30 Hilarious “Good Bear” Comics That Take Dark Twisted Turns

Dark humor isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but there are some people that find a lot of fun in its unexpected and bizarre nature. Not everyone understands what it takes to make hilarious and dark jokes. Many people, in their attempts to appeal to this crowd, find themselves losing sight of the true purpose of these jokes, which is to enlighten the mood by the surprising and unsettling twists they’re so famous for.

James is a talented comics creator that uses dark humor in the most creative way in his comics and brings all his favorite ideas to life through his drawings. His jestful expression and witty storylines really appeal to his audience. He has named his comic Good Bear and he has gained 89.7k followers on social media for his work over the years. People really enjoy the bright and colorful illustrative energy of his comics and he tends to feature famous characters, like IT or Batman for example, in silly situations that amuses everyone that views them. He takes his family’s opinions on his comics into account to see if they’re up to par with their expectations.

Here, we have collected some of his awesome and creative comics for you to get the gist of his creating style and fun sense of humor. We hope you will like them!

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1. Home Alone: Pet Version!

2. Look at that one llama in black.


3. What shower purr?


4. Real Baby Shower.


5. This competition suckes.


6. Oh man, that’s a tactic.


7. This is dark!


8. Naughty Uncle Gadget.


9. Damn it! This machine god is so smart.


10. That was funny tho.


11. The customer actually asked for “Dessert” not “Desert”.

12. Detective Mr. Pikachu.


13. Deep Convo!

14. What about changing the background color.


15. Kids, that’s called cheating.

16. That was bit creepy.


17. Well, we all found a perfect answer to this question.

18. Actually, missing the memes.


19. Ka-Me-Ha-Me!

20. Cards is not a Pug’s game.

Advertisement21. Delicious Lunch on it’s way.

22. Can you smell this picture?Advertisement

23. Work First!

24. Perception is everything.

25. Damn, Booty Calls!

If you are a dark humor lover, then this is the best place for you. We’re sure that you laughed at each of these illustrations because you this series of artwork is so relatable with everyone’s life.

Majority of people find it extremely amusing and funny. There are so many comic artists who base their stories on this type of dark humor. However, not all of them are as good as Good Bear Comics or can’t create masterpieces like what James can do. This comics creator uses dark humor to great effect, and his illustrations are full of unexpected twists and surprises. He uses a lot of color and brightness in his illustrations, and he frequently depicts well-known characters in a variety of amusing and bizarre situations.

26. Ouch! That must have hurt a lot.


27. That’s the reason why there’s only one mouse trapped.


28. That was a dark turn.

29. Real Plastic Surgery.

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