30+ Confusing And Hilarious Photos That You Won’t Be Able To Stop Staring At

More often than we may realize we find ourselves in a situation that, from an outside perspective, is really bizarre. The problem is we’re just so used to it that we’re not able to notice. But we are here on a mission to show you some weird pictures that show how most of us are living our lives in a strange way. So strap in and see if you can relate to any of the following photos.

1. Shaq Pregnancy Test Exists

Most people might think that it must be some sort of a photoshopped image, but sadly this is as real as it gets. If you’re anything like us you’re probably wondering why does The Shaq pregnancy test exist and why on earth does it come with 2 FREE SHAQ STICKERS?

Shaq Pregnancy Test Exists


Honestly, we are as confused as you are and the only impressive thing about this pregnancy test kit is the 90% accuracy.

2. Image That Screws With Your Mind

This image does a pretty good job of screwing with your mind because, only if you squint, then you get to see the smiling woman.

Image That Screws With Your Mind

Fonix79 / Reddit

We have to say that this image can freak you out real bad. We will only recommend it to those people who are at work and want to waste a few minutes of their life.

3. First Time Toilet Paper User

Now that you have seen what this person did (for the sake of having some fun), just imagine how it would be to live with this person for one hour (not even an entire day).

First Time Toilet Paper User

dageek1219 / Reddit

You politely ask them to change the toilet paper and they’d go and do something like this. We feel that this man is a monster.

4. Hot Dog Juice? Seriously?

If you wanted to see one of the most repulsive things on the internet, here you have it. We can’t think of any reason why someone would come up with an outrageous idea such as this one and actually go through with it. We won’t give it a try even it gave us wings or super strength.

Hot Dog Juice? Seriously?

Reddit / Ab_Captain

Would you give it a try for $100? Just when you think the internet can’t surprise you anymore, the internet says, “hold my beer.”

5. “We Don’t See Eye to Eye”

This person’s dog likes to stare him through mirrors because it seems like the doggo is not a big fan of quality face-to-face time. Instead, he is more into staring at its owner through mirrors.

"We Don't See Eye to Eye"

school-yeeter / Reddit

We are not sure how they can build a loving relationship like this because the owner can’t feed or play through the mirror.

6. Dual Roles To Play

The architect who designed this clock seems like a fan of an eagle and a pirate. Because that’ll explain why the clock looks like an eagle by day and a pirate by night.

Dual Roles To Play

fishandmustard / Reddit

People living there are always confused by it. And if you ever thought eagles and pirates could never be together, here is a perfect collab for you. It sure does look quite impressive though, right?

7. He’s Actually Very Real

This is one bizarre-looking puppy and we don’t exactly feel obligated to call it cute. After all, there are so many things wrong with it that it’s almost hard to recognize it as a dog.

He's Actually Very Real

ThunderStriker125 / Reddit

Where are the dog’s ears and why is the skin elastic? And where the heck is its teeth? It just looks like a psycho dog that has an evil smile.

8. “Time To Execute The Plan”

After looking at this photo, we are not sure if this man got the upper hand or if it’s all part of his cat’s evil plan. But it seems like the cat can no longer play the waiting game.

"Time To Execute The Plan"

Tom_Browning / Reddit

The cat might be thinking about how he caught wind of her evil plan. As much as we’d like to warn this guy, we’re afraid that it’s already too late…

9. Buzz Lightyear Feeling Buzzed

This is what happens when someone hits your face with a frying pan. We are quite sure that Buzz Lightyear had a nasty fight with someone.

Buzz Lightyear Feeling Buzzed

SomeRandomLad04 / Reddit

Or maybe he has a hangover and wondering what day it is today. What do you think about it?

10. Might As Well Just Get Rid Of The Wall

All we want to know is who thought it would be best to place a window at the exact height as the shower.

Might As Well Just Get Rid Of The Wall

karma_favorite / Reddit

Maybe who designed this window is a creep or they don’t know anything about their line of work. We have no other explanation for this creepy window.

11. A Table For A Special Guest

Have you ever walked into your favorite restaurant without any reservation and politely requested them to arrange a table for you? This is what happens when someone makes that request and isn’t so polite.

A Table For A Special Guest


This is a VI-Pee table for the young fella. We really want to know how the dinner went since it seems like the kid is pretty okay with it.

12. Is It Cooking Club or Coig Okn Club?

Hey, we are quite open to the idea of another club, even if it happens to be a cooking club. But we just feel that it’ll be harsh to judge this cooking club by their graphic designing skills.

Is It Cooking Club or Coig Okn Club?

Cryowizard / Reddit

As normal people, we will judge them only by the taste and nothing else.

13. The Best Store Ever

This is one of those stores that easily accept any form of valuables. This is, without any doubt, the best store of all time because it has got you covered even if you don’t have Visa or cash.

The Best Store Ever

Footey2 / Reddit

And if you don’t have cash, credit or debit card, you can still barter with the goat or shrooms. How convenient!

14. When Taking a Photo is More Important

Safety can go to hell when you get to take a bad-ass photo like this one, right? Wrong! Squeezing into a shifting fault line is just stupid.

When Taking a Photo is More Important

HurricaneBetsy / Reddit

This man doesn’t care about his body and wants to take a photo for the sake of a few likes on social media. It’s a problem since he’s not made of steel.

15. Nightmare Makeup

We are saying sorry in advance if this picture gives you any nightmare in the future. Even looking at this photo can make some people skip a heartbeat.

Nightmare Makeup

Twitter / @David_reymundo_

The girl looks like she’s all ready to become an evil spirit. All we can hope is that she takes some makeup classes.

16. What Are Those???

Some people have a foot fetish, but we are quite sure that even they won’t like these “feet.”

What Are Those???


There are so many questions to ask and none of them are about the charger. The charger is in bad condition, but what about her feet??

17. The Best Invention of All Time?

When the media runs out of the news, they make the news – it’s as simple as that. This is a perfect example of media trying to feed us almost anything.

The Best Invention of All Time?

etian6795 / Reddit

But we are thankful for this news because we’ve never heard of an airplane before. We didn’t know about its existence and now we are super happy…like super happpyyyyyy!!!!!

18. Not A Chill Pill

Here’s a pretty nifty invention that we’ll probably never see again thanks to people who can’t read directions. Luckily, the person is fine but needs to work on a few things (in fact, a lot of things).

Not A Chill Pill

@garglingmilk / Instagram

This is quite weird because why a person would pop a random unknown pill that clearly has ‘TOWEL” written on it? We live in a strange world.

19. Does It Change Your Eyes Too?

We thought that a foundation could hide fine lines, the appearance of discoloration, and dark circles. But we didn’t know that it can change your eye color as well.

Does It Change Your Eyes Too?

Dark_Inferno98 / Reddit

So, if you want to change your eye color, then don’t go for colored contact lenses and simply buy this GMO foundation.

20. Fruit Man

If you stare at something, you become that thing. Although it is not true, it makes a lot of sense in this man’s case. He stared at fruit for so long that he wanted to become one…and it goes on and on.

Fruit Man

thechanchanman111 / Reddit

We wonder how he explains to his hairdresser what he wants. We want to listen in on the conversations they have.

21. This Happens When You Categorize Pizza As a Vegetable

Remember when lawmakers ruled that pizza can be counted as a vegetable because of the amount of tomato paste used in pizza sauce?

This Happens When You Categorize Pizza As a Vegetable

xX_CaNcErOuS_mEmE / Reddit

Well, this is what happens when you take some things too seriously. But how can we blame this guy since, pizza is now a vegetable, and this is how we wash veggies. We just hope it doesn’t trigger pizza lovers out there.

22. Okay, This is Scary

Imagine waking up in the morning, making coffee and seeing this outside. You’d probably drop your mug and run the out of there as quickly as your legs could move.

Okay, This is Scary

Europa13 / Reddit

The eyes are creepy and it is super scary. Whoever did this must be a big fan of horror movies.

23. Don’t Eat It, Please!!!

There are emotional support dogs and cats, but we didn’t know about emotional support hamsters. This is entirely new for us. At first, we thought maybe this person was planning on eating the hamster.

Don't Eat It, Please!!!

Instagram / @kalesalad

But the third photo clears that he had no plans of eating the hamster. Maybe he wanted to sniff it. No matter how you look at it, the photo can make you uncomfortable.

24. Inspirational Staircase From Hell

This is one of those inspirational staircases that can only inspire someone to bang their head against the wall. What kind of a crazy person came up with this?

Inspirational Staircase From Hell

juniorjames316 / Reddit

Or maybe they do actually mean something and we don’t have a freaking clue about these inspirational words. It is best to ignore them and take an elevator.

25. Perfect Map Doesn’t Exi…

It seems like this t-shirt designer never really looked at a map before and that’s how he came up with this inaccurate map of Asia.

Perfect Map Doesn't Exi...

Mr-WaZabY / Reddit

We are quite sure whoever designed this t-shirt never visited any Asian country. Or maybe we are too harsh on that person. Let’s just ignore it and never wear this t-shirt as well.

26. The “NO” Stance

Have you ever wanted to do something and your friends forced you into doing something else? By including a simple “No” into your vocabulary you can make things a lot easier for yourself.

The "NO" Stance

notayyyyy / Reddit

Just say “No!” whenever you don’t feel like doing something. Trust us! It’ll make your life a lot easier.

27. Tablecloth Straight from The Set of A Horror Movie

We’re quite sure that whoever designed this tablecloth has never eaten a meal on it. Would you ever eat a meal on a tablecloth like this one?

Tablecloth Straight from The Set of A Horror Movie

7HZE6 / Reddit

It seems like someone designed this one particularly for people with PTSD. It is scary and disgusting!

28. Wait What? Shrimps Camping?

When someone asks you “what did you get to eat last night” and you don’t know that answer to the question, then simply say “I don’t know.”

Wait What? Shrimps Camping?

AudaciousThick/ Reddit

It is best not to answer something that can make the other person feel uncomfortable. By the way, the person wanted to say that they ate “shrimp scampi.” This is so hilarious!

29. When It is 3 O’ Clock Somewhere

Whoever designed this clock doesn’t believe in, or heard about, the hours between two and four. That is the only possible explanation for this “artistic clock.”

When It is 3 O' Clock Somewhere

archerV34 / Reddit

Or maybe the person who designed it is a firm believer in minimalism. And now we are out of the possible reasons behind this work.

30. How? How On Earth?

We totally get it that people love new-age hipster restaurants that have infusion dishes and gluten-free options, but what does this poster even mean?

How? How On Earth?

sopohopo / Reddit

This poster is wrong and we can’t make any sense of it. We don’t even want to get into too much detail.

31. A Brick Wall Having an Off Day

It is quite normal for humans to have an off day, but we have become so heartless that we don’t expect this from other non-living things around us.

A Brick Wall Having an Off Day

BaugetteHunter96 / Reddit

This brick wall was having a bad day and yet no human went there to ask, “Hey buddy, everything okay?” The wall is barely hanging in there (no pun intended) and we kinda feel sad for it.

32. When The Drain Said “Enough Is Enough”

The purpose of the drain is to use gravity to let the water fall through it, right? This is how most drains work, but this one wanted to work a bit differently.

When The Drain Said "Enough Is Enough"

ffjdgtfc / Reddit

It makes no sense, but we just feel that it will only work when there is too much rain.

33. Glittery Beans

If you have ever tried to cook beans, you’d definitely know that bean water never looks like a bath bomb.

Glittery Beans

@jadedjayyy / Twitter

It just doesn’t make any sense because the oil can create a shiny effect, but not like this one.

34. We Are Already Saving It

Here is a question for you: how can you save water? Don’t use too much of your brain because the clear answer is: By not drinking it.

We Are Already Saving It

Photo Credit: ICBro_Griff / Reddit

Here is a similar case. They want people to save energy, but they didn’t take into account one strong factor: no one can use electricity because there’s no switch.

35. A Sure Way To Get Rid Of Some People

It seems like this Fijian bike path is put there to accomplish one purpose: to get rid of all those people who ride bicycles.

A Sure Way To Get Rid Of Some People

EmilThe1 / Reddit

Or maybe it is there for very skinny riders. We recommend that it would be best not to take the risk.

36. “I’ll Sing For You and I Will Pay You”

We have seen so many people with a passion for singing, but no one can beat this man. He has such a singing passion that he is willing to pay $15 an hour to someone just to have them sit and listen to him sing.

"I'll Sing For You and I Will Pay You"

Instagram/Kale Salad

Why does it feel like this man’s voice is quite terrible? But we won’t judge a book by its cover.

37. For The Love of Mayonnaise

If you ever argued with anyone over mayonnaise being the best condiment to put on almost anything, this is something that can make you feel proud.

For The Love of Mayonnaise


This woman sure looks like a big fan of mayonnaise and she’s not afraid to show it to the world. We kind of support her because mayonnaise is slowing knocking mustard out of the game.

38. People With Serious Issues

If you ever wanted to look for a tell-tale sign of a serial killer, then simply look no further than what is shown in this picture. No sane person eats chocolate bars like this, right?

People With Serious Issues

Instagram / @lester

We are just joking. It is perfectly okay to eat chocolates or bubble gum as shown in the photo. You know what, we take back what we said.

39. Any Mustard Lovers?

If you love mustard, this photo may seem perfectly normal. If you don’t like mustard, we urge you to control your anger.

Any Mustard Lovers?

Reddit / basshead541

This photo can certainly trigger those people who hate mustard. What about you?

40. Once You See It, You Can’t Unsee It

There are some photos that look normal at first glance, but then someone points out a strange remembrance, and everything changes. And now, that’s all that you can see and think of. Bravo!

Once You See It, You Can't Unsee It

Instagram / @stuffthatlookslikestuff

So, this person was about to drink vodka and took a picture as well. But then they pointed out that it looked like their mom’s ultrasound. The internet keeps on getting creepier with each passing day.

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