30+ Hilarious Tweets From Gen Z About Why They Can’t Stand Millennials

Let’s set the record straight; if you were born between 1981 to 1996, you are a Millennial. If you were born between 1997 to the present year, you are Generation Z. Unfortunately, even amongst the younger kids, Millennials are still the most hated generation. They got roasted by Boomers for having too many opinions, and now Gen Z is taking to Twitter to troll them for their odd tendencies. From using the word “adulting” to defining themselves by Hogwarts houses, Gen Z has a lot to say about Millennials. Prepare to laugh as Gen Z shares their honest opinions about the continuously despised Millennial generation. 

1. What Is Wrong With Loving Classic Disney Songs

If you are a millennial, you will understand the overwhelming feeling of nostalgia when you hear songs from an old Disney movie. We don’t know if it is because most people from Gen Z are still young, but they seem to hate anything nostalgic for millennials. 

What Is Wrong With Loving Classic Disney Songs


What is wrong with being transported back to your childhood? Millennials just want to jam out to Disney songs without feeling judged. Gen-Z is in a rush to grow up, but many of them will realize being an adult is not that exciting. 

2. Gen Z-ers Are Triggered When You Say “So I Did A Thing”

First of all, the Harry Potter books are amazing, so Gen Z needs to stop going after them. Second, why do teens hate when older people say, “I did a thing?” Does it really affect them that much? 

Gen Z-ers Are Triggered When You Say "So I Did A Thing"


If we want to make a big deal out of the simple things in life, then that is our business and not the business of Gen Z. 

3. The ’90s Was The Best Decade Thus Far. Period.

From the television shows to the iconic music, *cough cough* “Hit Me Baby One More Time,” the ’90s was one of the best decades. So many pop culture icons emerged in the ’90s, so how could anyone hate on it?

The '90s Was The Best Decade Thus Far. Period.


Maybe Gen Z-ers are jealous because they are growing up in a very “problematic” time period, so they wish they could go back to a simpler decade. That’s just our theory. 

4. Is There An Unspoken Age Limit On TikTok?

Gen Z roasts millennials for using TikTok, and they also like to call us out for not using it. How can we win with that logic?! If they see Millennials on the app, most of the comment sections are teens saying, “you are too old, why are you on TikTok?” 

Is There An Unspoken Age Limit On TikTok?


This is a message for all Gen Z’s; please stop telling Millennials to grow up. They are older than you, enjoy your young years while you can. There is a reason that older people say to enjoy your youth.

5. Stop Being Problematic

If a Millennial thinks something is “problematic,” it probably is because they have the final opinion on all situations, right? Gen Z must be very intimidated if they think so much into the opinion of people who are from a different generation. 

Stop Being Problematic


Gen Z has many opinions about everyone else, so when people think Millennials are “problematic,” they should really be looking at the next generation. 

6. Because Adulting Is Hard, That’s Why

Just like Gen Z, Millennials also have their own slang and language. Using the word “adulting” for Millennials is like saying something “slaps” for Gen Z, we don’t understand each other, and that’s ok. 

Because Adulting Is Hard, That's Why


In defense of Millennials everywhere, it is more fun to use nouns as verbs. You can save a few milliseconds a day by cutting out an extra word or two from your sentences. 

7. Thirty, Flirty, And Thriving

Turning thirty is a considerable milestone in people’s lives. After each decade of life, you should be grateful that you had another ten years, so people get excited. Is it so wrong to be happy about life? 

Thirty, Flirty, And Thriving


This is one of those things that Gen Z teens will just have to wait to experience. No one can judge how people feel when they turn 30 unless you’ve already done it.

8. Buying A New Cactus Holder Is A Life-Changing Decision

When you buy a new holder for your cactus, it is a major decision. You have to make sure your cactus is happy with the new holder, and you have to think about other factors. For example, what if your cactus doesn’t like cats, and you buy it a holder with a cat on it?

Buying A New Cactus Holder Is A Life-Changing Decision


When people say “they just did a thing,” it is not a false statement, they really did do something. Whether it was something significant or not, well, that’s up for debate. 

9. Saying You Used To Have VHS Tapes Is Like Saying You Used The First Cell Phone

We don’t care what anyone says, having a VHS tape is cool and vintage. Yes, Gen Z knows what a VHS tape is, but that doesn’t mean they have ever used them. Also, someone born in 2010 and beyond definitely does not know what a VHS tape is, so Gen Z can’t act like they know everything. 

Saying You Used To Have VHS Tapes Is Like Saying You Used The First Cell Phone


If a millennial said this statement about those brick cellphones, Boomers would be angry too. Why are you picking on Millennials? 

10. The Only Time To Post A TikTok Is After 6 Glasses Of Wine

There is a straightforward answer to this question. Millennials enjoy dancing to music from 2003 because no one wants to see 300 different people do the same dance to “Savage” over and over again. While it is a good song, Millennials realize that there is an opportunity for original content. 

The Only Time To Post A TikTok Is After 6 Glasses Of Wine


As for the glasses of wine, we can only assume that it helps people loosen up and not take themselves so seriously. Why can’t TikTok be funny and not all about looking perfect while doing a very rehearsed dance? 

11. Self-Help Books Are The Key To Being A Millennial Goddess

Millennials are always looking to improve themselves whether that is through yoga, green juice, or self-help books. Gen Z-ers will understand that they need self-help too once we can look back and laugh about this period of time. 

Self-Help Books Are The Key To Being A Millennial Goddess


Who are they to judge Millennial’s journey to self-improvement? They are trying to be better than all the stereotypes that people have used to label them. 

12. Professionalism Is Key On All Forms Of Social Media

Gen Z might not know this little tidbit of information, but employers look at all forms of social media when you apply for jobs. If your Twitter bio says, “all I do is get wine drunk and eat tacos,” you might not be considered to be a serious candidate at a law firm. Therefore, people have professional social media accounts aside from their funny ones. 

Professionalism Is Key On All Forms Of Social Media


For all the Gen Z people, it might be a good time to put your accounts on private and remove your full name from them too. Just in case you are looking to have a serious career. You can be funny online without compromising professionalism. 

13. It’s All About The Aesthetic

If you don’t have an expensive book that is not for reading sitting on your coffee table, are you really a Millennial? Yes, we spend ridiculous amounts of money to make our cheap furniture look more expensive, and that is our problem. 

It's All About The Aesthetic


People might say that Millennials don’t spend money wisely, and they have too much debt to be buying trinkets, but that doesn’t cross our minds. We will spend however much we want on useless things, and no one can judge. 

14. Gen Z Will Understand Our Complaints When They Grow Up

Once you reach the ripe age of 24, your body starts to have weird problems like random backaches from sitting at a desk all day. You aren’t as limber as you once were, and it takes longer to recover than it used to. 

Gen Z Will Understand Our Complaints When They Grow Up


Also, some cheap wines taste better than the expensive stuff, so why not save some money? Millennials are known for being in debt, so if they have to buy cheap wine, it is better for their wallets. 

15. Millennials Were Neglecting Their Tomogachi’s As Teens

Gen Z-ers like to act like they are the first group of activists ever to exist. They think that the only people who are protesting and advocating are 22 and under, however, that is incorrect. Women like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) are tremendous role models for younger generations and guess what, she is a millennial. 

Millennials Were Neglecting Their Tomogachi's As Teens


As teens, we might have been sitting around the fountain at the local mall, talking about boys, but that is because it was a different time then. We could murder Tomogachisand not worry about anything else. Gen Z is on the attack, they are not holding back. 

16. Blame It On Gwyneth Paltrow For Naming Her Child Pear

People like to think that their child has the most unique name. This is probably because Millennials were all name Jessica, Emily, Emma, or Ashley. They are tired of having the same name as ten other people in a room, so they went in the opposite direction and came up with odd names for their children. 

Blame It On Gwyneth Paltrow For Naming Her Child Pear


When celebrities started naming their children after fruits, Millennials wanted to be like the rich and famous, so they thought of weird names. In 20 or 30 years, all these children will be grown up with names that only sound good for three-year-olds. 

17. If You Think Pizza Isn’t Bae, Then You Are Lying To Yourself

This girl must be talking to some strange people because we have never met a Millennial who thinks pizza and pasta are personality traits. These foods are delicious and fun to post on Instagram, but they aren’t substitutes for a personality. 

If You Think Pizza Isn't Bae, Then You Are Lying To Yourself


Having cartoon pizza on your phone case or a background that says “I love spaghetti” are people trying to be funny and ironic. Don’t confuse those with personality traits, or you might have trouble understanding people. 

18. #Adulting Is Hard

Moving out of your parent’s home to live alone is a hard transition for some people. You spend most of your life with the comfort of having most things taken care of, and then you are on your own suddenly. You have to figure out how to do taxes, pay bills, and budget your money, which they don’t teach in school. 

#Adulting Is Hard


If Millenials want to celebrate their little wins, who are we to judge? You don’t have to follow the people who post a picture of their daily wins if it is annoying. Although, one day, when Gen Z starts to live on their own, they can turn to their Millennial friends for advice. 

19. Where Else Are You Supposed To Re-Post TikToks?!

The majority of users on TikTok are between the ages of 13 and 17. This means they are Gen Z, so if a Millennial wants to share their favorite TikToks with friends, that audience would most likely be on Instagram. 

Where Else Are You Supposed To Re-Post TikToks?!


We just want our Millennial friends to see how funny people are on TikTok, so why can’t we share it with the world? We are only making those TikTokers more famous by sharing them with other platforms. 

20. Millennials Are Old Enough To Legally Buy Alcohol

Millennials are stocking up on alcohol because being locked at home is boring, so why not get a little tipsy during these rough times. Gen Z-ers are annoyed that they can’t purchase alcohol because they are mostly underage. 

Millennials Are Old Enough To Legally Buy Alcohol


We are sure if they were old enough to stock up on alcohol, they would be doing the same thing as Millennials. At least Gen Z won’t have a dependency on alcohol when the pandemic ends. 

21. Doesn’t Everyone Want To Know What Cheese They Are?

If you like colonial houses, “Hit Me Baby One More Time,” Mean Girls, and you closely identify with Pam from The Office, then you are definitely Parmesean cheese, according to Buzzfeed. These quizzes are life-changing for Millennials. 

Doesn't Everyone Want To Know What Cheese They Are?


For the rest of their lives, they will make sure everyone knows what type of wine or cheese they are according to Buzzfeed, and live by the description given at the end of the quiz. Millennials will say, “I’m mozzarella; therefore, I am cute and cuddly.” 

22. Who Else Is Going To Remind Us That We Are Aging?

If we don’t make a joke about getting old, then we have to wait for young people to do it and make us feel sad about aging. Millennials say they are old because we have learned to laugh at ourselves over the years. 

Who Else Is Going To Remind Us That We Are Aging?


Millennials can turn this tweet on Gen Z and say that they love to talk about how young and cool they are with all their TikTok followers and Youtube careers. 

23. Movies Seem So Much Better Than Real Life

Have you ever looked out the car window on a rainy day and pretended you were in a sad music video? If you answered yes, you must be a Millennial. It is fun to pretend life is like a rom-com because it is much more exciting than reality. 

Movies Seem So Much Better Than Real Life


With everything going on in the world, it is funny to pretend life is a movie instead of dealing with the problems in the real world. Millennials aren’t detached from reality; we just try to hold onto the simpler things in life. 

24. Sending Memes From Private Accounts Is A Lifestyle Choice

To be fair, not all Millennials send memes from private accounts. However, think about how annoying it would be to find out that your friend follows this private meme account. Sometimes you have to risk it to get the biscuit. 

Sending Memes From Private Accounts Is A Lifestyle Choice


As for the love of La Croix, it makes people feel fancy. Yes, the flavor is not strong, but it has a French name, so you have to appreciate the classiness. 

25. Who Is TikTok? We Don’t Know Her

Since most people on TikTok are teenagers, it is awkward for people over the age of 24 to pretend like they are “hip and with it” on the app. Pretending not to know TikTok makes people feel more mature because the app is full of immature content. 

Who Is TikTok? We Don't Know Her


Why would someone over the age of 30 want to associate with 12 and 13-year-olds who comment on hateful things on other people’s one-minute videos? They have more things to worry about than the opinions of Gen Z. 

26. Insert Angry Face Emoji Here

Millennials were just starting to get cellphones with texting when emojis were invented, so we grew up using them. Why type a whole sentence when you can use one emoji to get your point across. Gen Z needs to learn to save time texting, and instead, substitute words with emojis. 

Insert Angry Face Emoji Here


A Gen Z would text, “I am so angry” when they could just use an angry face emoji and save themselves those few seconds of time. 

27. Cooking Is A Challenge, Why Not Show Off Your Hard Work?

Whenever Millenials cook, the French song from Ratatouille starts playing in their heads, and they feel like chefs. Even if they are boiling water for pasta, it is something to document so the world knows they can cook. 

Cooking Is A Challenge, Why Not Show Off Your Hard Work?


If you are a Millennial who can cook an extravagant meal, you are envied by the rest of your generation. Cooking requires skill and should be shown off to the world. 

28. We Are An Expressive Generation

Like emojis, gifs can express how you are feeling better than words. Millennials would be much happier if they could only speak in gifs because there are endless options and different ways to use them as responses. 

We Are An Expressive Generation


Don’t you love it when your friend invites you to pregame, and you can reply with the gif of the agent girl dancing? There are so many situations when gifs are better than words, so we won’t apologize for this one. 

29. You Are Never Too Old To Love Disney

From the movies and music to the different amusement parks, Disney is associated with so much Nostalgia for Millennials. When they have kids, it is exciting to pass on those exciting memories to their children. Also, those parks are massive, so they don’t want to risk their kids running away. 

You Are Never Too Old To Love Disney


Just because Millenials are decked out head-to-toe in Disney gear while their kids where matching outfits, does not mean they are weird. They might be stuck in the past slightly. 

30. Gen Z-ers Love To Attack Millennials Who Post TikToks

Yes, Millennials are known for saying things like “doggo” and “adulting,” but this was the internet culture we grew up with. Gen Z-ers don’t like to acknowledge that they only know how to do is TikTok dances, but no one is calling them out for that.

Gen Z-ers Love To Attack Millennials Who Post TikToks


Also, Buzzfeed is the end all, be all of knowing what kind of wine, cheese, or which Mean Girls character you are based on a series of random questions. Why are these youngins questioning an age-old system? 

31. Millennials Live In Pineapples Under The Sea

We brushed it off when Gen Z made fun of us for using TikTok. Millennials didn’t care when Gen Z called us corny, but when they start to make fun of Spongebob Squarepants, that is where we draw the line. That show was iconic with so many different innuendos that Millenials didn’t understand until they were older. 

Millennials Live In Pineapples Under The Sea


To some, Spongebob may seem like a dumb cartoon, but it has so many interesting messages, and Spongebob is part of the LGBTQ+ community, so Gen Z should be on-board for the inclusivity. 

32. What’s Wrong With Portrait Mode?

Portrait mode makes your photos look like you took them on a professional camera because it only focuses on the subject—millennials like the idea of having crisp, clean shots. Gen Z must like their photos grainy and out of focus because they hate portrait mode so much. 

What's Wrong With Portrait Mode?


Gen Z is starting to make fun of Millenials like Millennials made fun of Boomers. Now we have gotten a taste of our medicine. Everyone can stop roasting us now. 

33. Life Is A Journey, Enjoy The Ride

“On my journey to overcoming adult acne, I learned to love myself along the way.” We get it, Emily, you dealt with some life issues that slightly bothered you, no need to call it a “journey.” 

Life Is A Journey, Enjoy The Ride


Millennials can learn to change and stop calling everything a journey, but Gen Z will forever be stuck on the idea that they can all become TikTok famous. 

34. Hopping On The Trends To Stay Relevant

Millennials aren’t the trendsetting generation anymore, so we have to stay fresh and relevant by trying to learn as many new trends as possible. 

Hopping On The Trends To Stay Relevant


Between TikTok and learning how to do Zoom parties, Millennials need to keep up so that they don’t feel like Boomers who barely know how to use Facebook. 

35. “Get Ready To Give Me Recommendations”

What do you mean people aren’t patiently waiting to give us recommendations for Italian restaurants in our area? Maybe Millennials forgot how to use Yelp, so they turned to their Facebook as their own version of the site. 

"Get Ready To Give Me Recommendations"


The best thing about seeing people end their posts with “aaannndd go” is when it was posted hours ago with zero responses. Everyone knows that those are the Millennials on the cusp of being Boomers. 

36. Gen Z Vs Millenials, The Rivalry Continues

We aren’t sure why this Twitter user hates Millennials so much, but they are targeting Emily specifically. Gen Z and Millennials should come together to work through their differences and learn from each other. 

Gen Z Vs Millenials, The Rivalry Continues


There is always something we can learn from the generation before us, and Gen Z should be more willing to learn from their elders to create a more positive future. 

Packaging Designs That Are Just Too Funny

Brenda Miller

Package design makes a huge difference in how a certain product is perceived, and some marketing teams out there are willing to go to great lengths to convince customers to buy something. Thanks to the internet, dissatisfied customers have started calling out several companies and demanding more transparent marketing. But even though some of these package designs may be mean, it’s undeniable that they are absolutely hilarious! Take a look at some of the funniest evil packaging fails ever!

The Biggest Letdown Ever

Just imagine buying your child (or yourself) a box of crayons that promises 150 pieces, only to find out that the whole thing was actually a marketing scam!

The Biggest Letdown Ever


This person shared on Reddit how this box of crayons was probably one of the biggest letdowns ever. They realized that while the sticker on the box said 150, there were only 75 crayons inside, and there was nothing they could do about it.

Is This Pizza For Real?

There are some things out there that have gone beyond the point of being “bad advertising,” they are just straight-up lies.

Is This Pizza For Real?


These pizza makers probably had too much fun creating a pizza that was more of a prank than a meal. They cleverly placed it in the box so that the unsuspecting customer would never be able to tell that there were only three pieces of pepperoni in there.

Sometimes People Just Need To Be Exposed

There are certain times in life when one just needs to take matters into their own hands, even if that means looking kind of crazy at the supermarket.

Sometimes People Just Need To Be Exposed


After realizing that they had been deceived, this person decided to share their knowledge so that no one would have to experience the same. So they headed to the supermarket and started to turn packages upside down, to let other unsuspecting shoppers know what they were actually getting for their hard-earned money.

The Saddest Tray Of Cookies In The World

Just imagine buying yourself a tray of cookies, only to find that the tray has different sizes that fit different numbers of cookies. Now, we’re not saying that this was done on purpose, it could just be an honest mistake by the manufacturer.

The Saddest Tray Of Cookies In The World


But we can only imagine the frustration this person felt when they discovered they got far less cookies than what they bargained for. We just hope they weren’t too hungry!

A Half-Full Bottle Of Spice

The more we read, the more we realize that many products come with some pretty interesting catches. Take these spices, for example – thanks to their packaging, no one would ever suspect that half of that bottle is actually empty.

A Half-Full Bottle Of Spice


How many times have you bought something that looked full, but in reality, it wasn’t? So many people have fallen for this trick in the past, that this person felt the need to warn others. 

Where’s The Filling?

One thing is to make a mistake here in there, but to advertise perfectly beautiful and jam-filled cookies only to deliver what this person got? That just seems mean.

Where's The Filling?


There is barely any jam in the cookie after it was advertised as something so yummy on the package. This person was certainly right to share their disappointment all over their social media.

Just Make A Smaller Container Next Time

Over the years, we see more and more companies attempting to make a bigger effort to reduce waste and to decrease the use of chemicals in order to help save the environment.

Just Make A Smaller Container Next Time


While some companies succeed at it, others don’t do so well. This person was really disappointed when they realized that an entire half of the bottle was empty. But thanks to the brilliant packaging, no one would ever be able to see it unless they ripped the plastic the way this person did.

“I Have Been Bamboozled”

Sometimes the deception is so well done that you almost want to give props to the people behind the packaging.

"I Have Been Bamboozled"


They literally took a smaller pot, filled it with cream, and placed it inside the larger pot, to make it seem like the product had more than it actually did. There is no way that anyone could have ever known, so props to this person for sharing the truth with the world.

When The Tea Comes Face Forward

Here’s another piece of packaging that has gone beyond being a laughing matter, it’s just sad. Now we understand that there many strategies behind the way certain stores place their products. 

When The Tea Comes Face Forward


Take this place for example. They deliberately placed the tiny bag full of tea in the front of the jar, to hide the fact that the rest of it was empty. Thankfully, this person was also not willing to be deceived and ended up exposing them completely.

A Bigger Bottle With Less Tablets

Now, we’re not really sure what’s happening here. We get that the bottle got some sort of upgrade, but their marketing person was either onto something here or they completely lost it!

A Bigger Bottle With Less Tablets


They literally began selling a smaller number of tablets in a much bigger bottle in what looks like an attempt to make customers believe they are getting more. It almost looks like an act made out of desperation.

When 27 Is Approximately 40

This person happily bought frozen pepperoni pizza snack rolls, only to find that the package actually had a little over half the number of pizza rolls they promised.

When 27 Is Approximately 40


And we’re glad they decided to put the entire thing on the tray. This way, they were able to see that the package did not in fact contain 40 pizza rolls. So, the next time we read “approximately” we better check out what’s actually in there.

A Roll Of Stickers That Isn’t Really A Roll

According to this customer who was obviously misled, products like this one are often falsely advertised. That wasn’t the first or the second time they fell for the little trick, so they decided to share their experience online.

A Roll Of Stickers That Isn't Really A Roll


So next time you need to buy a sticker roll, make sure to inspect whether or not the product is indeed what the package claims it is.

Just Enough To Fit On The Window

If there is one thing that is both hilarious and enraging, it’s this picture. This person was looking for a delicious snack, so when they bought the perfectly sealed package, they couldn’t wait to sink their teeth into what’s inside.

Just Enough To Fit On The Window


To their disappointment, the contents in the package didn’t exactly look right. In fact, it looks like more than half of the box is missing. What a shame!

A Pen That Was Made To Minimize The Use Of Plastic

Again, several companies around the world use the green argument without actually being sustainable. Sustainability has become a buzzword, but by the looks of it, not everyone is ready to own up to it.

A Pen That Was Made To Minimize The Use Of Plastic


This company was extremely deceiving when they vowed to reduce their plastic usage but didn’t actually follow through with it with this ridiculous, not really recycled pen. How upsetting!

A Staple Box With Almost No Staples

We have to say that whoever packaged this box did so in the most brilliantly deceiving way. Now, it probably wasn’t fun to be the customer in need of staples, but the person who did the packaging must have had a good laugh.

A Staple Box With Almost No Staples


We hope that this customer went back to the place where they bought it and returned the entire thing.

Where Are All The Gummy Bears?

Here goes another strategy that seems to be very common in the advertising market. Take a generous-looking large box, but fill it only halfway. The result? Customers with an unfulfilled sweet tooth.

Where Are All The Gummy Bears?


How disappointing is it to open a box of delicious gummies only to find it’s half-filled with not-so-delicious air? We can’t imagine how upsetting this probably was for this candy lover.

Where Is The Missing Steak?

If this is not one of the most hilarious package designs out there, then we don’t know what is. Thankfully, before buying this steak, this person decided to check under the cover.

Where Is The Missing Steak?


Once they did so, they couldn’t believe their eyes! A huge part of the steak advertised was simply missing. If their instinct hadn’t told them that something was wrong, they would have gotten a very upsetting surprise when they got home from the grocery store.

100% (Not) Silk

Here is another tip–if a label says that the fabric is 100% something, take a look at what the inside says, too. Apparently, whatever the package says is not always the truth, even when it comes to a piece of clothing.

100% (Not) Silk


This person sadly learned this lesson the hard way, after they opened the package only to learn that their “silk” item was 100% silk feeling, and not actually silk.

Disappointing Santa

It’s such a shame that several companies out there still use immense amounts of plastic, no matter how much this has been advised against by environmentalists and activists all over the world.

Disappointing Santa


This company decided to ruin Christmas with an absurd case of false advertising. So much plastic for so little chocolate!

When Misleading Takes A Whole Different Level

Okay, here’s the thing. This package looks big, and whoever purchased it thought they were getting a lot of product. But that was until they turned it upside down.

When Misleading Takes A Whole Different Level


There is literally a whole lot of nothing in about half of this container, and we bet that most customers probably completely fail to notice it.

When A Package Design Makes A Kid Cry

This Reddit user’s daughter sadly understood a few harsh things about the world at a very young age with this package design. According to her mother, the little girl spent all of her money on this little bag that looked so colorful and promising at first.

When A Package Design Makes A Kid Cry


To her disappointment, the package was hiding a whole lot of nothing inside. Apparently, as soon as the little girl realized it, she began crying and claiming “this is not fair.” Poor girl.

“Bigger Size, Better Value”

Here goes another reminder not to take everything you see at face value, especially at the supermarket. Even if the bottle says better value, it’s not always the case as you see here.

"Bigger Size, Better Value"


In this case, this person figured out pretty quickly that the product they bought didn’t really come with better value for money. How unfortunate.

The Bucket Half Full

It may take you a few seconds to realize what’s happening here, but when you do, you’ll probably be left completely dumbfounded and probably very angry.

The Bucket Half Full


The person who bought it explained it in detail saying: “to make this bucket of constructor set look full, they put a paper cone inside with some constructor pieces printed on it to make it less noticeable.”  Now that’s just mean.

Where Are The Other 3/4?

Okay, this is another case where the person should have simply returned this product because there is no way that this is for real. The package is literally huge, and the actual amount of chocolates inside is ridiculous.

Where Are The Other 3/4?


The person wrote on their Reddit post: “I want my other 3/4,” and we don’t blame them, they totally deserve to get what they paid for.

Get Two For The Price Of Three

While these companies probably get away with this kind of packaging on a daily basis, that doesn’t really make things less wrong.  However, we can’t deny that it’s a little bit funny. This person bought a pack of salami thinking they were buying three, based on the drawing on the outside, but that doesn’t mean they actually got what they thought they were getting.

Get Two For The Price Of Three


And we can imagine just how disappointing it must have been to find those two lonely salami pieces in there.

Another Half-Empty Package

Well, it’s safe to say that this will not be the first or last time that we’ll see this kind of hilarious packaging. In fact, it seems like it might be more of the norm than anything else.

Another Half-Empty Package


When this person got home, something about the granola they just purchased didn’t feel right, so they turned it upside down, and voila! The box of delicious granola turned out to be half empty, just like many other packages on this list.

Disappointment Beyond Measure

Imagine craving something sweet for an entire day, then going to the store to get yourself your favorite candy. But when you get home ready to indulge in sugary goodness, you open the package, and this is what you find.

Disappointment Beyond Measure


This person’s disappointment was simply immeasurable–this package could not have been more deceiving. At least they spoke out about it online, and hopefully, they got to enjoy the little bit of the sweets that were actually in there.

Not So Homemade

We all know that certain companies attempt to convince customers that their product is something that it isn’t. This includes the amount of sugar in certain foods, whether or not they are homemade, and the list goes on.

Not So Homemade


Apparently, this manufacturer did their best to hide the word “factory” to make their product look homemade in a way that is simply hilarious. But the word factory is there, and clearly, the product is not homemade, so why advertise it this way?

They Knew Exactly What They Were Doing

Some of these misleading packages seem to be created by people who are some sort of experts in the field. Take this one for example. There is no way in the whole world that this was an accidental mistake made by whoever prepared this pizza.

They Knew Exactly What They Were Doing


The pizza was perfectly placed in the box, which means that they knew exactly what was being hidden in there.

What Would A Reasonable Person Think?

While this one may be a little bit debatable for some of us, it’s still confusing. Companies are required to keep what the reasonable person would think in mind when they design their products and packages.

What Would A Reasonable Person Think?


For real, whoever buys just one earphone? That is, unless they need to replace one that they lost. No matter what anyone says, there is something very fishy about this one.

“Not Suitable For Climbing”

This packaging design is not only misleading but also terribly confusing. The is literally a picture of a man climbing with a rope, which probably means most people would assume that this rope is meant for climbing.

"Not Suitable For Climbing"


Clearly, though, it’s crucial that the next time we buy any product of this sort, we take a thorough look at the fine print. This could actually be dangerous!

A Gummy Bear Cup That Didn’t Need To Be A Cup

All we can say is, how disappointing. It’s mind-boggling how some companies create such misleading products, especially when it comes to products meant for children.

A Gummy Bear Cup That Didn't Need To Be A Cup


Just imagine getting this for your kid only for them to get hugely disappointed. Instead of having a cup full of gummy bears, this cup only has some in the upper section.

Buy A Pack, And Get Two Hot Dogs “Extra”

It’s a good thing this person checked the package before buying it, otherwise, this would have been an infuriating discovery when they got home.

Buy A Pack, And Get Two Hot Dogs "Extra"


Apparently, this type of sale is pretty common in Russia, when the seller makes the impression that when you buy a package of something, you get something free. In truth, you’re just getting what you already paid for.

“12 Mini Rolls When Cut Into 4’s”

Okay, here is another package design that makes us wonder: how on earth did they think this was an ok thing to do? They literally claimed to be selling 12 pack sausage rolls, but in truth, the package only had three sausage rolls.

"12 Mini Rolls When Cut Into 4's"


It seems like their strategy is to recommend that their customers cut the thing themselves – how deceiving!

Well, That’s Just Rude

We would like to believe that instead of a package design lie, this was an honest mistake by the manufacturing company.

Well, That's Just Rude


This person was sure they were taking a yummy pepperoni pizza home, but when they opened the package, they realized that that wasn’t exactly what they were getting. Instead, it was more of a half Marguerita and half pepperoni.

Being Gluten Intolerant Is No Joke

We’re not sure this one is funny as it seems to be more concerning than anything else. While this chocolate was advertised as gluten-free and organic, the back of it said: “We are not gluten-free or organic certified (because it’s bulS%#).”

Being Gluten Intolerant Is No Joke


The thing is that some people who really are intolerant to gluten could suffer serious consequences from this misleading package.

No Wonder All Of Us Have Trust Issues

This guy said it exactly right, no wonder all of us have trust issues! Even though the cans have 30% and 40% bigger on them, they seem to be to be absolutely the same size as any other can of soup.

No Wonder All Of Us Have Trust Issues


But now that they have figured out how deceiving the can is, we’re pretty sure that they will refrain from buying a similar product ever again.

The Shrimps Are Not As Jumbo They Seem

There is nothing more disappointing than an advertisement that claims to have a huge product when the size is actually tiny. Take this one as an example.

The Shrimps Are Not As Jumbo They Seem


They claimed to be selling a bunch of jumbo shrimp when in reality, the shrimps were the smallest size possible, and they’re not even whole. Once their heads were taken off, they literally look like the smallest shrimp in the world.

The Difference Between A Small And A Medium Size Juice

Well, folks, now we know! Next time you head out for some fast food, make sure to check out whether or not the sizes really match up.

The Difference Between A Small And A Medium Size Juice


As it seems, you may pay a certain amount for a larger drink, and end up getting exactly the same as you would get without paying extra. But this person wasn’t taking it. They decided to give their friends and family a heads up through social media and definitely succeeded!

The Most Misleading Wrap Packaging

By now, this type of misleading packaging seems to be just another one in the market. In fact, we’re probably all wondering if any of the things advertised in markets are true at all anymore. Is everything falsely advertised?

The Most Misleading Wrap Packaging


From now on, we’re probably trained enough to suspect every single product we’re getting when seeing appalling advertisements such as this one.

Where’s The Rest Of It

This is just mean! We’re actually struggling to understand how productive this type of false advertising actually is for a brand since customer satisfaction is a huge deal.

Where's The Rest Of It


Because the truth is that once someone buys this and realizes how deceiving it actually is, they will most probably never buy it again. If they’re still doing it this way though, they’re probably doing something right.

This One Couldn’t Be More Ironic

Really, the whole thing could simply not be more ironic. They are literally selling a tool that is supposed to help with those very difficult packages–but they decided to literally sell the thing in that difficult type of package.

This One Couldn't Be More Ironic


What is the person supposed to do to open it this time? Unfortunately, it seems like we will never understand.

The Most Confusing Color Packaging

Plain common sense would tell you that a person looking for red paint would grab a red package, while the person who needed blue would grab a blue package. But this company didn’t think so.

The Most Confusing Color Packaging


They actually believed that changing the colors of the packages and writing the actual color on them in tiny letters would make all the sense in the world.

A Box With 64 Crayons Of The Same Color

It turns out that this unopened box of crayons is filled with exactly one color. They literally advertised 64 crayon colors when in truth, there are 64 orange crayons for whoever feels like getting creative with just one color.

A Box With 64 Crayons Of The Same Color


Unforutnley though, the buyer didn’t check the inside before buying, so they ended up finding out way too late. But maybe they really like orange?

A Very Deceiving Box Of Chocolates

All we have to say is that this is simply not okay. We can only imagine the regret this person felt once they opened this box of chocolates and realized that they had been totally bamboozled!

A Very Deceiving Box Of Chocolates


The box literally only had a few chocolates, that weren’t even that good according to the buyer. We’re pretty sure that this person learned their lesson, and they’ll just have a good laugh about it in the future.

Very Expensive Sunflower Oil

Here’s the thing, while some advertisers blatantly lie to their customers with their packaging designs, others deceive their buyers in a bit of a smoother way. Take this company for example.

Very Expensive Sunflower Oil


They didn’t particularly lie that what they were selling was pure olive oil, but they certainly did highlight the part that made their product more appealing for a reason. That way, whoever was buying this would barely focus on the sunflower oil part.

A Huge Disappointment For Little Kids

This guy went on Reddit to share his experience with his wife teaching at an elementary school in South Korea.

A Huge Disappointment For Little Kids


The couple decided to buy some pencils for the kids, but they were utterly disappointed when they realized that the package was totally bogus. Just like many other package designs on this list, there weren’t so many pencils in there.

That Could Have Gone Really Wrong

Here’s another package design fail that makes us wonder if this company made a mistake, or they genuinely thought that this would make sense.

That Could Have Gone Really Wrong


The design of both products, one for relaxing and sleeping and one for colon cleansing, is exactly the same, so just imagine if someone got confused between the two. The consequences would be a total disaster. 

It’s All So Confusing

If this is not another important reminder to always read the labels on the back of products, then we don’t know what is. This manufacturer proudly claims that they are an American company. But are they?

It's All So Confusing


Apparently, the side of the can says that this product was made in Canada. So which one is it?

Just Make Smaller Bottles

When this person decided to check out what was really in this bottle of Vitamin D3 they couldn’t have been more furious.

Just Make Smaller Bottles


 In fact, they took it to Reddit to call them out on their unnecessary use of plastic, by saying the following: “hate to see waste in packaging and also feel like they are trying to trick me so I feel value. Please make bottle size of product!”

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