30 Times Moms Were Spotted By Their Children Doing Hilarious Mom Things They Are Famously Known For

There’s nothing quite like the love and humor that can be shared between a mother and her children. Whether it’s a silly joke or a hilarious mishap, the bond between a mother and child can often lead to some of the funniest and heartwarming moments in life.

One recent trend that has gained popularity on social media is the sharing of stories and videos of children catching their moms in the act of doing something particularly “mom-like”. From baking disasters to quirky fashion choices, these moments showcase the unique and humorous qualities that make moms so special.

Perhaps one of the most endearing aspects of these “mom moments” is their universality. No matter where you come from or what your background is, there are certain behaviors and tendencies that seem to be universal among mothers everywhere. Whether it’s the way they obsessively check on their children’s well-being or their penchant for embarrassing them in public, there’s just something about moms that is both relatable and hilarious.

One popular example of this trend is the “mom fail” video genre, in which moms share footage of their parenting mishaps, such as accidentally spilling a bowl of cereal or tripping over a toy. While these moments may be frustrating at the moment, they are often greeted with laughter and understanding from other parents who have been there themselves.

Today, we will be exploring these “mom things” in more detail. Thanks to the best children in the world, we have direct stories shared by them about spotting their moms doing the most hilarious things. These are very unique things but at the same time things you expect from every mom in the world. That is just how it is.

Scroll down below to read the most hilarious stories of moms being spotted being their mommy selves. Enjoy!

1. “Mom got her first windowed oven”


2. “We have been putting this little Chewbacca in the X-mas tree for ages and I never really knew why… I just found out my mom thinks he is a gingerbread man”


Source: inmemoryoflilly

3. “My mother loves her plants”


Source: compleKCity

4. “The Mormons insisted on speaking to my mom. So here they are helping her garden”


Source: puppiesmakemelol

5. “Mom knitted me a heart-shaped bookmark”


Source: JNGeezy

6. “I am lucky to have a Korean mother, otherwise I would be so dirty”


Source: iJohnny0

7. “My mom asked me to help her trash some boxes she doesn’t need. This was inside. I am an only child”


Source: J_R_McCarthy

8. “My mom be putting ordinary shit into other shit. We don’t need this for listerine. I feel like I’m in Harry Potter”


Source: DrakoTsunami

9. “Mom’s high expectations”


Source: unknown

10. “My mom just discovered Snapchat. I’ve been getting these for a few days”


Source: TheonGreyboat

11. “This is what true love looks like. My mom taking a picture of my dad acting like he’s stuck in the dryer”

Source: sassafras711

12. “I thought I heard my mother talking to someone outside my window”


Source: endlessamy

13. “People sneak candies and snacks into the theaters. My mother, ladies and gentlemen, bring in corn on the cob”

Source: DaleVDelrosario

14. “Gave dad a yoda ornament last year, here’s where mom put it this year”


Source: reddit.com

15. “I told my mom I was really sick today, and an hour later she showed up at my house with this. I’m 30”

Source: rIse_four_ten_ten

If you think about it for a minute, these experiences are living proof of the fact that mothers are natural comedians. Even though 90% of the time they don’t give any thought to what they do and they don’t even realize what they have done until someone tells them about it, they are still so hilarious. They are certainly making me laugh hysterically at the things they are doing.

The thing is, all moms do it. So many of the things I have read so far have been done by my mom. Like I got instantly reminded of her. That is the most hilarious part they are so universal. I love all the moms in the world. I think they are the only species on this planet who can get away with such stuff. That is because while making us laugh with the dumb mom things they do, they also know exactly how to make us feel loved with their undying affection and unlimited love.

Let’s enjoy some more stories about moms being spotted doing the infamous “mom things”.

16. “I’m staying at my parent’s place for the night. My mom prepared the couch for me. I’m 27”


Source: whatislife4

17. “My mom didn’t know how to take a screenshot so she improvised with the scanner…”

Source: mcray

18. “My mom’s pressure cooker”


Source: bluedragonpants777

19. “My mom bought chicks and sent me this”

Source: SirThugMcNasty

20. “My mother bought these throw pillows”

Source: Waffle_Twat

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