12 Things Women Value In Men More Than Money

Money is a means of survival so it is very essential. There is not doubt that every individual needs money, but there are other essential things we need in addition to money.

When we are in love or in a relationship, there are other things we desire or expect from our partner other than money.

However, it is claimed that women are known to love money, but the truth is that there is no one they will put sugar in the mouth and the person will vomit it and say that he or she wants bitter leaf.

This is to say that everyone loves and wants money. Moreover, in a relationship, aside from money there are other things most women expect or want from their man

12 Things Women Value In Men More Than Money

1) Women love men who show them genuine love and attention. Nothing draws a woman closer to her man than care and attention. Women always have something to say and they want a man who is ready to listen to them.

2) Women love men who call them often. You cannot claim to sincerely love a woman and you don’t call her often. Calling them is a sign of real care.

3) Women love men who are faithful to them. Being unfaithful in a relationship is a deal breaker for most ladies. Once you are unfaithful, you are not fit to be a husband.

4) Women love men who are open and free with them.

5) They love men who genuinely care about their family members.

6) Women love a man who respects and honours her. Who is ready to defend her even in public.

7) Women love a man who is romantic and loving. Who knows how to make her feel loved and wanted

8) Women love a man who can make her laugh often.

9) Women love a man who will not judge her by her past mistakes and flaws.

10) Women love a man who is ready to support her in everything she does.

11) Women love a man who makes her a better person and lover.

12) Women love a man who is ready to show the world that he has finally found his missing rib. One who is not ashamed of her but flaunts her wherever he goes.

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