30+ Hilarious Memes To Get You Through Quarantine

During this public health crisis, things can seem bleak, but it’s time to turn to the internet for some comic relief. Between toilet paper shortages and social distancing, there are plenty of ways to find humor in uncertain times. Memers are making the most of the situation and creating hilarious content for everyone to enjoy. So take a deep breath and let’s share a laugh with these hysterical memes to help you get through quarantine.

1. Where Did All The Tourists Go?

When there is a world health crisis, the best thing to do is not to travel or go to the tourist hot spots, but the pigeons clearly didn’t get that memo. 

Where Did All The Tourists Go?


At least they are following the rule to not stand close to each other. That would last until someone throws a piece of bread and then they will all clump together again. 

2. “Happy Little Accidents”

Instead of social distancing, people have decided to follow the rules of Bob Ross and spread themselves across the canvas like paint. 

"Happy Little Accidents"


As Bob Ross would say, “We don’t make mistakes, we just have happy little accidents.” 

3. “Please Cover Your Mouth”

“How dare you cough on this flight that the government warned me not to take?” With this pandemic takin over the world, any time someone coughs people turn and give them a dirty look. 

"Please Cover Your Mouth"


Imagine if someone were choking in a time like this, people would automatically assume they had the virus! Not every cough is a bad one, but make sure to cover your mouth. 

4. The Deal Of A Lifetime

What’s better than getting a great deal on a cruise? Getting a second week free because there is a virus going around on land. 

The Deal Of A Lifetime


Then once you get home, you get a free two weeks to stay in quarantine, the exclusive club in your home, that only you can attend. 

5. Bush Fires Who?

The Australian bush fires finally ended, and then the universe said, “you thought that was all I had planned for this year?” 

Bush Fires Who?


Next thing we knew, Coronavirus was spreading all over the world, and the fires seem like they were years ago. 

6. Time For An Adventure

Usually, when people feel sick, they stay home in bed and get lots of rest, but this virus must be different because everyone is running around the world. 

Time For An Adventure

One of the symptoms must be the urge to travel. They should add that to the official symptom list. 

7. The Hygiene Girls

The Spice Girls have released a new single called “Wannabe Hygenic.” They also changed their names to The Hygiene Girls. 

The Hygiene Girls

Average Socialite

The group now includes Sanitizer Spice, Social Distancing Spice, Work From Home Spice, No Contact Spice, and Self-Quarantine Spice. 

8. “I Can Show You The World”

It looks like someone added the urge to travel to the symptom list. Can everyone stop trying to go on a world tour and listen to health officials? 

"I Can Show You The World"


It’s like people are sick at home and bored, so they go on the internet and see how low the prices of flights are and book eight different flights.

9. Who Needs A Wet Suit When You Have A Hazmat Suit

This summer, the newest bathing suit trend is to wear a facemask and hazmat suit. It protects you from the sun and contagious viruses! 

Who Needs A Wet Suit When You Have A Hazmat Suit


These can be used for the pool, the beach, and surfing. They are versatile and useful. The color range is limited, but you won’t be disappointed. Get yours before they are all sold out! 

10. Time For A Vacation?

“We go all around the world; we go all around the world. Where we stop nobody knows, we go all around the world.”  

Time For A Vacation?

Coronavirus is like a dedicated boyfriend or stalker; it will travel wherever you go to find you. 

11. You Hear Virus, They Hear Travel

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and you tell them one thing, but they hear the complete opposite? That seems to be what is happening to the world right now. 

You Hear Virus, They Hear Travel


Everyone is being told to stay home and social distance, yet they are hearing “travel the world and gather in large crowds.” 

12. What’s The Report Today, Picard

Every day there seems to be a new update of what is going on with this pandemic. It is like checking a damage report in Star Trek. 

What's The Report Today, Picard

Average Socialite

From the bush fires in Australia to this virus pandemic, it is hard to keep up with what bad thing will happen next. 

13. She Was Bit By The Travel Bug

When your laugh turns into a cough and your cough turns into the urge to book a trip to Europe. 

She Was Bit By The Travel Bug


Whatever you do, resist the urge to travel, it must be one of the hardest symptoms to fight. 

14. Please Wash Your Hands

When the World Health Organization tells you to wash your hands and sanitize to protect yourself, but all you can think about is flimsy paper surgical masks. 

Please Wash Your Hands


Everyone is being given great instructions, but their brains only want to use the stockpile of masks they bought. 

15. “Let’s Go Around The World”

“Borders? What are the borders you speak of? We have never heard of those things. All we can think about is our travel.” 

"Let's Go Around The World"

After this is all over, we have to teach love and viruses to learn about borders. 

16. We Can Work From Home

When you are stuck working from home, but you can do all your work from the comfort of your bed in your pajamas.

We Can Work From Home


It’s like getting to do nothing and having to do everything all at the same time; Relaxing while simultaneously stressful. 

17. It’s So Confusing!

So Coronavirus is in America, but Corona beer comes from Mexico, this is causing some internal conflict for people. 

It's So Confusing!


Do not worry; Corona beer does not correlate with the virus, so feel free to drink some while you are in self-quarantine. 

18. “That Glitter Can’t Hurt Me”

That sweet pea hand sanitizer that you trusted throughout middle school was mostly glitter and did not kill 99.9% of germs as it claimed. 

"That Glitter Can't Hurt Me"

Average Socialite

If it didn’t kill the germs in school, it definitely won’t be killing the virus germs that are being spread around. 

19. Hazmat But Make It Fashion

When you still want to be stylish at the airport, but you want to be safe as well, wear your hazmat suit with some heeled booties for a fashionable touch. 

Hazmat But Make It Fashion


If you want to amp up the hazmat suit even more, add a floppy hat and a big purse to complete the outfit. 

20. Somebody Pass The Moisturizer

When you are trying to be precautious, so you wash your hands every time you touch anything, which makes your hands feel like sandpaper. 

Somebody Pass The Moisturizer

Average Socialite

Did the World Health Organization mention anything about moisturizer after washing your hands 50 times?

21. “Honey…Have You Seen My Hazmat Suit?”

The government: “Stop your travels and stay home as much as you can.” People with an infections virus: “We can’t understand what you said, but we are going on a tour of the world, no big deal.” 

"Honey...Have You Seen My Hazmat Suit?"


Did someone prank the government by messing with their autocorrect to change “stay at home” to “travel the world?” 

22. But First, Hand Sanitizer

When someone tries to shake your hand, but you are practicing the no contact rule, and you don’t know if they have washed their hands properly. 

But First, Hand Sanitizer


Instead of shaking their hand you hand them some hand sanitizer because you don’t know what kind of germs they are carrying. 

23. Where Are They Off To?

“I just want to lay in my bed. Don’t feel like picking up the phone, so leave a message at the tone cause today I don’t feel like doing anything.” Maybe people forgot about Bruno Mars’ song. 

Where Are They Off To?

If they spin the globe and land in the ocean that must mean they are going on a cruise, which we hear are having great deals right now! 

24. When Flights Are Less Than $40

When you and your squad plan a long trip because flight prices dropped significantly, but you lose one of the bros along the way. 

When Flights Are Less Than $40


What happened to the Green Goblin? He must be the one taking the picture in front of the Coliseum. 

25. “It’s Probably Just A Cold”

When you start having symptoms but brush it off as a simple cold because the travel deals are too good to pass up. 

"It's Probably Just A Cold"

Something is definitely wrong; let’s follow our instincts and stay inside. 

26. The Plane Seems Like A Better Option

“This bed is comfortable, supportive, and will help you keep yourself and others safe from spreading a virus.” “Nah, this plane seems much better for my current needs.” 

The Plane Seems Like A Better Option

Although people know the bed is a good idea, traveling must seem like a better option. The bed could have all the features you need, but that plane is still your top pick. 

27. “I’ll Draw 25 Cards”

Would you rather lose a game of Uno or travel when you are explicitly being told not to? 

"I'll Draw 25 Cards"

It seems like everyone is going to draw 25 cards and hope that the other players do worse than them. 

28. “My Doctor Is In Another Country”

When you feel sick, and the health officials tell you to see your doctor and not travel, but you claim your doctor is in another country, so you have to travel. 

"My Doctor Is In Another Country"


We don’t think anyone will believe that excuse, but it’s a creative way to try and get around the rules. 

29. Closed For Business

When this pandemic is shutting down every country, so Earth has to start limiting its business hours, we hope that these hours will be updated on Yelp and Google. 

Closed For Business

Average Socialite

When aliens come to invade our planet, we will have to turn them away because they did not arrive during the updated business hours. 

30. “Doctor, I Couldn’t Resist The Low Prices”

When people travel despite expert opinions that said not to, and they end up in the hospital and the doctor asks, “Was it worth it?” 

"Doctor, I Couldn't Resist The Low Prices"


They respond, “Yes. It was all worth it because I got a really great deal on flights and hotels.” 

31. He Said They Could Go Anywhere

“Shining, shimmering, splendid, Tell me, princess, now when did everyone go into quarantine?” 

He Said They Could Go Anywhere


When you are flying all over the world and start to wonder where all the other tourists went, and why the attractions are so empty. 

32. Dwight? What Did You Do?

When you realize you used to complain about things being too crowded and having too many social commitments. 

Dwight? What Did You Do?


Then 2020 comes around, and you start to think someone was listening to your complaints all these years. 

33. “What Does It Mean To Rest?”

“I will travel across the land, searching far and wide, teach people to understand the power of staying inside.” 

"What Does It Mean To Rest?"

Does the fever and other symptoms act differently than a regular fever and cough?  It seems like they make traveling easier on the mind and body.

34. Cue The Tokyo Drift Music

We are living in a time where we are encouraged to stay home and watch Netflix, which is a dream for most people, but suddenly everyone wants to be outside and active. 

Cue The Tokyo Drift Music


It is like when a little kid is told not to do something, so they want to do it even more since it is not allowed. 

35. Google Hangouts Is About To Be Lit

When you and all your coworkers have to work from home, but you miss each other and need to have meetings so you all log onto video chat. 

Google Hangouts Is About To Be Lit

Although you are having a video meeting, everyone is in their pajamas because they haven’t left the house in days. 

36. Buckle Up, But Don’t Slow Down

Buckle up; it is going to be a wild ride because no one is letting this pandemic slow them down. 

Buckle Up, But Don't Slow Down


What else did the sign say? “Speed up because now is the time for the cross country trip you have been thinking about for years.” 

37. Let’s Touch Everything!

Why stay at home when you can test all the forms of public transportation. From trains, planes, and cruises, there are so many options instead of staying inside. 

Let's Touch Everything!

There are also so many bars and restaurants to go to, why not use this time with a health crisis to try them out. 

38. World Tour 2020

As TLC once sang, “It goes all around the world; it’s all around the world.” Like this virus, people taking this time to go all over. 

World Tour 2020

The grand world tour began in December, and there are tour dates all over the world for the next few months. Get your tickets now. 

39. You Get A Plane Ticket And You Get A Plane Ticket

Are airlines handing out plane tickets like Oprah because everyone is taking vacations when they are not supposed to? 

You Get A Plane Ticket And You Get A Plane Ticket

In the future, people will be asked what they were doing during this pandemic, and some will say they practiced social distancing, while others will say they were traveling around the world. 

40. Minesweeper: World Map Edition

Minesweeper has to be the hardest game that was ever created, and now it has come to life all over the world map. 

Minesweeper: World Map Edition

Average Socialite

It’s like trying to find somewhere safe to go that is not infected by the virus, but it is also impossible. 

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