30 Of The Funniest English Text Fails That Will Make Your Sides Hurt

Ah, English, you cheeky little language, you! It’s a fascinating beast, a true linguistic rollercoaster that can leave even the most seasoned language learners scratching their heads in confusion. But you know what? There’s something undeniably endearing about those brave souls who fearlessly navigate the treacherous waters of English, regardless of the grammatical perils or spelling pitfalls that lie in wait. Hats off to them, I say, for they embody the spirit of courage and unabashed self-expression.

Now, picture this: you’re minding your own business, cruising through the vast expanse of the internet, when suddenly, you stumble upon a treasure trove of linguistic hilarity. Welcome to the wonderful world of r/engrish, where broken English reigns supreme and laughter is the lingua franca. Brace yourself, my friends, for I present to you a collection of side-splitting English fails that will tickle your funny bone and have you grinning from ear to ear.

So go ahead, my friends, dive into this delightful menagerie of English fails and let the laughter wash over you like a tidal wave of linguistic mirth. And remember, amidst the chuckles and guffaws, to embrace the beauty of language in all its charming, imperfect glory. Because when it comes to expressing ourselves, even if we stumble and fumble along the way, the sheer audacity to try is what truly counts. Keep smiling and enjoy the ride!

For those who want to be patient…

Image source: urnangay420blazeit

I hope everybody is convinced.


Image source: sohaur

What do I do to control my laughter?


Image source: KoolIdiot

The comment is more humorous than the post itself.


Image source: Sheepapple00

“Have a have day”


Image source: antiseptiplier_edits

Here are your full bodi pigs…


Image source: engelthehyp

The most unsolicited queer comment ever.


Image source: xNooco

Never knew Grass also dreamt.


Image source: reddit.com

Have you ever come across a chicken that is rude and unreasonable?


Image source: Izgoy

You need to learn English but we understand your emotions.


Image source: lulala112

Is Indian food really batter?


Image source: keeda101

Hands up, Ploice is here.

Image source: UH-OH-STINKYYYY

This is going dark.


Image source: Rhino_Squatch

We haven’t watched any Loin King bro, the one we know is not overrated.

Image source: MY_NAME_IS_JET

I’m afraid of this cat, she will get caught by the LGBTQ supporters.


Image source: Blind_Carrots

Wish they went to high school.

Image source: DoubleSpook_

If you are dumb, this area is not for you.


Image source: insertwittymemehere

I can confidently say the same.

Image source: chowderpouch

How is that even possible, mate?


Image source: oliver_oil-f

I always knew it was accident behind all the people.

Image source: -idk_my_name

I am really not sure, why would you make a question like this.


Image source: AstralLizardon

I would gladly be under the rest as I really need that.

Image source: MicrowavedToddler

This freezer seems to be related to me.


Image source: baisemoirten

I am unable to comprehend…

Image source: shajo777

I don’t talk to gmails, FYI.


Image source: Stefano420

The United States is a tough language, I have never been able to learn that actually.


Image source: NopeURGay

Wondering what will happen to the baby after the autopsy is done.

Image source: ToneBone12345

Satan is here.


Image source: AtlasAndandroid

Be like washing machines…

Image source: Zuke020

In conclusion, dear readers, we have embarked on a delightful journey through the whimsical world of funny typos and Engrish. We’ve chuckled, we’ve giggled, and we’ve been thoroughly entertained by the linguistic mishaps and humorous missteps that make English such a captivating language.

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