30+ Brutally Honest Illustrations Showing The Social Issues Of Today

In the wise words of rapper OT Genesis, “The price is way too high they need to cut it.” From high taxes to dependence on technology, these are just two of the many problems our society is facing today. An illustrator named John Holcroft took these problems and made satirical 1950s style ads with them. By looking at issues head-on, we can overcome them and learn something about ourselves. Keep reading to check them out. 

1. Start Your Day With A Bowl Full Of Likes

There is always a rush when posting a new profile picture on Facebook and more than ten people like it. Likes make us feel good and feed the ego. 

Start Your Day With A Bowl Full Of Likes

John Holcroft

The more likes someone gets, the better they feel about the picture that they posted. Typically when someone posts an image, they are hoping their crush sees it and likes it. 

2. The Plastic Sea Monster Strikes Again

In this case, saying, “just keep swimming,” is not going to help that turtle. The garbage monster is coming to ravage the sea, but he can be stopped.

The Plastic Sea Monster Strikes Again

John Holcroft

We can defeat the garbage monster together by recycling and cleaning up our local beaches. You can also cut back on your use of plastic by bringing your own bags to the grocery store and using reusable cups whenever possible. Everyone can make a difference. 

3. Make America Polluted Again

Doesn’t that hairstyle look oddly familiar? We do not recommend smoking industrial chimneys because that pollutes the earth. 

Make America Polluted Again

John Holcroft

Pollution is a real problem, and there are ways to do your part to help reduce some pollution, but it takes many people to make a real difference. Write to your lawmakers to make a difference and change the world for future generations. 

4. Can Someone Give Me Directions To Justice?

Remember those mazes that were on the children’s placemats in restaurants? This is similar, but instead of helping the chicken back to its coop, you have to help the woman find justice. 

Can Someone Give Me Directions To Justice?

John Holcroft

We think you need to pass the time, two lawyers, a police officer, and a massive stack of papers. That seems like a lot of work to get justice, don’t you think. 

5. Insert Coin Here

It will probably take more than one coin to get this doctor to work, but no one works for free. Although there is a slot to get your money back, it definitely does not work.

Insert Coin Here

John Holcroft

Medical professionals work hard to help save lives and should be thanked for everything they do in a time of need. 

6. The Modern Totem Pole

When you are the lowest man on the totem pole at work, so the blame falls on you. Some days are easier than others, and one day you will be able to move up that totem pole. 

The Modern Totem Pole

John Holcroft

As they say, everything flows downhill, but the hierarchy is starting to even out in many companies, so things can flow sideways. 

7. “Which Face Matches My Outfit?”

Which face will you pick to wear today? Will it be a smile, a frown, or a resting b***h face. There are many options to go with how you are feeling each day. 

"Which Face Matches My Outfit?"

John Holcroft

Some people prefer to stick with one face all day and that’s a resting mean face. While people may be good at putting on a happy face, you never know what they might be going through. 

8. A Nail In The Literature Coffin

With all the different forms of social media, literature has been put on the back burner. There are many different ways to consume media that people are buying fewer books. 

A Nail In The Literature Coffin

John Holcroft

Also, people are always on social media and cannot focus on a book for long enough. Once people start reading, they get distracted by their phones, and the book is forgotten. 

9. Might As Well Smoke A Dollar Bill

Smoking costs a lot of money, and it damages the lungs. Also, cigarette companies make most of their money by selling quitting methods. 

Might As Well Smoke A Dollar Bill

John Holcroft

Also, the government gets money from the taxes on tobacco; every time people smoke, they might as well be burning money. 

10. “Would You Like Fries With That Degree?”

Out with college and in with the drive-through window. Most entry-level jobs these days require at least three years of job experience. 

"Would You Like Fries With That Degree?"

John Holcroft

How is anyone supposed to have job experience coming out of college if no one will give them an opportunity? Then people have to turn to fast food jobs so they can make money while looking for jobs that won’t provide them with a chance. 

11. Cash Crop

When they say cash crops, we didn’t think they meant trees. Deforestation is a significant issue for this planet. Forests help clean the air by providing the environment with fresh oxygen. 

Cash Crop

John Holcroft

By chopping trees down to build developments, the planet is dying and it needs to stop. 

12. Be Careful What You See Online

When you are online it is important to be aware that not everyone is who they seem to be. There are many dangerous people on the internet just like our parents warned us about when we were younger. 

Be Careful What You See Online

John Holcroft

Have you ever heard of the show Catfish? It proves that you never know who you might be talking to, but you can always call Nev to figure it out. 

13. “Now Let’s Say Grace For This Strong WiFi”

When was the last time people sat down to eat dinner without their phones? It seems like people don’t know how to detach from technology to focus on family time. 

"Now Let's Say Grace For This Strong WiFi"

John Holcroft

Instead of sitting down for dinner, people are going to start sitting around the WiFi hotspot to get the only kind of connection they understand. 

14. Taking Couch Potato To The Next Level

People used to be called couch potatoes, but now it is being taken to the next level and becoming rooted to the couch. 

Taking Couch Potato To The Next Level

John Holcroft

This is what happens when you discover a new show, and it has three seasons with more than 20 episodes per season. 

15. Painting The Perfect Picture For Followers

Have you ever been crying in real life but posted a happy selfie on social media? We put on this facade to show the world how happy we are, even though we might be going through something. 

Painting The Perfect Picture For Followers

John Holcroft

If you are going through something, it is ok to not put on a happy face all the time. No one needs to explain for feeling emotions, that is part of being human. 

16. Well That’s Rude

When you get your monthly electric bill, and it basically says, “screw you.” It might actually cause people to be more environmentally conscious. 

Well That's Rude

John Holcroft

Maybe rising energy bills will be the fix to save the environment and help the climate change crisis. 

17. “Why Are We Being Tied Down”

“Souring, flying, there’s not a star in heaven that we can’t reach,” said all the men in the corporate world. There is a well-known inequality in the workplace that might change soon. 

"Why Are We Being Tied Down"

John Holcroft

With more women’s rights movements, the wage gap is closer to closing, and women are being treated equally again. We are on the right path and have to continue to fight. 

18. My Brain Needs A Vacation

After a whole semester of school, studying, and finals, it exhausts the brain. Some might even say that your brain needs a well-deserved vacation after just one semester of studying. 

My Brain Needs A Vacation

John Holcroft

That must be why they give a month-long break in between school semesters. Sometimes a month doesn’t seem long enough. 

19. A Bowl Full Of Sugar To Keep The Body Strong

Who wouldn’t want to start their day with a bowl full of candy and licorice? It must be good for the growing body, right? 

A Bowl Full Of Sugar To Keep The Body Strong

John Holcroft

Some cereals are loaded with sugar and are ok once in a while, but not every day. It might be healthier to eat the box that it comes in. 

20. Lady Liberty Is Under A Lot Of Stress

Lady Liberty was not feeling well, so she went to the doctor. She told her doctor that she has been under a lot of stress lately, and there are many issues she is facing. 

Lady Liberty Is Under A Lot Of Stress

John Holcroft

The doctor told her that she needs to work to solve her problems more calmly. Lady Liberty needs to reduce the stress in her life, or else the pressure will become too much for her health to handle. 

21. You Are What You Eat

What people eat is what they become, so everyone should be more mindful of what they put in their bodies. 

You Are What You Eat

John Holcroft

Being a burger isn’t that bad. Burgers are tasty and full of flavor, but a salad is good to balance it out. 

22. Take One Like Per Day To Keep Happiness Levels Controlled

Did you hear, likes are the newest anti-depressant on the market? They are prescribed by Dr. Phil Good, who works at Facebook Pharmaceuticals. 

Take One Like Per Day To Keep Happiness Levels Controlled

John Holcroft

They are prescribed for people to take daily because social media controls our lives and ruins them at the same time. 

23. Actual Happiness Sold Separately

The happiness kit is an amazing deal, that comes with many features. The kit includes video games, luggage to travel, music, credit cards, and access to the internet to name a few. 

Actual Happiness Sold Separately

John Holcroft

From health to employment and love, it has everything you need, but a smile and true happiness are sold separately. 

24. Traffic Is Moving Slow

Have you ever been stuck in traffic and it feels like the cars are moving so slow it seems like a turtle could go faster? 

Traffic Is Moving Slow

John Holcroft

At times it might feel like you want to pick the cars up and move them out of your way, which would be possible if they were little turtles. 

25. Helicopter Parents Got Upgraded To First Class

Have you ever heard of parents having their child’s whole life planned out for them? It is a lot to expect from a child who should be able to explore all their options. 

Helicopter Parents Got Upgraded To First Class

John Holcroft

The helicopter parents got upgraded to pulling all the strings from first-class backpack seats. Children should keep their options open because there is a world of possibilities out there. 

26. The Subway Was Packed Like Sardines

What’s worse than taking the subway? Having to take the subway when it is packed to capacity. It is like being wrapped in a sardine tin. 

The Subway Was Packed Like Sardines

John Holcroft

It is especially bad in the summer when everyone is hot and sweaty; it smells terrible, and it is uncomfortable. 

27. Use Them Until They Burnout

You light one up, it burns out, and then you light another one and repeat the process. There is always another one waiting to be lit. 

Use Them Until They Burnout

John Holcroft

These particular matches are impossible not to burn out. They are highly flammable, and the burn time is very short. 

28. Women Are Not Pieces Of Meat

Women are friends, not food. Women are also not objects to drool over like a prime cut of meat. Women are humans, just like everyone else. 

Women Are Not Pieces Of Meat

John Holcroft

Women want to be treated with respect and kindness. Females are just as strong and powerful as men and deserve to be treated as equals. 

29. Starting Them Early

Those guns are an interesting choice for nursery decorations. Look, one of them is even smiling! If you put a smile and a face on a weapon, does that make it a children’s toy? 

Starting Them Early

John Holcroft

The baby looks content playing with his toys, but are they safe? Do his parents have to make sure all his toys have their safety on before he plays with them? 

30. Signed, Sealed, And Stuck

When signing a contract, make sure to read all the terms and conditions to know what rights you do and don’t have as an employee. 

Signed, Sealed, And Stuck

John Holcroft

With any contract, you should make sure you understand every part of it. Unless it is the terms and conditions that everyone says they read on the App store because no one has actually looked at those. 

31. The Smartphone Does It All

From a map to a compass to a calculator and a camera, the smartphone does it all. You have everything you need in the palm of your hands. 

The Smartphone Does It All

John Holcroft

Other devices are becoming obsolete because the smartphone has so many features. There are also new features being added all the time. 

32. Those Beer Goggles Are Getting Powerful

When you go to the bar, and people start to look more attractive after a few drinks, those are called beer goggles. Those beer goggles are getting even more prominent now that there is a beer mirror. 

Those Beer Goggles Are Getting Powerful

John Holcroft

If you drink enough, everyone starts to look attractive. The problem is when the goggles wear-off and you realize the person you were talking to is not who you thought they were. 

33. Piggy Bank Life Source

Most things in life cost money, and it can seem like the piggy bank is our life source, much like this picture.  

Piggy Bank Life Source

John Holcroft

We have to feed off of the bank because the bank holds our money and money pays for the essential things in life. 

34. Love Hurts

“Love is like a flame, it burns you when it’s hot, Love hurts.”  Love is a tough game because there are times when you never know if the person is the one or they will break your heart. 

Love Hurts

John Holcroft

In a bad relationship, it can feel like taking the next step is a trap because opening your heart to love makes you vulnerable. 

35. Maybe It’s A WiFi Hotspot

Have you ever walked down the street and noticed that everyone around you is on their phones or sitting in front of their laptops? It is hard to find someone that is looking away from their phone. 

Maybe It's A WiFi Hotspot

John Holcroft

Unless they are driving or riding their bike, they are pre-occupied with technology. And sometimes people on their bikes or in their cars are distracted by phones. 

36. Me, Myself, And I

Being single has its perks. You never have to worry about what another person is doing or what someone else wants to eat. You can decide what you do in your free time because it is only for you. 

Me, Myself, And I

John Holcroft

You have constant peace and quiet, there is no one to argue with, and you learn to enjoy your own company. Being single can be very empowering. 

37. Planted Himself There

He should really get that checked out. It must be hard to find pants that fit his roots. When you sit in one place for too long, it can feel like you have been planted into that spot. 

Planted Himself There

John Holcroft

Although playing video games is good for hand-eye coordination, it is essential to get up and move around to keep the blood flowing.  

38. Everyone’s Replaceable

As Abby Lee Miller says to her dancers, “Everyone’s replaceable.” At any moment, someone can come along who can do the same thing but better and quicker. 

Everyone's Replaceable

John Holcroft

It can feel like there is a trap door under the desk because there are always people learning new skills, and it can be hard to keep up with everyone else. 

39. Get Your Daily Fix

Although Tumblr is no longer active, this works for every other social media platform because we have to get our daily fill. 

Get Your Daily Fix

John Holcroft

Even after we have finished scrolling and close the app, we get bored and re-open the app. It is a never-ending cycle sometimes. 

40. It’s A Fixer Upper

Have you ever watched one of those fixer-upper shows, and it seems like the house is eating up their money because they didn’t realize how many problems it had? 

It's A Fixer Upper

John Holcroft

Once one problem is fixed, another problem finds its way to the surface. Some people would even say that the house is a bottomless money pit. 

41. That’s A Heavy Bar Of Chocolate

When stepping on the scale, it is important to remember that the number does not correlate to your self-worth. Although, it is important to keep a balanced and healthy lifestyle. 

That's A Heavy Bar Of Chocolate

John Holcroft

It would also help to not hold a chocolate bar while standing on the scale, which adds extra weight. 

42. The Recipe For A Skillful Employee

The skillful employee will have two cups of professional skills, one cup of problem-solving, half a cup of self-management and IT skills, a pinch of creativity, and a dash of teamwork. 

The Recipe For A Skillful Employee

John Holcroft

Once you have added all the ingredients, you can top it with some extras and then bake it at 350 degrees for a minimum of 16 years of schooling.  

43. Something Has Changed

As our TV screens get thinner, our waistlines get wider. The TV thickness had to go somewhere, right? 

Something Has Changed

Although the TV has changed and the size of the stomachs has gotten bigger, the guy has not changed his clothes for 18 years. 

44. When Getting An Email Was Exciting

Remember being young and getting excited that someone sent you an email. It was new and exciting, while letters were old news. 

When Getting An Email Was Exciting

Today your inbox is flooded with spam and unexciting work emails, but getting a hand-written letter is unique. People rarely write letters anymore, so receiving one is such a great feeling. 

45. Surfing The Web

“If everybody had an ocean, Across the internet, then everybody be surfin’, surfin’ the internet.”  We are always on our phones, browsing the internet or social media. 

Surfing The Web

John Holcroft

From doing work to having leisure time, we use our phones to keep us afloat and ride the internet wave. 

46. The Unbreakable Phone

The Nokia 3310 is notoriously made fun of for being indestructible. It can be run over with a car and still work.  

The Unbreakable Phone

On the other hand, the iPhone falls one inch, and it shatters, or it just stops working after a year for no reason. Phones are no longer made to last because companies want you to continue to replace them. 

47. Changing Times

Remember when you would have to ask someone to get off the phone so that you could have faster internet. The monitor was so massive that it could crush a person. 

Changing Times

Today laptops are so light and portable; it makes it simple for people to do their work anywhere. Although the screens have gotten smaller and thinner, we have gotten bigger. It’s called compensation. 

Hilarious Prom Photos That Nobody Will Ever Forget

Brenda Miller

This article was originally published on 24/7Mirror

Prom night: the excitement is palpable, the music is loud, the hormones are… definitely making everyone awkward. As much as we love to imagine that prom night is some magical and romantic night that you’ll never forget, the reality often clashes with the dream. After putting out a request for the most embarrassing and hilarious prom photos out there we were rewarded with prom photos that will make you switch between hysterical laughter and a pound of cringe. We know that these photos will transport you back to your high school “golden days,” all while giving you the biggest laugh of your day.

A Little Too Much ‘Young Love’

Isn’t it just wonderful to be young and in love? Quite nothing in this world compares to it, so it’s always important to remember and enjoy every single second of it. Even if that means taking an awkward photo or two, who cares? Clearly, this young couple doesn’t, since they can’t keep their hands off each other.

A Little Too Much 'Young Love'

And though we’d like to say that there is a time and a place for things to get a bit steamy, they seem to be up for showing their love for each other the same second their profile picture was taken. As awkward as they are, they look kind of cute though.

Try Explaining This One To Your Parents

This funny couple certainly took their originality to a whole other level. Instead of choosing to take just another regular prom photo, you know, the typical side-by-side picture, they chose something else.

Try Explaining This One To Your Parents

Either that, or she is actually trying to send out a message with the pose she chose, as it seems like she is pretending to be about to slap the guy, and he is seriously scared. In any case, they both look stunning and will forever have an original prom photo to reminisce about.

​He Cannot Keep His Eyes Away

Sometimes, we can just not take our eyes off the person we like. And this guy is one of those people. In the hilarious picture, he was caught staring at his date, without being able to hide his awe for the girl sitting next to him.

​He Cannot Keep His Eyes Away

But he did so in a way that became a little bit much, and we’re guessing that many people felt uncomfortable about it, including her. Seriously, if you absolutely have to look, then at least try to make it less obvious, you know?

​Photobombed In The Creepiest Way

We can’t really point out if one of the girls in the picture was the date of the guy in the back, but there is no doubt that he wishes he was in that photo too. Instead, he is standing behind them while holding a bouquet of flowers and looking real disappointed and even creepy.

​Photobombed In The Creepiest Way

Looking at the bright side though, at least the girls seem to be having a good time.

​ A Strange Carpet Ride

We don’t really get what is happening in this picture, but let’s just go with the flow for the sake of the awkwardness in it. The two teenagers certainly deserve to get props for how much effort they both put into this photo.

​ A Strange Carpet Ride

They certainly decided to think outside of the box for this one, and well, they easily succeeded in creating one of the most original prom photos we’ve ever seen! That’s not to say that their pose isn’t weird though, because even though we’re not there, it kind of makes us a little bit uncomfortable.

Can We Get Some Context Please?

The guy in this picture looks so happy while he poses on his prom day. For some reason, he is also holding a random sewing machine, as if his background didn’t look bad enough.

Can We Get Some Context Please?

He seems completely oblivious to the fact that someone was just in an accident, only a few moments before he is posed for his photo. One thing’s for sure, the entire thing makes for a sadly great photo.


When prom night comes, we get all dressed up and seriously look forward to the wonderful evening ahead of us. In many ways, we can’t even believe the moment is there since we have waited in anticipation for so long. But then, when the time comes to take the magical photos that will always remind us of these special moments, just imagine someone ruining it?


How annoying. And that’s exactly what this guy in the back did. He simply decided to photobomb his friends’ photo by making an unforgettable face, and that is literally all anyone will remember about this photo.

​The Staring Game Is Strong

Well, that’s just not a nice thing to do young man! We understand, his prom date looks absolutely stunning, and is wearing a dress that he can’t simply stop looking at. But his staring game is so strong that it might be making others slightly uncomfortable. But we all know how those teenager hormones are killers sometimes, leaving young boys and girls going completely crazy whenever they see a bit of cleavage or some very prominent muscles.

​The Staring Game Is Strong

Good thing this cameraperson caught the entire inappropriate moment on camera, and this guy will be forever reminded of the moment he couldn’t keep his eyes away from his date’s cleavage. But looking at the positive side of things, at least he only had eyes for her!

​Pick-A-Boo Dad

It is always so scary when dads have the quirkiest sense of humor. We never know when they’re going to use it, and unfortunately for this girl, her dad was ready to strike as soon as she was ready to go to prom.

​Pick-A-Boo Dad

Out of the blue, her dad decided to play pick-a-boo and to create a photo that would become so cringy in the end. We can only imagine what this girl felt when she saw the photo afterward.

Blink And You’ll Miss It

Closing your eyes at the exact moment that a shot is taken is the absolute worst! Seriously, it’s never fun to take an important photo and to realize too late that your eyes were actually closed. That’s what this poor guy experienced on his prom day.

Blink And You'll Miss It

At least these days we get to take several photos as soon as we realize that our eyes were closed. Imagine back in the days when we only had one or two chances, and if we ruined it, our prom photos would be ruined and unchanged forever!

When You’re Supposed To Choose Between Two Dates But Find A Third Option

For a love triangle, these three are totally rocking and owning theirs! The guy not only decided to take two stunning girls to prom, but he also wanted to make sure that they both knew he was dedicated to both of them equally.

When You're Supposed To Choose Between Two Dates But Find A Third Option

The solution for that? To wear perfectly colored outfits – each of the girls wore a colorful dress to which the guy matched with each half of his outfit. 

Equally Awkward Attire

There is nothing any of us can say that will take away the fact that these two couples look incredible in this photo. Their matching outfits really worked out for them. Even though ’70s clothes aren’t always a favorite by many, these plaid outfits were probably amongst the few things that were awesome back then, and these two teenagers knew exactly how to rock them.

Equally Awkward Attire

It’s also really cool that the girl decided to defy traditional rules and went on with her cool suit instead of a fancy prom dress.

​Riding A Llama In Style

Who on this earth thinks about including a llama in their prom photos? These guys. We have no idea what they had in their minds, what we do know, is that they wanted to make their prom night special and so they went and did it.

​Riding A Llama In Style

And how did they do it? Well, instead of choosing to make an entrance with a fancy vintage car or a limo, they chose something a little bit more unusual, a llama. Yes, folks, these teenagers literally posed for their prom photo with a llama in the middle, and we’re certain that no one will ever forget it.

​An Unfortunate Event

Oh man, if this is not one of the most unfortunate pictures we’ll be seeing on this list, then we’re not too far from it. Someone had the not-so-brilliant idea to get everyone standing on a bridge for a group photo. Sadly, they didn’t consider the fact that the added weight could possibly become a problem, which it did.

​An Unfortunate Event

The inevitable happened when the entire thing tipped over, and one by one, the prom kids began falling into the water. Though the moment must have totally sucked, at least they can laugh together about it today.

​Wearing Shorts To Prom

Feeling like wearing a pair of shorts to prom, why not? Clearly, this guy saw no boundaries out there when he decided to wear a pair of wonderful shorts to the prom. We’re assuming it was hot or something, or he simply wanted to defy prom culture.

​Wearing Shorts To Prom

His date looks absolutely stunning next to him, and she doesn’t seem too bothered by the guy wearing shorts. While it may be kind of inappropriate to wear them to prom, props to him for doing whatever he felt was right.

​The Superhero Prom Dates

Now here’s a pair of very creative guys who were like, “Why don’t we wear some superhero costumes to prom?” And though some may say that that was going a little bit overboard, Batman and Spiderman here seemed to be very pleased with their decision.

​The Superhero Prom Dates

And their dates obviously look stunning and seem to find it cool to go with superheroes as their dates to prom. They for sure had a total blast that evening!

​Every Possible Color

Now, how cool is this? The group of guys thought together about the most creative thing they could do to make their prom day even more fun, and we’re guessing that they got to the perfect solution.

​Every Possible Color

Instead of wearing a suit, they decided to go for some really colorful outfits perfectly contrasting with one another. Their color coordination definitely flies on this one, and they get to have this awesome photo to remember the big day.

​Another Photobomb

It’s inevitable that a few prom photos will have a person or two photobombing. But this guy’s photobomb skills are so sharp that we are close to believing that they are some of the best we’ve ever seen!

​Another Photobomb

He is literally hiding behind the bushes while the clueless guy is happily smiling at the camera as he poses for his memorable prom photo.

A Fish As A Prom Date

It’s impossible not to feel a little bit bad for this guy. We’re not sure if this was a joke, but if it wasn’t, the poor kid probably didn’t deserve to stand there alone with a huge fish as a date.

A Fish As A Prom Date

Many of us know how hard it can be to not be the popular kid in school, so it is somewhat painful to see the lonely guy. On the other hand, if this joke was his own doing, then props to him for rising up and not caring about what others think.

​The Devil Goes To Prom

This is pretty creepy, that’s for sure. I mean, we’ve seen people wearing so many different costumes to prom, but nothing was ever like what this guy is wearing.

​The Devil Goes To Prom

Who on earth would think of going to prom wearing a devil costume? At least the couple was in sync, as they both wore their fair share of devilish stuff, and all that matters is that they’re happy, right?

When You Come Wearing The Same Thing As The Room

You know how things go. You just wake up at your regular time in the morning, look for your favorite dress, do everything in your power to look really nice, and then boom!

When You Come Wearing The Same Thing As The Room

You look at the curtains in your house and realize that what you’re wearing is exactly the same color as the curtains and even the same material. So well done to this girl for owning the outfit and taking a photo right in front of the embarrassing curtains.

So Many Prom Dates, How To Choose?

Well, good for you, man! The guy is surely making an impression, or at least he is feeling himself posing next to so many dates! Clearly, he managed to snag not just one date to prom, nor two, he actually convinced three young women that he was the right date for them.

So Many Prom Dates, How To Choose?

And as cool as it looks, we hope the girls don’t let the guy break their hearts with all of his “coolness.”

​Taking Mrs. Robinson To Prom

So, something about this picture is a tiny bit weird. Okay, maybe it’s more than a tiny bit, the photo just confuses us a little bit. The boy is so adorably dressed in his grey suit, which is not so awkward and tacky like many prom suits out there.

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