30+ Unique Things Hidden Within Something Else

Have you ever looked at a seemingly normal looking item like a rock or a tree trunk and wondered if it might contain something else? Sometimes things are not what they seem. A fruit could have another fruit growing inside it, or a rock could actually contain beautiful crystals once it is cracked open. We have compiled a list of some of the strangest things that people have found within objects once they have cracked them open. Keep scrolling to see what people have found, and maybe it will give you some ideas so that you can find hidden objects.

1. Coming Unbound

Books are wondrous items. Each one contains a different world for the reader to get lost in. Sometimes these worlds are fantastical, while others are pretty close to what we live and breathe.

Coming Unbound

This person cracked open their favorite book only to have the spine break, and reveal some Chinese sheet music. This book has doubled in value, now you can read or write a story of your choosing, along with having access to some Chinese classical music.

2. Seeing Double

When a tree dies, it sometimes needs to be cut down, especially if it is a large one with branches that hang over a home. If some stormy weather should hit, that tree could be blown into the house and cause some real damage.

Seeing Double

This person’s father decided to cut down the dead tree on their property but found himself with something that was still alive. Within the dead tree, a new tree had taken root and was literally growing up in the middle of the dead tree. This is pretty neat looking and would make a nice table or bench as it has already been cut down.

3. Peeling Back The Layers

For anyone who loves the Shrek franchise, then this will be the hidden object that reminds you of the film. As Shrek often likes to say, he is like an onion, as his personality has many layers. When this person went to chop up an onion for dinner, they found themselves staring inside the onion.

Peeling Back The Layers

Contained within the onion was another onion that had been perfectly preserved. It doesn’t look particularly appetizing, but this person definitely got their money’s worth as they got two onions for the price of one. What we want to know is what meal they ended up making with so much onion on hand.

4. A Buzzy Surprise

Hanging out on a balcony after a long day at work, with a cold drink is a great way to unwind. This man decided to lean on his balcony railing and look out at his backyard when he heard an odd buzzing sound. Just as the buzzing sound got louder, the railing broke and revealed a tubular wasp’s nest that had been built inside.

A Buzzy Surprise

As soon as the wasps came flooding out, the man ran back inside his home. After a few minutes, the wasps began to fly off, and he was able to grab a snap of this strange nest. He’s definitely going to want to call pest control to come and deal with these little guys.

5. Quite a Tail

When this person bought a knock-off My Little Pony they didn’t notice that the hair from the tail wasn’t the same color as the hair on the head.

Quite a Tail

It wasn’t until the toy was broken that they discovered the manufacturers had used the head hair from a fake brats doll to make the tail. This kind of makes you wonder what else could be inside your kid’s toys.

6. The Mother Of All Batteries

It’s not often we need disposable batteries for everyday items, as things like smartphones and tablets have built-in ones. However, some things do need batteries like storm lamps, and other emergency preparedness items for when the power goes out.

The Mother Of All Batteries

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a 6-volt battery looks like? If you thought it would be full of conductive powder, then it is time to think again. A 6-volt battery actually contains four smaller batteries, which collectively supply enough voltage. This makes us wonder if higher voltage batteries have even smaller batteries inside of them.

7. Precious Cargo

Scientists have hypothesized for years that an Ice Age, which may or may not have been caused by an asteroid colliding with the Earth, killed off all of the dinosaurs.

Precious Cargo

Instead of seeing the rump of a horse, this driver saw the long tail of a raptor. Either dinosaurs are walking the Earth again, like in the film Jurassic Park or somebody was transporting an exact replica of one.

8. The Heart

Dogs love their toys. They can chew on them for hours and listen to them squeak. This dog’s favorite toy was the bright blue Cookie Monster that its dog mom had given to it. After a particularly good chew session, the dog managed to rip out the heart of the Cookie Monster.

The Heart

The toymakers had actually sewn a heart inside the toy. This Cookie Monster has been decommissioned for life after this doggie play session.

9. Diaper rope

When you buy rope, the last thing you expect to find on the inside is this. When this person cut through the rope they had bought, they found something familiar hidden inside.

Diaper rope

It seems the manufacturers of this rope decided to make it out of recycled diapers. The diapers were woven and then covered by a fabric layer so no one could see what was hidden inside.  Now, we support recycling, but we really hope these diapers weren’t used first. Also, we can’t help but wonder how strong a rope of old diaper can actually be.

10. Powering Down

For anybody who has an older phone or one where the battery doesn’t last as long as it used to, then you are probably well-acquainted with the power bank.

Powering Down

These wondrous little items can recharge a phone on the go. This person wanted to know what was inside a cheap one and found what looks like sand inside. The sand is actually conductive, and what holds the charge within the power bank.

11. Some Light Reading

A lot of objects actually have recycled books and other printed papers hidden inside of them. This mousepad, which also doubles as a wrist rest, had an entire anime comic built inside of it.

Some Light Reading

It came apart at the seam while the owner was working, and they could not believe that they could flip through an entire anime comic, instead of doing their work. We bet they were pretty distracted until they finished flipping through all of the pages. It’s a real page-turner.

12. Hidden Opals

Opals or moonstones, as they are sometimes called, are beautiful semi-precious stones that appear to have moonlight captured inside of them. The blue and green streaks shimmer whenever they hit the light.

Hidden Opals

This ammonite, which is a fossilized shell, was cut in half, and it revealed some hidden opals that had grown inside of it. These are quite rare and are specifically known as Welo opals, which are from a specific province in Ethiopia.

13. Rattling Sound

Ever wonder what makes that rattling sound when you shake a can of spray paint? Luckily for us, this person shared a picture to show what they had found when they opened up an old can.

Rattling Sound

Well, it turns out its a repurposed marble rolling around in there. These marbles are placed in spray paint cans to help mix the paint before you spray. When you shake the can the marble rattles around mixing the paint and making that strange sound. Mystery solved.

14. Little Buddhas

Yard sales offer a lot of strange items and some retro ones that can add some flare to a home. This person found an owl, which they thought would be perfect for their living room. Unfortunately, the owl didn’t make it home in one piece, but what it contained sure did.

Little Buddhas

The broken owl revealed four little Buddha statues that had been hidden inside of it. We’re not sure if this was a manufacturer’s mistake, or someone just really wanted to hide their Buddhas.

15. Imprints

The world is full of rocks. Some are beautiful, like diamonds, while others are more on the boring side like limestone. This person thought that they had found another boring rock when it split in half to reveal the imprint of a shell.


Many eons ago, it seems like a shell had been preserved as this rock formed around it. Today the imprint is all that is left. This rock went from boring to cool in a matter of seconds and now deserves to be displayed.

16. Fooled

Recycling is good for the planets but sometimes using recycled materials in something you pay a lot of money for can be a bit of a rip-off. Take for instance this expensive leather iPad Case.


The case looked great but it didn’t seem to be very sturdy. Eventually, the owner decided to open it up to see why. It was then that they discovered their expensive leather foldable case was made with a couple of recycled toothpaste boxes.

17. A Mystery

In densely wooded areas, hunting is an activity that occurs during certain seasons. Most hunters will practice aiming at shooting ranges until they are good enough to hunt during the season.

A Mystery

This person had gone to chop wood during the offseason, and as they sawed down some logs into firewood, they found a bullet lodged inside of the trunk itself. It looks like someone’s shot had gone awry judging by this bullet’s placement.

18. Flame On

If anyone has ever tried to light a grill, they will know that the safest option is to use a grill lighter to get the job done. These lighters have long necks that allow you to light the grill without getting to close. Imagine this person’s confusion when they opened up their grill lighter and found a normal lighter on the inside.

Flame On

It kind of spoils the magic doesn’t it? Well, it turns out not all grill lighters are like this and these lighters were made this way because the manufacturer had surplus normal lighters they wanted to use.

19. Balls!

Ever wonder what bocce balls are made of? Well, one person decided they couldn’t wonder any longer so they broke the ball open with a sledgehammer.


Inside they were shocked to find that the ball had been made by cementing billiard balls inside a larger shell. This is pretty weird; it’s not like these billiard balls would offer players an advantage.

20. Coffee Time

The coffee enthusiasts know that buying coffee beans and grinding the coffee themselves is the best way to enjoy it. The whole process of selecting the beans, grinding them, and brewing the coffee itself is a kind of ritual.

Coffee Time

This dad was trying to grind his coffee, but the grinder would not work. After opening up the machine, he saw that years of coffee grounds had compacted inside of it, and it was pretty shocking to see how much coffee he had missed when emptying the machine.

21. I’m Glued

Part of the reason we buy name brand products is so that we know the quality we are getting. It’s upsetting than when things like this happen. When this person bought the more expensive brand name superglue, they were shocked when they opened it up to find this.

I’m Glued

Instead of the brand named superglue, the manufacturers had hidden a cheaper, foreign glue inside. Many customers noticed the same thing and it turned out the manufacturers had done this to cut costs.

22. A Nighttime Newt

Newts are little critters that are often forgotten in favor of the more popular salamander. They are similar, but newts are primarily amphibians, which means they can live in both water and on land. This little newt was found hiding inside of a big mushroom.

A Nighttime Newt

This person had thought they were getting tasty mushrooms, which they could cook up, but instead, they got this little guy. Hopefully, they released him back into the wild!

23. Chew Toy

This was a strange surprise for this pet owner. You see, when she got a new puppy the little guy got attached to a cactus plush toy. He would drag that toy everywhere and spent hours chewing on it.

Chew Toy

Eventually, the toy broke, and the owner was horrified. But then she looked inside and discovered that inside the toy was another smiling cactus plush. Is it possible they were designed like that?

24. Copper Quarters

In ancient times Kings, Queens, and Emperors handed out harsh punishments to those who tampered with the currency of a country. When silver coins were melted down and tin was added, the punishment was often death.

Copper Quarters

But today things aren’t as simple. With a huge demand and limited supplies, countries often doctor their coinage. Take this quarter for instance. Inside there is a smalled copper coin and you can peel away the outer layers to reveal it.

25. Ragtime

Have you ever wondered what happens to the clothes that nobody wants? The clothes that can be worn are sent to second-hand stores. For the clothes that are torn, they tend to be turned into rags and used to stuff things like punching bags.


This person had no idea that his punching bag was full of rags, and had always believed that it was full of sand or another weighty substance.

26. Keeping Family Close

Sometimes we inherit important objects from family members like heirloom furniture, or in this person’s case a knife. They decided to use the knife in honor of their family member who had passed away, and after using it for a while, a piece of the handle fell off.

Keeping Family Close

A family portrait was revealed, and it was not the family of the person who had received the knife. We have to admit we are pretty curious about who the mystery family is.

27. Oh Snap

Remember those snap bracelets from the ’90s? Well, they were incredibly popular and kids just couldn’t get enough of them. It was almost magical how they were able to snap onto anything. Turns out the secret to these bracelets was hidden inside.

Oh Snap

Beneath the funky colors and designs, these bracelets contained bits of metal measuring tape that allowed them to snap. The guy who though up repurposing measuring tapes for bracelets must have made millions off this ingenious idea.

28. Rock and Roll

When this boy and his father found a bolder in their garden, they decided to break it into smaller rocks to use in the garden.

Rock and Roll

But when they hit the boulder with a hammer, it broke in half and revealed something like this. It turns out hidden inside the boulder was a giant fossil. It’s not every day you see something like that in your backyard.

29. Great Scot!

Okay so this may look gross but it’s actually not. When this person cut open an old tomato they found in their fridge, they discovered something strange inside.

Great Scot!

It seems that while the tomato was still good to eat, the seeds inside had already started to grow. It must have given them quite a fright when they opened it up and saw that.

30. Mosquito Tape

A lot of products are produced in countries like China and Bangladesh. This means that their factories have different insects buzzing around them, like mosquitoes. When this workplace received a shipment of packing tape, they noticed that mosquitoes had been trapped inside of the rolls.

Mosquito Tape

This is almost like the modern-day equivalent of mosquitoes being trapped in amber, like during the Jurassic period. There’s no dinosaur DNA hiding within these mosquitoes, though.

31. Inside Out

Dog toys seem to contain some pretty weird things. This pig toy looked like it had been hitting the gym pretty hard, and the inside of the toy was exactly the same. Usually, toys are stuffed, and from what we have seen, the inside tends to have some pretty odd stuff inside.

Inside Out

Instead, the inside of this toy is just a very well-muscled rubber pig. We aren’t totally sure why a dog toy designer thought a jacked-up pig was a good idea for a toy, though. It’s possible that these rubber toys were repurposed as dog toys.

32. One Man’s Treasure

As the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” and that could not be more true for this person.

One Man’s Treasure

They purchased a large chess piece, which they planned to use as a decoration in their home when they noticed the smell of cigarettes wafting through the room. Upon closer inspection, they found that the smell was coming from the knick-knack. They broke it and found some used cigarettes inside. That’s just gross.

33. The Missing Port

Having a car phone charger can be a lifesaver as it allows you to easily charge your phone while you are driving. However, when this person accidentally dropped their car charger they discovered something odd.

The Missing Port

Behind the cover at the back of the charger, there was a second USB port that had been hidden. Strangely the second port actually worked and now this person can charge 2 phones at once without any difficulty. Why they hid the second port is a mystery.

34. The Periodic Table

The periodic table of elements is something that we all have to learn in high school. You needed to know the full name of each element and where they stood in the table.

The Periodic Table

This student knew that they had a test coming up, and they wanted a bit of extra help. Each question they didn’t know, they went to the bathroom for and quickly looked at the inside of their jeans, which contained the entire table.

35. The Human Buddha

One of the craziest things that were found inside something was the mummified remains of a monk within a statue of Buddha.

The Human Buddha

Upon the monk’s death around 1,000 years ago, his body was placed in the shape of Buddha, and a statue was created around him. The only reason archaeologists know this is because they decided to do an MRI of the statue, and it showed his bones on the scan.

36. Seen Food

For anyone who enjoys vacationing by the ocean, or is fortunate to live next to it, then the chances are high that they enjoy seafood.

Seen Food

This person dug into a pile of well-seasoned mussels when they noticed that they had actually been given a seafood medley. Within the shell of one of the mussels, a tiny crab had crawled inside. It seems no one knew he was in there until the mussel was opened.

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