18 Cat Posts That Prove Life With Cats Is Always Fun

Cats are such wholesome and entertaining creatures, they keep on doing these adorable things that make you love them even more. Having a cat as your pet is like having a package full of entertainment. Their wholesomeness and adorability make your day.

I know that you all would have been waiting for some adorable cats to brighten up your day. Therefore, we have made a cat medley for all of you that includes their cuteness galore, funny gestures, rescues, and appreciation. It will make you laugh and be sentimental at the same time. Their funny and cute gestures are to live for. It’s hard to accept people who don’t love cats. I mean, how can they? Scroll down till the end to witness some fun-filled content.

1. Look at the suit and tie pattern on his tummy

Via u/Bobbycankillit

2. The statue was made after the cat had passed to commemorate her memory. Her name was Colonel.


Via u/headwig123

3. She would look really funny if she actually had those eyes


Via u/headwig123

4. “Thinking about keeping this little ragamuffin that rolled by my house and laid on my foot. The boys don’t seem to mind it.”


Via u/Tank_and_Bones

5. Her name is is Willow and she looks very adorable. Look at her tall neck.


Via u/Saneaux

6.  No, she’s not a Maine Coon and no, she is not 12 year old, Gigi is only 8 months.


Via u/WanderingWino

7. Isn’t she the cutest black cats you have ever seen? It’s sad that the owner said nobody wants to adopt her.


Via u/Kitty_casserole

8. “Update on the kitten who was hit by a car and his sibling that the cops said to shoot – They are both happy and healthy and doing great in their forever home!”


Via u/Azelais

9. This cat went missing for three days. When the owner finally found him, they saw that his paw was broken. He was then band aided and this is how he sleeps now. So adorable.


Via u/lucas_mi99

10. My cat just sits there with such expressions and watches me when I bath, I think he fears I might drown.


Via u/lickmewhereIshit

11. This cat same to the user’s window in such cold. i would adopt her in a second and would not wait to let her sit in such cold any second more. Look at her face, so sad.

Via u/lacycats

12. When you own cats, such stares are very common to witness. Look at the third one.


Via u/will252

13. It almost made me think it was a tiny cat standing beside her. Her name is Beanbag and she is absolutely adorable.

Via u/selfdestructvoice

14. Meet Inigo who is 23 years old. He sleeps like an absolute Donut, he’s very cute.


Via u/biomeddent

15. Timmy carries his favorite stuffed toy everywhere around the house. He has made him his son.

Via u/snorri600

16. I took my cat to the annual checkup by the regular vet. Now he is high on his pain meds with trimmed belly and lesser teeth. His expressions are making me laugh.


Via u/WanderThroughLife

17. You wake up, go straight to the washroom and this is how your pet welcomes you. Cats will be cats.

Via u/groz_v

18. Gus is a rescue kitten with black fur and big beautiful eyes. Mostly, he likes to stay with his stuffed carrot. Almost, all of the day.

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