40 Adorable Comics That Show The Life Of A Couple With Their Cat

Artists love creating relatable work.

I am sure we are well aware of this by this point but people love creating art that is relatable. It can obviously come in many forms from impressionism that hints at what is beneath to outright hilarious comics. I mean daily lives can be quite hectic even if we may not realize it especially if you have a pet that you live with. Anyone with a cat can definitely relate to this. We might not realize that what we are doing is out of the ordinary because it is normal to us but other people definitely notice.

I know that cats get a bad reputation and people think that they are always sleeping but that isn’t the case for a lot of cats. They might sleep when you actually want to play with them but they will wake you up by jumping around the house when you are either working or sleeping. Well, this particular artist wanted to show some of that chaos in their comics. The artist behind these simple but funny comics is Julie and they have done a great job in all regards.

So if you are ready to see some fun comics that will surely brighten up your day, just scroll below to take a look for yourself.

Source: Instagram

#1 You know that only your partner can understand your weirdness.

#2 Cats can never make up their mind about which room they want to be in.


And they always make so much noise after they get ‘locked out’.

#3 I have never actually done this before but I really want to now.


#4 It really does feel like that sometimes.


#5 This is why you need to wash your cat’s stanky butt.


#6 This is exactly what I do at night when I should be sleeping.


#7 Don’t you hate it when the humans think you are trying to talk to them?


#8 I mean if everything is done, what else is left but to sleep peacefully?


#9 I feel the pain of this deep in my heart.


To be fair, cat fur is really in nowadays.

#10 That kitty is looking way too fabulous for this world.


#11 And yet they never end up catching it.

#12 That is a weird question to ask someone.


Doesn’t everyone have this kind of moment where they realize something they said years ago was stupid as heck?

#13 This is why cats are against artists who don’t draw on paper.

#14 This is why influencers don’t take pictures from that angle.


#15 Those are definitely handy skills for some things.

#16 Didn’t we all expect this?


To be fair, I thought the gift was for his partner but I am happy that this was so wholesome.

#17 Cats are liquid and this is proof of that fact.

#18 Cats can be quite dumb at times.


#19 But does she have pinworms? Is she sure?

I have never heard of this phenomenon but then again, what do I know?

#20 Atleast, he is getting a good show out of this as well.


#21 They do make it weird, don’t they?

#22 Sometimes, you have to accept the lie to get what you really want.


#23 That amount of lip balm isn’t really going to help.

#24 She is the one making it weird now.


#25 Who wouldn’t be allergic to those kinds of raspberries?

#26 I feel for the guy in this comic.


#27 It just somehow feels like you’ve done something wrong.


#28 More is always more when it comes to plants.

#29 This is why I would never even think of drawing myself.


#30 This is why you need to check the ratings before you put on a movie.

#31 Can people stop making misery a competition? It isn’t that hard.

#32 To be honest, I would love to hear that as well.


#33 The cats are our overlords so they deserve the best in this world.

#34 Now I understand what she meant by that.

#35 I only wish that worked.


#36 This actually sounds like a fun game and no I did not have friends in school.

#37 The budget is clearly limitless.

#38 I imagine I will feel the same when I turn thirty.


#39 Is Panini trying to fight or play?

#40 Not all artists are created the same.

Time for some kitty tax asa bonuss!


We all know the pain of having a cat who thinks your PC is their personal heater.

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