17 Hilarious Illustrations With Surprising Endings By Sorrowbacon

‘Sorrowbacon’ is not only a webcomic, but it is also a four-panel illustration that represents the real-life issues that practically every one of us has experienced at some point in our lives. Millie Ho is the creator of these witty and ironic comics. There’s no doubt that this artist possesses something that goes beyond imagination, which allows her to think outside the box and distinguishes her work from the others. There is something so amazing about the ideas and concepts that underlie these paintings that we can relate to them without any doubts.

t is based on two primary characters, a narcissistic, attention-seeking cat and a nutrition harbinger, that the entire webcomic is centered around. The entire plot revolves around the central problem that we are confronted with and how this cat comes up with creative solutions just when it appears that there is no hope. Creating wonderful cartoons on a daily basis is no easy task; it takes a great deal of inspiration and creativity to create a masterpiece, and this artist Millie has mastered the art of doing so. Everyone with a dark sense of humor will find her hilarious comic strips to be devilishly entertaining.

With its brief and spontaneous nature, these devilishly humorous graphics will be enough to feed your hungry inner devil, with a pleasant surprise at the end to cap it all off. So,  keep scrolling down to take a look at these incredible illustrations that will brighten and boost your day.

1. Jealous purr wants to rule the world!

2. Well, licking the pen works…Advertisement

3. Is there any limit to this calculus diet?Advertisement

4. Sometimes the most dangerous creature is the one who appears to be the most innocent one.


5. Bathroom can fix everything, literally EVERYTHING!


6. A love story of a Hedgehog and a cactus…


7. This girl is good at bribing.


8. Everyone is beautiful in their own way!


Comics are becoming more common these days, and it’s fun to read them. Especially when the comic strips are a great blend of wittiness, weirdness, and dark humor. And these days, the internet is brimming with new, inventive ideas and notions that we haven’t seen before.

Likewise, Millie Ho (having 940 followers on social media) used sarcasm and sharp humor to tackle difficult subjects such as societal difficulties, dieting concerns, and a variety of other topics that will have you laughing throughout the entire time you read these comic strips. Her artwork includes some well-known figures such as Lady Gaga and Ariel from The Little Mermaid, and she has included these characters in an amazing way that no one can ever imagine. However, the ideals that underlie these characters go beyond and are distinct from the main storylines of these icons.

Check out some more illustrations!

9. This cat understands more about people than anyone else.


10. That is the key to becoming a successful man.


11. Best use of butter is as a lady-gaga outfit…

12. Bean fight!


13. Whatever, food is food!!!

14. Aw! Poor soul!


15. Vampires are honest…

16. Oops! Chad isn’t a good pal.

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