30+ Snacks From The ’90s That Will Give You Nostalgia

There are certain things from your childhood that you will always remember. For some, it’s the snacks they ate as children that had brightly colored packaging and catchy jingles. Unfortunately, many of the snacks from our childhoods have been discontinued like Wonder Balls and Squeeze It juice. Whether you ate them or just remember the commercials, these nostalgic discontinued foods will transport you back in time for a journey down memory lane. 

1. Wonder Ball With A Choking Hazard Inside

Nestle Wonder Balls were one of the most fun and dangerous snacks from the ’90s. The chocolate ball was designed like a Kinder Surprise, but it used Disney characters inside. 

Wonder Ball With A Choking Hazard Inside

Katie Slack/Pinterest

Wonder Balls were quickly taken off the market because they were a choking hazard. After a few years, the Disney characters were replaced with Spongebob characters, but in 2007 Nestle discontinued them for the last time. 

2. Dunk-A-Roos Are Making A Comeback

Cookies? Check. Frosting? Check. Dunk-A-Roos was one of the most popular snacks in the ’90s. Anyone who had one of these in their lunch box was harassed with offers to trade because everyone wanted them. 

Dunk-A-Roos Are Making A Comeback


Sadly, in 2012, Dunk-A-Roos disappeared from the supermarket shelves. It was possible to buy them online until recently. However, after eight years, Dunk-A-Roos are making a comeback this summer. 

3. Shark Bites Gummies Were The Superior Fruit Snack

While there have been many fruit snacks on the market, Shark Bites were the superior snack of the ’90s. They debuted in 1988, but became extremely popular a few years later. 

Shark Bites Gummies Were The Superior Fruit Snack

Maggie Wheeler/Pinterest

At the peak of popularity, there were special edition Shark Bites like shark teeth shaped ones and cream flavored tiger shark versions. 

4. Giggles: A Face You Can Eat

Giggles were a popular snack in the ’80s that had different faces on them and were similar to Oreos. People talk about how they had strategic ways of eating their faces, which sounds a little scary. 

Giggles: A Face You Can Eat


In the 1990s, Nabisco discontinued Giggles despite the steady sales. People think that these would do well if they were brought back with emoji faces. 

5. Nintendo Cereal Is Not Being Sold On Ebay

Nintendo cereal was introduced in 1988, and it contained two bags, one of Super Mario Bros and the other was The Legend of Zelda. Surprisingly, it was discontinued a year later. 

Nintendo Cereal Is Not Being Sold On Ebay

Cereal Time TV/YouTube

If people are still holding on to one of these unopened boxes, they could be with up to $200. The boxes came with Nintendo Power Cards, but people were unimpressed with the flavor. 

6. Oatmeal Swirlers Made Oatmeal Exciting

Oatmeal Swirlers brought breakfast to the next level. These were packets of flavored jelly that you could use to flavor your oatmeal and draw fun faces. 

Oatmeal Swirlers Made Oatmeal Exciting


Whether you wanted to play a game of tic tac toe or draw a self-portrait, there was enough jelly in these packets to fulfill your inner artist. Unfortunately, all breakfast artists were greatly disappointed when these were discontinued in the mid-90s.

7. Chocolate Ravioli From Little Caesars That Contained 0% Pasta

If you are familiar with Little Caesars Pizzeria, then you will remember their famous chocolate ravioli. These white chocolate shells with milk chocolate centers were widely popular in the ’80s and ’90s. 

Chocolate Ravioli From Little Caesars That Contained 0% Pasta

Alexis Greene Legue/Pinterest

The item was removed from the Little Caesars menu, but due to popular demand, they might be making a comeback soon. 

8. 3D Doritos Will Forever Be Missed

You might not know this, but Doritos were made accidentally in the 1960s in one of Disneyland’s Mexican restaurants. 3D Doritos were made in the ’90s but didn’t stay on the market for too long. 

3D Doritos Will Forever Be Missed


These puffed up versions of Doritos came in the same signature flavors, and they were discontinued in 2004. Luckily, we still have the original version. 

9. Bubble Jug: Because Regular Gum Was Boring

Have you ever wanted to be able to drink bubble gum, but still be able to chew it? Hubba Bubba Bubble Jug was the perfect solution for that. It came in refreshing flavors like watermelon punch and tropical fruit.

Bubble Jug: Because Regular Gum Was Boring


The powder the turned into gum was discontinued in 2004 after a child choked on the container. How does that even happen?!

10. Sour Altoids Made Your Mouth Water Before Tasting Them

Hands down, the best flavor of Altoids Sour was the green apple. These candies became a hit when they were introduced in 2004, but sales slowly dwindled, and they disappeared in 2010. 

Sour Altoids Made Your Mouth Water Before Tasting Them


These signature tins can be found in some specialty stores, and private retailers will try to charge you a ridiculous price. Altoid has a 1-800 number you can call if you want them to come back to stores.

11. Ice Cream Pops Inspired By Cartoons But Never Looked Like Them

Who remembers the sound of the ice cream man driving through your neighborhood, and you saw these character ice creams advertised on the truck. Once you opened the packaging, you quickly realized that they never looked like the picture. 

Ice Cream Pops Inspired By Cartoons But Never Looked Like Them

Despite how deformed they looked, they tasted delicious, and the eyes were made out of gum, so you got a bonus treat. 

12. Oreo O’s Cereal Was Created To Start Your Day With A Sugar Rush

In 1997 Oreos were transformed into a breakfast cereal, and children’s mornings were never the same. Oreo O’s gave you a sugar high to get your day started. 

Oreo O's Cereal Was Created To Start Your Day With A Sugar Rush

Cereal Time TV/YouTube

Despite its popularity, parents were not happy with how unhealthy these were, and Post discontinued it. In 2017, Walmart started selling them under a different name. 

13. Skittles Bubble Gum Didn’t Last Very Long

While Skittles candy has been around since the ’70s with many different variations, Skittles gum was only introduced in 2004. They were the same flavors as regular Skittles, but you had to remember not to swallow them. 

Skittles Bubble Gum Didn't Last Very Long


The flavorful gum was discontinued in 2006 after the company released an extreme version. Both variations lost their flavor quite quickly. 

14. Original Crispy M&M’s Hit Different

Yes, Crispy M&M’s are currently available for purchase, but they are not the same as the original formula. Original Crispy M&M’s were introduced in 1999, and they were slightly larger than original M&M’s. 

Original Crispy M&M's Hit Different


The original formula lasted till 2005, and then they were discontinued. In 2015, they were reintroduced to the market with a different recipe. 

15. Pepsi Blue, The Most Unnatural Looking Drink

Pepsi Blue was introduced in 2002 to attract teenage consumers with its bright blue color and unique flavor. It was heavily promoted, but that did not help the drink last. 

Pepsi Blue, The Most Unnatural Looking Drink


People could not get on board with the strange flavor, and it was discontinued. Some people want it to be brought back to the market because it brings back nostalgia. 

16. Surge Looked Like Toxic Waste But Tasted So Good

There are few things that would make you think it was a good idea to drink neon green soda. Despite the unnatural color, Surge soda was a big hit in the ’90s. It was created to slow down the growth of Mountain Dew and had added energy. 

Surge Looked Like Toxic Waste But Tasted So Good


The sales of Surge did not do as well as makers had projected, and it was discontinued in 2003. In 2014, fans of the drink created a Facebook page to bring it back, and it was re-released after market testing. 

17. Ring Pops: Everyone’s First Engagement Ring

Ring Pops were a classic candy from the ’90s, and luckily they are still available in most places. Not only do they come in delicious flavors, but they also act as accessories. 

Ring Pops: Everyone's First Engagement Ring


You probably have been proposed to with one of these at some point in your childhood, and you gratefully accepted just to get a free ring pop. 

18. Jello-O Pudding Pops Were The Best Invention

Jell-O Pudding Pops were introduced to the market in the 1970s. They were widely successful and earned $100 million within the first year. Five years later, the sales were tripled, and people assumed they would be on the shelves forever. 

Jello-O Pudding Pops Were The Best Invention

Patricia Poole/Pinterest

In the 1990s, Pudding Pops were suddenly discontinued. Jell-O decided to reformulate them, and they had a different taste, texture, and shape. In 2011, these were discontinued because nothing is better than the original version. 

19. SqueezIt Juice Doubled As A Water Gun

Squeezits were introduced in the 1980s with the idea that you had to squeeze the bottles, unlike a regular juice box. They also had funny characters imprinted into the bottle. 

SqueezIt Juice Doubled As A Water Gun


They came in a variety of flavors from grape to strawberry, but in 2001, these squeezable drinks were discontinued. 

20. Planters Cheez Balls Are Back In Stores

If you are a fan of The Office, you are probably picturing Michael, Pam, and Ryan throwing these at each other. Planters Cheez Balls were the biggest competitor of Cheetos in the ’80s and ’90s. 

Planters Cheez Balls Are Back In Stores

Planters Cheez Balls Enthusiasts/Facebook

In 2006, these bite-sized snacks were discontinued, and people were extremely upset. After numerous complaints, Planters decided it would be best to bring them back to the market. 

21. Heinz EZ Squirt Ketchup So You Could Create Art With Your Food

Heinz EZ Squirt Ketchup was part of the bizarre food concoctions released in the late ’90s/ early 2000s. The ketchup came in multiple colors to make designs on your food. 

Heinz EZ Squirt Ketchup So You Could Create Art With Your Food

Heinz/Getty Images

EZ Squeez came in six colors, including purple, pink, orange, teal, green, and blue. The green was used to help promote Shrek. The colorful ketchup was later discontinued in 2006. 

22. Flintstones’s Push Ups Required More Arm Strength Than The Average Child Possessed

Flinstone’s Push Ups were a delicious sherbert treat from the ’90sThat were quite difficult to push if they came straight out of the freezer. 

Flintstones's Push Ups Required More Arm Strength Than The Average Child Possessed


These delicious treats came in flavors like Limerock Lime and Yabba Dabba Doo Orange. Unfortunately, these are only sold in the orange flavor now and they are not associated with the Flinstones anymore.

23. Nothing Will Ever Compare To The Burning Sensation After Eating Too Many War Heads

Just looking at a picture of War Heads will make you purse your lips. These powerful sour candies combined the pain and pleasure in the form of candy. You had to suffer through the sour part to get to the sweet candy. 

Nothing Will Ever Compare To The Burning Sensation After Eating Too Many War Heads


You weren’t a true ’90s kid if you didn’t challenge your friends to see how many War Heads they could eat before their mouth was in pain. 

24. The Simpson’s Helped Butterfinger BB’s Grow In Popularity

Butterfingers have been around for decades, but it wasn’t until the ’90s that they released these bite-sized versions accompanied by the Simpsons. Butterfinger BB’s were produced in 1992, and they were similar to Whoppers. 

The Simpson's Helped Butterfinger BB's Grow In Popularity


In 2006, Butterfinger BB’s were discontinued and brought back a few years later as Butterfinger Mini Bites. Do they blame the discontinuation on the Simpsons? 

25. String Thing Allowed You To Play With Your Food

String Thing was a fruit snack made by Betty Crocker, and it came in the shape of a rocket ship. You would peel it off the plastic and slurp it like spaghetti. 

String Thing Allowed You To Play With Your Food


It gave children the perfect reason to play with their food, but it was discontinued in the mid-2000s. Kids these days are surely missing out. 

26. Mud & Bugs Made You Feel Like You Were In The Lion King

The Lion King was a huge success in the ’90s, so naturally, Kellogs teamed up with Disney to create a bug inspired cereal relating to the movie. Mud & Bugs resembled the “grub” Timone and Pumba were fond of with chocolate pieces. 

Mud & Bugs Made You Feel Like You Were In The Lion King

Cereal Time TV/YouTube

The cereal was launched in 2003 with a DVD that had previews for upcoming films. It wasn’t in high demand, so it was quickly removed from shelves. 

27. It Was Sad To See Cheetos Twisted Puffs Taken Off The Shelves

This might be an unpopular opinion, but Cheetos Twisted Puffs were the best type of Cheetos. The twisted version came onto the market in 2002 and was available for a decade. 

It Was Sad To See Cheetos Twisted Puffs Taken Off The Shelves


In 2012, Frito -Lay decided to discontinue these twisted cheesy snacks, and fans were upset. Not to worry, they still sell Cheetohs Puffs in a less exciting shape. 

28. Life Savers Holes Were A Staple In Every Backpack And Purse

Life Savers Holes were a massive hit in the ’90s, and they were marked as the middles cut out from original Life Savers candy. 

Life Savers Holes Were A Staple In Every Backpack And Purse


Unfortunately, there were some packaging issues with the cap that became a choking hazard, so these were discontinued. 

29. P.B. Crisps Was The Best Cereal On The Market

In 1992, Planters revealed a line of peanut-shaped snacks called P.B. Crisps that were an instant hit. The peanut shells with a creamy inside were so delicious, but they didn’t last very long. 

P.B. Crisps Was The Best Cereal On The Market


Some people believe these were discontinued because “they were too delicious.” In 1995 they were taken off the shelves, but there have been many petitions to bring them back.  

30. Minute Maid Juice Bars Were The Perfect Refresher On A Hot Summer Day

Minute Maid Juice Bars were introduced in the ’90s, and these refreshing bars came in a variety of flavors. All the bars tasted just like the original juice flavors.

Minute Maid Juice Bars Were The Perfect Refresher On A Hot Summer Day


These are one of the few nostalgic treats that are still available. Sadly, you cannot find their lemonade in frozen form, which would probably be the best one. 

31. Melody Pops Made Candy A Musical Instrument

What do you get when you combine candy and an instrument? You get Melody Pops, otherwise known as whistle pops. These were guaranteed to bother your parents, which is why they hated buying them. 

Melody Pops Made Candy A Musical Instrument


These musical candies can be purchased on Amazon to bring some excitement to snack time. 

32. Little Hugs Fruit Barrels Were Just Colored Sugar Water

Little Hugs Fruit Barrels were introduced to the world in 1974, and they attracted children with their fun shapes and bright colors. 

Little Hugs Fruit Barrels Were Just Colored Sugar Water

They are pretty much colored sugar water with no nutritional value, but they have been a staple at little league games since the ’90s. 

33. Trix Yogurt Was A Nutritional Mystery

These rainbow-colored yogurts inspired by Trix cereal were a classic lunch staple in the late-90s/early 2000s. It is a mystery why parents let their children eat rainbow yogurt, but they were very popular. 

Trix Yogurt Was A Nutritional Mystery


Unfortunately, these were discontinued in 2007, but many people have been inspired by the colors to make slime-tutorials on YouTube. 

34. Cookies For Breakfast? Why Not

Cookie Crisp cereal was introduced in 1977 but didn’t gain popularity until the ’90s. People went wild because who doesn’t like the idea of cookies for breakfast. 

Cookies For Breakfast? Why Not

Over time, the packaging has changed, but you can still enjoy delicious cookie pieces in your cereal bowl.

35. Who Wouldn’t Want Glitter In Their Candy?

Glitter makes everything better, including Laffy Taffy. The sparkliest flavor was cherry, and it had all the glitz and glam you could possibly want. 

Who Wouldn't Want Glitter In Their Candy?


Each taffy came with a funny joke like, “What does a bee sit on? His bee-hind.” These are still available on Amazon. 

36. Everyone Fought Over The Last Pack Of Scooby-Doo Gummies

Every gummy fruit snack fan went wild when Scooby-Doo snacks were introduced. They included all the characters in different flavors. 

Everyone Fought Over The Last Pack Of Scooby-Doo Gummies


You probably fought with your siblings over who got the last pack, and your mom ended up making you split them. 

37. French Toast Crunch: Because Regular French Toast Is So Old School

Why eat actual french toast when you can have it in cereal form. French Toast Crunch was introduced in 1996 and became popular quickly, but sales dwindled at it was discontinued in 2006. 

French Toast Crunch: Because Regular French Toast Is So Old School


This classic cereal stuck to the ’90s mantra of the more cereal, the better. After it was discontinued, fans complained and it was reintroduced to the market. 

38. Pizza In Chip Form Is Perfection

Keebler introduced Pizzarias chips in 1991, and they quickly became the most successful snack food. In their first year, they brought in $75 million. 

Pizza In Chip Form Is Perfection


Sadly, they were discontinued, and people could no longer enjoy the perfect slice of pizza in snack form. 

39. Orbitz Drinks Were The Warm-Up For Bubble Tea

Orbitz was a non-carbonated fruit drink introduced in 1997. The liquid itself was flavorless, and the balls gave it flavor like vanilla orange or black currant berry. 

Orbitz Drinks Were The Warm-Up For Bubble Tea


As you could guess, this drink was not exactly popular, and it was discontinued a year later. Who would want odd flavored gelatin balls floating in their water? 

40. Ouch Gum Made Everything Better

Ouch gum was introduced in the ’90s and resembled a bandaid tin. Each stick of gum was wrapped like a bandage, so you could feel like it would fix all your problems. 

Ouch Gum Made Everything Better


Ouch is still sold; however, they changed the packaging, and it does not have the same effect that is used to. 

Then And Now: 20 Of The Most Famous Landmarks From Around The World

Brenda Miller

This article was originally published on Kueez

All around the world, there are tons of incredible landmarks that often serve as a source of pride to many. For the people living near these structures, they offer a sense of shared history, values, or a communal memory that will never be forgotten. From buildings to bridges, monuments, and statues, there are several landmarks that have withstood the test of time no matter what they’ve had to endure. In fact, how these landmarks ended up there in the first place is often as interesting as the structures themselves! So we decided to find out more about the historical background of some of the most iconic landmarks in the world. Take a look at the most memorable ones and be prepared to not recognize what some of them looked like 100 years ago.

The Lincoln Memorial – Then

When the 16th President of The United States was assassinated back in 1865, there was a huge demand to memorialize the president. So after two years, Congress passed a number of bills that would result in the construction of a monument in the honor of Abraham Lincoln.

The Lincoln Memorial - Then


Believe it or not, it took 60 years in total to finalize the structure – 50 years to start building it plus another ten until it was really completed. Though initially, the plan was to build 31 pedestrian statues, six equestrian statues, and a 12-foot statue of Lincoln, in the end, only the simple stately version of the statue lasted.

The Lincoln Memorial – Now

The famous Lincoln Memorial includes several excerpts from Lincoln’s two most memorable speeches: “Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address” and the unforgettable “Gettysburg Address”. To this date, several people still regard him as the “Savior of the Union”, which is in line with the fact that many protests and speeches continue to happen where his memorial is until today.

The Lincoln Memorial  -  Now

Tim Graham/Getty Images

In fact, that’s where one of the most memorable events in history took place when Martin Luther King delivered his 1963 speech “I Have A Dream”. Today, the memorial sees some 6 million visitors on an annual basis.

The Berlin Wall – Then

The Berlin Wall was built in 1961 with the intent of dividing East from West Germany. Before it was put up, approximately 3.5 million East Germans crossed over to West Berlin. For decades, the Wall has been regarded as the “wall of shame”.

The Berlin Wall - Then


The wall was guarded heavily as it aimed to prevent Western “fascists” from making their way into Eastern Germany. Though there was wide criticism against it, the Wall lasted for almost three decades. Ironically, the wall wasn’t that tall, but it served as a constant reminder of the country’s deep division.

The Berlin Wall – Now

After decades of controversy around the Berlin wall, people finally said enough in 1989. With revolutions happening in Hungary and Poland, and social change taking over most of Europe, people began making their voices heard. Celebrities such as Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie, and David Hasselhoff also put some pressure on the government with their star status.

The Berlin Wall - Now


Finally, the German government gave in to the pressure and announced to all citizens that they would now be able to visit West Berlin freely. Almost immediately, people began tearing different parts of the wall until it officially and completely fell in October of 1990.

Las Vegas – Then

When one thinks of Sin City, the Las Vegas Strip is probably one of the first places that come to mind. But some might not know that before a Strip even existed, there was what was known as Fremont Street. The street exists since the founding of Las Vegas back in 1005 and became the pioneer of absolutely anything that took place in Vegas.

Las Vegas - Then

Gene Lester/Getty Images

The Street became the first Las Vegas paced street in 1925, and also had the first traffic light in Las Vegas in 1931. Even more, the first official gambling license for Nevada also happened in Fremont street. Today, the street looks completely different.

Las Vegas – Now

Today, Fremont Street is nothing more than a walkway, looking completely different from the magical place it was back in the days. The “Golden Nugget” now has an impressive barrel vault canopy cloaking it, looking bright and as if it received some sort of facelift.

Las Vegas - Now


The main attraction of the place is a narrow pedestrian mall with several attractions, giving tourists the possibility of venturing off the strip directly into Downtown Las Vegas. More recently, the Fremont Street Experience was enriched by sound shows and nightly lights that are displayed on the impressive LED canopy that is located above the street.

The Flatiron Building – Then

In this picture from 1903, we can see New York City’s Flatiron Building. When the building was built it was aimed at serving as offices for George A. Fuller Company, the famous Chicago contracting firm. This picture was taken roughly a year after the place was built, featuring its iconic street sweepers and horse-drawn carriages.

The Flatiron Building - Then

Wikimedia Commons

The building’s memorable shape is believed to have been behind the building’s name. Fight Avenue, Broadway, 22nd, and 23rd Streets contained a triangular space of land in the area.

The Flatiron Building – Now

Today, the area around the Flatiron Building is almost unrecognizable. It is populated with huge skyscrapers that look into lower Manhattan. Yet, the 22-story building still contains some office space, welcoming several publishing companies over the years.

The Flatiron Building - Now


The building holds several quirks. For example, it is said that some offices are very strangely-angled and are some of the most sought-after offices due to their marvelous views. According to people who work in the building, the gendered bathrooms are also oddly placed on alternating floors.

The World’s Tallest Building- Then

It’s pretty hard to picture Dubai without its huge skyscrapers and billion-dollar cars, but can you believe that in 2000, Dubai was merely a barren of sand? Yep, it looked pretty much like what you can see in this picture. But it was also around that time that Dubai was becoming the city with the most number of people in the United Arab Emirates.

The World’s Tallest Building- Then

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Though at the time Dubai was already one of the best places for farming, fishing, and pearl diving, it’s economy got a huge bump thanks to its oil trade. In this picture taken in 2005, we’re able to see the beginning stages of the world’s tallest building.

The World’s Tallest Building – Now

Though this picture was taken in 2009, it’s possible to see that the Burj Khalifa is the tallest building amongst several other really tall structures in the area. To this date, the Burj Khalifa still remains the tallest building in the world at 2,717 feet.

The World’s Tallest Building - Now


Once, Dubai’s ruler claimed that Dubai would not allow any other building to take its “first place” status. In addition to claiming to be the world’s tallest building, Dubai also has the tallest hotel, shopping center, and the largest indoor theme park.

The Brandenburg Gate – Then

The Brandenburg Gate, also known as the Brandenburger Tor is located in Berlin and characterizes one of the most iconic symbols in Germany. The Gate was built all the way back in 1971, commissioned by the Prussian King Frederick William II.

The Brandenburg Gate - Then

Wikimedia Commons

Throughout time and the many bumps in Germany’s history, the Gate has continued to stand tall. Its design is very much inspired by Acropolis in Athens, a decision made by the architect Carl Gotthard Langhans. Probably the most distinctive feature of the gate is The Quadriga, the four-horsed sculpture chariot being driven by goddess Victoria – once stolen by Napoleon during the war.

The Brandenburg Gate – Now

The Gates were restored in the past, passing through some of the worst times Germany has ever seen. During the Cold War, the Brandenburg Gate player an important role as part of the Berlin Wall. In 1963, when President John F. Kennedy visited Germany, Soviet authorities went on to hang red banners across the entire gate.

The Brandenburg Gate - Now


In 1987, the gate also had another emblematic role in history. When Ronald Reagan delivered his speech, he famously said: “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” When the Cold War finally ended this appeal was eventually met.

The Eiffel Tower – Then

When the Eiffel Tower was originally built in 1889, it had the purpose of being the entrance to the World’s Fair for the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution. More than a hundred artists hoped to be chosen for the monument, but the honors were eventually given to Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel, one of the world’s most acclaimed bridge builders.

The Eiffel Tower - Then

Wikimedia Commons

The idea for the wrought-iron tower came from one of his employees at the time, a man named Maurice Koechlin.

The Eiffel Tower – Now

It took at least two years to create the complex iron framework for the tower – which had to happen before the assembly even started taking place. Curiously, this wasn’t the first time that Eiffel and Koechlin worked on a monument before.

The Eiffel Tower - Now

Graham Chadwick/Allsport

They were also behind the one and only Statue of Liberty. In 1889, the Eiffel Tower finally made its debut and was the world’s tallest building back then, at 1,000 feet high.

The Golden Gate Bridge – Then

This vintage photo depicts the Golden Gate Bridge when it was being built. Joseph Strauss was the engineer behind the bridge, hired in 1919. When he was hired, he quickly said that it would cost $30 million or less to build the bridge.

The Golden Gate Bridge - Then

Underwood Archives/Getty Images

Though the bridge is obviously beautiful, it was also inspired by the necessity for people from San Francisco to travel easily to its northern suburban neighbors. At the time, a good number of people opposed the construction of the bridge claiming that it would take away the natural beauty of the area

The Golden Gate Bridge – Now

Building the bridge was no easy task, and engineers had to find safe ways of preventing workers from falling into the ocean. For that, they installed a net right under the construction site, which eventually saved nineteen workers who would have otherwise fallen to the ocean.

The Golden Gate Bridge - Now


During the four years that it took to build the bridge, there was one major casualty. In 1937, 10 workers were sadly killed when a scaffold fell through the net. Today, the Bridge is one of the most photographed bridges in the entire world.

The Gateway Arch – Then

The tallest arch in the world is located in St. Lois, Missouri, standing at 630 feet. The Gateway Arch was designed by Eero Saarinen, a Finnish-American architect who designed the arch’s plans in 1947, with construction beginning over ten years later, in 1963.

The Gateway Arch - Then

Pictorial Parade/Archive Photos/Getty Images

The stainless steel arch was completed in 1965, representing the westward expansion in America. A ton of public money was spent on the arch, which raised concerns amongst citizens – today, the cost for building the arch would be equivalent to $77.5 million.

The Gateway Arch – Now

Though some people would still characterize it as some sort of superficial project, the truth is that the arch stands to this date. In 1987, the arch was officially classified as a national landmark, being ranked the fourth on the list of  “most-visited human-made attractions” in the world in 1974.

The Gateway Arch - Now


Thanks to careful thinking by city planners, developments around the arch were thought around it so that nothing could obstruct or block its view.

The World Trade Center – Then

In 1943, the concept of the World Trade Centre was introduced, but only when David Rockefeller encouraged the project was when it actually went through. Though the World Trade Center consisted of seven buildings located in lower Manhattan, the Twin Towers quickly became the most iconic of them all.

The World Trade Center - Then


Several construction firms and engineers joined their forces to come through with the plans for the buildings, which began construction in 1966 and were completed in 1973.

The World Trade Center – Now

The devastating terrorist attack that took place on September 11, 2011, targeted the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, and killed 2,606 people from in and around the towers, in addition to 157 who were on board the two aircraft.

The World Trade Center - Now


The horrible attack affected Americans and global citizens greatly but also inspired people to come together. Since the attack, a memorial has been created at Ground Zero, honoring the many victims and heroic firefighters, and other first responders.

“Hollywoodland” – Then

Though probably everyone knows or has heard of Hollywood, many probably don’t know that it used to be called Hollywoodland. When the iconic Hollywood sign was built on Mount Leet in 1923, it intended to attract developers from the area to start building real estate around it. Well, it’s safe to say that the plan worked.

“Hollywoodland” - Then

Underwood Archives/Getty Images

Each letter of the sing was initially 50 feet tall and 30 feet wide, requiring some 4,000 light bulbs. Each section of the word (Holly-wood-land) would light up at different times, and then as a whole.

Hollywood – Today

Today, the Hollywood sign is widely known and the area is also one of the most prestigious areas in the world. The area poses as the center of the entertainment and pop culture industry.

Hollywood - Today


The “land” part of the word was eventually dropped and the letters have changed to 352 feet long and 44 feet tall. Because the sign looked pretty bad in 1978 due to time, Hugh Hefner and eight other donors contributed $250,000 to restore it.

Disneyland – Then

It might be hard to believe that before 1955 a world without Disneyland actually existed. When Walt Disney visited Griffith Park in Los Angeles he had the vision of creating a theme park inspired by his films

Disneyland  - Then

Gene Lester/Getty Images

In his vision, families would be able to “walk into” the magical world that his movies created. So between 1954 and 1955, the theme park was built with some essential funding from ABC.

Disneyland – Now

Since its grand opening in the 1950s, Disneyland has continued to be one of the most magical places in the world.

Disneyland -  Now

David McNew/Getty Images

Entertainment and technology have been on their prime at the theme park, though several changes and restorations had to happen throughout the years. On a daily basis, an average of 44,000 people visit the park with it being considered one of the happiest places on earth.

The Seattle Space Needle – Then

Some would say that Seattle without the iconic Space Needle would have never been the same Seattle we love today. The Space Needle was built in 1961 with the sole purpose of being an observation tower. The tower is enormous, standing at 605 feet tall while being prepared for natural disasters such as earthquakes with a 9.1 magnitude.

The Seattle Space Needle - Then

Archive Photos/Getty Images

Edward E. Carlson and John Graham were the ones behind the design of the Needle as a project for the 1962 World Fair.

The Seattle Space Needle – Now

To this date, people from all over still travel from different places around the country to experience the incredible view from the Seattle Space Needle. Though it’s not particularly as tall as the CN Tower located in Toronto, it sure does hold its ground well. In 41 seconds, one is able to climb the entire 520 feet of the tower through its elevators.

The Seattle Space Needle - Now


Though there were once two restaurants located at the top of the Needle, today there is only a Northwest cuisine restaurant that rotates 360 degrees every 47 minutes.

Morandi Bridge – Then

In 1963, the Morandi Bridge (or Ponte Morandi) located in Genoa, Italy, began its building processes but only opened four years later. The bridge, which belongs to the A10 motorway, has been one of the most important links to not only France but the entire European route E80.

Morandi Bridge - Then

Davide Papalini/Wikimedia Commons

The bridge helped link two huge parts of Genoa that were otherwise separated by the Polcevera river. Riccardo Morandi was the designer behind the bridge, an Italian Civil engineer widely renowned for his skills in reinforced concrete in his projects. The bridge is composed of different smaller parts that form an overpass, thus being built as a viaduct.

Morandi Bridge – Now

Sadly though, the Morandi Bridge didn’t last. This was discovered by Gnoan citizens in August of 2018 when the bridge eventually collapsed in the midst of torrential rainfall. Just like that, what was once an incredible bridge, simply collapsed, with almost 700 feet of it falling on to the ground and to the river below it.

Morandi Bridge - Now

Jack Taylor/Getty Images

At the time it collapsed, the bridge had three heavy vehicles and 35 cars traversing, resulting in 43 people dead and some 15 people injured in critical condition. Though there are many theories around why the bridge collapsed, the main two involve lightning and the structural weakness of the bridge.

Shanghai – Then

For decades Shanghai has continued to be considered one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. In this picture, we’re able to see the view overlooking Shanghai’s Pudong district and the Huangpu River during the 1980s.

Shanghai - Then

Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Before that though, famine, drought, reform, and suppression were characteristic of the now magical city as a result of the Communits Party establishing the People’s Republic of China in 1949. The situation improved drastically though after the Cultural revolution that started in the 70s when the Shanghai Communiqué was signed by then-President Nixon and Shanghai’s then-leader Premier Zhou Enlai.

Shanghai – Now

Here we get to see present-day Shanghai. Shanghai ended up becoming a cultural and economic hub that is recognized all over the world, largely thanks to Deng Xiaoping, China’s leader in 1990. Xiaoping had the vision of developing the city and creating the hub it is today, allegedly stating once: “If China is a dragon, Shanghai is its head.”

Shanghai - Now

Liqun Liu/Construction Photography/Avalon/Getty Images

In less than 25 years, Shanghai has developed at a rapid pace and is now called the “vertical” city home to some of the tallest and largest buildings in the world, such as the Shanghai Tower (measuring 2,037-foot).

Dresden Frauenkirche Old Church – Then

When World War II finally ended, hopeful citizens of Dresden started salvaging what had become the mere fragments of Dresden Frauenkirche. They hoped that the landmark would be rebuilt once the war had ended, but unfortunately, the Communist regime refused to do so.

Dresden Frauenkirche Old Church - Then

Imagno / Contributor/Getty Images

Though there were many efforts made into transforming the area into a parking lot, citizens felt so emotionally attached to the area that it eventually became a memorial against the horrors caused by the war in 1966. When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, the city rebuilt the church, which wasn’t completed until 2005.

Dresden Frauenkirche Old Church – Now

In front of the old Church laid the statute of Martin Luther, who amongst many other things, was the forerunner of the Protestant Reformation. He was memorialized with the statue pictured here, located in Dresden  Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady) which was originally built in the 18th century.

Dresden Frauenkirche Old Church - Now

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

When Anglo-American forces attacked Dresden in 1945 with a ton of firebombs, the church’s dome that had stood proudly until then was destroyed. Some 25,000 people were killed in the attack, and all that remained from the church was a pile of rubble that remained untouched for at least 45 years.

The World Exposition Buildings – Then

When the World Exposition took place in 1900, 48 million visitors came from all over the world to experience the huge event. Several countries from around the world were represented in buildings during the event. This picture showcases some of these countries, with the United States, the Ottoman Empire, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Belgium, Germany, Spain, and Macaco represented.

The World Exposition Buildings - Then

Wikimedia Commons

Though the buildings were really stunning, they were eventually demolished not too long after the exhibition was concluded.

The World Exposition Buildings – Now

If you look closely enough you’ll be able to see the only remaining structure in the area today, which is the Eiffel Tower. Other than that, it’s actually really hard to believe that the area is the same one today. Because the buildings were built with mostly cheap materials, it would have simply cost way too much to maintain the entire structures.

The World Exposition Buildings - Now


In addition to the Eiffel Tower, the Passerelle Debilly is also still intact, but both monuments remain the only landmarks still standing since the 1900 World Exposition. Today, the area remains a sort of open-air area, and constructions are not really being encouraged there.

A Polish Apartment Complex – Then

This crushing picture shows yet another devastating landmark by World War II. The war caused widespread destruction all over the world, and some of the most important buildings have been affected by it. This particular photo shows an apartment complex in Poznań, Poland, located in the corner of Św. Marcin and Ratajczaka Streets.

A Polish Apartment Complex - Then

VeraChiaratti / Pinterest

During the war, over 6 million Polish citizens lost their lives, which was almost one-fifth of the whole population of Poland. Citizens not only endured attacks on their homes but were also killed and tortured in camps and prisons.

A Polish Apartment Complex – Now

With over seven decades passed since the end of WWII, the beautiful structure that was basically demolished in the previous picture now stands gorgeously tall. In fact, many people might not even know that the picture once looked the way it did in the previous photo since today it shows a beautiful facade. After six horrible years of war, everything ended in May of 1945.

A Polish Apartment Complex - Now

Miejski Konserwator Zabytków / Wikimedia Commons

The Germans had surrendered to the Allied Forces and Hitler was dead, which meant that several concentration camps were liberated. The country finally started rebuilding its structures including the Polish Apartment Complex in the emblematic corner.

The Azure Swimming Pool – Then

The Azure Swimming Pool was recognized as one of the most popular and emblematic indoor swimming pools located in  Pripyat, Ukraine. At the time, there were only three popular indoor swimming pools, and The Azure was certainly one of the favorites.

The Azure Swimming Pool - Then

Darek83 / Wikimedia Commons

It was built during the 1970s and could often be seen full of young people spending hours having fun and doing sports. But sadly, the Azure Swimming Pool bore the consequences of one of the most devastating nuclear accidents in history. In April of 1986, the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant had an explosion, and the area became completely uninhabitable.

The Azure Swimming Pool – Now

After the Chernobyl disaster took place, many buildings in the “ghost town” stayed open so that workers that were still involved or working in and around the plant could use them. The Azure Swimming Pool was amongst some of the open structures, being characterized as one of the cleanest buildings in Pripyat.

The Azure Swimming Pool - Now


However, for 20 years now the Swimming Pool has been completely abandoned. Because no one knows what the long-term effects of radiation exposure could be yet, only in 2065 there will be a more accurate estimation of the death rate caused by the disaster.

The Dharahara Tower – Then

The Dharahara Tower is a grandiose nine-story tower that was built by Mukhtiyar in 1932. The tower is located right at the center of Sundhara in Kathmandu and was the tallest building in Nepal for a while. It has 213 steps displayed in a spiral staircase that visitors love to hike to the top.

The Dharahara Tower - Then

NepaliHeadlines / Pinterest

Though the trek was pretty difficult to climb, it was apparently really worth it. Allegedly, there was a circular balcony with panoramic views located on the eighth floor – showing a perfect picture of the Kathmandu Valley. Since it was built though, the tower has experienced a ton of challenges that included two earthquakes, one in 1834 and the other one in 1934. Yet, the tower survived both of them.

The Dharahara Tower – Now

Sadly though, the tower wasn’t invincible after all. It wasn’t so lucky when a 7.9-magnitude earthquake struck the entire area in April of 2015 resulting in a complete collapse of the tower, except for the base. Several people were in the area and ended up being trapped under the rubber, with at least 60 lives being lost due to the disaster.

The Dharahara Tower - Now

Paula Bronstein/ Getty Images

The year after, the government declared that the tower would be rebuilt, this time ensuring that the tower would be earth-wake resistant. They started building it back in June of 2018.

Hilarious Prom Photos That Nobody Will Ever Forget

Brenda Miller

This article was originally published on 24/7Mirror

Prom night: the excitement is palpable, the music is loud, the hormones are… definitely making everyone awkward. As much as we love to imagine that prom night is some magical and romantic night that you’ll never forget, the reality often clashes with the dream. After putting out a request for the most embarrassing and hilarious prom photos out there we were rewarded with prom photos that will make you switch between hysterical laughter and a pound of cringe. We know that these photos will transport you back to your high school “golden days,” all while giving you the biggest laugh of your day.

A Little Too Much ‘Young Love’

Isn’t it just wonderful to be young and in love? Quite nothing in this world compares to it, so it’s always important to remember and enjoy every single second of it. Even if that means taking an awkward photo or two, who cares? Clearly, this young couple doesn’t, since they can’t keep their hands off each other.

A Little Too Much 'Young Love'

And though we’d like to say that there is a time and a place for things to get a bit steamy, they seem to be up for showing their love for each other the same second their profile picture was taken. As awkward as they are, they look kind of cute though.

Try Explaining This One To Your Parents

This funny couple certainly took their originality to a whole other level. Instead of choosing to take just another regular prom photo, you know, the typical side-by-side picture, they chose something else.

Try Explaining This One To Your Parents

Either that, or she is actually trying to send out a message with the pose she chose, as it seems like she is pretending to be about to slap the guy, and he is seriously scared. In any case, they both look stunning and will forever have an original prom photo to reminisce about.

​He Cannot Keep His Eyes Away

Sometimes, we can just not take our eyes off the person we like. And this guy is one of those people. In the hilarious picture, he was caught staring at his date, without being able to hide his awe for the girl sitting next to him.

​He Cannot Keep His Eyes Away

But he did so in a way that became a little bit much, and we’re guessing that many people felt uncomfortable about it, including her. Seriously, if you absolutely have to look, then at least try to make it less obvious, you know?

​Photobombed In The Creepiest Way

We can’t really point out if one of the girls in the picture was the date of the guy in the back, but there is no doubt that he wishes he was in that photo too. Instead, he is standing behind them while holding a bouquet of flowers and looking real disappointed and even creepy.

​Photobombed In The Creepiest Way

Looking at the bright side though, at least the girls seem to be having a good time.

​ A Strange Carpet Ride

We don’t really get what is happening in this picture, but let’s just go with the flow for the sake of the awkwardness in it. The two teenagers certainly deserve to get props for how much effort they both put into this photo.

​ A Strange Carpet Ride

They certainly decided to think outside of the box for this one, and well, they easily succeeded in creating one of the most original prom photos we’ve ever seen! That’s not to say that their pose isn’t weird though, because even though we’re not there, it kind of makes us a little bit uncomfortable.

Can We Get Some Context Please?

The guy in this picture looks so happy while he poses on his prom day. For some reason, he is also holding a random sewing machine, as if his background didn’t look bad enough.

Can We Get Some Context Please?

He seems completely oblivious to the fact that someone was just in an accident, only a few moments before he is posed for his photo. One thing’s for sure, the entire thing makes for a sadly great photo.

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