25+ Adorable Images Of Cats Soaking Up The Sun In Summer

Summer is a favourite season for cats.

I’m sure we’ve all seen cats scouting out the best spot to sunbathe. Not only that but even if it’s scorching hot, they’re not going to start sweating or anything. And, while it is true that summer means pool season, cats aren’t as concerned as you might think. Cats, as we all know, are not fond of water and will usually avoid anything wet. However, not all cats are like this; some will jump in if the mood strikes them. And who says you have to enjoy the water to get the most out of summer?

That is why we have gathered some of the most enduring images of cats sunbathing, relaxing in the pool, or prancing around in the garden today. Many of them are even dressed appropriately for the summer! All I can say is that these cats make me envious. I’ve never had the same summer spirit as these cats. And, since we could all use some wholesomeness in our lives, this is the ideal way to achieve it. So, if you’ve been down, you’ve come to the right place.

Simply scroll down to see for yourself and have fun.

#1 Just look at that shirt! Nobody can wear it better than he can.

When I feel the first shafts of the sunlight on my fur, I’m immediately in summer mode.

#2 Atleast he doesn’t have fur that he needs to worry about getting wet.

#3 The kitty is looking very shocked at this turn of events.

#4 Look at those glasses! The sun glare is definitely out of the question now.

#5 This is Melis and I am assuming this is her favourite flower.

#6 What is this kitty doing you may be asking? Catching bugs ofcourse.

#7 This floof is just angry that she couldn’t beat the high score.

#8 This is Kuli and she loves surfing and hitting the waves.

#9 A kitty chilling on a hammock under the trees? Who doesn’t want that life?

#10 I would not recommend watering this plant.

#11 They are going on a world tour with their suitcases.

#12 This is the best insta-worthy picture of a cat right here.


#13 Right here, we have the Babooshka cat.


#14 This is the true zen state of a kitty.


Zen may be gone now but his chill nature will live on in the hearts of the internet.

#15 Who needs an expensive bed when you have a cardboard box?


Sometimes you just need to get away from it all and relax.

#16 This is the perfect way to get cool in the summer!


#17 And here I thought we weren’t doing advertisements?


#18 Look at what this farmer kitty has harvested!


#19 The pink bow ties everything together.


#20 The cute blep is everything I’ve ever needed.


#21 The love for his country is quite apparent here.


#22 Who doesn’t need to sunbathe their tummy once in a while?

#23 I can already see that she is going to be great.

#24 There is a lifeguard on duty.


Help you guys!! There’s a shark in the pool…. just kidding, it’s ME!!

#25 This is the epitome of being lazy.

#26 Just look at that smile! It will warm anyone’s heart.

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