17 Naughty Pets Who Always Keep Their Owners On Their Tip Toes

We know our pet animals for being extremely adorable, super affectionate, entertaining, joyous, and more. All the positive adjectives one can possibly think of can be associated with our pet animals. They feel so loved at their forever home and just can’t resist returning the same amount of, at times even more, love back to their owners. And they have their own adorable ways of doing so.

However, they also possess a certain power and that is to willingly keep their owners right at the edge of their seats all the time. And they do so by being extremely naughty and quirky. Now, their own purpose is not to worry their parents, it’s just the adrenaline that makes them do such naughty stuff, and in their minds, it always feels like they are doing something really good. But what do expect from activities that are not planned? They result in odd situations. And such things are done by our pet animals and always keep us busy 24/7 because we have no clue how high the bar will be set next time.

Let’s enjoy some more pictures of pet animals being the naughtiest!

1. This cat escaped the house and was found a day later outside one of the bedroom windows.

Via Unknown author / Reddit

2. He was born to play with danger as if it was a stuffed toy or something.


Via Wirpvp / Reddit

3. Thank god the owner had to use the restroom, god knows what it would’ve done had it been left unattended for another hour.


Via Miquil / Reddit

4. Dr. Grey does not want its owner to work from home.


Via pinnipedmom / Reddit

5. After working hard all weekend to put plants into the garden planters, this big boy was seen the next day ruining absolutely everything for its owner.


Via Hazza_*** / Reddit

6. Thanks to a pet in the house, this human can never eat anything in peace…ever.


Via sonny_sweat / Reddit

7. The cat did not think twice before ruining her grandma’s flower wase to sleep in it.


Via KeithRedacted / Reddit

8. He used the piece of bread his owner gave him to stand on it in order to eat his owner’s sandwich.


Via Butterfly_Q*** / Reddit

These creatures really do commit to what they have set in their mind. As far as it looks somewhat good in their head, they will execute it. And when they actually do what they had thought of, it is only then that they realize how dumb they look. But no one can change the fact that they are our cuties and there is no surviving without them. So we just have to allow our pets to keep us busy and on the edge all the time. It’s just how it is supposed to work.

9. Every puzzle they try to make randomly loses a piece. I wonder where it goes.


Via mistymay_dawn / Reddit

10. Nothing special here, just a newly adopted cat standing on its adoption certificate it just tore into pieces.


Via h***aful / Reddit

11. He will get called a sweet boy when he doesn’t bite his mummy’s face. So far he is yet to be called one because he never stops biting.

Via Ihailfromhyrule / Reddit

12. This cat owner’s first-ever succulent plant only survived for 8 hours thanks to their fluffy friend.


Via mandalababee / Reddit

13. Expected the absolute unexpected from your pet.

Via FelledWolf / Reddit

14. Imagine coming home after a super exhausting day to this.


Via ImWaffle / Reddit

15. He chewed a hole in the box to fit its head through.

Via kylastingrae / Reddit

16. Their dog removed every single bit of romance from this picture.


Via mayonaissewins / Reddit

17. He pawed his owner’s coffee and you don’t see a drop of sorry on that face.

Via MartyFreeze / Reddit

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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