20 Eye Opening Comics About Modern World That Everyone Can Sympathize With

A picture is worth a thousand words.

I am sure we have all heard this statement and it makes a lot of sense when you take a look at some pieces of art. Now I am not talking about abstract paintings which can have varying meanings for everyone but there are a lot of illustrations that touch on the issues today’s world has to face. From addiction to social media to faking happiness just to fit in. Our reality has become just as fake as any reality TV show and this artist is here to expose that.

I am ofcourse talking about Jean Jullien. He is a french illustrator and designer and I have to say that I love his simple but powerful designs. His art style might not be gaudy but it is certainly unique and he focuses on the subject and the story of the illustration more than anything else. So if you are here to have an existential crisis, this art might just help you with that. Jokes aside, not everyone will agree with his sentiment but he doesn’t take any sentiment, this information is just out there for everyone to see and they can form their own opinion.

So scroll below to take a look at some incredible art.

Source: Instagram

#1 This is sort of true but I wouldn’t recommend smoking your cigarette while it is plugged in.

Most vapes don’t work when they are plugged in and that is always safer.

#2 When you are just trying to be friendly.


We have all seen this happen.

#3 Some people are just night owls.


#4 And this is how movies get torrented sometimes.


#5 I see a lot of phones on the beach as well.


#6 Having an apple has become a sort of status symbol for a lot of people.


#7 All of our mail accounts are always filled to the brim with spam.


#8 Which face will we put on today?


#9 We all have a mask for different days.


#10 These are the new tan lines trend.


These are not the only things he draws. He has quite a varied style when it comes to his art. But it usually stays within semi-realistic or cartoony and it is amazing. I would urge you to check out his Instagram as there is some incredible work there. Not only that but he also has some collections that people come from all over the world to see. He has over 1.2 million followers and he is only growing.

#11 In the past few years, online friendships were the only thing sustaining us.

#12 This is why you need to put down your phone at the dinner table.


I say this but I do the same as well but only when I am alone.

#13 To be fair, dogs are more well-behaved than kids at times.

#14 This sounds like a horror movie waiting to happen.


#15 It really is that easy to turn it on.

#16 Loving yourself is really important.


#17 Is hair disgusting on women when it is fine on men?

#18 Cats don’t like to be touched when it is a surprise.


#19 I mean, what else can you do when you are traveling alone?

#20 And then you yelp because you scared yourself with your face.


Cat tax will turn that frown upside down!


She is on the prowl for treats judging by her expression.

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