25 Hilarious Comics By Jake Gerard That Hits Little Too Close To Home

In a life filled with stress, Jake wants us to take a break and laugh.

Things are speeding at a crazy pace as we are growing up. Everything is so fast, and now that the autumn season has arrived, the sun is going to down way too quickly and ultimately the year is going to end within minutes. Trust me, it does feel like the weeks are passing by like seconds. Apparently, this happens to everyone. I mentioned this problem to my father and he responded by saying “It’s that phase of life”. I am about to enter the corporate world and he says things will never be the same. The only difference is, the world is far more corrupt and is in a really bad condition physically compared to when my father was in his mid-20s. Global warming is literally killing the planet and the corrupt leadership is sucking the blood of the humans living on it. All of this adds to the total stress and it gets really hard to manage. We need an escape route, a temporary portal to enter where there are no such issues to worry about, no stress to work away, and only happiness and laughter to help us all relax.

Thanks to the very talented comic artist Jake Gerard, this has been made possible. Jake belongs to Long Island and has only one purpose, to make everyone laugh and have a good time in general. And he does so through his art. Jake produces comics that are funny and his illustrations look extremely beautiful. The man really is god gifted when it comes to comedy as well as art skills.

To we are going to use Jake’s portal to escape this reality for a while and enjoy his comics. Scroll below to have a hilarious experience.

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1. It’s a question he must never ask himself but depression made him.

2. The cat will still mange to get in somehow…they love watching their owners take a sh*t.

Or maybe they love the smell of their sh*t. Either way, they will enter the bathroom when you are in there.


3. Lil Dingus tried to trust…one last time.


4. You will always achieve what you have your heart set for. Jake just explained this in a funnier way.


5. This one does make you think a little.


6. In how many months had he not opened that cabinet? He must burn the house down now.


7. Why didn’t he just type in the correct web address instead of running towards the correct website?


8. I really wasn’t expecting the strip to end that way.


9. I am sorry, my love for the series forces me to do it every time.


10. Poor circadian rhythm’s job keeps getting tougher and tougher as we grow up.


11. Looks like Pingen is useless.

12. He loves putting durians in the shredder.


13. Given that I have benefited nothing from NFTs so far, I would like to agree to this. Had I generated a million dollars like all those other people, I would’ve disagreed because that’s how it works.

I am going to be very honest here, it does take a couple of brain cells to understand the references and the humor but when you get it you begin with a smile which slowly turns into a laugh. Jake’s work is amazing and I absolutely love it. His way of illustrating comedy is unique and that’s what makes him so good. He is bound to fly high. Jake is about to reach 10,000 followers on his Instagram and this is only just the beginning. I am sure he will be in millions in no time. That’s how good and important his work is in today’s time.

14. No one will ever be alone on the server…ever.


15. Poor Dingus. Nobody listens to him. I think he is going to have to buy some tape and fix the leak himself.

16. There will soon exist an army of these digital artists.


17. No sir, you did not catch them all.

18. “I’ll manage it” – Every human ever after they turn off their alarm.


19. If they don’t get acknowledged, they steal the acknowledgment.

20. I hope we find the answer one day.


21. What just happened?

22. He made the right decision.


23. The humanoid bodies are a big no. A fat no, in fact.

24. This is confusingly hilarious. His anxious self wants to get roasting…literally.

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