15 Illustrations Depicting The Daily Struggles Girls Face

Being a woman isn’t easy.

And before you click off this article because you think I am going to start talking about some serious issues about genders, that is not what today’s post is about. Today we are just focusing on some of the struggles girls face and ones you might be able to relate to. After all, real life is very different from what is shown in the movies. And women don’t usually wake up with perfect makeup and hair first thing in the morning.

That is unless they slept with makeup on which is not only bad for your health but you will also look like a racoon if you did this. So an incredible artist from India wanted to draw what was close to her heart. And that was creating funny illustrations of what she perceived are the struggles in her daily life. Whether it has something to do with her relationship or going shopping. I am ofcourse talking about Amby Vaingankar as she is the one who has graced us with this incredible art.

So if you are ready to look at some relatable comics, scroll below to enjoy.

Source: Instagram 

#1 We all have these moments where we ourselves don’t know what we want.

#2 It is exactly the moment you need to do something that you remember all the stuff you can do.


#3 I’ve had this happen to me and it is never fun.


It always leaves you wondering why nobody told you that you looked like a mess.

#4 The problem every working person faces every time they go out.


#5 This is why I try to always keep myself busy.


My diet would go great if only I didn’t get bored.

#6 It is all about confidence at the end of the day.


#7 Why get up when you have a comfortable bed right there?


This is especially true in the winter when you feel cold the moment you put a foot outside the sheets.

#8 This is exactly what would happen in real life.


Do guys not realize how much work it takes to dress up?

#9 This is why it is better to not ask for a favour in the first place.


These short but sweet comics are part of a project called “Gotta sketchum all” which I think is brilliant. People adore her work, and I can see why: not only is her artwork simple and distinctive, but the stories depicted in her comics are also very relatable. She currently has over 130k Instagram followers, but she deserves much more recognition for her work. If you enjoyed her comics, please follow her on Instagram and show her some love.

#10 I am glad he wasn’t one of those “Nice Guys”


#11 I would 100% follow this advice.

However, fast food also requires money so there is that.

#12 This is exactly why you put away everything before you go out.


I say that but I never actually follow my own advice.

#13 It’s just different, I don’t know how else to explain it.

#14 I would be about to blow up at this point as well.


#15 You have to make some sacrifices in the pursuit of fashion.

#16 Pizza or exercise? I know what I would choose.



Is it even a choice?

#17 They always do this and then they wonder why we don’t like dentists.

#18 This is certainly one to stop from getting mugged.

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