39 Times When Workers Simply Couldn’t Care Less About Their Jobs

It is not possible to not make a mistake while working and we firmly believe that it is good to make mistakes as we learn from them. Although some mistakes can cause your company to lose its customers, it is still essential to understand that everyone makes mistakes. Here is a list of 39 workers who went out their way to screw things up and some of the mistakes are quite harmless (even hilarious). So, let’s have a look at some of the mistakes of workers.

1. Someone Should’ve “SOTP-ed” Him

How hard is it to spell “stop”? It is quite easy, but someone knew how to mess it up. Not only is the spelling wrong, but the actual stop sign is also incredibly low to the ground.

Someone Should've "SOTP-ed" Him


The stop sign is not just helpful, but it is also confusing and distracting. We can understand the reason behind the wrong spelling as the worker spelled it out in paint stencils, but what about the sign. It is a plain lazy attempt.

2. “Follow Me For More Recipes”

Nowadays, the “follow me for more recipes” meme is quite popular. But this one takes the meme to the next level. It is indeed the laziest mac and cheese of all time. After all, making mac and cheese is one of first few things you learn how to make.

"Follow Me For More Recipes"


Whoever was working there must be having a bad day and was in no mood of working. As the platter next to it is empty, it explains why no one wanted to try this delicious pasta cheese slice.

3. That’s Not How You Do It

We can understand that installing a huge advertisement is not easy, but this is something that even a two-year-old can figure out quite easily. Considering the fact that the ad doesn’t require combining a lot of pieces together, this fail is quite remarkable.

That's Not How You Do It

Lost In Internet

What makes it even crazier is that the workers left after doing their job and they didn’t even try looking at it. If they had done it, they must’ve changed it or done something about it. Maybe they did look at it and were like, “meh, no one will notice it.”

4. So Close Yet So Far

This is like the worst nightmare of anyone with OCD. This photo can make anyone with OCD extremely, extremely uncomfortable and we can understand why.

So Close Yet So Far


As the designers thought that adding a few stripes of color would be a good idea, they didn’t know that something like this would happen. For anyone else, it is okay but a person with OCD can feel pretty annoyed at it.

5. Not For Male Adults, Right?

We have a question here: did a female worker set up this bathroom stall configuration? After all, it clearly looks like it isn’t meant for adult men. Maybe the lady worker didn’t know that men after reaching adulthood know the difference between a toilet and urinal.

Not For Male Adults, Right?


If you think that the urinal placement is the only issue here, look at it again. The genius behind it placed a door for privacy for the urinal and the toilet has no door at all. That is a big middle finger to privacy there and even looking at it is making us feel uncomfortable.

6. Not The Right Place

As far as we know, Back To School is supposed to be providing a fresh start for kids as parents take kids there to buy them new backpacks, binders and other fun accessories. Kids get really excited as they get to take their new accessories on their first day to school. But wait a minute. We didn’t know that culinary knives are on the elementary school’s supply list. Hmm, that’s strange.

Not The Right Place

Reddit / Elijah-Welch

The only possible explanation to this is that the worker who was supposed to take care of displaying items was smoking something and the only upside is that the parents started to shop way more carefully after finding out these knives there.

7. We Failed You Mr. Name Here

There are times when you make a mistake at work and there is no one to notice it. Sometimes, you make a mistake and some people see it. But here, someone made a small mistake and almost everyone noticed it.

We Failed You Mr. Name Here


The job was simple: add the name to the caption and that’s pretty much it. Now no one knows who this “Name Here” guy is and we are feeling sad for him.

8. It’s A Trap!

One thing that we can say with certainty that no one is going to get out this screwy parking lot anytime soon.

It's A Trap!

MemeMuseumCurator / Imgur

It is designed in such a way that you may have to spend an entire day waiting for the cars to leave. Who knows, you may end up making new friends there.

9. They Are Called Bananas

This is what happens when you assign a task to a kid. And we didn’t know that kids call bananas as “Long Yellow Things.”

They Are Called Bananas


We were living a good life with controlled blood pressure and now we look at it and we want to scream and break things.

10. Wait, What?

Yeah, yeah it is understandable that names can be hard to remember but please tell us how hard it is to remember the name of a world’s most wanted person at that time. They were so excited that they announced: “Obama Bin Laden” died.

Wait, What?


For one moment, we thought they were talking about the love child of Obama and Osama (it was just a joke and we hope it doesn’t offend anyone…lol).

11. Now That’s Hypocrisy

Although it is written on the sign to give cyclists space, its placement has made us question its original purpose in the first place.

Now That’s Hypocrisy


Hey, we do not doubt the intentions of a construction crew that set-up this sign to let the drivers know it is important to give space to cyclists, but its execution is a big fail.

12. “Hey Can You Send Me That File. Oh, Never Mind.”

We understand that work can be really exhausting and this woman was at the receiving end of a tiring day.

“Hey Can You Send Me That File. Oh, Never Mind."


She was in her office and she couldn’t control herself from getting a little nap. Instead of taking a nap while sitting on her chair, she made the top of the office desk as her bed. When her coworker decided to stop by as she wasn’t responding to their texts, this is what they found.

13. You Got “Spirt”, Han?

Although we are living in a time when none of us like to give in to stereotypes, we feel that these cheerleaders aren’t helping it as well.

You Got "Spirt", Han?


The misspelling changed the entire meaning of a motivational word and we don’t know how the footballers played the rest of the game. Maybe they won the match with the help of some “spirt.”

14. Not The Computer Science Stack

When there is a lot of work, you can make some honest mistakes and do things that you’re not supposed to do at all.

Not The Computer Science Stack


It was clearly written on these boxes not to stack them, but someone didn’t pay enough attention and stacked the boxes. Who knows the person doing this job is a big fan of Jenga and that would explain a lot, right?

15. As Reliable As Bricks

You might have watched the clear wraps commercials of how tough they are when it comes to preventing your leftover food from getting spoiled. But it seems like this person has seen too many of those commercials. After all, why would he use Saranwrap to hold up a pillar of bricks, right?

As Reliable As Bricks


He must be like, “if it is holding the bricks in place, it is doing a good job.” We are not sure if he was aware of how long it was going to work this way.

16. Dedication Is Overrated

We know that some people are highly motivated and they do every work with utmost dedication. But it doesn’t mean that they should do their work without looking at their surroundings. This welder was doing a good job (at least that’s what he thought), but it was down-right dangerous.

Dedication Is Overrated


We are relieved to know that nothing terrible happened there and we all should give a standing ovation to the guy who took this photo instead of stopping the welder and moving the tanks.

17. “I Don’t Get One Minute To Catch My Breath At Work”

As there was a long line of people waiting in front of this woman, she knew that she needed to get the work done as everyone’s time is important. So, she did what every reasonable person would do in her situation. She opened her game of solitaire and played it while people looked at her.

"I Don't Get One Minute To Catch My Breath At Work"


To the people, it seemed like she was checking their files and it is sad to see what she was doing. We just hope she learned a big lesson that day after her photo was uploaded on the internet.

18. When You Want To Take A Nap, Just Take It

As this mailman walked all morning delivering mails, he got tired and just wanted to take a little rest break. So, where did he take it? He opened up a dropbox and took a nap in it.

When You Want To Take A Nap, Just Take It


We can’t blame him as he must be having an exhausting day. But that explains why you received your mail so late that day.

19. Priorities Matter A Lot

After looking at this photo, one can easily deduce that this delivery woman has set her priorities right and she is capable of doing everything in her power to achieve them. When she sat in her pizza delivery car, her only goal was to deliver the pizza.

Priorities Matter A Lot


On the bright side, she was able to deliver the customer’s pizza on time, but the delivery car doesn’t look in good condition. She was so much submerged in the thought of delivering the pizza on time that she didn’t notice the ditch on the side of the road. And who else is highly impressed with her level of calmness.

20. Are You Sure?

Although corn and watermelon are two completely different food, we will take the side of the worker who labelled this food and we are taking their side because there is a possibility they have never seen corn before.

Are You Sure?


That’s the only possible explanation here. We just hope that no one bought the corn, thinking of enjoying a delicious watermelon after going back home.

21. You Asked For It

When it comes to putting the icing on top of a cake, it isn’t the most challenging job in the world, right? You can also show some of your creativity and everything looks good.

You Asked For It


Someone asked the bakery worker to decorate the cake with the iconic Olympics logo and this is what that person did. The only explanation here is that the bakery worker isn’t a big fan of the Olympics or hasn’t heard about it.

22. Do It You Ungrateful Person

This is how you lose customers. There were no paper towels for the customers and then the worker also decided to put a snarky comment.

Do It You Ungrateful Person


Understandably, you may run out of paper towel stock, but that’s not how to deal with the problem. A simple apology would be enough in this case. We just hope that the worker who put it on still has a job.

23. Tomatoes, Peaches – What’s The Difference

If you work in the cannery and you do a lazy job, this is what happens. It is still acceptable because there is the packaging of multiple products at the same time and labelling can go wrong.

Tomatoes, Peaches - What's The Difference


But the issue is that these wrongly labelled cans were shipped everywhere. So, we just hope it didn’t make a lot of customers angry.

24. At Least, It is Something, Right?

When the boss told the worker to put something on the sign, the worker did exactly as instructed.

At Least, It is Something, Right?


And if you think of it, everyone has to start somewhere. We feel that the worker did an excellent job, given that it was his first time.

25. Times “Haven’t” Changed

We often say that times have changed, but looking at it confirms that older generations harp on the younger generations and quite often it is about work ethics. We don’t think that the worker was lazy, but it seems like he had no clue how a phone booth work.

Times "Haven't" Changed


By the way, we don’t see these around anymore and that kind of explains the honest mistake of the worker. Nevertheless, he may have completely killed the whole purpose of this phone booth.

26. Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

We don’t know how but this package made it to its ultimate destination and it is a miracle. It is easy to understand that if a customer had brought in a package wrapped in this way, the worker would’ve obviously told them that they’d need a bigger box.

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures


Looking at it makes it quite clear that it was the employee who packed it. This is lazy work but then again, it reached its destination and all’s well that ends well.

27. It Makes Sense Now

As someone made a complete mess while installing this bathroom stall door, they had to do something about it as they couldn’t leave it there. So, they came up with a genius idea to get out of the mess that they created.

It Makes Sense Now


Hence, thy cut a toilet seat-sized hole in the door so that it could easily swing open. Is there any award for people like these? And by the way, now there’s a hole in the bathroom door for people to see whatever is happening inside.

28. The Purpose Is Served

What is the primary purpose of a bathroom door? To cover your face, of course. It looks like whoever installed these bathroom stall doors never had the experience of using a public restroom in their entire life. After all, they installed the stall doors in a way that they threw customers’ privacy out of the window.

The Purpose Is Served

ExamProblems / Twitter

Imagine using the toilet in front of so many strangers. Even thinking about using this bathroom is making us feel uncomfortable.

29. An Easy Name To Remember

Legend is that everyone forgot the real name of this man and now everyone calls him Mr. Firstname Lastname. The news segment was trying to tell the public about a suspect of assault in their area and they failed miserably.

An Easy Name To Remember


Although it was a failed attempt, we feel that it helped in grabbing people’s attention and now everyone remembers this person. According to our sources, this person actually became a local celebrity.

30. Now That’s Dangerous

So, the worker behind this masterpiece had extra hand railing and decided to use it at the worst place ever. Now, the people walking down the stairs get confused and it is dangerous.

Now That's Dangerous

Rhonda Caldwell/Pinterest

Just imagine taking a sharp turn down the stairs and getting clotheslined by this metal bar. We can only hope that it got removed.

31. Exercise Every Morning Toilet

This is a type of a newly launched toilet that makes sure you get to exercise in the morning. And it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to exercise in the morning, you’d still have to do it.

Exercise Every Morning Toilet

Valery Phyalkovsky/Pinterest

After all, it looks like the person who installed it has really big arms and that’s why he thought others would find no problem in using the toilet. Obviously, it is a design fail and as far as we know, no one ever dared to use this toilet again.

32. You Mean Grape Berries?

When you saw a can of tomatoes that had peaches in it, you may have thought of it as an honest mistake, right? Well, here is something that doesn’t make much sense at all.

You Mean Grape Berries?


What we are trying to understand here is that how the person who packed these grapes did not notice strawberries on the packing and it seems like that person kept on packing more grapes in strawberries packaging.

33. It Would Have Taken Less Than One Minute To Fix It

It seems like this is a condiment dispenser that you can find at a ballpark. As most of us can notice by the color of the contents that the mayonnaise and mustard have been mistakenly switched, we are not sure why the worker didn’t notice it.

It Would Have Taken Less Than One Minute To Fix It

Olivia Coulson/Pinterest

We just hope that whoever uses it doesn’t end up with a lot of mayonnaise on their hot dog.

34. Don’t Ever Make The Mistake of Entering

Imagine that you are in an urgent need to use a washroom and you come across this sign. What would you do? Would you take the risk of going inside?

Don't Ever Make The Mistake of Entering

Wanda M. Long/Pinterest

Trust us, you don’t want to be a woman walking into a bathroom where men are using the urinals or a man walking into the women’s bathroom. It is a tough decision and you’d have to live with the consequences for the rest of your life.

35. Not Big Fans of Oreo

This is how you kill two birds with one stone. The store found it super difficult to decide on whether to celebrate Oreo’s 100th birthday or sell Nilla.

Not Big Fans of Oreo

UC Santa Cruz areer Center/Pintrest

They went with using Oreo’s display and placing Nilla on the display sections. Well played and the store has definitely earned our respect.

36. Someone Is Having a Bad Day

Sometimes when we are having a bad day, we want to take a day off from work and go somewhere we can calm ourselves. However, this is not how it goes every time we are having a bad day and so we have to stay and work.

Someone Is Having a Bad Day


It seems like the person behind the counter at the fast-food joint was not having a good day and so they decided to take it out on the customer’s food. We really like it how they took all their anger out by putting mayonnaise on the outside of the bun.

37. And Please Teach Me More

This cute sign tells how much this person likes their teacher and want to let them know that they are the best, but it also seems quite obvious that this person needs more grammar lessons.

And Please Teach Me More


We can understand that teachers enjoy being recognized by their students, but it is also important that teachers don’t overlook such mistakes.

38. It Sure Does Seem Legit

Hey, if the product is damaged and you still want to sell it, then there is no need to worry. You don’t have to take it off the shelf or sell it at a discount. All you need to do is take a sharpie and scribble on it and simply place it back on the shelf. It’ll do the job just fine and no one would be able to notice any difference.

It Sure Does Seem Legit


Take this one as an example. It seems so legit that anyone would buy it. Ladies and gentlemen, this is store hack 101 for you.

39. “Your Doing Awesome Job”

Here is another example of bad grammar for you. We actually searched if “contration” meant anything and we were so sad to find out that it isn’t even a word.

"Your Doing Awesome Job"


This cake designer surely needs to work on their English if they want to excel in their job. We can hope that the cake tasted good, but the bad grammar surely didn’t impress anyone.

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