30+ Hilarious People Who Shared How They Truly Felt About Their Exes

Healing after a breakup takes time. There are different phases that people go through, like missing their ex to completely hating them. Everyone has different ways to cope with heartbreak because there are no set rules. From passive-aggressive texts to leaving spiteful gifts, these people shared the hilarious ways they dealt with their exes, and it might help you get over yours. Continue reading to see how much resentment people had for their former partners. 

1. “My Ex’s Heart”

There are many reasons why people end relationships. Some people break up because they grow apart, or they realize they have nothing in common. 

"My Ex's Heart"


The person who shared this picture had other reasons to break up with his ex. He thought her heart was made of ice and stone, which is not a quality most people look for in partners. 

2. “Dress Up As The Scariest Thing You Can Think Of”

After a tough breakup, it may feel like you will never get over it, but years from now, you may look back and laugh about it. This man found a way to make a joke out of his previous relationship. 

"Dress Up As The Scariest Thing You Can Think Of"


He said he was dressing as the scariest thing he had ever known, which meant his ex-wife. This is a funny way to channel some of that anger and resentment you hold for an ex. 

3. Bad Decision Fixed

For anyone who needs to hear this, do not get a tattoo of your partner or your partner’s name; it is bad luck. If you want to get a tattoo for your partner, maybe pick a symbol that reminds you of them instead of getting their face on your body. 

Bad Decision Fixed


This person got their partner’s face tattooed on their back, and after the relationship ended, they thought of the most fitting way to cover up her face.  

4. No Girlfriend, No Problem

Being in a relationship can be expensive. You go out to dinner, buy gifts for holidays, and all those expenses add up quickly. 

No Girlfriend, No Problem


After this couple broke up, the girl wanted to prove that she would still get flowers and balloons despite not having a boyfriend, and her ex replied, showing that he has extra money to spend now that he doesn’t have to buy her gifts anymore. 

5. Photoshop Fixes Everything

In the original photo, there were two happy couples, but when they both broke up, the guys wanted to keep the picture without their exes instead of throwing away a good picture. 

Photoshop Fixes Everything


The guys used the power of photoshop to remove the women so that they could keep this happy memory without the reminder of their exes. 

6. Netflix And No Chill

When you start dating someone, you might share your Netflix account with them so you can watch shows together. Even after the relationship ends, they can still use your Netflix account. 

Netflix And No Chill


This guy saw that his ex was still using his Netflix account, and he was waiting for the perfect moment to change his password. We wonder if he was able to catch her before the series finale.

7. Pizza And A Celebration

In the case of a divorce, many people want it to keep things civil between themselves and their ex-partners. It is easier when your ex has a sense of humor. 

Pizza And A Celebration


This man’s ex-wife sent him a pizza to celebrate the first anniversary of their divorce. It seems like they are on good terms despite ending their marriage. 

8. How Exes Should Be Ranked

This woman sent her husband a picture of their son’s music results, and she said, “I can think of, like, seven ex-boyfriends who needed a scoresheet like this.” 

How Exes Should Be Ranked


All we can say is that some people excel at things outside the bedroom to make up for the skills they lack. 

9. She Got Rid Of Her Ex And Got Some New Art

When you break up with someone, you never know how they might react. They could cry, stay calm, or get angry as this person did. 

She Got Rid Of Her Ex And Got Some New Art


When this woman kicked her ex-boyfriend out of the house, he got so mad that he punched a hole in the wall. She decided to frame it to remember that she deserves better than that. 

10. When Your Ex Asks For Her Things Back

This man was engaged to a woman who cheated on him with his best friend. His ex-best friend and ex-fiance asked for their Wii back, so he thought of the pettiest way to return it. 

When Your Ex Asks For Her Things Back


We don’t blame him considering the circumstances, but how did he come up with this idea? This must have taken a lot of time. 

11. When Being Called His Girlfriend Is An Insult

This girl got a text from her ex, and he tried to insult her by calling her a bitch. It sucks for him because that didn’t bother her as much as he thought it would have.

When Being Called His Girlfriend Is An Insult

She said being called his girlfriend was a much bigger insult, and that was the best way to respond to this message. 

12. When You Would Rather Date A Burrito

When you go on vacation with your partner, you probably take many pictures to remember the wonderful trip. If the relationship ends, you are left with all these pictures of you and your ex. What can you do with them other than throwing them away? 

When You Would Rather Date A Burrito


You can do what this man did and replace your partner with your favorite food to match the scenery. 

13. Just In Case You Were Wondering

This guy went to a party and wore this shirt because he knew his ex-girlfriend would be there with her new boyfriend. 

Just In Case You Were Wondering


Now her new boyfriend will know where she learned self-respect and how to be an independent woman. 

14. “My Favorite Picture Of My Ex-Wife”

Has your significant other ever taken a horrible picture of you, and you wonder what they will do with it if you ever break up. This woman no longer has to wonder what happened to this picture because her ex-husband put it on the internet. 

"My Favorite Picture Of My Ex-Wife"


This must have made them both laugh at some point, but now he is the only one laughing. 

15. “How Much Do You Hate Me”

After you break up with someone, you probably have some sort of resentment towards them. The feelings might subside after a few months, but this person is not done hating their ex. 

"How Much Do You Hate Me"

She used a classic quote from The Office to express how much she really hates her ex. 

16. “You Take My Breath Away”

Getting cheated on is never a good feeling. Your partner might try to apologize, but they will never be able to gain your trust again. 

"You Take My Breath Away"

This guy tried to apologize and say that he still loves his ex and that she takes his breath away. She used to think the same thing until she realized it was just his bullshit. 

17. “I Didn’t Know They Put My Ex On Display”

Out of all the ways to mock your ex, this one has to be the most creative. While at the Natural History Museum, this person found the boring sponge on display and say the perfect opportunity to make fun of their ex. 

"I Didn't Know They Put My Ex On Display"


Their ex must have been a bland person to be compared to a boring sponge. 

18. “Wish You Were Here”

Some relationships end on a sour note. That must have been the case with this couple because she wished she could run over her ex with the car. 

"Wish You Were Here"


It seems that they will never get along, considering how much resentment this person is holding on to. 

19. He Took The Toilet

There is a lesson to be learned here. When you break up with your boyfriend, do not fall asleep while he is moving out because he might take something that you need. 

He Took The Toilet


When this woman woke up from her nap, her boyfriend was gone, and he took the toilet to spite her. How could you leave someone without a functioning toilet? 

20. Ooh, Burn!

After a breakup, there is a chance that one person in the relationship will take longer to get over the breakup. They might try to call, but you don’t want to hear what they have to say. 

Ooh, Burn!

When this person called their ex, they were sent to voicemail. Sadly, their ex has no interest in taking their calls. 

21. “Dead To Me”

When someone gets cheated on, it is the worst feeling in the world. You feel like you cannot trust anyone, and it is hard to get over those feelings. This woman was cheated on right before Valentine’s Day, so she found the perfect card to send to her ex. 

"Dead To Me"


Sometimes it is easier to pretend your ex died instead of having to think about them after they betrayed you. 

22. This Car Was His, But Not Anymore

When you get a divorce, you have to decide who gets to keep the cars, the house, and other things. 

This Car Was His, But Not Anymore


This woman got to keep the nice car after the divorce and made sure people knew how she got it. 

23. This Man Bought A House Next To His Ex And Installed An Interesting Statue

Can you imagine being so mad at your ex that you buy the house next door and install a middle finger statue pointing directly at their window? It seems like an extreme measure. 

This Man Bought A House Next To His Ex And Installed An Interesting Statue


Some people will do anything to show their pettiness, but we give him props for dedication. 

24. A Gift For Your Ex

When your ex gives you a gift to say goodbye, you can expect something sarcastic, like this mug that a man received from his ex-wife. 

A Gift For Your Ex


Now, he can remember his ex and have a fear of being poisoned whenever he used this mug. 

25. This Man Printed Checks With His New Wife To Pay Alimony To His Ex Wife

Some people let the hate for their exes take over their entire life. This man got remarried, but he still had to pay alimony to his ex-wife. 

This Man Printed Checks With His New Wife To Pay Alimony To His Ex Wife


He has a new wife and a happier life, yet he is still holding onto those hateful feelings towards his ex. Move on and be satisfied with the better life you created. 

26. A Game For Your Cheating Ex

When your ex cheats on you, and they used you for your money, and then you find a board game that perfectly describes them. 

A Game For Your Cheating Ex


There are things that will remind you of your ex every day, but there are ways to make a joke about it. 

27. She Doesn’t Want To Talk To You

There is usually a reason that relationships end. After the relationship is over, you probably try to avoid speaking to your ex. 

She Doesn't Want To Talk To You

This person did not want to hear from their ex after not speaking for a while. 

28. Swift Justice

“We are never ever ever, getting back together.” Taylor Swift was on to something when she wrote this song, and people applied those lyrics to their own relationships. 

Swift Justice


This girl returned a ring her boyfriend gave her, and she used Taylor Swift lyrics to make it clear that their relationship was over. 

29. They Said It All

This person received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from their ex with an endearing message. 

They Said It All


If that happened to us, we would throw away the card and keep the flowers knowing that your ex spent money just to be petty.  

31. They Broke Up For A Reason

It is hard not to be a little bitter after being dumped. People say things like, “You will never find someone like me,” or “You’ll never meet anyone as good as me.” 

They Broke Up For A Reason

If the person broke up with you, they had reasons, and probably want to find someone who is different. 

30. Glad You Aren’t Here

If this person ever wondered how their ex feels about them, this card can shed some clarity. Imagine getting this card in the mail, knowing your ex was on vacation and took the time to send this to you. 

Glad You Aren't Here


Clearly, you aren’t over your ex if you are wasting time and money on vacation to send them a sassy postcard. 

32. Selling Things From Past Relationships

This woman was having a garage sale, and she found an old pendant from an ex to sell. She said that the necklace cost a lot, but she wanted to sell it at a low price. 

Selling Things From Past Relationships


She said this bargain was her way of getting revenge in a passive-aggressive way. 

33. A Year Too Late

Sometimes it is hard to get over a breakup. If you were the one who was dumped, you might hope that the person will change their mind and realize it is a mistake. 

A Year Too Late

After an entire year, this person got the text that they had been waiting for, but it was too late. They had already moved on and didn’t care to go back. 

34. One Last Parting Gift

If you wear glasses, you know how expensive they can be between the frames and the lenses. After finding the right pair, you could be spending a few hundred dollars. 

One Last Parting Gift


This person’s ex was kind enough to pay for their glasses, but they had to get in one last insult. Now whenever they wear these glasses, they will be reminded of their ex. 

35. Where Your Ex Shops

When your ex cheated on you with multiple people, and then you find out where they shop. 

Where Your Ex Shops


Everything happens for a reason, so he dodged a bullet before it was too late. 

36. “You Are Garbage”

Have you ever wished your ex would move on and stop bothering you? This person wanted their ex to get over them, but they were having trouble. 

"You Are Garbage"

The person said it is hard to get over them because they are reminded of the person every time they see a garbage can or trash. They have moved on, and their ex doesn’t understand. 

37. That’s One Way To Change A Tattoo

Here is another example of why you shouldn’t get a tattoo of your significant other. This person had a large tattoo of their partner’s face, and then they had to think of a way to cover it after they broke up. 

That's One Way To Change A Tattoo


Now everyone can tell what they really think of their ex since they broke up. 

38. That Has Got To Hurt

When you get out of a relationship, be sure to change all your account passwords that you ex had access to including Netflix. 

That Has Got To Hurt


You don’t want to let your ex continue to have access to a service they should be paying for. 

39. What A Nightmare

When you try to be smooth and find a reason to text your ex. This person got shut down after they told their ex that they had a dream and needed to talk

What A Nightmare

It is apparent that their ex has no interest in starting a conversation. When the person said they got back together in the dream, their ex shut them down immediately. 

40. Hi Steven

If you catch your partner cheating, there are many ways to deal with it. You can break up with the person, which is the most obvious, and you can get some revenge. 

Hi Steven

Emily found out her husband was cheating, so she decided to get his attention by writing a letter to him on a billboard. To top it off, he helped pay for it without knowing. 

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