Kung Fu Fan

After seeing this photo, the only thing we thought about was the song “everybody loves Kung Fu fighting.”

25. Super Realistic

At first, it took us a second to identify the statue in this picture. 

Super Realistic

This statue is very realistic and quite creepy. 

26. 50 Shades of Sculpture

This is one provocative sculpture. He is getting a little too handsy.  

50 Shades of Sculpture

She doesn’t seem to mind though. She is enjoying his tender embrace. 

27. Listening Carefully

“Hey listen, did you know that Jamie and Suzie broke up?”

Listening Carefully

XOXO, Gossip (Statue) Girl

28. A Thorough Inspection

Well, this cowboy must be saying “just what I thought…you are no man!”

A Thorough Inspection

We are sure something really extraordinary came into your mind as well, but we are not going to talk about it. Let’s just hope that it was some random checking.

29. Great Timing

It looks like this warrior is crushing that woman’s head and thinking “I am so great that I can squish your puny little face with ease.”

Great Timing


The woman has nothing to do with this photo and all credit must be given to the photographer to taking the photo at the right moment.

30. “Hey, Thanks Lady”

Although we’re strongly against smoking and don’t promote it, we must admit that it is a pretty cool photo.

"Hey, Thanks Lady”

Given that this colossal neoclassical sculpture is not like other sculptures, all credit must be given to this person’s creativity.

31. Right in The Stomach

Okay, this sculpture is quite famous among people in Japan who want to take photos with hilarious poses.

Right in The Stomach

It could’ve been much better if he wasn’t smiling in this picture. Nevertheless, it was definitely worth including in our list.

32. Teaching a Lesson

“Hey missy, this is what you are going to get if you don’t follow dress rules.” And God, her face made this photo so realistic.

Teaching a Lesson

Have you watched the movie Matilda? Well, this particular photo reminded us of that movie. You should definitely watch it.

33. Just Breaking in The Line

We all know someone who doesn’t like to follow the rules and is always trying to do something different.

Just Breaking in The Line

Ren Dong

This kiddo broke into the line and acted so normal as if nothing had happened. Even if his parents told him to do it, we find this photo super cute.

34. “This is Not Sparta”

This lady looks like she takes karate classes, and she knows how to kick some butt. This sculpture was harassing people, and she decided to do something about it.

"This is Not Sparta”


One thing you should learn from this photo is that you should never mess with a woman. Who knows she might kick your butt like this one.

35. Mean Man

We all have that one friend who is always pranking everyone else. 

Mean Man


Sir, pick on someone your own size, not the little girl. 

36. “I Said Eat It”

When conventional marketing tactics don’t work, you have to think outside of the box.

"I Said Eat It”

As people are switching to organic food, Ronald McDonald is forcing people into eating it (well, at least that what this picture shows).

37. Obama Having Fun

We can’t help but think that this is a really random place for a statue. Don’t you think?

Obama Having Fun


But hey, who wouldn’t want to share a meal or a drink with Obama? 

38. Attack on Titan

Are you a fan of manga series Attack on Titan? If you haven’t watched it yet then please go watch it.

Attack on Titan

Universal Studios in Japan constructed an Attack on Titan experience that enables people to enjoy the feeling of being trapped inside the massive jaws of a Titan. So, these people knew what they had to do to create this nightmarish photo.

39. Shhh Don’t Tell Him

“First you gave me this backpack and though I wasn’t okay with it, I still agreed to wear it. Now it feels like I’m carrying dead weight.”

Shhh Don’t Tell Him

This woman took freeloading to a whole new level with this hilarious photo.

40. Playing the Drinking Game

Instead of just trying to win the game, this thoughtful gentleman is trying to make his opponent stay in the game as well.

Playing the Drinking Game

We can hear words coming out of this photo: chug, chug, chug!

41. Not Cool, Man

We are a little concern for this guy here. Why put someone else’s finger in your nose, especially in public? Even if it is the finger of sculpture, there is no need to put it in your nose.

Not Cool, Man

Who knows a bird sat on the finger and pooped? There is also a possibility that this finger has been in other people’s noses as well. Yuck…

42. The Kid Nailed It

When you take something from your older sibling, and they come to you looking for it. 

The Kid Nailed It


We must appreciate this kid who had to go through all the trouble to get this cool photo and even his facial expression just made it more convincing.

43. The Grin Says It All

“Those ate some nice buns you got there.” 

The Grin Says It All


Her grin says it all. She couldn’t be happier to touch those buns of steel. 

Hidden From The World: These Are The Biggest Abandoned Places On Earth

John Travis

There’s something hauntingly beautiful about looking at what was once a bustling city or town and seeing only trees. When people move out, mother nature moves in and what used to be pristine skyscrapers become covered in vines with towering trees leaning against them. These sorts of places may sound rare, but they are in fact quite a few tucked away in hidden corners of the Earth. How they got there, and why nobody has moved back, is one of the strangest and most mysterious parts of these hollowed-out places. This is a collection of these abandoned areas that few people ever get a chance to visit, or to even see.

The Châtillon Car Graveyard, Belgium

A graveyard of hundreds of half-dismantled and rusty classic American cars in a Belgian forest is quite fascinating, right? Well, the graveyard is in Châtillon, a village in southern Belgium. The cars in the graveyard used to belong to the US soldiers that were stationed in Belgium on behalf of NATO during World War II.

The Châtillon Car Graveyard, Belgium


There was a mechanic in the village that used to repair the cars, but the war ended and the soldiers had to leave their cars behind. Although it was up to every soldier to make a decision on whether to take the car back to their country, most of them decided not to take them. It is because they had to pay for the shipping. It took years for nature to take over the cars. Now, most of the abandoned cars have been removed due to environmental reasons. But there are still many left in the forest.

An Abandoned TU-144 Super-Sonic Passenger Jet, Kazan City

Looking at this photo can make anyone wonder why on earth someone parked a TU-144 passenger jet in their backyard and then completely abandoned it. It is not that someone was trying to hide it because it is not the most strategic location at all.

An Abandoned TU-144 Super-Sonic Passenger Jet, Kazan City


The jet was first discovered by people who were simply walking by it. As expected, the word spread like wildfire and before anyone knew it, the area was swamped with photographers and curious people.

A Store In Fukushima Abandoned For Years

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster occurred at a nuclear power plant in Ōkuma in 2011. As it was the most severe nuclear accident after the Chernobyl disaster that occurred in 1986, the government was forced to declare an evacuation zone around the plant. It meant that they had to quickly evacuate about 154,000 residents from the communities because of the rising off-site levels of ambient ionizing radiation. It was by far one of the greatest catastrophes in the country’s history.

A Store In Fukushima Abandoned For Years


The reason behind the nuclear disaster was the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, which caused the nuclear power plant to shut down the active reactors and their fission reactions automatically. As the entire population of Fukushima had to evacuate, this abandoned store has over $135,000 worth of gaming consoles and other items left inside. There is even money in the cash registers and the vending machines still have snacks and drinks. Fukushima has now become a ghost town.

Abandoned Ferris Wheel in Chernobyl

The citizens of Chernobyl highly anticipated the opening of Amusement Park in Pripyat City. The park was all set to be opened on May 1, 1986, but the Chernobyl disaster happened in the same year. The Ferris wheel is still there to remind people of the 1986 accident.

Abandoned Ferris Wheel in Chernobyl


By the way, the amusement park opened for just a couple of hours on April 27 so that people could enjoy the rides before the start of evacuation. We recommend you to watch 2019 mini-series titled Chernobyl. The breathtaking dramatization of the chaos and horrors of the disaster is simply brilliant. It was an unsettling incident, but the mini-series brilliantly shows the entire affair.

Christ Of The Abyss, Italy

Did you know that over 80% of the sea is still unmapped and unobserved? No wonder why scientists have not yet discovered the entire sea and they openly admit that there are so many secrets at the bottom that are still unknown to us. The mysteries of the deep sea are quite fascinating. This bronze statue (15 meters deep) is one of the fascinating things down there. Sculptor Guido Galletti created the statue, which represents Jesus Christ looking towards heaven.

Christ Of The Abyss, Italy


Initially, three statues like this were placed deep into the sea. This one is the first statue built in 1954 and placed near the spot where the first Italian scuba diver Dario Gonzatti died. In 2003, the statue was removed from the location due to restoration purposes and was placed back at the same spot the next year.

Six Flags Theme Park, New Orleans, USA

This theme park in New Orleans is one of those painful reminders of Hurricane Katrina that caused havoc on August 25, 2005. There were a total of 1,833 fatalities and damage of $125 billion (2005 USD). The people still remember how much damage it caused to a lot of properties, including the Six Flags. Most of the properties damaged by the hurricane are still abandoned.

Six Flags Theme Park, New Orleans, USA


Although there were a few suggestions about restoring the theme park, there has been no action taken as of yet. And some even wanted to demolish it. Let’s see what happens to this theme park that is now only used in some movies.

Abandoned McDermott’s Castle, Ireland

The McDermott’s Castle is located in County Roscommon Island. If we go into more precise details, it is located on an island on the Lake Lough Key. In the 12th century, the first castle was built on the island. But when the fire broke out in 1184, it was entirely burnt down and almost everyone living there was burned or drowned. Conchobar mac Diarmata and some of his people were among the few survivors. Another castle was then built a few years later.

Abandoned McDermott's Castle, Ireland


However, the McDermotts lost the island in 1586 and they ended up just abandoned it. Although ivy now covers the walls of the castle, its beauty remains. In a 2014 castle show called Moone Boy, the castle was used, and then Bob Geldof visited it in 2016 for a BBC documentary on Yeats. The Yeats adored the castle so much that they wanted to turn it into an Irish culture and heritage site.

One Of The Largest Man Made Holes

This is The Navel of the Earth, one of the largest man-made holes in the entire world. This place may look empty and ugly now, but there was a time when it was known for the production of diamonds. It produced such expensive diamonds that could make any person rich beyond their wildest dreams.

One Of The Largest Man Made Holes


The Mir Diamond Mine (also called Mirny Mine) in Mirny, Eastern Siberia, Russia, is more than 525 meters deep. Due to harsher working conditions and other issues, the mine was closed in 2004.

US Lockheed P-38 Lightning From World War II, Wales

People try to find different things buried in the sand and some can find really rare stuff as well. But what about finding a warplane that was buried in the sand for over 65 years? So the pilot of the plane, Robert F. Elliot, was on a practice mission in 1942 when he had to make an emergency landing due to a technical fault in the plane. During landing, the plane was severely damaged.

US Lockheed P-38 Lightning From World War II, Wales


He was lucky enough to escape without any serious injuries. It is unfortunate that he died three months after the plane accident when someone shot him.

An Abandoned Theme Park, Japan

There is an abandoned theme park in Japan that has only one ride left inside: a gigantic Ferris wheel. It is quite remarkable that it is the only ride left in the Kejonuma Leisure Land, which was opened in 1979. The park was a big hit as it used to have over 200,000 visitors every year. And the rides were not the only thing that the amusement park offered.

An Abandoned Theme Park, Japan


It also used to offer small huts and campsites to people who didn’t want to stay at a hotel. Unfortunately, the theme park closed in 2000. Instead of leaving the place, the owner decided to drill for hot water. However, the Ferris wheel is still left behind.

The Swinger’s Tiki Palace Chattanooga, Tennessee

This palace was built in the 1970s and is located in the Smokey Mountains, Chattanooga, Tennessee. At first, it was meant to be the dream house of Billy Hull, a strip club owner. The most attractive things about the palace was a playboy bunny pool and a sauna/Jacuzzi for 12 people. Moreover, every room of the house had an intercom system and TV monitor.

The Swinger's Tiki Palace Chattanooga, Tennessee


Billy had to give up his dream home as he went to prison because his wife’s boyfriend was shot in 1973 and it was Billy who hired the shooter. He was found guilty of murder and received a sentence of 20 years in prison. Although the house was listed for sale in 2014, it was so vandalized that it was in foreclosure by 2015. The playboy mansion was later condemned and demolished in 2017.

A Hotel On A Cliff In Colombia

There was a time when this hotel used to be popular among tourists. It may look spooky now, but it was majestic in its time. The hotel is surrounded by mountains and the guests used to enjoy their vacation by observing the spectacular waterfall and stunning landscape. However, there was one event that caused the downfall of the hotel.

A Hotel On A Cliff In Colombia


Industrial waste contaminated the Bogota River and even the authorities were not trying enough to fix the issue. So, visitors came for some time but eventually stopped coming entirely. Another reason for the downfall was that some people used the cliff to commit suicide. And that’s why there are rumors that the hotel is haunted.

Mar Sem Fin, Antarctic Shipwreck

There are many abandoned ships at the bottom of the ocean. Some of them are perfect spots for scuba diving as well. But this Antarctic shipwreck is unique. It is a 76-foot long Mar Sem Fim Brazilian research vessel that looks like glowing in the freezing cold water.

Mar Sem Fin, Antarctic Shipwreck


The vessel didn’t go down so easily. It battled winds of over 60 miles an hour but got trapped in ice in Maxwell Bay, King George Island. The ship was used for educational and scientific expeditions. Luckily, the entire crew escaped before the ship sank in 2012. By the way, it is one of the most advanced vessels that lie in the freezing cold Antarctic waters.

A Volcano Eruption In Karo, Indonesia

Many homes have been abandoned in Karo, Indonesia due to frequent eruptions of the Mount Sinabung volcano. This photo is of the church that was also abandoned. The Sinabung volcano came back to life in 2010 in 400 years. The volcano, which is still quite active, forced thousands of residents to evacuate their homes in 2015.

A Volcano Eruption In Karo, Indonesia


Due to eruptions, the villagers had no other option but to leave everything behind. Regardless of frequent eruptions, many villagers came back to live in their homes after some time.

A Not So Eco-Friendly Power Station, Belgium

As one of the largest coal-burning plants in Belgium, this power station was so powerful that it could easily cool down approximately 500,000 gallons of water per minute. Built in 1921, it became the main source of energy for the city of Charleroi by 1977.

A Not So Eco-Friendly Power Station, Belgium


However, the problem with the plant was that it was causing 10% of the total carbon dioxide emission in the country. Therefore, members of Greenpeace protested to have the plant closed. Eventually, it was closed in 2007. Now, it is not entirely abandoned as security guards protect the plant from looters who are after its scrap metal.

A Half Sunken Ship, Roatan, Honduras

This is Dixon Cove Wreck and there are many rumors about what happened to it in the 1970s. For instance, there is a rumor that a storm pushed the ship in the channel and that’s why it is stranded there.

A Half Sunken Ship, Roatan, Honduras


Allegedly, the ship was carrying wood and the crew tried their best to unload the cargo in an attempt to save the ship, but pillagers came and took the wood. As per another rumor, the ship was carrying marble. And another rumor is that the ship was used during the Nicaraguan Revolution. We don’t know which rumor is true and which one is not.

The Wreck Of The SS America, Near The Canary Islands

Although its primary use was as a passenger ship, it was used by the Navy during World War II. By the way, it is popular because of the two Nazi spies who were crew members and were a part of the Duquesne Spy Ring. The FBI finally exposed them and they were convicted along with 31 other people – a conviction that is still the largest espionage conviction in the country’s history.

The Wreck Of The SS America, Near The Canary Islands


In 1994, the ship was on a 100-day journey when a storm caused the ship to run aground near the Canary Islands. As a result of it, the ship split in two.

Lucy The Elephant, New Jersey

This humongous elephant was built in 1881. At first, it was called the Elephant Bazaar. This elephant-shaped building served a hotel for some time as well. But the building endured many disasters. For instance, one time a fire broke out and another time the howdah from Lucy’s back was blown off. At the end, the city decided to abandon the building in 1960.

Lucy The Elephant, New Jersey


But the good news is that a developer tried to tear down Lucy but people formed a committee and prevented it from happening. Now, Lucy the Elephant is restored.

St. Joseph Frozen Lighthouse, Lake Michigan

There is absolutely no denying the fact that nothing can come close to Mother Nature when it is about creating astonishing sights. What you see in this photo is a frozen lighthouse on Lake Michigan. Thanks to Mother Nature, the lighthouse looks like a magical ice castle. It is because the weather in December of 2016 was so extreme that spending a few minutes outside could cause frostbites.

St. Joseph Frozen Lighthouse, Lake Michigan


There came a point when the temperature dropped down to -34 °C. So, you can understand now how the lighthouse was completely covered with thick ice. By the way, this photo reminded us of the 2004 American science fiction disaster The Day After Tomorrow in which a sudden worldwide storm pushes the entire world into a new ice age. The film was a huge commercial success as it became the sixth highest-grossing film of 2004. So, you can watch the movie to get a slight idea of what Mother Nature can do.

Boats Sunk On Purpose, Moreton Island, Queensland, Australia

It is not a ship graveyard, so why are there so many rusty boats together? And why didn’t anyone try to remove them? As opposed to other times, these boats were sunk on purpose.

Boats Sunk On Purpose, Moreton Island, Queensland, Australia


Now they provide a safe harbor for smaller boats, all thanks to the sunken bigger boats. It makes sense why they aligned the boats the way they are.

Control Room 4 At Chernobyl

Most of you know about the Chernobyl disaster that was caused by a nuclear accident on 26 April 1986. The disaster is considered the worst nuclear disaster in history. Even after 4 decades, the site remained off-limits to all visitors. In July 2019, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky announced that the country had opened Chernobyl as an official tourist attraction. The country made a decision to reinvent its brand, saying, “We must give this territory of Ukraine a new life.”

Control Room 4 At Chernobyl


Now, tourists can enter the control room at Reactor 4 only by wearing protective gear. They can only stay for five minutes because the radiation at Reactor 4 is still 40,000 times higher than normal levels. It is quite remarkable because the accident happened 34 years ago. By the way, the visitors have to take multiple tests for any potential exposure after they leave Reactor 4.

The Devil’s Bridge, Germany

The Devil’s Bridge, also known as Rakotzbrücke, is an iconic arched bridge in the beautiful Kromlau Park in eastern Germany. This jaw-dropping 19th-century bridge is something that is out of this world. The most remarkable thing about it is its reflection that forms what appears to be a complete circle.

The Devil’s Bridge, Germany


Given that it is so challenging to build such a bridge, it is believed that only the devil could have helped in building it. According to the legend, the devil helped in building the bridge on a condition to take the soul of the first person who crosses the bridge. Today, you can view the bridge in the park but you can’t cross it as it is prohibited to preserve the aging relic. Do you think the devil helped in building this bridge?

An Abandoned Cottage, Ireland

This abandoned cottage in Stradbally, Ireland, is so beautiful. It was built in the late 1800s and it is remarkable how it has still been able to hold on its own through all these years. Apart from the fact that it is over 100 years old, it is known for its unusual blue roof.

An Abandoned Cottage, Ireland


One would be tempted to stay in the cottage for a weekend gateway, but, understandably, it is not an ideal place to stay due to its condition.

Houtouwan, Shengshan Island, China

In the 1980s, the village of Houtouwan was considered a prosperous fishing town. It had a population of only 3000 people. Given that the village was remote and accessing it was difficult, the locals started to move away in the 1990s. And then the village was officially abandoned in 2002. Now, nature has completely taken over the village.

Houtouwan, Shengshan Island, China


It remained abandoned until 2015, but it somewhat changed when the photos of the village started to go viral on the internet. So, tourists started showing interest in visiting the place. However, officials of the island have been urging visitors not to do it as they want to ensure the island remains in pristine condition.

The Selma Plantation Estate, Virginia

The Selma plantation estate used to be quite a popular place. After the original owner of the estate passed away, it saw many owners over the years. Even a fire broke one time and destroyed the entire house. The new homeowner went on to restore the place. But then it was completely abandoned after a few years.

The Selma Plantation Estate, Virginia


And you know what happens when humans abandon places. Yes, nature took over the place. In this abandoned building, the previous owner left a grand piano. That’s when Loudoun-based entrepreneur husband and wife bought the estate. They started the restoration process in 2016 and are hoping to make it their family home.

A Fishing Hut On A Lake, Germany

You can find this abandoned fishing hut in Berchtesgaden National Park, Germany. It was built on the picturesque Obersee Lake. When it was finally discovered, it had already fallen into disrepair.

A Fishing Hut On A Lake, Germany


Although there is no information of its original owner, it is believed that the owner was most likely a fisherman who enjoyed fishing while observing the breathtakingly spectacular scenery. This place is, without any doubt, out of this world.

Heavenly Yellow House, Nova Scotia

If you ever want to move away from your hectic lifestyle, consider taking a break in a place like this one. Whoever lived in this yellow house must have a lot of good memories in it. It was not just painted yellow, but there were also beautiful dandelions surrounding the house. You can also find more beautiful places around the world for a peaceful vacation.

Heavenly Yellow House, Nova Scotia


If you are wondering why someone would leave their house in such a beautiful place, well, it is because the economy of the area was not so good. As there were minimal job opportunities for almost all communities in Nova Scotia, people had to move to other places. The younger generation left the area in search of a better life. Hence, they also left behind their parents and homes. So, you can find many abandoned homes there.

Baikonur Cosmodrome’s Abandoned Space Shuttle

So the Baikonur Cosmodrome was built by Russia in Kazakhstan and the West didn’t know about it at that time. The first cosmonaut was Yuri Gagarin, which was launched in April 1961 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. In the picture, the space shuttle you are seeing is called “Buron.” This space shuttle with a cabin capacity to hold 6 passengers flew just once in November 1988.

Baikonur Cosmodrome's Abandoned Space Shuttle


The purpose of the shuttle was to send 30 tons to space and come back to earth with 20 tons. Before launching the shuttle, 24 tests were carried out. However, the program was put to a halt in 1991 as a result of the Communist government’s downfall. As a result of it, many half-finished space shuttles are rotting in the place. In 2012, one of the shuttles was destroyed when the hanger in which it was kept suddenly collapsed.

VW Bug At The Bottom of the Sea, Mexico

This is not an actual VW Bug car. This is a life-sized 8-ton cement replica of the Classic Volkswagen Beetle. It has become a part of an underwater museum in Cancun and now houses marine life. If you are passionate about diving and snorkeling, then you must visit this underwater museum in Cancun, Mexico.

VW Bug At The Bottom of the Sea, Mexico


You can find this VW Bug as well as 500 other sculptures. This underwater art museum display is there to bring awareness to how water pollution is impacting the natural coral reef and overfishing is having a negative impact on the area. If you don’t like diving or snorkeling, then you can ride in a boat with a glass bottom to see these genuinely spectacular underwater sculptures.

An Abandoned Farm House, Ontario

As people moved to big cities in search of work and a better life, they left behind their homes. This is a photo of an abandoned farmhouse in Ontario. We have to admit that it kind of looks like a farmhouse in a horror movie.

An Abandoned Farm House, Ontario


But still, there are many interesting things about this photo. The grass is so green as if someone was taking care of it and the landscape makes one wonder why didn’t they stay there.

The Last House On Holland Island, U.S.A

Just 360 people were living in Holland Island in 1910. And believe it or not, it was considered to be the most populated island in the Chesapeake Bay at that time. After all, it had a lot of luxurious homes, a church, a school, and many shops. But there was one major problem for the locals – the problem of erosion. And as we know that erosion causes significant damage over time, the residents were worried and so they even had stones shipped in to slow down erosion, but nothing worked. The residents had no other option but to leave their homes. So, they tore down their homes and moved to another place. The 1918 tropical storm did further damage to remaining infrastructures.

The Last House On Holland Island, U.S.A


And so, the last resident left the island in 1922. It is not that others didn’t try to save the island. In 1995, Stephen White (a Methodist minister) bought the land for $70,000 in an effort to preserve its legacy. He created the Holland Island Preservation Foundation, but all his efforts failed as the island shrank by 20 acres in the next 15 years. This house in the picture was built in 1888 and it fought erosion for over a century. It was the last house on the island that finally lost the battle to shoreline erosion.

A Shipwreck, The Red Sea

We know that the Red Sea is famous for its world’s hottest and saltiest seawater. It is also the most heavily traveled waterways as well. From the 18th to 19th century, many shipwrecks were discovered in the Red Sea. This shipwreck was discovered in 1988 and it is called the “Russian Wreck”. According to experts, it might be a fishing trawler called Khanka.

A Shipwreck, The Red Sea


It is believed that Russians used fishing trawlers for other purposes than just fishing such as surveillance. Given that this ship had some advanced equipment used for communication, it is believed that it was a spy ship.

An Abandoned House Of Pencho Semov, Bulgaria

Pencho Semov, aka Bulgarian Rockefeller, was the first billionaire in the country. Born in a poor family, Semov climbed the social ladder with trading and banking. His journey to becoming the first billionaire in the country was challenging, but he remained persistent. Before he died, he said that he wanted to have his mansion converted into a retirement home and two other buildings into girls’ boarding schools. He also stated that one school would be for poor girls and free of charge. The other school would be for wealthy girls and would charge small taxes.

An Abandoned House Of Pencho Semov, Bulgaria


Unfortunately, there was no one to carry out his wishes after he died in 1945. Moreover, the government also blocked all of his resources. They later used his mansion as an infectious tuberculosis ward.

Abandoned Railroad Bridge, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

You can find many abandoned bridges in Pennsylvania and most of them are no longer needed due to the rise in the use of automobiles. With the advancement and more reliance on automobiles, traveling by train became more of an exception than the rule.

Abandoned Railroad Bridge, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


As there was no need for plenty of railroad bridges, they were abandoned and left to rot. It meant that no one was willing to find the maintenance of those bridges. After all, repairing them would have cost a lot of money and there was no need for it.

British Warship Found In The Great Lakes, Ontario

This is an old British warship that is present in the Great Lakes in the H.M.S Ontario. In 1780, the warship was caught in a fierce storm and sank. In 2008, the ship was found between Niagara and Rochester, NY. Unbelievably, most of the ship was intact even after over 200 years.

British Warship Found In The Great Lakes, Ontario


When the ship sank in 1780, over 100 men lost their lives. Jim Kennard, who found over 200 shipwrecks, tried to search the ship 35 years before it was found. It was until he teamed up with Dan Scoville that they found the ship after three years of planning and searching.

An Abandoned Home In Nebraska, USA

It takes a lot of hard work and luck to take a memorable photo. So, the photographer was able to capture this photo at the right moment during a storm in 2015.

An Abandoned Home In Nebraska, USA


He was at an abandoned home in Nebraska when he took a photo just when the lightning struck. Due to the lightening, the eeriness of this abandoned house is added a thousand times. An interesting thing about the photo is that there are no trees nearby.

The Graveyard Of Deserted Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

All these Harley-Davidson motorcycles were once used by the police of Puente Piedra, a district in Lima, Peru. However, there was a big problem with their maintenance. Since the maintenance of the bikes was proving to be costly, the police had no other option than to stop using them. But the bikes were not completely useless.

The Graveyard Of Deserted Harley-Davidson Motorcycles


Harley lovers bought some of the bikes because they couldn’t obtain parts of bikes in any other way. Although the police bikes were sold in an auction for just $1,300, people bought them and even sold them for as high as $12,000.

Old Helensburgh Tunnel, Australia

This is one of the seven tunnels which were built in the 1880s. The purpose of this astonishing Helensburgh Tunnel was to provide a safe passage through the hills between Otford and Waterfall. But when the steam locomotives appeared, there was a need for a double lane. Given that the tunnel has a single lane, it had no further use. So, the tunnel was closed in 1920.

Old Helensburgh Tunnel, Australia


Once the tunnel was closed, people started visiting the place. The tunnel is a perfect combination of beauty and mystery. There are glow worms in the tunnel that light up the place in the dark. Unfortunately, the tunnel is not open for visitors anymore because it was vandalized.

Abandoned VW Bug On Lagoon Beach, Milnerton, South Africa

We don’t know how someone went all the way through with their decision to abandon such a cute car. Who knows maybe the car reminded them of some bad memories. But one thing we know for sure that the car still got the beauty.

Abandoned VW Bug On Lagoon Beach, Milnerton, South Africa


There seems to be a volcano mountain in the background. So maybe the car got stuck in the sand and the owner had to abandon their car to save their life. We can make assumptions all day long.

Michigan Central Station Detroit, U.S.A.

This historical station was built in 1913. Did you know that it wasn’t even completed when it was put into use? It is because World War I broke out and over 200 trains left the station daily. The military troops used the station in World War II. And when the war was over, cars became more popular among the people. So, it reduced the demand for the station. In 1988, the station was eventually closed down.

Michigan Central Station Detroit, U.S.A.


Although the station closed down, the owners of the building and even the authorities kept looking for ways to use it. Finally, it was sold to Ford Motor Company in 2018. There are rumors that the company has some other plans for the building instead of just using it for vehicle development. For now, we can just wait and watch what they do with it.

A Victorian House, San Francisco

This peculiar looking house is abandoned, but what makes it more interesting is that the owner decided to build it in between two modern homes. There is a possibility that the owner was an artist and wanted to make their home look different from others.

A Victorian House, San Francisco


By the way, some people love to live in small homes even if they have money to afford a big home. You can find peace and satisfaction even in a small room.

A Deserted Mining Town, Canada

In 1994, the ship was on a 100-day journey when a storm caused the ship to run aground near the Canary Islands. As a result of it, the ship split in two.

A Deserted Mining Town, Canada


Decades later, miners came up with a way to retrieve the silver. By building a breakwater out of rock and concrete, they were able to hold the water back. It worked and they were able to retrieve $3 million worth of silver. The overall operations eventually stopped in 1883 because there were very little funds.

Halcyon Hall, Millbrook, New York

In 1890, Halcyon Hall was built to operate as a luxury hotel. It had two hundred rooms and five stories. But the hotel was not as popular as predicted. So, it was closed down in 1901. A few years later, a teacher from New York decided to use the big Halcyon Hall as a school for girls. It became Bennet Collage after more buildings were added.

Halcyon Hall, Millbrook, New York


The Bennet College found it hard to survive after the arrival of more colleges. Eventually, Bennet College was so much into debt that it went bankrupt. It was abandoned in 1977. In 2014, the building was demolished despite being on the list of the National Register for Historic Places.

Deserted Neuruppin Mansion Gentzrode, Brandenburg, Germany

It is easy to believe that this mansion is cursed because all the plans for it failed. So, the story of this mansion started with Ludwig, the son of Carl Von Diebitsch. The young man wanted an estate with landscaped gardens, a family mausoleum, and would resemble a castle. In 1876-1877, the mansion was completed. But the cost of running the mansion was higher than what he had anticipated.

Deserted Neuruppin Mansion Gentzrode, Brandenburg, Germany


Eventually, the mansion was one of the biggest causes of the family’s bankruptcy. Over the years, many other families owned the mansion as well, but none lived in it for more than a year. One owner even tried growing sugar beets but failed miserably. The mansion was completely abandoned after World War II.

Swallow’s Nest Castle, Ukraine

You may think that why a castle from Game of Thrones made its way into this list, but that is not the case. Located on the Black Sea in Southern Ukraine, this astonishing castle is called the Shallow’s Nest. A wealthy oil merchant built the castle in 1911.

Swallow's Nest Castle, Ukraine


By the way, a wooden cottage called “The Castle of Love” was built on the same spot before the Shallow’s Nest. This stunning castle is built on top of the Aurora Cliff.

A Deserted Castle In Italy

You can find a lot of deserted castles in Italy. While some of the abandoned castles have been restored and put on sale, there are castles like these that are still left abandoned. There are some castles that are almost completely ruined and yet they are restored by the owners. Restoring the castle and selling them is not a bad idea because all castles have unique artwork and designs.

A Deserted Castle In Italy


Some have balconies and dungeons while others even have secret passageways. As there are many castles in the country, you can buy a restored castle or a castle that needs restoration. Moreover, it is always fun to explore new castles.

An Abandoned House In Wheat Fields, Oregon

There is a town called Boyd in Oregon, but there is a high possibility that you have never heard about it. In 1955, the city was dis-incorporated and that’s why Boyd turned into a ghost town. There are a few homes like this one left and all of them are empty.

An Abandoned House In Wheat Fields, Oregon


One of the main reasons behind it is the Great Depression. And also the wheat prices at that time were very low. With almost no business and very little visitors coming to the town, people had to leave their businesses and homes.

Deserted Dome Houses, Florida

Have you ever lived in one of these circular homes? These dome houses on a beach in Florida are truly beautiful. Bob Lee was a wealthy oil producer in Cape Romano below Naples, Florida. He built these houses in 1980. These houses were also self-sustaining and completely solar-powered. But why did they abandon these houses? Well, no one can stand for too long against Mother Nature and that is exactly what happened in the case of these dome houses as well.

Deserted Dome Houses, Florida


These homes had a very little chance of survival when they were up against hurricanes. In 2005, John Tosto bought the houses shortly before Hurricane Wilma further damaged them. The hurricane not only damaged the homes but it also washed away a part of the coastline.

A Church, Iceland

Couples in Iceland love this church. It is called Búðakirkja and it is loved so much because of its color and also the spot is perfect for taking wedding photos. After all, how often you get to see a black and white church.

A Church, Iceland


It is located in Búðir. In the background, you can spot a volcano as well. It was built in 1703 and then was deconstructed. It was then decided in 1987 to reconstruct the church.

A Mental Hospital (Pavilionul de Bai) Valcea County, România

This is a former mental hospital that had 145 rooms. It was built in an E-shape style and was opened in 1915 despite not being completed. Although 19 more rooms were added later on, they never completed due to World War I. The doctors used electrotherapy and water-based therapy to treat patients.

A Mental Hospital (Pavilionul de Bai) Valcea County, România


There was the use of compressed air cabinets as well for patients to breathe in extreme air pressure conditions. It was therapy at that time which was supposed to help patients with respiratory diseases. The tourism of the country dropped due to Communism and it had a big impact on resorts and buildings like this one. So, it is now abandoned.

A Rollercoaster in Nara Dreamland, Japan

Nara Dreamland is an abandoned theme park in Japan and this ride was the only best ride you could take there. By the way, this theme park was supposed to be a copy of the original Disneyland. But the main problem was the lack of funds. Moreover, the theme park lacked interesting characters that could attract people.

A Rollercoaster in Nara Dreamland, Japan


This rollercoaster, called Screw Coaster, was one of the highlights of the theme park. Now, it is all abandoned and even bushes have started growing on it.

Atkins Hall Apartments, Ireland

This complex is known as the Atkins Hall Apartments, but did you know that it used to be a mental hospital? Yes, in the mid-1800s, these apartments served as an asylum where men were situated on one side and women on the other.

Atkins Hall Apartments, Ireland


There were other buildings as well such as a church and a gate lodge. Now, the complex has been turned into apartments after much-needed renovation. But the other half of the complex is still abandoned and one wonders why they didn’t start working on it.

An Unused Railroad Track In The Middle Of A Forest

It is such a beautiful view, isn’t it? If you walk on the Jiancing Historical Trail in Taiwan, you will encounter this railroad track that has been abandoned for so long. By the way, the Jiancing Historical Trail was used for a logging railing, but years later it became a popular 2.3 kilometers long hiking trail.

An Unused Railroad Track In The Middle Of A Forest


A typhoon of 2013 destroyed most of the trail. Now, only about 900 meters of the trail is left in a somewhat good condition while the other half is in an unstable condition.

A Farmhouse In Switzerland

Not many people know that farming is not quite popular in Switzerland. In fact in the farming business, there is only about 4% of the population left in it. It is because the soils in the country and the climate do not really favor agriculture and that’s why agriculture and farms are, in most cases, family enterprises. That’s one of the reasons why you can find a lot of small abandoned farmhouses in the country.

A Farmhouse In Switzerland


The farmhouses are so beautiful that a person wonders how anyone can not live in them. The trend in the country is more about having fewer larger farms instead of having many small farms. That’s why three-quarters of the land in Switzerland is all covered in meadows and pastures.

A Hydrofoil Abandoned In A Forest

Do you know what a hydrofoil is? Well, it is a high-speed machine that is used for the transportation of passengers. But the special thing about the machine is that it is used for water travel. It was Russia that introduced hydrofoils in the 1960s. By the way, hydrofoils were used until 1980s and they had some pretty cool names like “Sputnik” or “Meteor.”

A Hydrofoil Abandoned In A Forest


This hydrofoil was the most advanced one and that’s why it was used in a fleet of vessels. But when an economic collapse hit the Soviet Union, they stopped the production of hydrofoils. Most of them were then abandoned in a ship graveyard.

A Bombed Library, Kensington, London

We have a question for you: do you think it is a crime to steal books even if the library is almost completely destroyed? Well, this is what happened when Holland House, a privately-owned library, was destroyed by Germans during World War II. They bombed the library and there were only a few books left.

A Bombed Library, Kensington, London


So, some people with still a desire to read went there and tried to get their hands on the books that were left. Maybe some people tried to sell the books because a part of the library was preserved after 1952.

A Deserted Theater Inside The Norwich State Hospital, Connecticut

It won’t be a big surprise if we ever hear horror and creepy stories about the Norwich State Hospital. After all, many horror movies and shows do revolve around a creepy mental hospital. This hospital was first opened in 1904 and it had only 95 patients at that time. In just 11 years, its number of patients grew to 1,000 and there were over 3,000 patients by 1955.

A Deserted Theater Inside The Norwich State Hospital, Connecticut


Underground tunnels connected many buildings of the hospital. The hospital was a frightening place to treat mentally unstable people. And yes, there are stories about how the staff badly treated the patients. For instance, there are stories about starvation, beatings, and even prolonged confinements. In 1996, the hospital was finally shut down for good.

Oodnadatta Track, South Australia

Adam Plate named an aged track in South Australian Oodnadatta Track. By the way, the track is about 383 miles long. On the track, you can find many sites such as sidings, bridges, and ruins of the railway buildings.

Oodnadatta Track, South Australia


If you love to explore new places, you will enjoy the well-preserved campground called Coward Springs Campground. There, you can enjoy a natural artesian spa. And just so you may know, there are no intersections along this 383 miles long track.

The Doomed Serendipity House, North Carolina

Have you watched the movie Nights in Rodanthe? It is a 2008 romantic drama film in which Richard Gere and Diane Lane share screen. The film did pretty well at the box office. So in the movie, a lot of scenes were shot in this house in North Carolina. This house was built in the 1980s and the special thing about it is that it is surrounded by 400 ft. of the beach and nothing else.

The Doomed Serendipity House, North Carolina


As hurricanes and storms have somewhat changed the landscape, it is now sitting in the water. After the movie was filmed in the house, the city didn’t take long to abandon it. But then one couple who really loved the movie decided to buy the house. They have now fully renovated it and now it is used as a rental for couples who want to enjoy a romantic getaway.

A Uninhabited Cottage, Ireland

If you have ever been to Ireland, you’ll definitely know that there are many abandoned homes and cottages in the country. But what really makes the deserted buildings in Ireland so special is that they are unbelievably beautiful. Take this one as an example. If you go on the Kerry Way walking trail, you will come across many unusual sights that will please your eyes and heart. By the way, the Kerry Way is a popular hiking trail in County Kerry, Ireland.

A Uninhabited Cottage, Ireland


The trail is about 133 miles long and it will take approximately 9 days to complete it. If you think that you should go on this hike, it would be better to make sure that you are in better shape because it can be a challenging hike.

Barnes Hospital, England

This hospital is also known as Manchester Convalescent Home. After it was closed down in 1999, it was sold to a realty company two years later. It was then resold to another development company. Although the company had some really big plans for the building, none of them were brought to action.

Barnes Hospital, England


Another development company then bought the Manchester Convalescent Home in 2012. The company went with the plan of converting the hospital rooms into apartments. In 2015, the construction started. We are sure people would like to stay there because it appeared on the show “Most Haunted Live” and it was also used in a horror film of 1974 called ‘Let Sleeping Corpses Lie.”

C-121 Lockheed Constellation Aircraft’s Remains, Antarctica

The C-121 Lockheed Constellation aircraft crashed on October 8, 1970 due to terrible weather. It had to make a forced landing on unprepared terrain. There were 80 passengers on board and no one was seriously injured. The reason behind it was that the weather in the region changes frequently and it often changes the flying plans from New Zealand to McMurdo.

C-121 Lockheed Constellation Aircraft's Remains, Antarctica


On October 8, the pilots had to make a decision as well. The pilots were in a pickle because they had to decide on whether they had enough fuel to turn back if they can’t land at McMurdo. Given that the plane had already passed the point of safe return, the pilots had no other option but to land. Fortunately, they landed the plane safely.

A Haunted House In Belgium

You can find a lot of movies on haunted houses in Hollywood. There is one TV show that we highly recommend is The Haunting of The Hill House. Trust us, if you love horror movies and TV shows then you will love it. Enough of the show, let’s come back to this home that looks like a haunted house. This house was built in 1908. As it is over a century old, it is deteriorating. The vines are growing inside the house and the paint is slowly peeling from walls. Moreover, the windows are shattered.

A Haunted House In Belgium


Given that the house easily meets all the standards for a horror movie, it was used in a few videos. If you feel that you don’t get easily scared, you can try to spend a night in this house.

La Villa Zanelli, Savona, Italy

On a beach outside of Savona, there is this beautiful villa that has a long history. A sea captain, Nicolo Zanelli, built his villa in 1907. He and his family lived in this spectacular villa until 1933. The villa was sold to the municipality of Milan after some time. It was then turned into a field hospital during World War II.

La Villa Zanelli, Savona, Italy


Once the war was over, it was turned into a heart center in 1967. It kept on operating as a heart center for many years until its ceiling collapsed in 1998. The historical building was abandoned after the accident. Now the people living there are trying to restore the villa.

40+ People Whose Bad Decisions Had Hilarious Consequences

Brenda Miller

This article was originally published on Kueez

For some people living independently is hard, but living independently while making smart decisions is even harder! No matter what type of choice it may be, sometimes we’re just not sure about what to do. Then there are times that we’re so confident about our choices that when life punches us back in the face we were simply not ready for it, and that’s exactly what happened to the people on this list. Take a look at some of the worst decisions ever made, and the hilarious reactions people had the moment they realized what they had signed up for.

1. ​A Rookie Playground Mistake

By the looks of it, this person’s party was completely over before it even started. We’re not entirely sure what the guy had in mind when he decided to get himself stuck at the park.

​A Rookie Playground Mistake


Perhaps he was just nostalgic, or he was trying to prove a point, either way, things didn’t really work out for the best and he clearly regretted his decision.

2. Loyalty Went Too Far

While getting a tattoo is nothing too special for some people, for others it’s a big life decision to get something permanently tattooed on their bodies.

Loyalty Went Too Far


For this girl though, her commitment to being loyal seemed big enough to make it to her face in the form of a tattoo. She proudly showed her terrible decision online, and no one could handle it.

3. Not What He Had In Mind

These three guys were simply taking a picture together to add it to their list of wonderful memories when one of them decided to lean a little bit too much into the edge.

Not What He Had In Mind


In a split second, he found himself tripping and falling over while his friends reacted in shock. In the end, they couldn’t have taken a more memorable photo than this.

4. A Tattoo Does Last Forever

Sadly for this guy who believes that “nothing lasts forever”, this misspelled tattoo is amongst the things that probably will.

A Tattoo Does Last Forever


Unless he regrets it one day and chooses to go through the pain and high cost of removing it, he is currently flaunting a misspelled tattoo that will last on his arm for the rest of his life. What a mistake.

5. ​“Today Will Be A Good Day. Nevermind”

It’s like we said, some days are just not your day and there is nothing you can do about it. Actually, you can decide to look on the bright side of things, or you can just bottle up in anger – both are valid!

​“Today Will Be A Good Day. Nevermind”


This person sadly tried to share her positivity on Snapchat with her freshly bought drink, but apparently, life had other plans for her. 


Now here’s another show of commitment that people may not have expected. And well, if we all only live once, wouldn’t we want to make decisions that we wouldn’t regret in a couple of months?



Apparently not. Because this trio made the choice of getting matching #YOLO tattoos, and we’re pretty sure they started regretting it as soon as they saw them.

7. ​The Most Painful Pose Ever

This poor guy chose the worst moment in history when he decided to show off his huge tray of freshly made sandwiches. Sadly, he became completely heartbroken the second after the first picture was taken after he saw every single sandwich fall to the floor.

​The Most Painful Pose Ever


He then proceeded to throw himself to the ground and began eating as many sandwiches as he could save.

8. ​Should Have Stayed Awake

No matter how much of a bad decision it is to fall asleep while the children have crayons on their hands, this mistake is probably worth it once the guy sees the proud looks on his kids’ faces.

​Should Have Stayed Awake


The poor guy was just taking a nap when the kids decided to make some beautiful pieces of art… on his face.

9. Poop On You

Okay, we’re not sure whether this person thought this tattoo was artistic, funny, or just plain sad, but the fact is that they went with it anyway.

Poop On You


While they might have thought this was a great idea at that moment, we’re pretty sure it won’t take them too long to realize what a terrible mistake this tattoo is.

10. A Confusing Situation

Clearly, someone forgot to look around while walking into the bathroom as they stared at their phone. From the look of it, this guy probably regrets even going into the outdoor bathroom in the first place, since the result of it was pretty sad.

A Confusing Situation


Don’t walk and stare at your cell phone at the same time – that’s a lesson that this guy isn’t going to forget any time soon.

11. ​Swinging Is Not For Everyone

Here’s the thing, we should all be able to do whatever we want, even if that means swinging and enjoying ourselves in the park just like kids get to do. But this guy didn’t think it through when he decided to fit in the tiny swing at any cost.

​Swinging Is Not For Everyone


In the end, he probably regretted it since someone actually had to call an ambulance to help him get out.

12. An Interesting Pair Of Glasses

It’s becoming really hard to understand what some people can possibly have in mind when they decide to tattoo their faces. Take this guy for example.

An Interesting Pair Of Glasses


Did he just wake up and say: “Today, I am going to tattoo a pair of glasses on my face!” We’re not sure, what we easily suspect though, is that there is no way in the world that he won’t regret this.

13. She Thought That Hair Remover Was Shampoo

Well, isn’t this just so unfortunate? Imagine you’re just calmly washing your hair with what you think is some shampoo, and end up losing all the hair on your head.

She Thought That Hair Remover Was Shampoo


We are sure that this girl will never again use anything without properly looking at the description in the bottle, but for now, all she can do is regret her decision.

14. Just Another Misspelled Tattoo

Yet another misspelled inspirational quote for the books. It seems like they are much more common than we ever thought, and something tells us that people will continue to have them until the end of time.

Just Another Misspelled Tattoo


This girl right here decided to go for a “live you’re life” quote that couldn’t have been worse. Oh well, hopefully, this will be a mistake she will learn from.

15. A Regretful Decision

What on earth did this guy have in his mind when he decided to make the ruthless decision of putting his hand down a toilet?

A Regretful Decision


Clearly, he had no idea what he was getting himself into since professional help had to be called in order to find a way to get his hand out of the pipes. This will probably be a great lesson for him to never make such a ruthless decision again.

16. Checkers On The Face

We’re going to go ahead and make a cheesy joke because this image truly asks for it.

Checkers On The Face


While most people in this world check themselves before wrecking themselves, this guy “checkers” himself and completely wracked his face forever. Whatever he had in mind, hopefully, he’ll have better luck next time.

17. A Savage Snake

One thing is for sure, this guy will never ever forget the mistake he made this time. When he thought that this snake was harmless, he leaned in a little bit too close for his own health.

A Savage Snake


Sadly, the snake ended up making a move and sending him straight to the hospital. We are glad he is mostly okay though!

18. A Little Pepper For The Win

This image might bring some pretty tough deja vu to many of us, since spilling the entire tub of salt or pepper has probably happened to most of us before.

A Little Pepper For The Win


And when it does, how heartbreaking is it to see our lovely food becoming completely unedible because of a small mistake? This rookie chef probably really regrets using the pepper that day.

19. A Homage For Mom

This guy may truly love his mother (or girlfriend, wife, it’s an endless list of possibilities), but there was absolutely no reason in this world for him to get a tattoo of the young woman in a bikini.

A Homage For Mom


There are so many ways to show our appreciation for the people we love, and a cheap tattoo is probably not the best.

20. A Wedding Fail

So it’s pretty mean to laugh at this picture since the person in it is completely devastated. But unfortunately, something went really wrong at her wedding, and we’re guessing it has something to do with making the wrong decision.

A Wedding Fail


Looking at the positive side though, there has to be a strong reason why she left, and hopefully, that will bring her happiness in the future.

21. A Paint To Remember

There are several effective ways of warning people about wet paint, and putting a huge sign right next to where the wet paint is in is probably one of the most effective ones.

A Paint To Remember


Yet, that didn’t work very well for this poor woman who decided to sit exactly where the sign warned about the wet paint situation, yikes!

22. A Really Awful Tradition

If what we are looking at really is a family tradition, then they have chosen the worst tradition in the history of time.

A Really Awful Tradition


And no matter how much this guy wanted to take on his family’s traditional values, there is no way that he is happy about what he now has on his face. Hopefully, he is reflecting hard on his decisions right now.

23. So Much Cringe

By the looks of it, it seems like these three guys are about to commit a crime, but the force wasn’t on their side that day.

So Much Cringe


One of the members of the crew really seems to be regretting his decision to rob someone as soon as his colleagues messed up the entire operation. Hopefully, this will discourage him from the next one.

24. Sweet Pee

While this person may think she is incredibly sweet, she is probably a little sour too since her spelling skills are seriously failing her.

Sweet Pee


Sweet pea is spelled with an “a”, and not an “e” folks, so here’s the thousandth reminder on this list to ALWAYS make sure that whatever we’re tattooing on our bodies is spelled correctly.

25. A Failed Instagram Post

These days, people go to great lengths to post a good picture on social media. It doesn’t matter if that means putting themselves in uncomfortable situations, or even in dangerous ones.

A Failed Instagram Post


And in this one, this person could have easily lost their phone after they tried hard to take a cute picture of their meal.

26. Beach Day Gone Completely Wrong

Shame, this poor guy was just enjoying his day at the beach when he made a terrible mistake. He decided to get himself buried in the sand when a bunch of birds thought his head would be the perfect place to poop in.

Beach Day Gone Completely Wrong


They say getting pooped on by a bird is good luck, so at least this guy has that going for him.

27. You Bet He Will

This person is seemingly so proud of the fact that “only God will judge him” that he went on to tattoo it in huge letters on his back.

You Bet He Will


And what’s worse is that he even managed to spell the sentence incorrectly, adding to the terrible mistake that it was to get this tattoo in the first place. Hopefully, he will be forgiven right after being judged.

28. A Picture To Remember

During a photoshoot, this woman got a little bit too excited and ended up making a really terrible mistake.

A Picture To Remember


She stood on every possible angle for it, while the photographer failed to let her know that a couple more centimeters and she would be in the water. Well, that’s exactly what happened, and she has got it all on camera forever.

29. Stuck With A Foot In The Door

Most of the time, the expression “getting your foot in the door” refers to something positive. But we’re not sure that what we’re looking at here is a positive thing after all.

Stuck With A Foot In The Door


We have no idea how this person managed to put their foot on the door like this, but it somehow became stuck in a way that leads us to believe that she instantly regretted it.

30. Powered By Google

What can we say besides, how weird is this?! Google may actually power this guy, but if this is the price of being empowered then we’re not so sure it’s worth it.

Powered By Google

Powered By Google

We wonder if Google gave this guy a shout-out at their last shareholders’ meeting, something tells us they didn’t though.

31. ​A Terrible Bill

So we’re not really sure what happened here, but this guy seems to have loved his McDonald’s bill so much that he decided to tattoo it on himself. What’s up with people jumping into tattooing so many random things anyway?

​A Terrible Bill


You’d think that deciding to get something permanently tattooed to our body would take more thinking, but apparently, that’s not the case for everyone. 

32. I’m Watching You

Now isn’t this just one of the creepiest tattoos out there? This guy probably thought it was hilarious to tattoo a scary face on his back, but the “the-one-who-can’t-be-named” vibes it is giving us are way too strong.

I'm Watching You


He can probably still hide it once his hair grows back, but what if he becomes bald? What is he going to say to his grandchildren then?

33. What A Tragedy

So, let’s approach this positively first. The meaning of this tattoo is deep, there are certainly some tragedies out there that are beautiful, and vice-versa.

What A Tragedy


But we wonder if this person gets how ironic it is that in the future, she will probably feel that the tattoo she chose to get on her body is its own kind of tragedy too.

34. A Very Special Bond

There is nothing like a beautiful bond between a father and son. And while many fathers love getting their kids’ faces tattooed on their bodies, this guy might have gone a little bit too far.

A Very Special Bond


He actually went all the way to tattoo his toddler’s face on his left cheek, and we’re not sure he’ll feel proud of it once he takes a second look.

35. Dad’s “Aingel”

Oh man, how awkward is this? It must be the absolute worst to ask someone to tattoo something on our bodies and to have them misspell the word.

Dad's "Aingel"


After all, we probably want to have the right spelling in something that we will have to look at for the rest of our lives! We wonder how this person’s little “aingel” would feel about the dad’s misspelled tattoo.

36. A Crystal Clear Bad Decision

If there is one thing that this guy made incredibly clear is that he has made some really bad decisions in his life. One of them was undeniably this tattoo.

A Crystal Clear Bad Decision


And since he decided to tattoo it on his back, he might not always be able to remind himself, but we’re pretty sure he will always be aware of the huge mistake he has made on his back.

37. Wrong Phrase Man, Wrong Phrase

Here’s the deal, if what you want to get as a tattoo is the quote of a famous artist, then you ought to get that quote right! Otherwise, what’s the point?

Wrong Phrase Man, Wrong Phrase


But it seems like it’s more common than it should be for people to get it completely wrong, and what’s worse? He is now stuck with the wrong Bon Jovi quote.

38. Double Negative

Here goes another sad mistake someone made when a tattoo artist (if we can even call them that) tattooed something grammatically wrong on this guy’s arm.

Double Negative


And the thing is that it was an easy phrase to not mess up, it could have easily been “never give up” or “don’t give up”. Yet, the combination of the two just didn’t work out for him.

39. ​The Drake Drama

Sometimes, people’s loyalty towards a celebrity can go beyond the rational level, and we’re cautiously sure that that’s what happened to this person. She loved Drake so much that she decided to go for the bold move of tattooing his name on her forehead!

​The Drake Drama


She thought that would be the best step into showing her love and appreciation for the artist, but apparently, the singer wasn’t impressed at all. 

40. Just A Little Ice Cream

This guy might be screaming for ice cream a little bit too loud with this hilarious tattoo he got on his face. He is rocking it, that’s for sure, but there is no way that he looks in the mirror, sees that tattoo, and genuinely believes he made a good decision in his life.

Just A Little Ice Cream


Sadly, he has no other option but to make peace with it at this point.

41. Another Poor Decision

Once again, the saying this person chose to tattoo on her arm wasn’t that bad. It makes sense, right? We don’t want our past to rule our future, but what if our decisions in the present are just as detrimental to our future?

Another Poor Decision


Listen, folks, there is nothing wrong with liking a saying and refraining from tattooing it in huge letters on our bodies. Just put it on paper instead.

42. Call Me Maybe

When Carly Rae Jepsen’s song hit the radio the entire country (and the world) went bonkers! The super catchy song could be heard everywhere, and apparently, people loved it so much that they decided to immortalize it.

Call Me Maybe


This group of friends went ahead and got a matching tattoo with the lyrics for the song, and well, we’re just going to say this was a terrible mistake.

43. Strange Decisions

Well, here’s a situation we’re not really sure how to react to. This young woman decided to express herself in the weirdest way, with an unusual haircut and a tattoo that she will most probably regret for the rest of her life.

Strange Decisions


And now that she has become a mom, even her newborn is already doubting her choices just by looking up at her.

44. The King Of Pop

Oh man, this is so awkward. So many of us appreciate and love the King of Pop, but we don’t necessarily go running to get his face tattooed on our bodies.

The King Of Pop


This fan, however, really felt like he had to get one, but couldn’t he at least have gotten a professional and good-looking one? His tattoo just makes us all uncomfortable.

45. The Mistake Is Strong In This One

Here’s what we interpret from this tattoo. This guy really wanted to showcase how strong he is with a very inspiring and common saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.

The Mistake Is Strong In This One


However, like many of the folks on this list, his tattoo came all faulty and his grammar is just so off. Hopefully, this misspelled tattoo will make him much stronger.

46. Nope!

Nah man, this one is just really high up on our list of some of the biggest mistakes anyone has ever made.



Though it is true that we only live once, that isn’t a strong enough reason to go to a tattoo artist and ask him to tattoo the world “Yolo” in the form of little male genital parts. Also, what type of tattoo artist is cool with doing this?

47. He Really Does Love His Food

It is incredibly clear from this picture that this guy truly loves his food. He loves it so much that he chose to tattoo the logos of some of his favorite fast-food chains on different parts of his body. Is he going to regret this one day?

He Really Does Love His Food


Probably. But is he rocking the tattoos while enjoying his food and not caring about what people think? Most definitely yes.

48. Troubles In Transportation

How unlucky do you have to be to manage to make that bus in the last second but then getting your head stuck on the door the way that she did?

Troubles In Transportation


And what’s worse is that the people around her seem to be in as much shock as she is in, so instead of helping her, they are all just looking at her.

49. Oh No, You Didn’t!

There are a few things that make a mistake worse than just your regular lapse in judgment. And misspelling words such as “knowledge” is definitely a huge one.

Oh No, You Didn't!


This person, who apparently truly believes that knowledge is power (to the point of tattooing it on his body), apparently didn’t acquire enough knowledge around how to spell the word correctly.

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