25 Absurd Comics Filled With Dark Humor By “Pbf Comics”

Not everyone can execute dark humor the way this artist does.

Comic strips are something anyone can easily look up and read when they are bored or want something to make their mood better. I am sure you will find a strip on every single genre there is to exist. There will be some horror, romance, comedy, a blend of three, thrill, adventure, and so on and so forth.

Executing a good comic is not easy, it takes years of practice, effort, and a lot of failures to achieve what the artist has in mind. Especially when the comics are supposed to be absurd with a blend of dark humor. You don’t want your dark humor to sound conventional because what difference does that make? And you also don’t want the comics to offend anyone, so striking that balance is key and only the best in the business can achieve such a feat.

Nicholas Gurewitch is a professional comic artist who has spent over 20 years perfecting his comics for an audience that enjoys dark humor. A journey that began with comic strips that would be published in the daily newspaper is now fast ahead as he is now known as one of the biggest webcomic artists.

Today we are going to enjoy some of his best work. Scroll down below for some absurdness blended with darkness.

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1. Made it just in time.

2. Looks like the man isn’t too happy about his wish anymore.


3. She erased the love from that story.


4. You almost gave him a heart attack, Gramps!


5. Oops, you didn’t mention you wanted him out of the grave as well.


6. I have way too many questions popping into my head right now.


7. No one can ever live on their own.


8. It is an accurate representation though, you have to give it to him.


9. Should’ve just party’d.


10. In a parallel universe.


11. I didn’t mean it that way, mom.

12. It is only right when you say it.


13. It’s too dangerous out there so you have to stay in the cage.

Ever got that feeling when you are craving something but you don’t know what that “something” is? Well, I just found it. These comics were exactly what was lacking in my day, now it feels full. I absolutely love them and I hope you guys do as well. The Pbf Comics just got a new fan.

The absurdness is perfectly matched with the dark humor that is not too much and neither too less. Nicholas is a master at what he does and I have immense respect for him. No wonder why he has over 355,000 followers on Instagram.

14. Hate it when this happens.


15. That one took a pretty drastic turn.

16. Just a little amendment…and…now we are good.


17. Wait what?!

18. You had to do it.


19. Command respect in 7 steps.

20. At least she is happy.


21. Got kicked out.

22. Your wish is my command.


23. Too late now.

24. She wasn’t wrong.


25. Susan, no!!!

I really hope you guys enjoyed the comics. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

Stay tuned for more!


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Dog tax.

“Day 7 of officially adopting him, he sleeps like this all the time now.”

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