20 Pics Proving That Life With A Cat Is Always Full Of Entertainment And Chaos

Cats are funny and adventurous creatures. They cannot just sit in one place. They are always on a mission or hunt that is far from our thinking. Having a cat is like having a package full of entertainment. These furry creatures keep on putting crazy acts that are so hard to not notice. Their funny and quirky habits make you laugh all the time. On one hand, these cats can make you laugh on your stomach, but on the other hand, they also cause you so much trouble that you regret your decision of being with them. It’s irritating and troublesome to be with them. Sometimes they become a headache for you but you actually cannot do anything about it as you have to keep them at your house.

Cat owners have decided to share with us some goofy memories of their animals with us. Following are the photos of some crazy cats who have been caught red-handed at the right moment while doing surprising things. You might need a sedative looking at them, so brace yourself and keep reading till the end. Scroll down till the end so that you do not miss anything.

1. So cute

© rody.tino.tomoko / Instagram

2. Those faces though


© chuck.the.duck / instagram

3. The way he’s sitting, something’s fishy


© 50pets / twitter

4. Waiting for food in line be like


© Nafig7 / pikabu

5. What a perfect shot


via wakaponsan

6. This cat is an artist


7. Collective staring hour


© AggressivelyMeows / imgur

8. Underwears and socks thief of the entire neighbourhood is found


© deathbygamez / reddit

9. She finally went out of home for the first time


via unknown

10. Wondering how she went inside


© NerdyConspiracyChick / reddit

11. The human face in the face of cat

via rexiecat

12. Birth on Christmas be like; baby kittens are our gifts this year


© WeTheDanielle / twitter

Getting fun here? These cars are too cute to be missed out, so keep scrolling till you reach the end.

13. The most adorable photo of today

© MyLittleGirl / reddit

14. Funny


© LootyTooty / reddit

15. Yikes

via unknown

16. “Where’s my food?”


© FluffanutterandJelly / reddit

17. Caught red-handed with his girlfriend

© CaptainBeckmann / reddit

18. Available in all sizes


via unknown

19. What cats usually keep doing

© DizzyApps / reddit

20. I am in love with her glowy eyes

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