30+ Hilariously Relatable Illustrations About Pregnancy And Life With A Newborn

Pregnancy and life with a newborn comes with many new adventures for couples. From changing bodies to being exhausted from staying up all night with the baby, this artist is showing it all. Yehuda Devir and his wife Maya have been sharing moments in their loving relationship through the ongoing illustration series, “One of Those Days.” We are sharing the adorable illustrations that follow Maya’s pregnancy and life with their baby girl Ariel. Keep reading to see the heartwarming moments. 

1. “We’re Pregnant!”

For so many couples, it is a dream to get pregnant and start a family. After trying for a while, they finally got a positive result and couldn’t have been happier. 

"We're Pregnant!"

Yehuda Devir

It is a celebratory moment because you find out that you are going to be parents, and it is the beginning of an amazing chapter in your life. 

2. Moving Day

It’s time to move to a bigger place for their growing family, but he does not want his pregnant wife to do any work because he is protective of her. 

Moving Day

Yehuda Devir

Pregnancy can cause a lot of strain on the body, and he wants her to take it easy and avoid heavy lifting. 

3. Say Hello To My Little Friends

Your body goes through many changes during pregnancy, and your hormones are all over the place. Sometimes, that can cause acne, which you thought you got rid of as an adult. 

Say Hello To My Little Friends

Yehuda Devir

It might be annoying at the time, but he still thinks she is perfect. Pregnancy isn’t perfect all the time, but the outcome is worth it. 

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4. “This Is What I Call A Workout.”

When cravings and exhaustion are stronger than the urge to work out, so you use the yoga ball your husband bought as a footrest instead. 

"This Is What I Call A Workout."

Yehuda Devir

That isn’t what the ball was meant for, but her version looks much more comfortable. 

5. Jenga: Pregnant Belly Style

This looks like the scene from Cat in the Hat when he is seeing how many things he can balance and carry. They are making the most out of her growing belly. 

Jenga: Pregnant Belly Style

Yehuda Devir

The real question now is how do they get everything down without it crashing to the ground. 

6. The First Kick

When the baby kicks for the first time, it is a magical moment. She couldn’t contain her excitement and wanted him to stop what he was doing to see. 

The First Kick

Yehuda Devir

You can finally feel your baby moving around and it creates such a strong connection. 

7. Body Changes

As we said before, the body goes through many changes throughout pregnancy, and Maya was excited to share her changing body with Yehuda. 

Body Changes

Yehuda Devir

He doesn’t seem to mind how excited she is that her boobs now touch her belly. 

8. Belly Kisses

There is nothing more special than the excitement you have to finally meet your baby. This is a time full of love and lots of kisses. 

Belly Kisses

Yehuda Devir

This little baby is going to be so loved, and the parents could not be more excited to hold their baby.

9. Salt Face

“My precious, my precious.” With pregnancy comes cravings, and Maya was craving salt. The more salt she had on her fries, the better. 

Salt Face

Yehuda Devir

He was trying to take the salt away from her, and he almost lost his hand in the process. 

10. Belly Pillow

As your belly starts to grow, it can be uncomfortable to sleep. While most people buy a special pillow to support their bellies, some people opt to use their husbands as pillows. 

Belly Pillow

Yehuda Devir

She is sleeping peacefully while he is trying not to be smothered by her hair. 

11. “Move Out Of My Way”

As your baby grows, it applies to more pressure to your organs including your bladder. Move out of the way because she has to go to the bathroom. 

"Move Out Of My Way"

Yehuda Devir

He was in the middle of going when she barged in because she could not wait any longer. 

12. Nobody Panic!

It’s finally time to go to the hospital, but you might want to only bring the essentials instead of everything in the house. 

Nobody Panic!

Yehuda Devir

Despite being the one to say, “Don’t panic,” he seems to be panicking the most. 

13. The Big Moment

“Push, Push!!” The beautiful and painful moment is finally here, and they are about to meet their baby. He is beaming with excitement. 

The Big Moment

Yehuda Devir

After nine long months, you get to see the baby that you created and start to enjoy parenthood. 

14. A Beautiful Baby Girl

After the pain comes the moment you get to hold your baby for the first time. You try to figure out which features the baby got from each parent. 

A Beautiful Baby Girl

Yehuda Devir

You can’t wait to bring your baby home and enjoy all the exciting new moments that are to come. 

15. She’s Here!

When you can’t get enough of your newborn baby, and you want to stare at her all day long. Everything she does is adorable, even her drool and dirty diapers. 

She's Here!

Yehuda Devir

They can’t believe that they created such an adorable baby girl. They should enjoy her peaceful sleeping while it lasts. 

16. Taking One For The Team

When it comes to changing dirty diapers, some people are more dramatic than others. He decided to take one for the team to clean up this mess. 

Taking One For The Team

Yehuda Devir

How can such a tiny person make such a giant mess, it is mind-boggling. Even baby hulk is afraid. 

17. Dirty 30

Your thirtieth birthday is a significant milestone! Maya was so excited to be a mom, and she was even happier that she did it before she turned thirty. 

Dirty 30

Yehuda Devir

While she was celebrating her accomplishments, she forgot that her baby was sleeping. Hopefully, the baby didn’t wake up because it is hard to get them back to sleep. 

18. Pure Exhaustion

“She never stops crying!!!” As we said before, once the baby is up, it is hard to put her back to sleep. It seems like she never stops crying. 

Pure Exhaustion

Yehuda Devir

There are many exciting moments, but the sleepless nights are not something that you can prepare for. 

19. A Shot And A Broken Hand

We aren’t quite sure who cried more in this situation. The nurse said it would be a small pinch, but they didn’t hear her mention a broken hand.

A Shot And A Broken Hand

Yehuda Devir

It is hard to see your child get a shot for the first time, but they only cry more because they see their parents crying. 

20. Bath Time Madness

Giving a bath to a baby is a whole different and wet war. It seems like eventually, both parents get their shower as well.

Bath Time Madness

Yehuda Devir

She has a lot more power and strength than people would think. When she doesn’t want a bath, she will make it impossible to give her one.

21. Nap Time For Everyone

When one of them nap, they all get to nap. After many sleepless nights, they finally get some time to sleep. 

Nap Time For Everyone

Yehuda Devir

The baby took a break from crying to have a meal, and her parents took this opportunity to catch up on some much-needed rest. 

22. Stay Away From The Baby

All for one and one for all! Protect the baby from the bugs at all costs because bugs are scary and gross. 

Stay Away From The Baby

Yehuda Devir

Her parents are warriors who fight bugs off while making sure the baby is still asleep. Those are the real heroes of society. 

23. Picture Perfect

Everyone loves how cute babies are until they spit-up all over you. Luckily, Maya was there to capture this perfect moment. We just hope he had his mouth closed.

Picture Perfect

Yehuda Devir

Even though she spit-up on him, it is hard to be mad at that adorable face. 

24. World’s Best Dad

Sometimes it is hard when a baby cries and only wants her mom. It’s ok though. It doesn’t mean she loves you any less. 

World's Best Dad

Yehuda Devir

She will appreciate all you do as a dad no matter how much she cries for her mom. 

25. A Walk In The Park

Parenthood is such a beautiful blessing. It’s even better when you have to leave the house with a million things “just in case”, and end up not using any of it. Although, when you pack light, you end up needing it all.

A Walk In The Park

Yehuda Devir

Although, when you pack light, you end up needing something that you thought was non-essential. 

26. It Takes Two

Who knew how much power those tiny feet had. They needed two sets of hands to get her squirmy little feet in the socks.

It Takes Two

Yehuda Devir

Who knew that putting socks on a baby would be such a challenge. 

27. Tiny But Mighty

Sometimes babies show their affection through drooling and scratching, and it might be painful, but she loves you. 

Tiny But Mighty

Yehuda Devir

Maya looks like a lion has attacked her, but it is just a powerful baby. Yehuda is so proud of his little girl. 

28. The First Vacation

Leaving the baby with relatives for the first time can be very difficult. It is the first time you are going to be separated from your child since they were born, and it is emotional.  

The First Vacation

Yehuda Devir

Nothing will happen to the baby, they will be just fine, and it is important to enjoy alone time with your partner. 

29. Everyone’s Comfortable…

Sleeping with a baby in bed is like sleeping with a drunken octopus. Their legs and arms are flying all over the place, and you might just get kicked in the face. 

Everyone's Comfortable...

Yehuda Devir

It is a fun way to be woken up. That little body can take up so much space, and you lose your spot on the bed. 

30. We Still Got It!

After having children and changing lifestyles, you should embrace the changes that your bodies go through. 

We Still Got It!

Yehuda Devir

You love your partner no matter what changes their body goes through because change can be good. 

31. Black Friday

Black Friday is the best and worst shopping day of the year. There are great deals, but it is on stuff you might not need. 

Black Friday

Yehuda Devir

Yes, that vase may be limited edition, but why do you need it in your house. 

32. Shhh…She’s Sleeping

When the baby finally falls asleep it is crucial to make sure nothing makes noise, not even a drip from the faucet. 

Shhh...She's Sleeping

Yehuda Devir

It is like babies have supersonic hearing and the smallest sound can wake them up at any moment. 

33. Work And Play Time

Some toys are for children, and others are for grown-ups. She has her blocks and stuffed animals, and he has his hulk and laptop.  

Work And Play Time

Yehuda Devir

Everyone is entertained and keeping busy. Hulk is just as excited about the laptop. 

34. “No I Don’t Want To Leave Her!”

The first day of daycare is always the hardest, but she now gets to socialize with other babies. It is only for a few hours a day, but it feels like a lifetime when you first drop them off. 

"No I Don't Want To Leave Her!"

Yehuda Devir

Once you leave, your baby will stop crying, and they will have fun once they adjust. 

35. Lunch Time!

Feeding a baby is like having a food fight with an uncovered blender. The food gets everywhere, and even in places you didn’t know food could reach. 

Lunch Time!

Yehuda Devir

Put the food out and take cover because it is about to get very messy. 

36. Kisses For The Mrs.

No matter how much drool you are covered in, there is always time for kisses. Everyone is in on the family hug, and it is the best feeling. 

Kisses For The Mrs.

Yehuda Devir

Even while your baby is using your chin as a teething toy, you can sneak in an extra kiss. 

37. “Just Resting Our Eyes”

When you finally put the baby to sleep and get some time to relax just the two of you; it can quickly turn into your own time to sleep. 

"Just Resting Our Eyes"

Yehuda Devir

You don’t care where you fall asleep because it is the first time you get to go to sleep at a reasonable hour. 

38. Masterpiece

When your husband does your daughter’s hair for the first time, and it is a series of tiny ponytails, and they are so proud of their work. 


Yehuda Devir

You don’t want to ruin all the work they have done, so you leave the ten different ponytails in for the day. 

39. “Fighting”

After a confrontation or argument, there is a slight tension in the air, and you are waiting for the other person to speak first. 


Yehuda Devir

It is important to put your ego aside and try to work problems out together because nothing is more important than the love you share. 

40. “TEETH!”

New baby teeth are like razors. When they are starting to get teeth and still breastfeeding, things can get painful very quickly. 


Yehuda Devir

Good thing she has her husband’s hair to grab onto to share the pain with him. 

41. Female Power

Women are amazing and they are capable of so much. They can grow humans and carry them around for nine long months. 

Female Power

Yehuda Devir

Women are warriors, and they can do anything just like Maya. Despite the sleepless nights and lack of energy, she pushes through. 

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