3 Kind Of Woman That Makes Men Never Forget

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There are women who, once they’ve been in a man’s life, remain in his memory forever. He may have another woman and even a family, but he will still remember the one he could have succeeded and been happy with, but that didn’t happen.

Which women do men never forget?

1. The one who left him alone

A woman who herself left him can occupy a large place in a man’s memory. This is a sign that she is much better than him and he has proven himself unworthy.

Such a feeling makes a man considers her the most special, not like everyone else, although she may be a completely ordinary woman and even possess many negative qualities.

It’s just that the main issue here is not her objective value, but the assessment of the man himself. If the woman does not want to be with him, then she is much more than him.

2. A woman who gave him a chance and then disappeared from his life

They have met and had several dates and allegedly everything went well. But she suddenly stopped communicating without saying anything. In fact, it does not matter for what reason the communication stopped, the important thing is that the man will remember this girl for a long time, wondering why she refused him. In most cases, it turns out that he was simply not interesting enough for her so she just ended contact.

3. A woman with unpredictable behavior

The behavior of a woman in love can be considered predictable that she will call, write, agree to meet, etc.

But if a lady is not interested in a man, then her behavior towards him does not lend itself to any predictions.

Today she wants to meet, even proposes a date herself, and tomorrow she is no longer sure that she wants the relationship to continue. This kind of communication always ends, but the longer it goes on, the more the man lusts after this woman.

When the lady finally disappears from his life, although the man understands all the absurdity and harm of this association, he cannot forget her for a long time, and often forever.

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