40 Cringe-Worthy Moments From People Who Got Caught Cheating Via Text Message

If you have ever been cheated on, you know that it is the worst feeling in the world. There are certain ways to catch a cheater, and sometimes, they are the ones who give themselves away. Whether it is by telling you straight up that they cheated or accidentally texting you instead of the person they are cheating with, there is no good way to find out. These people got caught cheating via text message in the most awkward conversations. Continue reading to feel the second-hand embarrassment for these unloyal people. 

1. April Fools…Oh, Wait

April fools day is a fun time to play pranks on your friends, family, and significant others. This person thought it would be funny to joke about cheating on their significant other.

April Fools...Oh, Wait

They were probably confused when they received the “me too” message but continued with the joke. They must have thought the other person was also joking until they sent a date other than April first. 

2. It Took Her Too Long To Realize What Just Happened

When John sent his girlfriend a breakup text, she was rightfully upset because they had been together for over two years and he seems to be breaking up with her via text. 

It Took Her Too Long To Realize What Just Happened

Image: via Viral Thread

John then realizes he sent the text to the wrong person, and he did not attempt to cover it up. At first, she believed him, but like other people, it quickly set it that she had been cheated on. We are not sure how John would try to recover from that horrible slip-up.

3. He Definitely Made His Friend Text The Girl

It is hurtful to find out from someone else that your boyfriend is going to break up with you. This girl found out from her boyfriend’s best friend, and it seems slightly suspicious. 

He Definitely Made His Friend Text The Girl

It almost seems like the boyfriend was too nervous about breaking up with her, so he had his friend send this lame message that made her feel even worse. 

4. Club Bed Ft. DJ Pillow

When this guy told his girlfriend that he was going to sleep while he was actually at the club, he must have gotten confused because it was club bed featuring DJ pillow. 

Club Bed Ft. DJ Pillow

Sadly for him, she also knew where this club was and caught him in the act. There is no way he can say he was sleeping in the middle of a club.

5. He Is About To Face The Wrath Of A Scorned Woman

If you want to end a relationship, there are many ways to go about it, unless you are married. There are steps that need to be taken, and a marriage cannot be dissolved via text message. This woman either thought he was joking or knew that he wanted a divorce for a while. 

He Is About To Face The Wrath Of A Scorned Woman

For a second, she thought everything was ok when he said he messaged the wrong person, but then everything clicked in her head. How do you think he tried to play it off when she realized what was happening? 

6. This Child Drives A Hard Bargain

This cheating women probably never imagined that one text message would end up costing her a fortune. She deserved to pay this price for asked her son to keep this monumental secret. 

This Child Drives A Hard Bargain

Image: via Viral Thread

This child knew exactly what they would want in the event that they would have to keep a big secret for one of their parents. It seems that they were quick to state their demands. 

7. Danny Boy Had A Very Guilty Concision

We don’t know if this girl was testing her boyfriend to find out if he cheated on her, or if she really wanted to know about the exam, but Danny Boy had a guilty conscious ready to burst.  

Danny Boy Had A Very Guilty Concision

To make matters worse, he believed that she wouldn’t care if he cheated on her. He found someone great but threw it all away by cheating. 

8. Sincerely, Your Annoying Daughter

It must really hurt for this girl to find out her dad thinks she is annoying and thinks her mom is ugly. With that kind of information, she deserves to drive a hard bargain to keep quiet. 

Sincerely, Your Annoying Daughter

She requested $2,500, a puppy, and a new mustang. At this rate, he might as well call a divorce lawyer and spend a little more money so that everyone can go their separate ways. We aren’t experts, though. 

9. Never Try To Hit On Her Friends Because She Will Find Out

If you ever try to cheat on someone with one of their friends, you will be caught. They are obviously going to take their friend’s side over a cheating significant other. 

Never Try To Hit On Her Friends Because She Will Find Out

Image: via Funnyjunk/zigzagbg

This guy walked right into the trap that he set up himself. We wonder what kind of revenge Kellie got on him. 

10. How To Catch A Cheater: Bar Edition

Apparently, the new way to tell someone you are going to the bar is to use the code word “inventory.” This girl thought she could get away with cheating by claiming she had to stay late at work. 

How To Catch A Cheater: Bar Edition

Image: via Afterfeed

Unfortunately, that excuse doesn’t work when your boyfriend is sitting across from you at the bar. Their therapy sessions are definitely not going to fix this problem. 

11. When Your “Little Sister” Steals Your Phone

Being honest with your partner is very important in a healthy relationship. That includes telling them when you cheated on a test, but you have to make sure you phrase it correctly, or something like this could happen. 

When Your "Little Sister" Steals Your Phone

Image: via Pinterest/smartphOWNED

This girl saw the word cheating and must have decided it was about time she told her boyfriend that she also cheated. It’s a shame that using the excuse that her little sister took the phone didn’t work. Next time she should try the old “My cat ran across my keyboard” excuse. 

12. She Should Probably Have Double Checked The Contact Name

Finding out that you are pregnant comes with a whirlwind of emotions. For most people, they are overwhelmed with joy and excited to tell their partner, unless you are this woman. 

She Should Probably Have Double Checked The Contact Name

Image: via No Way Girl

Considering she had been having an affair with her husband’s brother, she probably shouldn’t have saved their contacts as the last name then the first name since they both have the last name, Smith. There is no way to recover from this mistake. 

13. Don’t Trust A Drunk Person To Cover For You

This innocent guy was just trying to see how his girlfriend was enjoying the party, but instead, he found out something that would hurt him forever. 

Don't Trust A Drunk Person To Cover For You

Image: via Lifebuzz

The moral of the story is never to cheat, first of all, and never trust your drunk friend to be in charge of answering your text messages while you are cheating. 

14. Cheating: “Yea Sorry, But It Happens”

Have you ever seen someone who was so nonchalant about cheating on someone they supposedly care about? This guy is basically saying, “So what, everyone cheats. Does it really matter?” 

Cheating: "Yea Sorry, But It Happens"

Image: via Providr

This girl is heartbroken, and her boyfriend doesn’t even attempt to give some kind of explanation. She deserves so much better, and he doesn’t deserve her heart. 

15. He Wrote A Song Just For Her

This person was probably feeling angry about their ex who cheated, so they put those angry feelings into a creative outlet and wrote them a song. 

He Wrote A Song Just For Her

Image: Pinterest

They decided to send the song to their ex, and we think that it was time well spent. They have a future in writing diss tracks. 

16. Maybe Her Dad’s Name Is Also Brett

This girl either did not read the contact name, or her boyfriend and dad have the same name. She should have known something was off when she was not getting the usual responses from her “dad.” 

Maybe Her Dad's Name Is Also Brett

Image: via Loopfy Blog

Also, this proves that her dad knew she was cheating on her boyfriend, so that adds an extra layer of betrayal to this persons cheating. 

17. Reading Is Fundamental!

This guy thought he was texting his friend about a hookup he had the previous night, but texted his girlfriend instead. It was a simple mix up between his friend JorDAN and his girlfriend JorDYN. 

Reading Is Fundamental!

Image: via NZBLOKES

This reading mistake cost him his relationship, but he shouldn’t have cheated on his girlfriend in the first place. 

18. We See A Divorce In Their Future

Although this isn’t the first or last time a cheater has messed up and sent a text to the wrong person, this man tried to get out of his troubles with the most cringy message. 

We See A Divorce In Their Future

Image: via NZBLOKES

When this man tried to cover up his mistake he spelled service wrong and lost all credibility. We can only assume that she packed his things and kicked him out before he was able to make any more excuses. 

19. “Break My Heart And The Xbox Gets It”

To many men, they treat their Xbox’s like it is one of their children, so threatening to break it is like threatening to kill a piece of their heart. When this person was caught cheating, their Xbox was going to be collateral damage. 

"Break My Heart And The Xbox Gets It"

Image: via Loopfy Blog

While it is still better than broken bones, he probably felt pretty bad that his innocent Xbox was broken because of his mistakes. 

20. Over-Protective Dad To The Rescue

When this girl accidentally told her dad that her boyfriend was cheating, he went right into protection mode and wanted to hurt her horrible boyfriend. 

Over-Protective Dad To The Rescue

Image: via Providr

Moral of the story, never cheat, and never cheat on someone with a protective father who owns a gun. You do not want to mess with a family like that. 

21. Pretending To Be Drunk Always Seems To Work

Based on these messages, you can tell that this guy is a Brad or a Chad. The fact that this guy was trying to brag to his friend about cheating is wrong. Now, his girlfriend knows what goes on behind her back. 

Pretending To Be Drunk Always Seems To Work

Image: via Providr

Also, he must think his girlfriend is dumb to try and apologize and then blame it on the fact that he was drunk. She will find someone so much better. 

22. A Family That Blackmails Each Other Stays Together

This man accidentally texted his nephew instead of the woman they are having an affair with, and it cost him a hefty price. 

A Family That Blackmails Each Other Stays Together

Image: via Loopfy Blog

We have to know if his affair was worth $500 plus his Porsche. At that point, why would you stay with someone you do not love just to cheat on them? 

23. Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold

These two men found out the hard way that they were sharing a girlfriend. When two heartbroken minds come together, you would think that they would come up with a better revenge plan. 

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold

Image: via Loopfy Blog

Well, their idea was to leave the conversation open so she would see it when she returned to get her phone, and they were going to post the conversation on social media. We hope that made them feel the slightest bit better.

24. Don’t Drag Your Family Into Your Cheating Scandal

Sometimes family issues or events can come up, so you have to change plans with significant others or friends. Apparently, this guy has a relative named Jenny that his girlfriend didn’t know about. 

Don't Drag Your Family Into Your Cheating Scandal

Image: via No Way Girl

She must have been very confused to hear about Jenny for the first time. It would have been a nice message to get thinking his plans had changed and he could go out, but her name, unfortunately, wasn’t Jenny. 

25. Not The Xbox!

This guy thought he was texting the girl he has been cheating with, but like so many others, he texted his girlfriend. When will they ever learn not to cheat and read the correct contact name? 

Not The Xbox!

Image: via Providr

This girl was clearly upset, so she decided to hit him where it would hurt the most and take his precious Xbox. He deserves to feel that kind of pain. 

26. She Cleared Her Schedule Up For Next Week

This woman killed two birds with one stone, she told her boyfriend she was cheating and got him to break up with her in one brief conversation. She was going to wait till next week to end the relationship, but now her schedule is wide open. 

She Cleared Her Schedule Up For Next Week

It is funny that she was already planning to break up with him, but then she suddenly tries to make it seem like she didn’t mean it. 

27. Family Will Always Have Your Back

This girl was in an incredibly hurt and angry state, so she didn’t realize that she texted her mom instead of her boyfriend, who cheated on her. 

Family Will Always Have Your Back

Her family wasn’t going to sit back and let her get hurt, so they decided to teach the cheater a lesson. There is nothing better than family support when you need it most. 

28. The New Cure For The Common Cold

 Breaking news from the medical world, the new cure for the common cold is going to a strip club. Do you think the works to kill other viruses? 

The New Cure For The Common Cold

This person was busted in the middle of a strip club, and we can’t think of anything more embarrassing. Well, if you cheat, expect to get caught. 

29. Maybe They Will Document The Divorce Via Snapchat

This woman claimed she had to go out of town for a business trip, and while she was in the hotel room, she sent her husband some scandalous Snapchats before she went to bed. 

Maybe They Will Document The Divorce Via Snapchat

Unfortunately, she failed to remove the men’s boots out of the shots, and her husband quickly realized she was staying in the hotel room with another man. We bet the divorce lawyer wasn’t surprised to hear this type of story. 

30. As Long As The Xbox Is Ok…

This girl decided that the best way to tell her boyfriend that she cheated on him was to pretend she broke his Xbox so he would be less mad about the cheating. 

As Long As The Xbox Is Ok...

Oddly enough, that tactic seemed to work because he was more concerned that his Xbox was still working. 

31. Error 404: No F***s Found

It is always sad to hear that someone is missing their ex, but they have no right to when they are the one that cheated. 

Error 404: No F***s Found

This person had the perfect reply to their cheating ex. They could care less how much their ex misses them because once they cheated, the relationship was over forever. 

32. “If You Didn’t Understand The First Time, Let Me Repeat It”

When your girlfriend claims that autocorrect messed up John to Josh, you might believe them the first time. You might not believe your girlfriend when she accidentally confesses that it was a lie when she thought she was texting her best friend. 

"If You Didn't Understand The First Time, Let Me Repeat It"

John must be really hurt to find out that his girlfriend was not only cheating on him, but she also thinks he is gullible.

33. Curse You Auto Correct!

Don’t you just hate it when autocorrect gets your boyfriend to admit that he cheated on you with your sister? This girl didn’t know that her well-intended three-word text would end her relationship. 

Curse You Auto Correct!

We don’t know who we are more disappointed in, the boyfriend, or her sister. How could you ever sleep with your siblings significant other? That is just cruel. 

34. Well, That Was Awkward…

Jessica was innocently missing her boyfriend and wanted to let him know she misses him. Unexpectedly, she received a response from his other girlfriend who happened to be on Andy’s phone. 

Well, That Was Awkward...

We wouldn’t want to be Andy after that conversation. He set the record for losing the most girlfriends in the shortest amount of time. 

35. There Is No Jackie In Room 1422

When this woman asked her husband to call her hotel room, she probably should have thought the plan through better since her boss was staying in the room with her. 

There Is No Jackie In Room 1422

Why would she have him call the room if they are already texting? She should have known that he would find out quickly that she was cheating with her boss.  

36. Ruining Multiple Relationships In A Short Conversation

Not only did this woman ruin her own relationship, but she also destroyed the relationship of the person she was having an affair with and his fiance. 

Ruining Multiple Relationships In A Short Conversation

The woman couldn’t even spell Darrel’s name correctly, and who knows how long she had been sleeping with him. That just shows that she never really cared. 

37. No Matter How Long It Has Been, Cheating Is Never Okay

Here is another example of a cheater trying to get back together with the person they cheated on. After a five year relationship, this girl cheated on her boyfriend and then expected him to take her back. 

No Matter How Long It Has Been, Cheating Is Never Okay

She can beg and plead all she wants, but this man is not budging. He has a zero-tolerance policy for cheaters, and he is sticking to his morals. 

38. She Cheated And It Is Somehow His Fault

This girl has to have the worst excuse for cheating. She did not cheat just once, she cheated for two years and then proceeded to tell him that it was his fault because he was gone all the time. 

She Cheated And It Is Somehow His Fault

This woman clearly doesn’t understand how a relationship works. She didn’t even try to apologize for her actions but proceeded to blame him. This person is better off without an irrational cheater. 

39. Spoke Too Soon

When Tony texted his girlfriend that it was over, she automatically assumed that he was breaking up with her. 

Spoke Too Soon

Unfortunately, Tony was only referring to the football game, not their relationship. She must have had a guilty conscious to blurt that out. 

40. Hit The Road, Jack, And Don’t You Come Back

In the wise words of the singer Jojo, “It’s just too little, too late, a little too long, and I can’t wait.” This girl has moved on from Jack, and she doesn’t care if he misses her or apologizes again. 

Hit The Road, Jack, And Don't You Come Back

We don’t know what time he was sending these messages, but based on the fact that he said, “you’re up, I’m up…let’s figure it out,” means that it is probably way too late at night to be having these discussions.

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